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Beachbody Review

For many of us, body positivity has been the best thing for our self-esteem in a long time. No more shall we stress over the coming of the summer, because every “body” is already “beach-ready.” But names aside, some of us still have goals for our physique, be it burning fat or building muscle. Well, Beachbody is here with workout and meal plans to make it all possible.

The brand has garnered a whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram, where they feature tips and tricks in line with their philosophies, as well as before-and-afters that show off the results. It has also been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, Popsugar, and Health Digest for its take on helping millions develop healthier lifestyles.

Ready to get your journey towards a healthy mind and body started? Then keep reading my Beachbody review. I’ll be your guide through all there is to know about the brand and its processes, along with some in-depth product reviews, customer testimonials, and important FAQs to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle.

Overview of Beachbody

Beachbody Review

Committed to helping users “achieve a healthier lifestyle through proven fitness and nutrition programs complete with daily instruction, eating plans, and one-of-a-kind support,” Beachbody was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon.

But the brand really kicked off in 2007. Users were able to sign up to become coaches themselves, sharing the company with friends and family to help everyone get their routines started. 

The workouts and meal plans, designed by professionals, help everyday users gain crucial skills in developing muscle, losing fat, and becoming healthier overall. With that being said, the programs are designed around the users, providing them with workouts they’ll actually like to do with different customizable time frame options (30, 60, or 90 days).

The company also transitioned to DVDs and eventually its own streaming service in 2015 to make these workouts even more accessible, which is incredible since they’re already done at home with little equipment necessary. 

Now that we know a little more about the brand, let’s steer this Beachbody review into some highlights.


  • Workout and meal plans to help users reach their health and fitness goals
  • Little to no equipment necessary
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Stream workout videos on iOs, Android, AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, and hassle-free cancellation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Many programs to choose from with different lengths and time frames

In recent years, working out from home has become the norm. In saying that, you shouldn’t have to settle for practicing your routine from memory or trying to figure out things to do without the gym equipment you’re used to.

Luckily, Beachbody offers a wide range of programs to help you get your health and fitness journey in check. You’ll be able to combine the different plans to reach your goals and change things up whenever you’d like. Plus, you can choose from a variety of options that are specifically tailored to what you’re looking for.

So, say goodbye to sweaty gyms and feeling like you don’t know how to work out from home because this brand provides a simple solution. Ready to find out more? Stay tuned, because in this Beachbody review I will cover some of the most popular fitness plans below.

Beachbody Review

Beachbody offers plenty of different options to improve your workout game. From tutorials and videos to meal plans to equipment, this brand is here to help you every step of the way. But, my Beachbody review will focus on what the brand is most well known for: its workouts. I’ll fill you in on all the deets of these best-selling options below.

Beachbody Workouts Review

Beachbody workouts help users along their fitness journey, providing easy-to-follow choreographed routines that aid in weight loss and muscle strengthening. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from with easily adjustable difficulty levels. 

To narrow down some of the choices and give you an idea of what you’re in for, my Beachbody review will cover some of the top choices!

Beachbody 21 Day Fix Review

Beachbody Review
Beachbody 21 Day Fix

If you want to start your workouts on the right foot, dipping your toes in the water and taking things easy while still moving towards weight loss, try out the Beachbody 21 Day Fix.

This program provides you with a 21-day nutrition and workout plan, helping you count calories by meal prepping and burn tons of calories in only 30 minutes per day. The workouts are challenging, so you’ll feel the burn while working off fat in no time (21 days to be exact).

This program consists of a healthy mix of weight training, cardio, yoga, and Pilates, so you’ll never be bored while toning your whole body and optimizing your strength. Once you’ve completed this program, you can always repeat it or opt for a more rigorous workout. I’ll cover some different plans next!

Beachbody PiYo Review

Beachbody Review
Beachbody PiYo

The Beachbody PiYo program helps you attain a defined physique without needing to use any weights or jump around. In this eight-week program, you’ll burn calories fast through high-intensity yoga and resistance strength exercises.

It only takes about 20-45 minutes a day to tone your entire body, staying in a constant stream of movement for optimal results. Plus, the low-intensity movements protect your joints and muscles to prevent pulls or strains. 

A combination of Pilates and yoga (hence the name PiYo), this workout is relaxing and fun while helping you achieve your dreams of toned muscles and weight loss.

Beachbody Insanity Max:30 Review 

Beachbody Review
Beachbody Insanity Max:30

The Beachbody Insanity Max:30 isn’t for the faint-hearted, pushing users to their absolute max to help them achieve their best possible results in only 60 days. It only takes one 30-minute workout daily for 6 days a week to help you achieve weight loss, strengthening, and muscle definition.

The “max” suggests that people will max out every time they work out, take note of that time, then continue the workout once they have recovered. With every workout, the max-out time should become later and later to demonstrate progress in stamina and drive, let alone strength and muscle building.

From cardio challenges to upper body strength training, this program features all you’ll need to develop your muscular strength while burning calories and fat. 

The goal of the Insanity Max:30 is to help you get the best results and best body of your life as soon as possible, pushing yourself to the limit to constantly improve and lengthen the amount of time you can go for before you reach that limit again.

Who Is Beachbody For? 

Beachbody Review

Whether you’re looking for a consistent and easy-to-follow workout plan or would like to lose weight to reach healthy goals, this is the company for you. The wide selection of programs makes it easy to select a plan that is in tune with your objectives.

Plus, the meal plans and workout plans set the tone, helping you learn practices that will be easy to use in the future. If you need a hand to stay on track, they’ll point you in the right direction and supply you with all the resources you need to reach success.

How Does Beachbody Work? 

Beachbody Review

Overall, Beachbody is incredibly easy to use and simply involves signing up for a membership that gives you access to workout videos and meal plans. To get this Beachbody review started, I will walk you through how it works below. 

