Color Street Nails Review

About Color Street

Color Street Nails Review

Color Street lets you change up your look with its expressive selection of nail polish strips. The easy-to-apply, mess-free strips come in affordable packs of 16 and are offered in over 60 colors, glitters, and patterns.

Featured in InStyle, Reader’s Digest, and The Chicago Tribune, the brand is no stranger to recognition. And, its attention-grabbing nail strips have gained the brand 197k followers on Instagram and 261k on Facebook.

If you’re looking for dramatic, chic, or simple nail polish strips, you’ve come to the right place. But before you go on a nail art shopping frenzy, we urge you to read through this Color Street nails review to find out important information about the brand and its best-sellers.

You’ll discover information about promotions, customer feedback, get answers to FAQs, and more, to help you decide if Color Street is truly worth the buy.

Overview of Color Street

Color Street Nails Review

Founded in NYC, the idea for Color Street was developed when Fa Park witnessed a woman stuck in traffic attempting to paint her nails. Watching her struggle and considering what would happen to her nails when she got out of the cab, he wondered if there was a better way to get great-looking nails without the mess and drying time.

After experimenting with layering nail polish on paper, Park found a way that a bottom coat could stay tacky and adhere to a nail, while the top could remain dry to the touch. This was all back in 1988!

The brand has grown throughout the past 30 years, starting with solid shades and changing with modern needs to include fun graphics, prints, and a boatload of glitter. Today, Color Street is sold through a direct sales platform, pairing customers up with Independent Stylists who assist in the picking and purchasing process.

The company, which is now a division of Incoco, is located in New Jersey where its 100% real nail polish strips are made. Before we get into the brand’s expressive products, this Color Street nails review will fill you in on its pros and cons.


  • Over 60 styles of nail polish strips
  • Three styles of pedicure strips
  • Lasts 10 days or more
  • Outlasts regular nail polish
  • Affordable
  • Does not chip


  • Cannot buy outside of your assigned stylist
  • More expensive than other nail polish strip brands
  • May be tricky to apply
  • Only ships within the US
Color Street Nails Review

Nails are a fun way to express yourself. Color Street has tons of polish strips to choose from, with 30 featured in Glitter categories alone. Stocking themes like Americana, Neon Nights, Fruit Punch, and more, the brand has something to offer anyone who likes to let the world know who they are through nail art.

In the next section of this Color Street nails review, we’ll take you on a journey through the brand’s most-loved polishes, ranging from pink and glittery to dark and mysterious.

Color Street Nails Review

Color Street nail strips come, not just in a rainbow of colors, but accented with a celebration’s worth of glitter, graphics, and a range of finishes too. We’ll show you some of the brand’s best-selling nail strips below. They all come in packs of 16, so you can select the right size for each finger.

Color Street Tokyo Lights Review

If diva was a shade, Color Street Tokyo Lights would be it. Soft pink is spiced up with hints of magenta, layered with glitter like a Barbie on prom night.

This dazzling polish is the perfect accent to glam makeup, mini skirts, and sky-high heels. We love it for bachelorette parties, Vegas vacays, and hour-long selfie shoots for the ‘gram.

Bring out your inner diva with Tokyo Lights for $12. Not into pink? Try the cool, gradient blue of Color Street French Riviera.

Color Street Home Sleet Home Review

Like sparkling snow, Color Street Home Sleet Home quietly glistens in a subtle, yet jaw-dropping way. These glittery white and silver nail polish strips are ideal for the cooler seasons, worn with chunky-knit knuckle-grazing turtlenecks, we’re thinking in a shade of taupe, but thanks to their neutrality, they pair well with any color!

Cool things off with Home Sleet Home for $12. When NYE rolls around, consider swapping to Color Street Only in Vegas, a black base with star-like glitter.

Color Street Made In Milan Review

Deep, romantic, and mysterious, Made in Milan is a burgundy-brown color that shows off your classy side. A magnificent choice for days in the office, this color has a professional feel to it, contrasting well with crisp, white button-ups and suiting thick-rimmed oversized specs.

With a glossy, shimmery finish, you can get the Color Street Made in Milan set for $11.

Color Street Moon River Review

Like light reflecting off of a dark body of water at midnight, Moon River’s twinkling shimmer is full of drama. Larger dots of glitter dance upon this sparkly grey polish, accented by flecks of black and white.

Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic solo in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, pop these beauties on whenever you feel like channeling a bit of the mysterious Holly Golightly. Snatch up Color Street Moon River for $12.

Color Street Dripping in Diamonds Review

Diamonds are a sign of eternal love, or a girl’s best friend if you’re a Marylin Monroe fan. One look at this polish and you may just fall head over heels. This Color Street Dripping in Diamonds is a clear strip that’s been encrusted with glistening diamond-like glitter at the tips.

