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Bedsure Review

We are what we snuggle up in and some of us prefer not to snuggle at all, opting for something a little cooler instead. What each of us finds comfortable is often different, but Bedsure covers all the bases (not to mention couches and beds) with its affordable collection of contemporary bedding for kids, adults, and pets. 

Bedsure is known for its can’t-be-beat prices and surprisingly good quality, but shoppers have also taken a liking to its green or ethical manufacturing badge. That, plus the brand’s modern collection are what has caught the attention of publications like People and Travel + Leisure while helping to build an Instagram and Facebook community of over 400K

Will you find something to curl up in that’s perfect for you? That’s a question we hope to answer in this Bedsure review. We’ll tell you all about the brand and its best sellers, lead you through feedback, and answer a few FAQs to help you decide.

Overview of Bedsure

Bedsure Review

Bedsure is a relatively new company and you can tell that by the way it operates. Since its launch in 2016, they’ve chosen to bypass retailers with giant markups and have its products go straight from the factory to your home, cutting out the middlemen. 

Its mission is one of simplicity, “to bring warm, cozy comfort to families all over the world.” Everyone’s cozy is different, and that’s why you’ll find cold and hot weather home essentials in its collection. How did the brand get its start? They say from the inspiration of a mother’s linen making and the lesson that her creations would be “as cozy as a mother’s hug.” 

The brand started out with the goal to make supremely soft bedding and they’ve exceeded that, adding fabrics that serve double duty to elevate comfort in the night no matter what kind of sleeper you are. With great relationships with their farmers and manufacturers, Bedsure is all about good karma and we’re here for it. 

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding the names of the people involved with Bedsure but a company called Bedshe based in Walnut, CA seems to be behind the whole thing. 

Now that you know a little more about the brand and how it got its start, this Bedsure review will bring you to its highlights before jumping into its top-selling styles:


  • Great variety for hot & cold sleepers 
  • Customers report great quality for the price
  • Save 30% off select items
  • Sale section
  • Bundle & save
  • Free shipping
  • Made ethically
Bedsure Review

Bedsure’s collection is quite modern, consisting of all the must-have pieces you’ve coveted in luxury homes. Only the cool part here, is that you can get these same pieces for a fraction of the price Mrs. Jones had to pay. 

What will you find at Bedsure? A good variety of bedding, blankets, mattress toppers, and pet beds that play around the texture and color. Luxury fabrics aren’t just a wish here either, you’ll find a selection of 100% linen, cotton, Sherpa, and even silk. If you’re the kind that has to see it to believe it, grab your glasses and read on.

Bedsure Blanket Review

With a selection of blankets for summer, cozy couch fleeces, wearables, and heated covers, Bedsure has something for all temperatures. Ahead, we’ll introduce you to the brand’s best-selling blankets, a great selection of weights and warmths to help you feel cozy or stay cool.

Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket Review

These days, you can find a fleece blanket on the end of just about everyone’s couch. It’s an easy piece of comfort that totally transforms movie night, afternoon naps, and slow, snowy mornings. 

But we’ve come to learn that the Flannel Fleece Blanket isn’t your everyday, average fleece. It’s Amazon’s top choice for home blankets which says a lot considering the thousands it carries. 

Made from 100% microfiber, the Bedsure blanket can be machine washed (cold) and tumble dried (no heat), making it easy to care for. Light in weight but snuggly to the core, it comes in 14 gorgeous colors including earthy and jewel tones for a price you probably won’t see matched for its quality. Great for the couch or your bed, here are your options:

  • Throw: $16
  • Twin: $20
  • Queen: $27
  • King: $33

Bedsure Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket Review

Never felt bamboo material before? It’s an entirely delightful experience. With its buttery feel and breathable knit, it’s the ideal choice for hot sleepers or summer sheets. 

