ARMRA Review 


ARMRA Review 

Ah, colostrum; we all know and love it. It’s the first liquid we drink in our lives and the last thing on our minds before we go to sleep.

Oh, forgive me, do you not know the wonders of colostrum? It’s a precursor to traditional breast milk that develops during pregnancy before developing into breast milk around four days after birth.

Colostrum has many health benefits and is backed by research as one of the healthiest compounds we can put in our bodies. It only makes sense then that ARMRA would develop a strand of colostrum from bovine in supplement form.

ARMRA’s colostrum supplement can positively impact your hair, skin, energy, digestion, and immunity. They’re the most popular bovine colostrum brand around with more than 28k followers on Instagram.

Pros & Cons

In this ARMRA review, I will give you an overview of how their products work, who they’re intended for, how much they cost, and what customers think about them. Let’s start by going over some of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Bovine colostrum-based supplements
  • All bovine are grass-fed and sustainably sourced from the US
  • Proven to support better immunity 
  • Physician-developed
  • Gluten-, soy-, and sugar-free
  • 3rd party tested
  • Accept cryptocurrencies as a payment


  • Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may be allergic to colostrum or components found in the supplement. It is important to be aware of any potential allergies or sensitivities before taking colostrum supplements.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.


So what really sets ARMRA apart from the pack? Check it out:

  1. Innovative Use of Colostrum: ARMRA supplements utilize colostrum, which is a nutrient-rich fluid produced by mammals after giving birth. ARMRA claims to pioneer the use of colostrum as a smart superfood, incorporating 200+ functional bioactive ingredients to address root causes of modern health issues and build back the immune barrier.
  2. Focus on Wellness and Immunity: ARMRA supplements aim to reduce the negative effects of the modern environment on health. They are designed to strengthen immunity, fortify gut health, support sinus health, and enhance overall well-being. The supplements target various health concerns such as bloating, constipation, poor sleep, allergies, and compromised immune barriers.
  3. Nutrient-Dense and Potent Formulation: ARMRA claims to have a pure formulation without artificial binders or additives. Their proprietary formulation removes unnecessary bovine compounds, ensuring potent levels of essential bioactives for human health. ARMRA supplements contain no fat or casein, which is beneficial for individuals with dairy allergies or intolerances.
  4. Superior Nutritional Value: According to a review, ARMRA supplements are claimed to offer superior nutritional value compared to collagen supplements, providing essential vitamins and minerals to support skin health and immunity.
  5. Convenience and Affordability: ARMRA supplements are touted as convenient and affordable options for obtaining essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in an easy-to-consume form.

Recent Studies On Colostrum

It’s important that the supplement you’re taking is backed by science. Thankfully, the benefits of colostrum are well-documented:

  1. Immune Support and Antibodies: Colostrum is rich in proteins, including antibodies like lactoferrin, which has a protective action against infections. It plays a role in supporting the baby’s immune system.
  2. Bioactive Compounds: Colostrum contains bioactive compounds such as immunoglobulins, growth factors, lysozymes, lectoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and other nutrients. These compounds contribute to the potential health benefits of colostrum, such as providing passive immunity against pathogens.
  3. Exercise Performance and Lean Body Mass: Some studies have shown improvements in exercise performance, explosive muscle power, and increased concentration of immunoglobulins in serum with colostrum supplementation. Well-controlled studies have demonstrated significant improvements in lean body mass and weight compared to whey protein concentrate.
  4. GI Health and Integrity: Bovine colostrum has been investigated for its potential to improve gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity. It has been studied in conditions associated with chronic or acute GI infections, showing potential benefits in alleviating symptoms.
  5. Respiratory Syndrome Treatment: Recent studies suggest that colostrum may have potential benefits in treating patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

4 Best-Selling ARMRA Products

ARMRA Immune Revival Review

The main product in this ARMRA review is the brand’s Immune Revival. It’s a pure bovine colostrum supplement that can improve:

  1. Immunity
  2. Mood
  3. Gut health
  4. Skin health
  5. Metabolism

ARMRA Immune Revival can rebuild the precious mucosal barrier that modern living degrades. Additionally, it delivers ample antibodies like SigA, immunoglobulins, milk oligosaccharides, proteins, and more.

These compounds are integral for strengthening our immune system because they help babies develop immunity during the earliest stages of life.

This product also contains higher quantities of protein, less sugar, and less overall fat than regular milk, so it may be easier on some people’s stomachs. A jar with 120 ARMRA Immune Revival servings costs $110 and you can grab it either unflavored or blood orange.

Customers say: “After taking this for literally two days, I randomly looked in the mirror while getting ready and noticed my tummy was so much reduced that I did a double take. This was also the first time I felt like myself energywise again. I’ve been taking it for almost two months and have steadily lost weight at a healthy pace while having even energy and feeling nourished.

ARMRA The Discoverer Review

The appeal of the ARMRA The Discoverer is that you can keep a serving of ARMRA on you wherever you go. Included in this set is a jar containing 120 servings and 30 on-the-go powder sticks. This bundle costs $145.

Customers say: “My energy went through the roof! I saw people take it twice a day and I honestly didn’t know if I would sleep if I took it twice. My hair is barely coming out in the shower. I don’t have thin hair so I was never concerned by the handful that came out regularly before Armra but to my surprise, it’s down to five or less hairs. Crazy! My skin does seem to be tighter, firmer than with my collagen that I was taken for yrs, and it’s a good expensive brand!

