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Bombas T-Shirt Review

Anyone who wear a lot of t-shirts knows that it’s hard to find the perfect one. Many of us go through many different brands until we find the right fit, and still, we may sacrifice sustainability and quality to do so. 

If you’re not familiar with Bombas, the sock brand with heart, I’d be surprised. They’ve landed features in just about every notable magazine there is, have 3,500 Giving Partners (with a wait list of over 5,000), and are found in stores like Dicks Sporting Goods and Nordstrom. In other words, Bombas, which was founded in 2013 has made a serious name for itself–and that name has become synonymous with giving back. 

In fact, they’ve donated over 100 million essential clothing items to people in need. But while their giving nature has surely made them attractive to customers, it’s their products’ fit, feel, and quality that keeps them coming back. Features such an antimicrobial treatments, versatile sizes, and incredibly comfortable and durable constructions has made this brand a massive success with those looking for better socks, underwear, and now t-shirts. With Bombas, you’ll never have to settle.

We’ve reviewed Bombas Socks, Bombas Underwear, now hold on to both as jump right into this Bombas T-Shirt review. The highlights are up first.

Bombas T-Shirt Review


  • For men and women
  • Sizes XS-3X
  • Inclusive, versatile fit
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Washes well & doesn’t wear easily
  • Short & long sleeve available
  • Range of fabric types
  • Breathable and antimicrobial

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Bombas T-Shirt Review

Bombas makes t-shirts for men and women, with some exclusive styles just for women. There’s short sleeve, longsleeve, and tanks in their collection, along with crew and v-neck options. Their color palette includes a lot of white, navy, black, grey, and blue, as they state that darker colors show less wear and therefore last longer. Whether you’re here looking for a basic tee or want something developed from science and a lot of thought, you’ll find them both at Bombas. Here’s a look at some of their best-sellers.

Bombas Men’s Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt Review

Bombas T-Shirt Review

Made with the highest quality cotton in the world, the Men’s Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt is super soft, super durable, and feels great to wear. This isn’t one of those shirts that will chafe your chest–in fact, it pills less than other cotton shirts do meaning it stays looking great for longer. 

Since Pima is extra long staple cotton, it’s also quite durable which will help it hold up in the wash longer than your other shirts. Grab yours in your favorite of 5 colors for $40.

Bombas Men’s Merino Wool Blend Crew Neck T-Shirt Review

Bombas T-Shirt Review

If you’re new to Merino Wool, you should know that it’s naturally sweat-wicking, comfortable, and antimicrobial. It lasts longer than other fabrics and offers a UPF sun protection rating of “Very Good UV Protection”. 

With a tagless design and super soft seams, you may forget you’re wearing it. Grab one in Black or Meteor colors for $64. You could also pick up the same type of shirt in long sleeve for $74 and choose your favorite of 8 colors. 

Bombas Men’s Air Slub Crew Neck T-Shirt Review 

Bombas T-Shirt Review

Fan of lived-in tees? Then you’ll love the Air Slub Crew Neck T-Shirt. It’s made from slub cotton, a textured fiber that has a heathered look and is incredibly breathable. 

You’ll want to wear this tee to the park or around the house, and play around with layers. Get yours in Soft White or Great Lake colors for $40 each. You could also grab the longsleeve version for $48.

Bombas Women’s Merino Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt Review 

Bombas T-Shirt Review

Available in Dahlia Pink, Meteor, and Black, the Women’s Merino Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt is tagless, offers UPF sun protection, and has extra soft seams. It’s a great everyday choice and pairs with jeans effortlessly. Like the men’s, women can also get this tee in long sleeve. Prices range from $64-$74.

Bombas Women’s Air Slub V-Neck T-Shirt Review

Bombas T-Shirt Review

Like a little variation in your collar? The Women’s Air Slub V-Neck T-Shirt has a classic V neckline and is made from slub cotton. With a heathered, slightly worn-in look and feel, this casual t-shirt has a stacked hem, is breathable, tagless, and lightweight. 

Pulling it on feels like wearing nothing, which is a great feeling for relaxing at home. Get the V-Neck for $40 in Great Lake, Soft White, Pink Dawn, or Washer Black hues. It’s also available as a crew neck longsleeve for $48.

Bombas Women’s Soft Tech Crew Neck T-Shirt Review

Bombas T-Shirt Review

The Women’s Soft Tech Crew Neck T-Shirt is unique to the women’s collection. It’s soft, quick-drying, and breathable, which makes it the perfect choice for the gym. 

With a relaxed, everyday fit with a curved hem, it’s also flattering in a understated way. Get yours in Periwinkle or Black colors for $46 each.

Who Are Bombas T-Shirts For?

Bombas T-Shirt Review

Bombas makes tees for men and women. Made from super soft, breathable, and skin-friendly fabrics, if you’d like to feel good in your tees while feeling good about giving back, this brand is for you.

