Cowboy Ebike Review

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Cowboy Ebike Review

I think everyone can admit that the fantasy of trekking across the wild wild West on horseback searching for one’s manifest destiny is a bit antiquated. Charming, but not nearly as appealing in 2022. If only there was a way to take that idea into the 21st century?

Many will claim that the cowboy as an American icon has been dead for decades, but what if that cowboy rode a bicycle? That’s what Cowboy Ebike asks, and their line of electronic bikes might have you yelling “yeehaw” at the top of your lungs.

They’ve become a popular bike company across Europe and have begun spreading their wings in the United States. They currently boast over 39k followers on Instagram and 21k likes on Facebook.

My Cowboy Ebike review will answer the most pressing questions about the company and their history, practices, products, what makes their electronic bikes different from other brands, and their app’s functionality.

I’ll also tell you what customers think about Cowboy Ebike so that you can decide whether their products should hold a place in your bike garage.

Overview of Cowboy Ebike

Cowboy Ebike Review

You shouldn’t be surprised to read that an e-bike company comes from Brussels, one of the best cities to bike around in Europe. While cowboys are a purely American ideal, the sense of freedom they encompass is evident in Cowboy Ebikes.

Adrien Roose founded the company in 2016 after seeing how hard food deliverymen worked to serve food on manual bikes. 

He thought that more could be done to make cycling easier. A visit to his elderly grandfather who frequently rode an electric bike fired off all the creative synapses in Roose’s brain.

He got to work developing a prototype that would make travel convenient while also encouraging people to bike more. The knock-on effect could lead to a reduction in the number of cars on the streets, meaning fewer carbon emissions. 

Roose, alongside Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti, designed the first Cowboy ebike all on their own without sourcing components from other companies. This gives them full control over their bikes and their capabilities.

Their bikes look to modernize what electronic bikes can do

They want to become a staple in the average city-goers life with their simple designs, attractive frames, and multifunctional app

Reading all that may make you want to throw a saddle on one of their products already. I’ve got to rope you into learning more about the company though, so I’ll cover some of their highlights in the next segment of my Cowboy Ebike review.


  • Stylish and functional electronic bikes
  • The app comes free with the purchase of a bike
  • All products are covered by a 2-year warranty
  • 30-day return policy
  • The company offers test drives for customers in certain areas
Cowboy Ebike Review

Cowboy Ebike’s roster of available items is incredibly small yet focused. The company only makes two different e-bike models, the Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine and the Cowboy Ebike C4 ST Step Ahead.

Cowboy Ebike Review

This section of my Cowboy Ebike review will examine the brand’s product catalog with a more measured eye. I’ll go over the details of every available item so that you can discover what separates them from other e-bikes.

Their bikes optimize the electronic part of the e-bike equation. They integrate technology in ways that would make other e-bike manufacturers shiver in their cowhide leather boots.

Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine Review

The first e-bike I’ll look at in my Cowboy Ebike review may have you hootin’ and hollerin’ like you’re at a throwdown. 

The Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine is designed for athletic performance and a more intensive ride, though that’s not to say that you’ll be busting your cheeks when you ride it.

This bike is suited to handle harder courses. You only need to jab at the sides of the bike with your feet to engage its motor. The motor can then base the amount of power it will supply based on your pedaling speed and force. 

The Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine also comes with tires built to traverse a huge array of terrains. They can conquer most environments with their puncture-resistant construction.

The bike’s battery can last up to 43 and a half miles on its own, and you can likely extend that battery duration by pedaling. In the event that you do run out of juice on the road then you can still relax. 

It only takes 3 and a half hours to recharge the battery fully. Plus, you can take the battery out of the bike, making it easier to charge without lugging around the whole machine with you.

It’s not like that’d be a death sentence though as this bike only weighs 41 pounds. Its frame is ideal for users between 5’6” and 6’4” and is made entirely out of aluminum 6061.

You can grab the Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine in either black, tan, or olive green for $2,990.

Cowboy Ebike C4 ST Step Ahead Review

Though the previous item I spoke about in this Cowboy Elite review is a great option in its own right, the company saw how they could improve it. 

The first improvement was to make it a more accessible bike that catered to easy riding. Thus, they created the Cowboy Ebike C4 ST Step Ahead.

This bike is less about optimal performance than it is comfort, though that’s not to say that it’s lacking in power. It has a single-speed motor that can help you reach your destinations faster than you could on your own.

That simplicity is one of the major advantages of this ebike. You won’t need to scuffle with gears and chains because this item will automatically align its battery to your pace. 

This feature makes it so that it should become an easier ride the longer you pedal.

The Cowboy Ebike C4 ST Step Ahead has plenty of the same ease-of-use qualities that make the Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine so exemplary. 

You can remove the rechargeable battery – which should last you up to 43.5 miles – and charge it with you on the go. 

It’s lightweight, clocking in at just over 41 pounds. However, the frame is better suited for smaller riders. Cowboy Ebike claims that this bike can accommodate most riders between 5’3” and 6’2”. 

That frame is another deviation that this e-bike makes from its forebearer. It has a step-through frame that can mitigate tension, thus providing a smoothing cycling experience.

You can buy the Cowboy Ebike C4 ST Step Ahead for $2,990. It’s available in either black, olive green, or tan.

Cowboy Ebike App Review

One feature that I haven’t included yet in my Cowboy Ebike review is that both the Cowboy Ebike C4 ST Step Ahead and the Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine can charge your phone while you ride. 

I hid that fact because I wanted to reveal how instrumental phone connectivity is to the Cowboy Ebike experience by speaking about the brand’s app.