You can wear them on polish-less nails, or try out Color Street combos by altering on top of another color for an enhanced look. We love the thought of placing over crimson red, for a fun play on the winter season—when the time approaches, that is. You’ll be Dripping in Diamonds with this set for $13.

Color Street Himalayan Salt Review

Like a fine, French Macaron, Color Street Himalayan Salt is all about taste. An everyday favorite, this creamy, pale pink shade has a creme finish that pumps up its look of luxury.

Pair with a simple makeup look, like popping pink cheeks, dewy skin, and a few swipes of lengthening mascara. Add a messy, loose top-knot and you’re ready to go. Enjoy this classic go-to for $11.

Color Street Giza Sands Review

Though the color of this polish mimics the deserts of Giza, it’s anything but dry. With a cool, glossy shine, this neutral shade is a fan favorite thanks to its versatility. Though technically a basic color, Color Street Giza Sands makes nails pop.

It’s that coveted shade you admire on the put-together woman who reaches out for her iced, non-fat, sugar-free, caramel macchiato in your local coffee shop, outfitted in popular, body-hugging activewear, with a cute, fluffy, white dog at her hip. If you pictured Kim K, you wouldn’t be too far off.

In other words, it exudes subtle, yet noticeable affluence. Get the look for $11.

How Do I Apply Color Street Nails?

Color Street Nails Review

Color Street offers Solid, Glitter, and French styles of nail polish strips, and the application methods vary. We’ll walk you through each one below so you can see how easy to use they really are.

Solids & Glitter:

  1. Remove the clear cover on the individual strip you’ll be applying
  2. Peel off the polish strip from the backing
  3. Take the tab off at the end of the strip
  4. Place on your nail, pressing down, and stretching forwards
  5. Use a file to or your nail to remove the excess


  1. Remove the clear cover
  2. Peel off the tip strip from the backing
  3. Put the tip on the tip of your nail and stretch it slightly so no wrinkles form
  4. File off the excess strip from your nail
  5. Apply a clear covering, if you wish
  6. File off the excess

There’s no drying or waiting process involved, you can simply get dressed and run out the door!

How Long Do Color Street Nails Last?

Color Street Nails Review

Color Street nails are no-chip and last for 10 days, but the length of your manicure depends on your lifestyle. If you work with your hands or wash dishes constantly, you may find your manicure won’t last the full 10 days.

Once you peel off the protective strip, because Color Street nails are real nail polish, they’ll begin to dry out. Make sure that when you remove the cover you’re ready to use the strip.

How Do I Remove Color Street Nails?

Color Street Nails Review

Colors Street nails are regular nail polish. Though they’re a base, overlay, and topcoat all in one, taking them off is the same as removing a salon manicure. When it’s time to change up your shade, simply use regular nail polish remover to take them off.

Who Is Color Street For?

Color Street Nails Review

Nail polish is great and so are manicures, but both have their downfalls. One is messy and the other expensive. Color Street gives you the best of both worlds, cutting down on the mess and the price while producing a salon-worthy manicure for under $15.

Color Street is an ideal option for those who like their nails to look good—either all the time or for a special occasion. Because they’re mess-free, you won’t need to wait around for them to dry and play around with thick coats of polish, uneven strokes, or shaky hands.

You’ll also get to skip out on smudges after waiting 30 minutes for your polish to dry and finding out it’s still tacky. Thanks to the quick application and affordable price, we’d say this brand is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to mess around with at-home manicures or wants to save a few bucks per month on visits to the salon.

Comparison: Color Street vs. Incoco

Color Street Nails Review

Color Street isn’t the only brand on the market to make nail polish strips, but it does things a little differently from its competitors in terms of style and materials. In this section of our Color Street nails review, we’ll be doing a quick comparison between the brand and Incoco.

Before we get started, we must tell you that Incoco is actually the parent company of Color Street, but it does carry its own namesake collection, as well as one called Coconut Nail Art. We’ll be looking at the differences between the two collections to see what the major variances are in terms of quality, style, and price.

Ok, let’s get started. Incoco nail polish strips are only available for purchase through Ulta Beauty and Walmart. So unlike Color Street, you won’t be able to buy them from the website.

In terms of style selection, Incoco’s lineup looks to be slightly different, we’d say perhaps more modern. Art like arrows, mini hearts, polka dots, and tie-dye marbling adorn its strips.

When looking at heart-decorated polish strips offered by each brand, Incoco’s hearts are rounded, while Color Streets are pointy—nuances that may not sound like much, but in terms of design, they do matter and contribute to a brand’s overall aesthetic.

Both lines use 100% real nail polish for their strips and each one has three layers: a base, overlay, and topcoat. Both can be removed using regular nail polish remover. Walmart shows a $7 price for Incoco’s nails, while a similar Color Street design is $12.

Why would these seemingly similar lines be so differently priced? Probably because with Color Street, though you’re buying on its website, technically, you’re buying from an “independent stylist.”