The Bedsure Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket brings cotton into the mix for added comfort, while creating a waffled texture that adds a little oomph to plain couches or a solid bed set. Made in 6 versatile colors, you’ll find this soft number in the following sizes:

  • Throw: $33
  • Twin: $39
  • Queen: $48
  • King: $58

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket Review

Whether you’re cuddling up on the sofa to watch a movie, laying down for a quick nap or tucking yourself in with a good book, it’s always nice to have a comforting throw blanket around. Meet the Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

Made out of 100% microfiber polyester fabric, this throw is durable for kids to toss around and is reversible so that you can style it from room to room. Plus, it’s available in three accommodating sizes: 

  • 50″ x 60″
  • 60” x 80”
  • 90” x 90” 

Get it in a range of cheerful colors like sunny oranges and yellows or more neutral, sophisticated hues like charcoal grey and warm brown for just $27 (50″ x 60″), $35 (60” x 80”), or $45 (90” x 90”).

Bedsure Pillowcases Review

Pillowcases not only protect your pillows, but the right one can also protect your face. This Bedsure review will showcase the brand’s two best-selling pillowcases, one made from 100% mulberry silk and the other of supremely soft satin. 

Bedsure 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Eye Mask Review

When it comes to beauty, silk pillowcases are a must. The problem with just them is that they’re incredibly expensive, and rightly so. Perfect for helping prevent wrinkles and keeping your hair silky smooth, these ones are made from 22 momme silk (the ideal balance of soft but sturdy). 

A few great things about the 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Eye Mask are that 1) they’re made from high-quality silk, 2) They’re actually affordable, and 3) you can get a bundle deal.

Breathable for a dream-filled sleep, they’re made with an envelope closure to stop hair snags. Take your pick of 5 soothing modern neutrals in Standard for $46, Queen for $48, or King for $52.

Bedsure Solid Satin Pillowcase Review

Unlike silk, satin is made from polyester. It’s a great alternative for anyone who wants silk but is looking for a less expensive option or one that’s vegan. 

The Solid Satin Pillowcase has benefits that extend past personal beliefs though. Kind on your skin, hair, and comfort, sleeping on one tames frizz, prevents wrinkles that come from smushed skin, and is breathable in the night. 

With an envelope closure to help prevent hair snags, you can pick from 9 fun and smooth colors. Add a Bedsure satin pillowcase to your sleep beauty routine in Standard, Queen, or King sizes for $9.

Bedsure Cover Review

Bedding says a lot about your personality. Since the bed is supposed to be the most comfortable place in your house, the materials, colors, and patterns you choose are important to feeling good about what you’re drifting off to slumberland in. 

Up next in this Bedsure review, you’ll find the brand’s top-selling duvet covers to take you through winter and summer. Since it’s the chilly season, we’ll start with the cuddliest of the two. 

Bedsure Washed Cotton Like Duvet Cover Set Review

Enjoy a well-worn, vintage look? The Bedsure Washed Cotton Like Duvet Cover Set nails that aesthetic, and it comes in 15 colors from dusty pinks to rich blues and greens. Better yet, there’s Twin, Full, Queen and California King sizes up for grabs. 

Made from durable polyester microfiber fabric, this long-lasting cover is a great year-round choice that will see you through the chilliest of winters to those boiling hot summers. It comes with one zippered duvet cover and pillow sham and it’s available for $30-$40.

Who Is Bedsure For? 

Bedsure Review

With a trendy aesthetic, Bedsure is for anyone looking for contemporary accents, bedding, or snuggle-makers in their home. Since the brand prioritizes quality and affordable prices, those who had to sacrifice quality for price before can finally breathe a sigh of relief. 

Bedsure Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bedsure Review

When it comes to bedding, quality is a priority. This section of our Bedsure review exists to check up on the brand’s quality, but also whether its products live up to expectations in-person to their online pictures. 

The first spot we checked for feedback was the brand’s website. Below, you’ll find a handful of ratings for some of its best sellers. 