The Cowboy Ebike App serves as more than just a convenient GPS, though its mapping features are robust. It can provide you with your real-time location and provide live instructions to help you reach your destination.

It also performs basic housekeeping duties like telling you how much battery life your Cowboy Ebike has left, informing you about upcoming weather changes, and measuring your speed.

The best parts of the Cowboy Ebike App are its fitness software integration. This app can track the following metrics:

  1. Speed
  2. Heart rate
  3. Calories burnt
  4. Cycling power
  5. Time spent moving

And more! It can also show you trends in your riding habits, like how many days you’ve ridden your bike, how many calories you burn on average in a set amount of time, and how those numbers have changed over time.

That makes this app a fantastic method for tracking long-term fitness progress. The more progress you make the more rewards you’ll earn through the app. 

You can unlock achievements and earn badges that you can display on your Cowboy Ebike App social page. There, you can connect with other Cowboy Ebike users and compare scores through the leaderboards.

Finally, this app may save your bike from theft. You can lock the gears and wheels remotely so that nobody can ride away with your bike. 

Furthermore, the Cowboy Ebike App will send you a notification if somebody does manage to make off with your vehicle. You can then track where your bike is using the Find My Bike function.

The app is free to download but you’ll need to own a Cowboy Ebike in order to make the most out of it.

Who Is Cowboy Ebike For? 

Cowboy Ebike Review

Cowboy Ebikes are for people who want to reduce their reliance on cars by biking more. The company offers a healthy middle ground between conventional electric bicycles and standard manual bikes. 

That makes them a solid pick for people who either want to bike more (but lack experience) or those who just want to get to work a bit faster without breaking a sweat.

Cowboy Ebike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cowboy Ebike Review

I’m going to shine the spotlight on some revealing Cowboy Ebike reviews that customers have written across various websites.

The first place I pulled customer feedback from was Cowboy Ebike’s own website. They housed a telling collection of buyer reviews. 

The positive reviews spoke to how well the bikes handled. Customers felt relaxed on their ebikes and felt that they could maintain control of the vehicle even when it reached higher speeds.

Here’s one customer who described their riding experience in their 5/5-star review: “Great design, love the upright riding position and assistance from the motor. Low maintenance belt drive and wide tires for extra comfort on the road.

I also scrolled through Cowboy Ebike reviews on the Product Hunt website. There, the brand held an average score of 5/5 stars based on more than 11 pieces of customer feedback.

One buyer wrote a lengthy testimonial about their time with a Cowboy Ebike. I actually had to trim it down because they wrote so much about why they loved the vehicle: 

I did some shorter and longer rides with it and I can only conclude this is a great product. I’m a heart patient, so I have to keep my HR down or I’m a dead man. The Cowboy makes me forget all about that since 1) the assistance is there, but it’s not overwhelming 2) there’s no social stigma since you can’t really tell it’s an e-bike and it just looks cool.”

The same customer also added that the bike’s manufacturing was sublime. They said that every piece of the bike worked together like a dream. 

Another 5/5 stars review heralded the Cowboy Ebike C4 Dream Machine as living up to its namesake. 

The reviewer wrote, “I can testify that riding my Cowboy is definitely the best way I experienced to go to work over the last ten years. Thanks to its great e-acceleration, my Door-to-door average speed is above 22 km/h without too much effort. What differentiates a Cowboy bike versus other e-bikes is for sure its design, light weight and overall quality. The brakes are also particularly efficient.

Is Cowboy Ebike Worth It?

Cowboy Ebike Review

I ultimately believe that there are enough pros to justify looking into Cowboy Ebike but that I cannot recommend them as a must-buy. Yes, there are plenty of things to like about their products such as the following highlights:

  • Easy to use
  • Exciting technology
  • Fashionable design

Cowboy Ebike Promotions & Discounts 

Cowboy Ebike Review

The best promotion that Cowboy Ebike currently offer is their test ride service. You can meet up with a Cowboy Ebike representative in your area and take the bicycle for a spin to see if it’s right for you. 

The company employee can come to you, meaning that you can test the bike out on one of your regular biking paths.

Where to Buy Cowboy Ebike

Cowboy Ebike Review

The best place to buy Cowboy Ebikes is through the brand’s website,


Cowboy Ebike Review

Who owns Cowboy Ebike?

Adrien Roose is the current CEO of Cowboy Ebike.

Where is Cowboy Ebike made?

Cowboy Ebike makes all their bikes and parts in Belgium.

Does Cowboy Ebike ship internationally?

Cowboy Ebike ships internationally but they do not ship to every country. Currently, they only ship to European countries, but they’re trying to enter the United States market.

What is Cowboy Ebike’s Privacy Policy?

Cowboy Ebike can submit your information to scientific institutions that may be conducting research. The company will retain your personal information in their database for 10 years

What is Cowboy Ebike’s Shipping Policy?

All shipping costs will be calculated at product check out. They are affected by your location. All bikes are delivered ready to ride so you won’t have to assemble them. 

The company does not publish any information about shipping time estimates because their shipping partners should reach out to you. You can work out an ideal delivery time with the shipping company.

What is Cowboy Ebike’s Return Policy?

Cowboy Ebike offers a 30-day grace period wherein you can return your bike if you’re not totally satisfied with it.

How to Contact Cowboy Ebike

I’ll wrap up this Cowboy Ebike by listing all the ways that you can contact the brand if you have any more questions:

  • Use the chat function on their website
  • Fill out a customer service form on the website
  • Send them a message on their Facebook page

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