ARMRA Pro (Bulk Jar: Unflavored + Whirl) Review

One of the great things about the products in this ARMRA review is that you have plenty of options when choosing how to ingest them. Mix them into a cup of water, toss them in with your protein shake, or add them to an iced coffee. So long as the drink is cold, you’re good to go.

It only makes sense that ARMRA would develop a frother to help you better mix your powder. The ARMRA Pro (Bulk Jar: Unflavored + Whirl) includes their rechargeable, ergonomic frother and 120 servings of their colostrum for $126.

Customers say: “I take Armra every day (mixed in a shake) – and feel fantastic! More energy throughout the day, helps with workout recovery time, and a big immune system boost!

ARMRA Carafe Review

The final product in my ARMRA review is a carrying vessel for your drinks.

The ARMRA Carafe is dishwasher safe, free from BPA and plastic (to adhere to ARMRA’s goal of ridding the body of modern pollutants), and made from borosilicate glass. It’s also a pleasure to look at. It’s available for $33.

Does ARMRA Work?

ARMRA Review 

ARMRA colostrum has proven effective for certain GI symptoms and inflammations, but the jury is still out on whether or not it’s as effective as it says for muscular performance. 

Who would I recommend ARMRA to?

I’d recommend ARMRA to people who want a proven, immunity-boosting supplement that’s easy on the digestive system.

Who I wouldn’t recommend ARMRA to?

I cannot in good faith recommend ARMRA to lactose-intolerant people because there’s conflicting evidence about how much lactose it contains. To be safe, I don’t think you should use this product if you are sensitive to lactose or cow’s milk.

Alternatives To ARMRA

If you’re looking for products with similar benefits to ARMRA hair, muscle, or digestion, then check out these brands:

What Do Experts Think?

Experts recognize colostrum as an incredibly powerful compound due to its protein, immunoglobulin, and leukocytes.

It’s an effective treatment for strengthening immune systems and preventing infections. However, there isn’t enough information to support the claims of strengthening athletic performance or promoting weight loss. 

ARMRA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

ARMRA Review 

To give you an idea of what customers think about ARMRA, I’ve included some review scores from various websites as of May 2023. 

  • Things Testing: 5/5 stars based on three pieces of customer feedback
  • ARMRA website: 4.9/5 stars based on more than 1,800 pieces of customer feedback
  • Amazon: 4/5 stars based on more than 395 pieces of customer feedback on the ARMRA Bovine Colostrum Superfood

Overall, ARMRA reviews were exceedingly positive. Most customers reported improvements in short time frames. The benefits were wide-ranging, with users claiming their muscles, hair, bowel movements, and more, all felt better. 

I’ve been taking ARMRA for a few months now and it is the first supplement I notice a difference with. More energy, I feel great, I’ve even noticed thicker hair, wrote one customer.

Here’s an ARMRA review that says the product did everything for them, aside from cleaning their dishes and filing their taxes:

This stuff saved my life. I was suffering from undiagnosed leaky gut syndrome for years (shout out liv.ing well on TikTok for the rec) until I found out about bovine colostrum. I now recommend this to ALL my tummy issue girlies. My libido, sleep, skin, hair, energy, and appetite have ALL improved. I’ve lost 27 pounds since last August when I started taking Armra and have kept it off successfully with no lifestyle change. I don’t even have hangovers anymore most of the time… “

Some ARMRA reviews mentioned side effects during the early stages of consumption. A few customers mentioned stomach cramps after adding ARMRA to their lives. However, these cramps soon dissipated as it seems like the product helped users clear out their backed-up digestive systems. 

I’ll conclude this section with one final ARMRA review from a customer who felt their digestion became much more consistent after taking the supplement. 

Absolutely love this product. 3 weeks in and my skin is glowing. I get compliments about how nice my skin looks everywhere I go. Ive also become regular on the daily, like clockwork, whereas I used to only have a BM about 3 times a week. That alone makes me feel better all around. Looking forward to seeing what else improves over the next couple of months.

Is ARMRA Legit?

ARMRA Review 

Based on my research, ARMRA is a safe and legitimate company with a keen interest in the well-being of their customers. 

Is ARMRA Worth It?

ARMRA Review 

ARMRA colostrum is worth it depending on which issue you’re trying to alleviate. Digestive problems seem to evaporate with regular use and customers reported improvements in their energy levels.

However, the latter results aren’t backed by enough clinical studies, so we can only rely on buyer ARMRA reviews for those findings.

Where To Buy ARMRA

ARMRA Review 

You can purchase their products on their website, tryarmra.com, or Amazon.


ARMRA Review 

Who owns ARMRA?

Sarah Rahal is the owner and founder of ARMRA.

What is ARMRA good for?

Due to the clear ARMRA ingredients label (which consists solely of bovine colostrum), the products have been linked to improved digestion and immunity. 

Is ARMRA FDA approved?

Though ARMRA itself is not FDA-approved, all the facilities they use to develop their products have received FDA approval. 

Note that the FDA cannot approve ARMRA because they do not approve whole foods and ARMRA colostrum is classified as a whole food.

What is ARMRA’s Shipping Policy?

ARMRA ships all orders within the United States within 1 to 2 business days. They offer standard and express shipping through FedEx with each option having its own flat fee.

What is ARMRA’s Returns Policy?

You can apply to return ARMRA Sticks within 30 days of receiving your order. However, all ARMRA jars are final sale

How to contact ARMRA  

The best way to contact ARMRA is by emailing [email protected].

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