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Bird&Be Review

Pregnancy culture doesn’t always reflect the real individuals who are trying to get pregnant. It can be a long, hard, and sometimes painful journey, one that not everyone feels included in, seen, or heard along the way. 

Bird&Be seeks to change that with their line of convenient, inclusive, and doctor-approved fertility products

Offering male and female-centric prenatals and accurate at-home tests, their collection is geared towards those trying, expecting, and recovering from pregnancy, along with anyone interested in learning more.

Bird&Be has been featured by Well+Good, The Globe and Mail, and the Wall Street Journal, and has an 20k+ following on Instagram and TikTok. Their approach is certainly getting noticed, but do they have exactly what you’re looking for? Read this Bird&Be review to find out.

I’ve packed it with information about the brand and their best-sellers, along with feedback, information on promotions, FAQs, and more to help. Let’s get into it.

Launched just over a year ago at the end of 2021, Bird&Be was born from the need for an inclusive and understanding line of fertility products. Founders Breanna Hughes and Samantha Diamond know how frustrating and complicated the road to conception can be because they’ve both been there. 

Confessing that there is much they wish they knew sooner, they aim to supply you with the at-home tests (the sperm test is intriguing!) to get you information about your reproductive heath fast, and supplements to optimize your journey and streamline the essential vitamins you should be taking.

Ensuring you never have to leave your home to get the products you need, their inclusive fertility supplements and at-home tests are delivered right to your door. 

So why trust Bird&Be? Not only are their ingredients tested by 3rd party labs and free from lead and heavy metals, but their at-home tests are 99% accurate and get you results sooner. 

With a team of reproductive endocrinologists and naturopathic doctors, they deliver products that use cutting-edge research and age-old methods for a unique approach that’s both convenient and personalized. 

Since you now know the brand a little better, why don’t we move this Bird&Be review right along? The highlights are up next. 


Bird&Be Review
  • Egg and sperm supplements & accurate at-home tests
  • Bioavailable ingredients
  • Vegan options that are gluten & common allergen-free
  • Formulated in optimal doses
  • Conventional meets naturopathic
  • Convenient and inclusive
  • Formulated by fertility specialists

You’ve seen the highlights, but it’s time that I dive into the details in this Bird&Be review. 

Coming up, I’ll tell you more about the conception supplements and at-home tests designed for eggs and sperm within the brand’s collection. Not sure which one to choose? Take the quiz available on

Bird&Be Products Review

From prenatal supplements for eggs and sperm to accurate Bird and Be pregnancy tests, these products all have one thing in common: they’re super convenient. 

Certain supplements also give you the option to increase levels of certain ingredients like CoQ10. For the most accurate formulation, take the quiz.

While not all of Bird&Be’s products are available for subscription, the ones that are come with a 10% discount and free shipping when you sign up. I’ll give you the details on the best-sellers within the line next.

Bird&Be The Power Prenatal for Females

Conception is one of life’s great miracles – in fact, each cycle offers a healthy heterosexual couple only 15-20% chance of conceiving spontaneously. So much can go awry—whether it’s intercourse timing, issues with egg or sperm quality, lifestyle factors, conditions like PCOS that affect ovulation, when we dig further into fertility, we become aware of just how much has to go right in order to conceive and then carry a healthy pregnancy to term.

The Power Prenatal for Females gives your body a daily supply of vitamins and antioxidants for fertility support like COQ10 and NAC to protect your DNA, vitamin A for embryo and fetal health, and iron for red blood cell production, transporting oxygen to the tissues in your body. 

Your daily packet will contain Daily Essentials (prenatal vitamins), algae oil DHA, Essential Antioxidants for Females, and CoQ10–a total of 6 pills. 

Pick up a 30-day supply for $55.

What customers say: “I’ve never seen such a comprehensive combo of fertility-supporting supplements. This is exactly what my doctor suggested I take and these come all together!! LOVE them.” – Ruby,

Bird&Be The Power Prenatal for Males

When you’re having trouble conceiving, looking at the big picture of health is key. The Power Prenatal for Males does just that, giving them one easy-to-take packet of Daily Essentials, algae oil DHA, Essential Antioxidants, and CoQ10. 

Delivering a span of conception-friendly prenatal vitamins and minerals from vitamins A, C, and E to zinc, selenium, L-Arginine and  L-Carnitine, this powerful bundle fortifies, protects, and can even reverse cell damage to create a higher concentration of healthy, motile sperm

A 30-day supply is $55.

