Bassike Clothing Review

About Bassike 

Bassike Clothing Review

Bassike makes elevated, sustainable basics. You’ll find phrases like “carbon offset” and “renewable energy” decorating the pages of its eco-apparel collections for men, women, and kids.

Filled with everyday staples that are made from organic cotton and responsibly sourced materials, the brand’s collection has received a ton of attention for its ethics and design and has been featured in notable publications like Vogue, The Guardian, and The Times. Today, Bassike boasts 157k Instagram followers.

If this sustainable brand has piqued your interest too, we invite you to read through this Bassike clothing review. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand, highlight its bestsellers, reveal customer feedback, answer FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth your attention.

Overview of Bassike

Bassike Clothing Review

If you’ve been pronouncing the brand’s name like some fancy French river, Bassike is much simpler than that—it’s pronounced as “basic.” Basics are, after all, what the brand offers up, it’s just they do it on a responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced gold platter. The name is a smart choice alluding to the brand’s higher standards.

Though certainly a posh-looking label, Bassike keeps things down to earth with its values. Using organic cotton for the majority of its collections, the line takes its mission of saving the earth to heart, choosing sustainable practices, clean yet luxurious materials, and ethical labor.

Founded in 2006 by Deborah Same and Mary Lou Ryan, Bassike took form from the pair’s dream of a more sustainable future produced locally in their home country of Australia. Building a solar-powered facility and offsetting carbon with every order, the brand quickly paved the way for other Aussie eco-brands to follow suit.

Fast forward to today, and Bassike now has eight locations across Australia and is sold in over 80 retailers around the world.

Now that you know a little more about the brand and its values, this Bassike clothing review will fill you in on its highlights. 


  • Offers men’s, women’s, and kid’s apparel and accessories
  • Offsets carbon with every order
  • Made in a solar-powered facility 
  • Uses sustainable, organic materials
  • Designed and made in Australia 
  • Available in 80+ retailers worldwide
  • Ships around the world
  • Free AUS and US returns
Bassike Clothing Review

Bassike’s first collection was inspired by a 1950’s beach cottage in Sydney. It reflects the laid-back nature of surf culture mingled with the luxury of quality materials.

Today, you’ll find the same flowing ease throughout its collections for men and women. In the next section of our Bassike clothing review, we’ll walk you through a few styles of pants, dresses, shorts, and t-shirts to put out the brand’s vibe.

Bassike Pants Review

From creative denim to luxurious joggers, Bassike pants don’t skimp on style. Ahead, we’ll showcase the brand’s best-selling men’s and women’s pants, with breezy fits for effortless styling.

Bassike Women’s Adjustable Tab Utility Pant Review

Utility pants have made a big comeback, with their oddly flattering, oversized fit that pairs beautifully with tiny tees and oversized button-ups. The Bassike Women’s Adjustable Tab Utility Pant is a traditional tan color, mimicking the ones worn by the working class, just made from premium materials like Japanese cotton and linen.

Adjustable side tabs allow for a better fit, pulling them in tight to your waist ready to be tucked into by your favorite little tee. You’ll also find side pockets and front-tab belt loops in case you want to break up single shades when monochromatic dressing.

Grab a pair in AUS size 00-4 for $395.

Bassike Men’s Washed Denim Gusset Pant Review

You never know where your day will take you, so your jeans need to be able to move with you. The Bassike Men’s Washed Denim Gusset Pant has a relaxed fit with an elastic waist and zip closure.

These pants have some quirky detailing about them, like the side button-closure pocket, which adds to their overall charm. They are made from ultra-lightweight organic cotton poplin denim and come in sizes xxs-xxl.

Get more out of your wardrobe with the Denim Gusset Pant for $210 (from $360).

Bassike Dresses Review

As instant outfits, dresses are a quick and easy style—no matter where you’re headed. Bassike’s collection is no stranger to oversized fits, t-shirt-inspired designs, and fabrics so soft you may just want to snuggle up in them.

This Bassike clothing review will introduce you to its two top-selling dresses. Both options are ideal for dressier occasions, featuring flattering cuts and unique details.

Bassike Women’s Cutaway Ribbed Tank Dress Review

Cutaway dresses add a touch of sexiness without oversharing. Full of glamour, the Bassike Women’s Cutaway Ribbed Tank Dress has a high neckline, bares your shoulders, and gives a glimpse of your waist.

This dress is made in a slim fit that grazes past your hips and accentuates the female form, including underbust support as this particular style doesn’t exactly allow for bras. Style it up with drop earrings and cascading waves.

A true closet staple, this little cotton and spandex little black dress is available in AUS 00-4 for $250.

Bassike Women’s Strapless Cotton Dress Review

A blend between formal and casual, the Bassike Women’s Strapless Cotton Dress takes inspiration from breezy bohemian styles mixed with the elegance of voluminous gowns. The classic black hue is subtly contrasted with brown threading around its edges.