Bombas T-Shirts Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bombas T-Shirt Review

You’ve read the details of the t-shirts, now it’s time to see what customers think about them. In this section of my Bombas T-shirts review, I’ve dug up some feedback from around the web to give you a better idea of what they’re really like. Let’s start with some ratings from

  • Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt: 4.5/5 stars, 1,218 reviews
  • Merino Wool Blend Crew Neck T-Shirt: 4.5/5 stars, 309 reviews
  • Air Slub Long Sleeve T-Shirt: 4.8/5 stars 22 reviews
  • Women’s Soft Tech Crew Neck T-Shirt: 4.7/5 stars, 127 reviews

When it comes to Bombas T-Shirts reviews, comments are short and sweet. Comments like, “Felt great size perfect washed and dried beautifully,” and “They feel good and fit good” are common, but I did find one that went into a bit more detail. It read:

“I love these! I’m usually a L, but shirts usually always shrink and never fit quite right after that first wash. These are a true L, not fitted, the perfect slightly loose fit and don’t shrink! Soft fabric, long enough in the torso (I’m 5’10).

What’s more, under the comments of those who the Pima Cottom Crew Neck T-shirt didn’t suit, Bombas wrote back and offered to make it right. When it comes to shirts, you can’t please everyone, so it’s good to know that they honor their return policy.

Meanwhile, Esquire said that “Bombas tees are just as comfortable as their socks,” which, if you have ever tried their socks, says a lot. The article continued:

Bombas’ T-shirt is made from a super soft Peruvian pima cotton, which is notably the softest cotton you can make clothes from. The mid-weight helps give that soft cotton a little weight, so it stays soft without feeling precious.

These details are fantastic for anyone who wear a lot of tees. It can be hard to find the right tee, and from what I’ve learned, Bombas keeps their boxy so that they fit a range of body types. While this may not suit what everyone is looking for, it is a way they keep their clothing inclusive. And that’s something I can really get behind.

The last Bombas T-Shirt review we’ll look at comes from Gear Patrol. The short review states, “The mid-weight fabric is incredibly soft and has a slight amount of stretch — it feels vaguely reminiscent of a performance fabric, but is 100 percent cotton.” This is for their Pima Cotton T-Shirt, by the way, which is by far their most popular. 

All in all, the feedback I found for Bombas T-Shirts was super positive. Shoppers report loving the fabric and don’t encounter many issues in terms of quality. Though I found one customer who reported premature holes, this isn’t common and plus, with Bombas’ Happiness Guarantee, if your shirt does get holey, they’ll replace it for free. You can’t really go wrong with that kind of promise.

Is Bombas Legit?

Bombas T-Shirt Review

There may not be a more legit brand than Bombas available. Everything about this company is about the customers–except for their donation program, which all about giving back to those in need.

Is Bombas T-Shirts Worth It?

Bombas T-Shirt Review

I’ve had the privilege of trying out Bombas product before so when I say this brand makes excellent products, I say it with confidence. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their socks and slippers and based on the feedback I’ve seen for their t-shirts, I know it will be the same. 

Aside from their sustainable mission, tested-to-perfection fits, and super soft buttery fabrics, the brand itself is one you can always feel good buying from. If you’re looking for an awesome brand to support and looking for a super soft tee to wear year-round, this is definitely the place to shop. 

Bombas Discounts & Promotions

Bombas T-Shirt Review

This isn’t my first Bombas review, so I know that the real promotion this brand offers is the fact that it donates one item for one bought. That alone is incentive enough to purchase from them, but they also offer free shipping for those signed into a Bombas account along with 20% off when using the code COMFORT20 at checkout.

Where Can I Buy Bombas T-Shirts?

Bombas T-Shirt Review

You can find Bombas products in quite a few stores across the US. These include names such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many more. Rather skip the line? Go directly to to shop.


Bombas T-Shirt Review

Where do you donate Bombas products?

Bombas has 3,500+ Giving Partners across the US. This includes homeless shelters, schools, hospitals, non-profits, and outreach programs. 

What makes Bombas different?

Bombas isn’t just another underwear and sock brand. Once you put on their products, you’ll realize how much they care about what they make. Of course, for them, it’s not just about selling products. They also donate at a 1:1 ratio. Whatever you buy, they donate the same amount. 

What sizes do Bombas T-shirts come in?

Bombas carries sizes XS-2X for women and S-3X for men.

What is Bombas’ Shipping Policy?

Bomabas offers a handful of shipping options. You’ll find the details for their US policy below:

  • Free shipping → available to those who make a Bombas account or sign in to their active one – packages arrive in 5-8 business days
  • Standard shipping → those without an account – $6 packages arrive in 5-8 business days
  • 2-day shipping → $19 2-3 business days 
  • Overnight → $25 1-2 business days

What is Bombas’ Return Policy?

Bombas offers a Happiness Guarantee on all of their products. They want you to be super happy with your purchase, so if you need to return something or exchange it, it’s completely free. The guarantee states that if your shirt gets a hole in it, they’ll replace it and if your dog chewed up your socks, they’ll replace them. In other words, in case it was apparent so far, this brand really does care about its customers.

How to Contact Bombas

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Bombas T-Shirt review, reach out to the brand’s Customer Happiness Team by emailing [email protected], calling 1(800)314-0980, or using the contact form. Their customer service hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm EST.

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