What customers say: “Amazing. We’re pregnant after using it for only 2 months!!!” – Lauren,

Bird&Be Early Results Pregnancy Tests

You know the drill: You’re anxious to know if you’re pregnant but you have to wait 2 weeks after ovulation to know if it stuck. 

Bird&Be Early Results Pregnancy Tests can detect pregnancy up to five days before your expected period—which is, by the way, the most sensitive an at-home test can be. 

With 4 strips per box, you can test now and again, and again to be sure. Each test is ultra-sensitive, accurate, and very affordable, and I like that they have less waste than conventional pregnancy tests do. Get a box of 4 bulk pregnancy tests for just $10.

What customers say: “Best tests on the market hands down!” – Shelly,

Bird&Be At-Home Sperm Test

Getting men to go take a sperm test at the clinic is a feat in itself. Bird&Be makes it super easy to detect sperm quality with their At-Home Sperm Test

Non-invasive and highly accurate, it detects motile sperm concentration and gives it a quality score so you can get help sooner if needed. 

The At-Home Sperm Test comes in a pack of two, letting you test now and again in 3 months after you’ve taken action with prenatal supplements and antioxidants. 

Developed in collaboration with YoSperm and Medical Electronic Systems, the Bird&Be At-Home Sperm Test is 97% accurate and delivers results to your smartphone in under 20 minutes. 

Get this set of 2 FDA-approved and doctor-recommended tests for $80.

What customers say: “Such a huge help to see our own personal swimmers first hand. Up close and personal! Absolutely would recommend if you have any curiosity!” – Bella,

Bird&Be The Prenatal Essentials for Females

The Prenatal Essentials for Females help set your body up for success. They’re perfect whether you’re considering getting pregnant, trying, or already are. 

Made with 24 bioavailable nutrients, along with some extra essentials for added health, this daily vegan supplement is formulated by fertility specialists and is free of gluten and other common allergens. 

Boasting benefits from brain development and neutral tube support to thyroid function and egg health, The Prenatal Essentials for Females contain all of the key ingredients your body needs to produce healthy eggs and a healthy baby. A 30-day supply is $35.

What customers say: “Very good compressive prenatal. It was actually the only one I could find that has the extra D3 and B12 I was looking for while on a vegan diet.” – Andrea,

Bird&Be The Prenatal Essentials for Males

You always hear about women taking prenatals, but men need support too. The Prenatal Essentials for Males include key vitamins and minerals like choline, folate, selenium, zinc, and vitamin D to get your sperm in fighting shape. 

Organized in 30 individual packs, it’s easy to take and completely vegan. There’s no gluten, dairy, yeast, shellfish, or artificial colors and preservatives in the formula either, just highly bioavailable ingredients to support your little swimmers on their tough trek. Grab a 30-day supply for $35.

What customers say: “These are great! Super convenient and easy to take. They don’t bother my stomach at all and are allergen friendly!” – Justin,

Who Is Bird&Be For? 

Bird&Be Review

Bird and Be is a valuable resource for anyone. Whether you’re trying to conceive, thinking of trying to conceive, or simply want more information about conception, fertility, or the human body, they provide it all. 

If you are looking for something specific, I highly recommend taking their quiz. 

Bird&Be Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bird&Be Review

Feedback is a critical part of any Bird&Be review, so I made sure to scour the web to see what I could turn up. 

As a relatively new company, there isn’t an abundance of feedback available online, but more than enough on the brand’s website to give us an accurate image of it as a whole. 

On, here’s how customers rated a few of their best-selling products:

  • The Power Prenatal: 4.9/5 stars, 228 reviews
  • Early Pregnancy Test: 4.98/5 stars, 62 reviews
  • At-Home Sperm Test: 5/5 stars, 20 reviews
  • Prenatal Essentials: 4.9/5 stars, 103 reviews

All of their products are rated highly, but I dove into the comments section for The Power Prenatal to see what exactly folks love so much about it. One Bird&Be review read:

My husband and I used the power prenatal for eggs and sperm after trying to conceive for 10 months. We got pregnant the very next cycle. Sadly that pregnancy ended in miscarriage so we continued to use the vitamins and ended up pregnant again 2 weeks later.

The road to conception can be a rocky one that’s sometimes beyond our control. Preparing our bodies for the process is a crucial step in increasing our odds and it sounds like Bird&Be offers formulas that can help. 

We were recommended to Bird&Be from our fertility clinic and from the start- I had only good things to say. Their packets are super convenient– everything is all in one place, just slip it in your bag and go. I feel healthier when I take them…Whenever I send an email with a question or concern, it is answered super quickly as well,” another customer wrote in a Bird&Be review.