  • Waffle Blanket: 4.9/5 stars, 415 reviews
  • Washed Cotton Like Duvet Cover Set: 4.5/5 stars, 34,317
  • Flannel Fleece: 4.9/5 stars, 400 reviews
  • Satin Pillowcase: 4.9/5 stars, 398 reviews

We decided to peek in the comments section for the Flannel Fleece Blanket. We’ll be honest here, we wondered what made these blankets so different from others out there. As Amazon’s Choice blanket and a #1 best seller, there had to be something extraordinary about it.

The comments section is full of reviews about how lovely these blankets are. Non-pilling, non-shedding, and ultra-comfortable, buyers confess that they look as good in-person as they do on the screen, and their pictures attest to that. One Bedsure review read:

Love it! Exactly what I expected. The softness, color and quality are great!Lightweight, soft, and vibrant in color. We get why it’s such a popular choice.

For our next spot of feedback, we turned to a review on The Spruce for the Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket that awarded it 4.7/5 stars. Leading us through how easy the blanket is to wash and care for, in the end, the post summed up the blanket like this:

This is a great cool weather blanket—soft, silky, squishy, warm and plush. It didn’t shed even a speck of lint when I washed and dried it.” And that’s saying a lot considering how many products this website reviews. 

For our final bit of information, we checked out the Washed Cotton Like Duvet Cover Set on Amazon. Check out the rating snapshot below:

  • 5 stars: 75%
  • 4 stars: 13%
  • 3 stars: 6%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 4%

The comments section consists of rave reviews for this set, mentioning its amazing quality and soft, expensive feel. One Bedsure review entitled “Just buy it now” said the following:

“I live in Texas and we’re in the midst of the sweltering hot summer and it’s not too hot. My blanket fits right in, it has the ever-convenient corner ties, and even a zipper as oppose to 10000 buttons. Overall a great comforter I am 100% satisfied and I now sleep wrapped up soundly in the most softest blankie ever!” 

There you have it, folks, Bedsure is the real deal. Its bedding and blankets are terrific quality considering what they cost and customers across websites all agree — a good sign they’re really as good as some say they are.

Is Bedsure Worth It?

Bedsure Review

We all dream of stumbling across affordable, luxury bedding. But for the most part, it’s just simply not the reality. At least, that’s what we thought. For us, shopping for bedding usually ends up in alarm and a quick disappearing act from whatever department store we found ourselves in, hoping they would have luscious fabrics for budget prices. 

Well, this Bedsure review is here to report that the brand is legit. Modern styles, dreamy fabrics, and soothing colors, the brand carries all of our favorites and we don’t have to choke on air when it comes time to look at the price. On top of that, it has a great sale section and offers discounts too. There’s nothing really else to say other than this one’s a winner

Bedsure Promotions & Discounts 

Bedsure Review

One of the reasons this brand has received so much attention is because of its prices. We’re pretty sure you would have noticed them in the product section of this Bedsure review, but if you didn’t, swing back up for an eye-opening delight.

In addition to tremendous prices (considering product design and quality), Bedsure has a spectacular sale section and offers bundles deals up to 20% off. Here’s how that works:

  • Buy 2: Get 10% off
  • Buy 3-9: Get 15% off
  • Buy 10+: Get 20% off

Where to Buy Bedsure

Bedsure Review

You can find Bedsure at retail giants like Walmart and Amazon. In fact, the brand is a #1 seller on the online warehouse, recommended for its quality for price. If you’d rather shop on the company’s website, you can totally do that too. Just head to Amazons Bedsure Store


Bedsure Review

Who owns Bedsure?

Bedsure is a division of Bedshe International Co. Ltd. The company is located in Walnut, CA. 

Does Bedsure ship internationally?

Right now, Bedsure not only ships within the US, but also Japan, Canada, Europe!

What is Bedsure’s Shipping Policy?

After you place your order online, it gets shipped out as soon as possible. Once you receive your shipping confirmation email, you can expect to see your package show up on your doorstep in about 3-5 business days. 

Bedsure uses Amazon to ship out its orders, and they’ll choose the quickest and most reasonable method possible. Shipping is free. 

How to Contact Bedsure

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Bedsure review, you can get in touch with the brand by emailing [email protected] or shooting them a message on Facebook.

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