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Dad Grass Review

The 70s were fun, right? While things were definitely tumultuous at times, nothing beats the chill vibes born from the decade. So, let’s bring back the days of cool, comfy, casual clothing and a little MJ with Dad Grass, a brand committed to providing high quality, mellowing grass and merch inspired by the ultimate dad closet.

With a nostalgic and enticing collection, Dad Grass has garnered over 21k followers on Instagram. It has also been featured in numerous publications, such as Time Out, Vice, and The Strat, for, as Gear Patrol Studios puts it, “the stress-squashing, inflammation-reducing perks of smoking pot without feeling funny or fazed out.”

Ready to find out a little more about this up and coming CBD brand? Take things a mile higher with our Dad Grass review. We’ll cover everything there is to know about the brand, share some deets on the best selling products, check out customer reviews, and more, to find out if it’s the right CBD collection for you.

Overview of Dad Grass

Dad Grass Review

Headquartered in the City of Angels (i.e., LA, California), Dad Grass was founded in 2018 by Joshua Katz and Ben Starmer, who believed that simple and straightforward hemp joints should be more accessible.

The brand’s catch phrase describes the mission perfectly: “low dose, full toke, like your parents used to smoke” so you can feel sky high without actually being high with the collection of CBD products.

Today, the brand focuses on organic hemp flower, joints, and tinctures, as well as “special collections of merch and apparel that pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style.” That being said, Mom Grass is also available, but this Dad Grass review will talk about that a little later.

Now that we know a little more about the brand, our Dad Grass review will go over some initial highlights before delving into the best selling CBD. 


  • Variety of 100% Organic hemp flower, tinctures, and pre rolled joints, as well as cool and comfortable merch, apparel, and accessories inspired by “dad” vibes
  • Hand trimmed and thoroughly selected
  • Sustainably farmed in small batches
  • Sun grown, slow dried, and carefully cured
  • No herbicides, pesticides, solvents, or chemicals
  • Subscribe and save 15% discount
  • Free USPS First Class shipping on all orders over $65
  • Free USPS Priority shipping on all orders over $100
  • Sezzle financing available
  • Accessible through many local dispensaries and distributors 
  • Gift wrapping available

If you’ve got an interest in CBD and all the benefits, such as mellow vibes and a comfortable feeling, Dad Grass has everything you could ever ask for in the form of joints, flowers, and tinctures.

The collection also consists of merch and groovy paraphernalia such as hats, pins, apparel, pipes, and more, so you can enjoy your bud feeling cool and looking the part. The pieces are comfortable and casual with that classic dad vibe to match the overall aesthetic.

For our Dad Grass review, we’ll focus on the main event: the CBD products themselves. Let’s take a look at the details of the best sellers up next.

Dad Grass CBD Review

Dad Grass offers flowers, as well as joints and tinctures, high in CBD and CBG low in THC (less than .3%) sustainably farmed in small batches. It’s also sun grown, slow dried, and carefully cured to ensure the best final product. Ready to find out more? Check out some of the top sellers down below.

Dad Grass 5 Pack Parent Pack Review

Dad Grass 5 Pack Parent Pack Review
Dad Grass 5 Pack Parent Pack

Looking to enjoy a little CBG and CBD or share with a friend? Try the 5 Pack Parent Pack, which features the Dad Grass and the Mom Grass so you can get a feel for both blends. 

The Dad Grass has a chilled out head high with a carefree, mellow feeling, while the Mom Grass is more targeted to a calm and grounded body high with a creative and energized feel. Each pack comes with 5 .7g joints so you can get a feel for both options or enjoy them together.

The 5 Pack Parent Pack is ideal for testing the waters, enjoying both, sharing, and mixing and matching and is currently discounted from $70 to $66. Plus, you can subscribe and save for $59 per purchase.

Dad Grass CBD Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce Review

Dad Grass CBD Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce Review
Dad Grass CBD Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce

If you prefer flowers for packing bowls and joints yourself, the CBD Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce is right up your alley. This quarter ounce of hemp CBD flower comes packed in a classic protective tin with a groovy design and food safe coating and an airtight closure.

You’ll also find a 2-way humidity control pack that maintains the flower’s aromas, flavors, and effects using natural salts and purified water. There are also 33 1 ¼” unbleached organic hemp papers and filters for all your rolling needs.

The CBD Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce is available in a few different sizes to suit your preferences, and you can subscribe and save 15% with each:

  • Single: $48
  • Trio: $126
  • Carton: $432

Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture Review 

Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture Review
Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture

On the hunt for effective CBD that’s easy to dose? Look no further than the Classic Formula CBD Tincture. This heaven in a bottle packs a 1200mg CBD punch and is formulated from 100% organic hemp flower grown in the US. 