When it comes to taking any kind of supplement or medication, convenience is key. The easier it is to take your pills, the more likely you are to remember to take them. 

The more regularly you take them, the better it is for your body. Bird&Be sets you up for success with their convenient packs.

As for the Prenatal Essentials, another Bird&Be review said that they are the “Only prenatal that I’ve found so far that doesn’t make me feel super sick/nauseous! Highly recommend.” 

In a Bird&Be review on, the brand was named one of their top 5 favorite prenatal vitamins. Here’s why:

Bird & Be’s Gentle prenatal is easier on nauseated mamas than other supplements, as it contains just the basics—ideal if you have trouble keeping heavier-duty blends down. I especially appreciate that they include extra B6, which has been shown to help reduce morning sickness, and a whopping 300 mg of choline.

It appears that Bird and Be prenatal supplements are gentler on stomachs. This means it’s a great brand to choose if you find yourself nauseated by other brands’ products.

Overall, the feedback available for Bird&Be was excellent. Customers report that their products indeed helped them conceive, that they love how convenient they are, that the brand has excellent customer service, and that their formulas are kinder on their stomachs. 

There isn’t much more I could ask for in terms of feedback, the brand certainly looks to check all boxes. 

Is Bird&Be Legit?

Bird&Be Review

I didn’t come across anything in my Bird&Be review that would convince me otherwise. They have excellent feedback, have been praised by numerous media outlets, and take an inclusive and welcoming approach to fertility and conception

Is Bird&Be Worth It?

Bird&Be Review

As a modern brand, Bird&Be addresses the issues individuals face with fertility products. They make the process more convenient, inclusive, and less frustrating, offering doctor-developed prenatal supplements and simple yet accurate tests. 

I love that they offer a subscription (along with a discount and free shipping) and a helpful blog with valuable articles. 

But mostly, I love how their minimal, neutral approach doesn’t shove excess waste, femininity, or triggering images down your throat during what can be a very emotional time. So yes, if all of that sounds great, I’d say they’re more than worth it

How To Choose The Best Personalized Prenatals And At-Home Tests

Bird&Be Review

Choosing the right prenatal and at-home tests is sometimes like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. To make it super easy on you, I’ve included a few tips to simplify the process:

  1. Look for a prenatal that contains calcium and vitamin D along with folic acid and iron
  2. If you’re uncertain, ask your pharmacist or doctor
  3. Depending on your unique health, your healthcare provider may be able to give you more insight

If you need extra help or simply want to shop from the comfort of your home, take Bird&Be’s quiz. They’ll ask you questions and recommend products based on your answers. 

Bird&Be Promotions & Discounts 

Bird&Be Review

Fertility companies can get stuffy and expensive, but writing this Bird&Be review was like taking a breath of fresh air. As a company made for the people, they made sure to offer deals. Here’s what’s available now:

  • Subscribe & Save 10% + get free shipping
  • Sign up for the mailing list to get 10% off your first order

Where To Buy Bird&Be

Bird&Be Review

Ready to get real about your fertility? Head over to to take the quiz and shop.


Bird&Be Review

Who owns Bird&Be?

Bird&Be is a privately held company, female-founded and female-led. 

Where Does Bird&Be Ship To?

Bird&Be ships within Canada and the USA. Here’s everything else you should know about how shipping works:

  • Orders are processed in a few business days
  • Shipping times vary by carrier, but in general, orders to:
    • Canada take 3-5 business days
    • USA take 5-8 business days

While Bird&Be works to get your order to you as quickly as possible, it is possible there could be delays. To check in on the status of your order, use the tracking link included in your confirmation email.  

When Should One Start Taking Prenatal and How Long Should One Take it For?

They recommend you start taking your prenatal supplements 3 months before you begin trying to conceive. Doing this will get your body, eggs, or sperm ready for conception. 

How Can One Be Sure Bird&Be Supplements Are Safe?

Bird&Be neutraceuticals are formulated and customized by their resident naturopathic doctors and their reproductive endocrinologist as well as a pharmacist. All of their ingredients are 3rd party tested, and free of heavy metals and lead

Can Transgender or Non-binary People Still Use Bird&Be Products?

Bird&Be products are for anyone who is preparing or trying to conceive. The questions in their quiz are based on your anatomy, not your gender. 

If you are a younger person who is not ready to conceive, the brand encourages you to visit their website and learn more about your body and timeline. 

How To Contact Bird&Be

Bird&Be Review

If you still have questions after reading this Bird&Be review, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the brand.

You can reach them by emailing [email protected] Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST or intermittently on Saturday and Sunday.

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