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Baketivity Subscription Review

About Baketivity

Baketivity Subscription Review

Baketivity delivers baking kits for families looking to spend some time with their little ones. With this subscription service, they claim that all of the hard parts of the activity are taken out, including recipe searching and ingredient measuring. 

The company has been featured in many prominent media outlets, including The New York Times, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed, and HuffPost. They also have a combined 14k following on their social media channels. 

Are you looking to make some fun memories with your tots? This Baketivity subscription review might be able to help you out. We’ll be taking a closer look at the company, the subscription process, customer reviews, and more, so you can decide if Baketivity is a worthy investment.

The New York-based company also emphasizes encouraging independence, as the Baketivity baking kits only require basic supervision. 

Before diving into this Baketivity subscription review, we’re going to give you a brief overview of the company in a pros and cons list: 


  • Baking kit subscription is convenient and easy with pre-chosen and pre-measured ingredients
  • Subscriptions are reasonably priced
  • Buyers can cancel the subscription with no fees included
  • Some baking kits are available without a subscription
  • The brand offers gluten-free kits 
  • They have a referral program


  • Baketivity is not currently nut-free
  • They do not offer international shipping

How Does Baketivity Work?

Baketivity Subscription Review

Getting your Baketivity kids baking subscription box is pretty easy. First, you’ve got to choose your preferred plan from four different options:

  • Monthly for $33
  • 3-month for $31
  • 6-month for $29
  • Annual for $26

Unless you choose otherwise, all of the subscriptions will renew automatically. You’ll get a Baketivity box with a new recipe on the 10th of each month. There is also a schedule included that we’ll get into later on in this review. 

They also offer single baking kits outside of their subscription service. So, you’re able to try the bundles out with no strings attached. 

Baketivity Subscription Review  

Baketivity Subscription Review

After choosing your subscription plan, the next step is to start using the packaged, pre-measured ingredients. Now, you and your mini baker are ready to preheat the oven! 

Each box comes stocked with all of the components you need, besides eggs and oil. Each ingredient is vacuum-packed fresh, and recipes are simple for everyone to follow as the box includes illustrated instructions

Additionally, Baketivity says that if your ingredients do harden, it doesn’t mean they’re not fresh. Opening the bag and giving them a shake should get them back to normal.

For even more fun, each kit comes with new recipes and activity books. While waiting for your sweet treats to bake, these kid-friendly booklets can keep the whole family occupied. They include lessons about several different topics, including science, health, and history. 

The box also comes with a shopping list in case you need any other materials or wet ingredients. 

To really get into the baking role, Baketivity baking subscription for kids also comes with a free, one-size-fits-all hat and apron in the first box for your tot. 

As we said, with a subscription, you get a new yummy recipe each month. Treats range from cake pops to soft pretzels. Here’s a comprehensive list of the recipes you’ll receive each month: 

  • January: Snowball Cookie Bites 
  • February: Red Velvet Cupcakes 
  • March: Jumbo YuM&M’s cookies 
  • April: Vanilla Cake Pops 
  • May: Flower cookies
  • June: Soft Hot Pretzels 
  • July: S’mores Pie 
  • August: Unicorn cakes 
  • September: Back to School Pencil Cookie Bars
  • October: Snickerdoodle cookies
  • November: Peppermint Trifles
  • December: Gingerbread House

As you can see, some months have fun themes to go along with holidays or upcoming events, whether it’s to brighten up winter days or celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family.

When it comes to getting everyone involved, the gingerbread house is an example of an easy pick, as building and decorating can become a family affair. Plus, what’s more festive than a gingerbread house?

Baketivity subscriptions automatically come on the 10th of every month, but it is possible to change your subscription start date at checkout. 

Baketivity Baking Kits Review 

Suppose you’re not too keen on investing in a subscription service. In that case, you can also purchase the single Baketivity children baking sets. They have a wide variety of boxes to choose from, including a collaboration with pastry chef extraordinaire Duff Goldman

To give you an example of the specifics in each box, this Baketivity subscription review will look at a few of the kits.