1. Join the program

There are over 1500 programs to choose from, but the brand knows that that can be overwhelming. To help you decide, the program selector will have you fill out a questionnaire that filters based on fitness level, type, time, and trainer.

2. Select your membership plan

You can opt for a 14-day free trial, and costs range from $10, $15, or $25 monthly. Memberships automatically renew, and billing cycles range from 3-12 months. 

3. Start your at-home workouts

Once you’ve chosen the programs you want to follow, you’ll be able to start watching the videos and working out alongside the instructors. The videos will inspire you and help you develop techniques for working out.

4. Follow the outlined meal plans

With the programs also come meal plans that are chock full of nutritional foods and cal-smart meal plans to get you on the right track.

Once you’ve completed all the steps (repeating 3 and 4, of course), you’ll start to see results. Like all things, it requires dedication and hard work, but the membership is there to guide you along the way to keep you motivated and in line with your goals. 

Plus, there are groups you can join where users share their own journeys and keep one another motivated. And you can get in touch with a free coach for some one-on-one discussion about your plans and progress.

Beachbody Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Beachbody Review

To round out this Beachbody review, I sourced customer comments that spoke to their own experiences and progress to determine if this brand is worth the investment. I found testimonials on Influenster, TrustPilot, and Consumer Affairs to gain clear insight into the ins and outs of the brand. 

On Influenster, the brand is rated 4.5/5 stars out of 3,717 reviews. One customer rates the programs 5/5 stars after discovering that they actually enjoy working out from home alongside the wide selection of options: 

“I joined Beachbody on demand during the pandemic when gyms were closed. I was never able to workout at home before but they have so many different workouts available to choose from. There is something for everyone and every fitness level. I actually enjoy the workouts and have fun.”

Another patron has nothing but good things to say, experiencing weight loss and strength-building, both physically and mentally: “I am loving these programs. It’s easy to do. 30-40 mins in my home. Lost 7 lbs in 21 days!! The community is encouraging, supportive, kind and caring. The meditations are simple and there is no judgment.”

Beachbody receives a similarly high rating on Consumer Affairs, with 3.9/5 stars out of 497 ratings. One customer keeps coming back for more, outlining how the brand helps users commit to a healthier lifestyle: 

“Right now, I’m on my fifth program. I’m doing Transform:20. I like to complete the whole program then try a new one, but I like how you can bounce back and forth if you want, to do a three-day session workout or do a Transform:20. I’m very satisfied with the results. My health is so much better.”

Another buyer outlines how the programs have been used in their family for generations, becoming a tried and true: “My parents used the Beachbody program growing up, and I use it now. It has proven results and I’ve seen it work. I use Beachbody On Demand and I really like it. I did CIZE and lost 5 pounds, and I’ve lost 5 pounds from another program too.”

351 shoppers rate the brand’s parent company 3.2/5 stars on TrustPilot. One happy shopper describes how the brand has changed their life, teaching them new skills and helping them to become part of a community, writing:

“I am so involved in all these at home workouts and have learned so much. I feel like I’m a part of the class and do not even have to leave my house, which is even more of a plus!”

Another patron rates the brand 5/5 stars and describes how they have been a gym lover converted, finding the home workouts enjoyable and effective: “I’ve been a gym rat for years and was very resistant to home workouts. Now that I’ve actually committed to the workouts, I don’t think I will go back! Excellent variety and I love the workouts!”

Overall, shoppers love their experiences and results when using Beachbody. The app is super easy to use, the instructions are simple to follow, and the workout and meal plans help users reach their set goals, and it’s easy to switch things up once they have set new ones. 

Is Beachbody Worth It?

Beachbody Review

It can be hard to commit to your workout plans for many reasons, but this brand deconstructs them all. First of all, it’s easy to access from anywhere, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to use it when you head out for a vacation or lose access to the internet for a while. 

Also, the brand is built upon a supportive community, which continuously inspires users and helps them push forward. It also helps with progress tracking as members can share their results, hear feedback, and learn better techniques and practices to reach their goals sooner.

On top of that, the classes are effective, with customers raving about results, helping them stay motivated every single day. Of course, the meal plans and equipment are beneficial too, and make healthy habits from the comfort of your own home that much easier.

With all these things in mind, it’s easy for me to conclude this Beachbody review by stating that this company is worth the try.

Beachbody Promotions & Discounts 

Beachbody Review

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this Beachbody review, I couldn’t find any promotions or deals. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled once you’ve subscribed for any coupons!

Where to Buy Beachbody

Beachbody Review

To subscribe to Beachbody and get your health and wellness routine started, visit


Who owns Beachbody?

Beachbody is owned by The Beachbody Company, founded by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon.

Can I download Beachbody workouts to watch them offline?

If you want to get your workout in on the beach, at a friend’s, or in the gym, you’ll be able to download the workout tutorials and watch them offline, anywhere and anytime!

Do the Beachbody workouts have modifiers?

Beachbody knows that all users are looking for different results, ranging from beginners to experts, and sometimes want to simply take things slow. So, you can easily modify workouts in intensity to suit your day-to-day needs. 

Can I cancel Beachbody anytime?

If you want to cancel your Beachbody On Demand subscription, you’re free to do so at any time. All you have to do is visit your profile and cancel through the memberships tab. You’ll be able to cancel immediately or cancel the renewal, which will mean you’ll still have access until your billing period is up.

What is Beachbody’s Refund Policy?

If you aren’t satisfied with your results, Beachbody offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. All the buyer has to do is contact the brand to request a return authorization. If anything needs to be shipped back, the customer will be responsible for shipping fees. 

How to Contact Beachbody

I hope you enjoyed this Beachbody review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them by calling (866) 737-9407.

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