When you land on the homepage, you’ll be automatically assigned one that’s closest to your area. We can only assume that this increases costs as essentially, you’re going through a middle-man.

Color Street Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Color Street Nails Review

Nail polish strips seem pretty straightforward, but we need to hear from customers to understand what they’re really like. That’s why in this section of our Color Street nails review, we’ve compiled the results of a thorough web search for helpful feedback. You’ll find information about the brand’s quality and customer service to help you shop with confidence.

While it’s news to us, you may have heard of something called the Color Street Challenge. It’s where you use the brand’s nail polish strips on two of your nails, and paint the rest with regular polish to see how they hold up.

A Color Street nails review on Splendry revealed the results of a few members after they accepted the challenge.

Overall, members had similar results, which sounded like, “the glitter nails stayed on without chipping or peeling until I removed them two weeks after application. The painted nails chipped on the second day after application.” Color Street out-performed regular polish!

Were there any issues? Not many, but a few members had issues with the Color Street application process.

One said, “It took me a couple of attempts on different applications to really get the hang of how to get them applied.” Others said that the tutorial video really helped and that after they figured it out it took about 10 seconds to apply.

Feeling pleased with this information, we moved on to Influencer to get an overall feel for how customers enjoy the brand and the Color Street Tokyo Lights polish. Take a peek at the rating snapshot below to see for yourself:

  • 5 stars 81%
  • 4 stars 12%
  • 3 stars 4%
  • 2 stars 1%
  • 1 star 2%

93% of shoppers rated the product as either Excellent or Great and 97% rated them above average. That’s a pretty solid score. Tokyo Lights has an average rating of 4.7/5 stars awarded by 393 users. So what did they love about the polish strips?

Influensters reported that they outlasted regular polish, were easy to apply, and came in awesome styles. One woman remarked, “the Color Street strips were super easy to put on…they come in amazing colors and glitters…they outlasted by gel polish by days…I didn’t need a top coat.

All in all, we’d say these strips are awesome. But what about the 3% who disliked them?

It turns out that though Color Street has a great product that works well, there are some technical issues like their thinness and the general trial and error period of getting them to work.

One comment read, “They worked really well, I just didn’t like that they were so thin cause I was able to tear them really easily [and] once it’s on you can’t really move it.” Yes, ripping would be an issue, and we could see the potential of getting frustrated trying to place a sticky nail strip.

We can certainly see where Color Street excels and where their products may be tricky, but how about the brand in general? We skipped over to the Better Business Bureau to see how they ranked in customer service and handled issues.

Happily finding an A+ and a 3/5 star rating, we saw that the brand has resolved a total of 37 complaints over the past 3 years, a small number for a big company. Its gold star-worthy score is due to its quick response to customer complaints and the general lack of them.

That brings our section for customer reviews to a close, but we certainly learned a lot. The brand’s nail polish strips are loved by customers and the company responds to complaints quickly. The only downfall is in regards to the strips’ application, which gets easier with time.

Is Color Street Worth It?

Color Street Nails Review

We certainly think so. They’re affordable, long-lasting, and the brand has a wide selection. Though more expensive than some other companies, we appreciate that they’re not made from plastic and outlast regular nail polish.

The fact that the strips are three layers, too, is pretty cool, and we love that you can layer them on top of polish or other strips for an artsy look.

All in all, the brand took an innovative approach to painting nails—and one that we appreciate. No more waiting for polish to dry or having to reapply in a couple of days. The option of a no-fuss nail application is one that we can get behind.

Color Street Promotions & Discounts

Color Street Nails Review

Unfortunately, throughout this Color Street nails review, we didn’t uncover any promotions.

Where to Buy Color Street

Color Street Nails Review

This Color Street nails review found that you can only buy them through a Stylist. The brand is sold through a direct sales model, meaning you’ll be paired up with a rep in your area who will answer any questions you have about the products and ship your order.


Color Street Nails Review

Where is Color Street Made?

Color Street nail polish strips are made in New Jersey.

How Many Colors Does Color Street Have? 

Color Street’s Spring Catalog shows 63 different solid colors, glitters, and clear patterned prints. They also have three solid pedicure styles.

What is Color Street’s Shipping Policy?

Color Street offers two domestic shipping options:

  1. Standard 3-5 business days: $4
  2. FedEx 1-2 business days: $9-14 (depending on weight)

Standard orders take 1-5 business days to process, whereas FedEx takes 1-3. The brand does not ship outside of the USA.

What is Color Street’s Return Policy?

You can return your Color Street order within 30 days of purchase as long as the items are in original condition and have their original packaging. Exchanges have a 60-day policy and the same rules apply.

To start a return or exchange, download the return form on the brand’s site, fill it in, and send it along with your return order to the address specified in the document.

How to Contact Color Street

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Color Street nails review, feel free to reach out to the brand by using the Contact Form available on its website.

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