Back to School

The Back to School kit makes 12–15 biscotti cookies and includes a lesson about anti-bullying. Pre-measured ingredients include sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder, red sugar crystals, yellow sprinkles, and a tube of icing made of dairy. 

The Bake to School kit is currently on sale for $30, while it regularly sells for $35

Red Velvet Cupcakes 

Another subscription kit available for individual purchase is the Red Velvet Cupcakes. Baketivity describes this set as something to “share happiness, laughter, and loads of love.” Honestly, red velvet cupcakes are a personal fave. 

The kit makes about 12 cupcakes and is on sale for about $33 (regularly $36)

Bake-A-Camp Baking Kit 

Among the seasonal bundles, you can also opt for a Bake-A-Camp baking kit. This set comes with everything you need for a summer full of baking and learning. Basically, you would follow along virtually to expand your knowledge of baked goods around the world. 

Each month, one Bake-A-Camp box comes with four different baking kits and a list of all the recipes you’ll be making. This virtual summer camp box is on sale for $200 (down from $255). 

In terms of the price range, the kits and bundles can run you between $30 and $60. Obviously, this is not including the Bake-A-Camp price. 

What Age Is Baketivity For? 

Baketivity Subscription Review

Baketivity kids baking sets are great for tots and tweens between the ages of 4 and 10. But, if you want to get your toddlers involved, they will need extra supervision and help with lessons and activities. 

Who Is Baketivity For? 

Baketivity Subscription Review

As said above, Baketivity is ideal for children from preschool to tween age. The activities and lessons make for some fun and educational tasks. At the same time, the pre-packaged ingredients mean you won’t make much of a mess. 

Baketivity is also great for families looking to spend more quality time together while participating in enriching and memorable activities. 

Comparison: Baketivity vs. Foodstirs

Baketivity Subscription Review

With the current pandemic, you might be trying to find some safe and fun activities that you and your family can do together. Of course, Baketivity is a great option, but how does it compare to other baking subscriptions? 

This Baketivity subscription review took a look at Foodstirs to give you some perspective on both companies. So, you won’t have to do much research on your part. Score. 

First, we’ll take a look at their similarities: 

  • Both companies offer gluten-free baking kits
  • Both companies have referral programs
  • They both provide subscription programs
  • Their kits contain similar components, including the recipe and activity sheets

At the base, both companies are pretty similar. But, there are some differences when you dig deeper: 

  • Foodstirs emphasizes being ‘junk-free’, meaning their ingredients are sustainable, non-GMO, organic, and made with a lot less sugar
  • Foodstirs recommends baking kits to kids who are 6 years old and up 
  • Foodstirs is transparent about where their ingredients are sourced
  • Foodstirs is slightly more expensive, but with prepaid subscription options
  • Foodstirs only ships within the continental US

Has Foodstirs caught your attention? You can check out their website at

How Much Is Baketivity?

Baketivity Subscription Review

As previously mentioned in this Baketivity subscription review, the company offers four different subscription plans. Listed below are the price variations for each one: 

  • Monthly: $33 per month 
  • 3-Month: $31 per month (Total: $93) 
  • 6-Month: $29 per month (Total: $175) 
  • Annual: $26 per month (Total: $311)

Subscriptions will automatically renew unless you choose to switch to manual renewal. You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time. If you’re looking to buy an individual kit to try out, prices range from $30 to $60

Baketivity Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Baketivity Subscription Review

This Baketivity baking subscription box review searched high and low for customer reviews and found some on their main website, Amazon, Facebook, and a few parenting blogs. 

The baking and activity sets receive generally positive testimonials, with some criticisms as well. We’ll talk about those later on in the review. On Baketivity’s main website, their individual kits rate between 3/5 and 5/5 stars

For example, the Cake Pops baking kit has a 4.1/5 star rating based on 30 reviews. A grandmother writes, “This was so exciting and fun! My 9-year-old granddaughter and I spent quality time together, and it was so easy with no stress! Loved having everything you need and measured.” 