Strapless, with a tie back and exposed sides, this black dress speaks for itself if you’d like to skip out on the jewelry, but wouldn’t suffer if you added simple oversized hoops. And with an open-back, try a middle-parted hairstyle pulled back into a low bun.

You’ll find it in AUS sizes 00-4 for $520.

Bassike Shorts Review

Shorts come in all shapes and sizes. Bassike’s collection includes beachy lengths of both long and short styles, created in luxurious and durable cotton twill and responsibly sourced leather. Ahead, we’ll highlight its two best-selling shorts, one for women and one for men.

Bassike Women’s Leather Universal Short Review

Thought you weren’t a fan of shorts? The Bassike Women’s Leather Universal Short may change your mind. They’re made from buttery soft, Italian leather with a silk (93%) and elastane (7%) lining for comfort and movement.

These knee-length shorts are made in both black and tan hues, with a shiny finish and elastic waistband to keep them in black. Pair them with white sneakers and a semi-tucked oversized blouse for an easy yet put-together outfit.

You can get them in sizes 00-4 (in the US, that’s a 22-32 waist) for $1,695.

Bassike Men’s Beach Cotton Short Review

For an easy summer throw-on, consider reaching for a pair of cotton twill shorts. The Bassike Men’s Beach Cotton Short is midweight and made from sturdy, Japanese cotton.

With a drawstring cord around the waist, this thigh-grazing pair comes in black and pistachio colors, the latter, a sort of off-white tinged with the lightest of greens. Don’t save these shorts just for the beach though, they’re great for hot days with long to-do lists and drinks on the dock.

Available in xxs-xxl, pick up a pair for $195.

Bassike T-Shirts Review

There’s nothing quite like the humble t-shirt. Equally the perfect companion to luxury leather skirts and basic jeans, a simple cotton tee goes a long way. Bassike’s designs include regular, slouchy, and slim-fit styles, offering earthy, saturated colors intertwined with its hefty stock of white, black, and grey.

Below, this Bassike clothing review will showcase the brand’s two most popular styles for men and women.

Bassike Women’s Branded Wide Heritage Short Sleeve T-Shirt Review

The Bassike Women’s Branded Wide Heritage Short Sleeve T-Shirt is quite oversized. It’s the perfect choice for tucking into a tight, leather mini skirt to be paired with Chucks and chunky jewelry.

It’s made from 100% organic cotton, with double 240 gsm (the higher the number, the more dense the fabric), meaning this one will be soft but it has some structure to it. Across the chest, the Bassike logo sits proudly, the only black on this stark white shirt aside from the brand’s signature contrasting stick on the back.

Show the world your Bassike side with this branded tee in xxs-m/l for $120, on sale from $195.

Bassike Men’s Slouch Fit T-Shirt Review

Slouch fits give a little more room for movement, carrying a relaxed, bohemian style. The Bassike Men’s Slouch Fit T-Shirt is made from a single 120gsm cotton jersey that has a supremely soft grain, pairing as effortlessly with a slim-fit blazer as it does with sweats.

The shirt comes in white, black, and charcoal colors, amping up its versatility. Get it in xs-xxl for $110.

Who Is Bassike For?

Bassike Clothing Review

Bassike makes basics, but not just any basics. They’re designed for the creative at heart, with quirky features and edgy detailing reserving them for those who want a little more out of their wardrobe, but also don’t want to look like everyone else on the street.

The company offers men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, along with accessories. Because of the way Bassike manufactures (sustainably and ethically), it’s a great choice for anyone who wants a little more compassion behind their brand, too.

Bassike Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bassike Clothing Review

So far, Bassike appears to be the ideal modern brand, offering luxurious materials, sustainable practices, and trendy clothing. Ok, we may be drinking the Kool-Aid here, but in terms of companies worth supporting, this one comes pretty close to the top of the list.

Of course, we’re reading and eyeing up pieces from behind a screen, so to find out what the brand’s apparel is really like, we’re going to need a little help from customers.

In this section of our Bassike clothing review, we’ll show you the results after a rigorous web search for helpful feedback. We wanted to start this part off with an official opinion of the brand, so we turned to BroadSheet to see what the Australian city guide had to say about it.

The article on BroadSheet mentioned a few noteworthy callouts about the brand, like how it functions “as wardrobe building blocks” and is incredibly versatile.

We’re seeing this kind of style more and more from modern brands, but what we noticed with this one is its styles are extremely creative, with attention-grabbing details sewn into every item. It’s also worth noting that Bassike clothing is so much more than everyday basics as it’s produced in a way that sets it apart from the likes of fast-fashion brands.