That’s too sweet. Another 5-star reviewer writes, “After our girls proudly made the cake pops by themselves (and asked for more kits), I ordered kits for cousins and friends for the holiday. I love giving experience gifts, and this is now my go-to gift for kids.” 

We love seeing others spread the love and the treats. The brand also sells its products on Amazon, where they also get pretty decent reviews. For example, Baketivity’s Chocolate Chunk baking kit has a 4.4/5 rating from 2.5k reviews. 

Another customer found their gift go-to’s with Baketivity: “Everything was neatly packaged and easy to use. My daughter is 7 and needed very little help. It was the perfect Sunday activity. I will be buying these as gifts for my nieces and definitely will try other kits as well.” 

The baking activities are also a hit on parenting blogs like Parentology. There are also about 16 reviews on Facebook that are mainly positive. For example, a customer writes, “Baketivity is SO fun! The kiddos love learning real-life skills while having so much fun. Can’t recommend enough!” Too adorable.

Is Baketivity Worth It?

Baketivity Subscription Review

Finding something fun and easy to do with your kids (especially during a pandemic) is an intimidating feat. You don’t want it to be too messy or too complicated to the point you end up doing most of the work. Baketivity allows for independence as well as gives you the chance to spend time with your kids. All while making a tasty treat! 

Based on this Baketivity baking subscription box review, we would say that their kits and services are worth checking out. It’s an adorable and fun experience for the whole family, including some educational aspects. Plus, it’s hard to turn down baked goods. 

That being said, it’s important to note that their kits aren’t allergy friendly—as they are not packaged in a nut-free facility. The brand is looking to make more accessible goodies, but it’s not possible right now. 

Ultimately, trying out an individual kit and deciding if you want a subscription afterward wouldn’t hurt at all. 

Baketivity Promotions & Discounts 

Baketivity Subscription Review

Baketivity offers a few discounts for shoppers to enjoy. This includes GET10, which will get you 10% off your first purchase. 

If you’re a first-time subscriber, you can get 15% off with SUB10. Plus, if you sign up for emails, you also get 10% off your first order. 

In terms of their referral program, buyers and their friends can both get a $5 credit. 

At the moment, the brand is hosting a sale on most of its individual baking kits. Other than that, this Baketivity subscription review couldn’t find any other coupon codes or discounts. 

Sign Up For Baketivity

Baketivity Subscription Review

Signing up for Baketivity is easy-breezy. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. On the first page of the, click ‘Join the Club’
  2. Select a subscription plan from their monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly options
  3. Enter your shipping and billing info at checkout
  4. Now, sit by the mailbox with your little one. Your sweet treats are days away (depending on your start date, of course)!


Baketivity Subscription Review

Who Started Baketivity?

Eli Schwartz started Baketivity after realizing families don’t spend as much quality time together unless they’re sitting around looking at their phone screens. They created the company to solve that problem, and to help children find their creativity and love for baking. 

How Do I cancel My Baketivity Subscription?

Subscription boxes can be costly for some. That’s why Baketivity made it easy to cancel your membership without any fees attached. 

  1. Log in to your Baketivity account 
  2. You’ll see two options: auto-renewal and manual renewal. Just click to switch to manual renewal 
  3. Now your subscription won’t automatically renew, and you can decide whether or not to continue 

What is Baketivity’s Shipping Policy?

Baketivity has two delivery options available for individual orders: express and standard shipping. Express shipping should take between 3 to 5 business days, while standard shipping will take about 5 to 10 business days. 

For subscription kits, they are shipped out during the week of the 10th of every month. If you sign up on the 20th of the month, your box will ship out the following month. 

Unfortunately, this Baketivity subscription review couldn’t find any information about additional shipping charges. 

What is Baketivity’s Return Policy?

Because Baketivity deals with food, they have a strict no-return policy. But, if you aren’t satisfied with your box or if it’s missing any items, contact customer service and see how they can help you out. 

How to Contact Baketivity

We hope you enjoyed reading this Baketivity baking subscription box review! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the company by:

  • Filling out the contact form on their website 

Phone: (845) 867-2253

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