The article on BroadSheet also noted the brand’s “fuss-free care instruction.” No need to take these luxury items to the dry cleaner, they come out just the same when thrown in the washing machine.

Next, to zoom in a little on some of the brand’s styles, we headed to a blog called Styling You for a Bassike clothing review of the Boxy T-Shirt Dress with Tail.

Speaking of the fabric, the review read, “ideal for a breathable day in the summer. It feels sheet and light on but actually isn’t see-through.” As a woman, details like this matter, and it’s not common to come across a light and breathable dress that doesn’t show your underwear.

For another piece of feedback about the quality of the brand’s apparel, we headed over to ShopBop which held a variety of reviews for quite a few Bassike pieces.

We decided to look into the Fitted Long Sleeve Tee. One customer praised the impeccable fabric: “So soft, highest-quality fabric, and the most flattering cut I have ever tried on. It is shapely enough not to get lost in, but loose enough to be amazingly comfortable.”

That Bassike clothing review is super helpful, and though a lot of the brand’s clothing has a loose fit, it appears that this brand has a good balance between roomy and flattering.

Bassike clothing is quality, in every sense of the word. Well-fitting, good-looking, durable, and intelligently designed, shoppers seem to have really taken a liking to this brand for its style, fit, and high standards.

Is Bassike Worth It?

Bassike Clothing Review

Asking if Bassike is worth it is like asking if helping the earth is a good idea. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’, but it’s not just because the brand does the planet a solid.

Bassike’s designs are inspired, original, and elevated above other “basics” labels that pump out the same, tired, inauthentic designs. That’s not to say those brands aren’t worth the attention, there’s certainly a place for plain in all wardrobes.

But Bassike has a high-fashion feel to its basics, artistically designing pieces to reflect something familiar, but in a new, untold way. That’s something customers love about the brand, along with its incredible dedication to sustainability.

Bassike Promotions & Discounts

Bassike Clothing Review

Choosing to manufacture sustainably and ethically isn’t cheap. It means paying workers fair wages, sourcing premium materials, and using renewable power.

That’s the reason you may pay a little more for sustainable apparel compared to items made in sweatshops like some other big-name brands are known for. And while we don’t mind forking out a few extra bills for a good cause, a little discount here and there never hurts.

Throughout this Bassike clothing review, we kept an eye out for deals and found quite a few. Take a look:

  • Get 10% off when you sign up for the newsletter
  • Free worldwide shipping on orders over $100
  • Killer Sale section

Where to Buy Bassike Clothing

Bassike Clothing Review

The brand gets around. To access the best deals and variety, the best place to shop is right from, or if you’re in the area, stop in at one of its Australian stores.

You can also find the brand in 80+ retailers around the world, including Shopstyle, FRWD, Net-a-Porter, and David Jones.


Bassike Clothing Review

Who owns Bassike?

Deborah Sam and Mary Lou Ryan own Bassike.

Is Bassike clothing sustainable?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Bassike does. The company uses sustainability superstar organic cotton for the majority of its fabrics and manufactures all of its apparel in its Australian factory to cut down on carbon emissions.

Bassike is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to green fashion, and you can read about how each product was made on its individual page.

Where is Bassike clothing made?

In the brand’s solar-powered Australian factory.

Where are Bassike stores located?

Bassike has a total of eight shops around Australia, in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.

Does Bassike have a US size guide?

Yes, it does! You can also find size conversions for the UK, Japan, and Europe. Simply head to the Size Guide page.

What is Bassike’s Shipping Policy?

Bassike ships all over the world, but right now, it’s offering free shipping for all Australian orders. Everything outside of Australia has a $10 fee and is sent via DHL, it should get to you in 2-4 business days.

If you place your order before 12:00 pm Monday through Friday, it will be shipped out the same day. Once it does ship, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to keep an eye on your package’s progress.

What is Bassike’s Return Policy?

We’ve all been there. It looks amazing on the model, but not like you hoped once you slip it on at home. Bassike has a 14-day return policy that offers a credit or full refund for any reason whatsoever.

If you bought your item on sale, unfortunately, Bassike isn’t able to give you a refund, but you can return it for a credit. All final sale items are non-returnable. To qualify for a return, your item must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be unworn
  • You cannot have washed it
  • It needs to have all the original tags attached

To make a return, all you need to do is stick to these guidelines:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Head to the assistance menu
  3. Click ‘Request a Return’
  4. Enter your 5-digit customer order number (without the letters “wau”)

From there, you’ll receive instructions on what to do next and your return will be processed in 5 days once it arrives at Bassike’s warehouse.

Return shipping is free for all Australian and USA customers and you’ll be provided a prepaid return label to attach to the outside of your package. All other countries will need to send their items back to the address provided.

How to Contact Bassike

If you need any other information that this Bassike clothing review did not include, get in touch with the brand by using any of the contact methods below:

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