It has a smooth, grassy flavor, and a few drops a day are recommended to keep you feeling chill and relaxed. With 30 servings per bottle, one serving being equivalent to 1 ml, with 40mg of CBD per serving, here’s how to use it:

  • Take half to 1ml (full dropper) one to two times daily
  • Place under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds

The Classic Formula CBD Tincture retails for $65, but you can subscribe and save for only $55.

Dad Grass The Morning Ritual Bundle Review 

Dad Grass The Morning Ritual Bundle Review
Dad Grass The Morning Ritual Bundle

Ready to start the day off on the right foot? Try The Morning Ritual Bundle. This killer combo features 30 ml of the Classic Formula CBD Tincture and a 5-pack of the Mom Grass organic hemp joints.  

The two products offer either CBD or CBG, but they can be enjoyed separately or together as you wish. Combined, the effects are chill and comforting so you can take things on with a clear and mellow head at any time of day.

At a value of over $100, The Morning Ritual Bundle retails for a savings deal of $85 with delivery every 7, 14, or 28 days.

Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce Review

Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce Review
Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce

The Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce features the ultra powerful and rare CBG cannabinoid, which has a chill and relaxed vibe. It’s all about soothing energy and helping you feel relaxed without any overwhelming high feeling.

Like the Dad Grass version, this quarter ounce of flower comes in an airtight tin with the classic Mom Grass design as well as 33 rolling papers so you can roll the perfect amount of doobies. It also comes in three different size options, though you can subscribe and save 15% as well:

  • Single: $48
  • Trio: $126
  • Carton: $432

Mom Grass CBG Pre Rolled Joints 10 Pack Review

Mom Grass CBG Pre Rolled Joints 10 Pack Review
Mom Grass CBG Pre Rolled Joints 10 Pack

Looking for some classic joints with a soothing effect? Try the Mom Grass CBG Pre Rolled Joints 10 Pack. These .7G CBG joints come in a pack of 10 and are carefully sealed for long lasting freshness.

Whether you’re looking to try a pack out or are on the hunt for a restock, the Mom Grass CBG Pre Rolled Joints 10 Pack comes in a number of options, all of which you can opt to subscribe and save 15%:

  • Single: $70
  • Trio: $199
  • Carton: $630

Who Is Dad Grass For? 

Dad Grass Review

If you’re looking for a mellow buzz and legal bud, Dad Grass is the brand for you. The products come with CBD or CBG so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy whatever you’ve got planned for the day or evening. 

There are also a number of ways to enjoy the benefits, from joints to tinctures to flower, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, Dad Grass is mailed straight to your house, so there’s no hassle involved in getting it. 

Dad Grass Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dad Grass Review

Our Dad Grass review wouldn’t be complete without first taking a peek at what customers have to say. While the brand is still up and coming, we did find testimonials on the website, CBD Oracle, and GQ, to help paint an accurate picture of all the company has to offer. Let’s start by taking a look at how some of the best sellers are rated:

  • Hemp CBD Pre Rolled Joints 5 Pack: 5/5 stars out of 67 reviews
  • CBD Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce: 5/5 stars out of 37 reviews

A shopper explains that Dad Grass is always great to put a little pep in your step, writing, “Had a stressful day? Smoke a joint and just relax the stress away. Had a great day? Celebrate by smoking a joint and continue the greatness. No crazy hallucinating, just a very calming vibe that you will definitely enjoy.”

One patron loves the calm and happy feeling that Dad Grass gives them, writing: 

Some THC strains are just really too strong for me at times. Unfortunately, I cannot be a productive high, I wished and I envied people that are able to function and focus whenever they smoke THC. Dad Grass is just that! Something relaxing to smoke to while being able to feel calm afterward and still be able to focus and function for the day.

Another customer notices the quality that goes into the product, stating, “The buds are big, and so are my hopes for a chill evening with this excellent plant. At the same time, as some other reviews have alluded to, I enjoy that it doesn’t limit my capacity to be productive, motivated, and clear-headed. No sluggishness at all with the DG.”

On CBD Oracle, one reviewer writes that it has helped them develop a calmer mood and more patience, writing, “I love this product as part of a daily a.m. wellness regimen and have found it has positive effects on my moods, my post workout recovery times, and the grace with which I (try to) parent.”

A customer on GQ shares similar sentiments, commending the brand for its effective CBD: “unlike every CBD seltzer I’ve ever tried, Dad Grass actually feels like it does…something. It’s not exactly stoned, but it is a little mellow.”

Overall, shoppers are more than impressed with Dad Grass and all it has to offer. The clothes and merch are groovy and cool while the CBD collection actually has a positive effect on their overall mood, making it worth the try.

My Dad Grass Review

Hi, I’m Paige and I’m a product tester at Honest Brand Reviews.

Dad Grass Review 1
Paige, Product Tester

Ok, this is officially my new favorite way to take my CBD. Their pre-rolled CBD joints are the perfect way to control the amount you take, and after a few puffs, I felt an instant sense of calm.

Their merch is also dope– the bucket hat has a joint holder! I’ll keep these close by for post-work chill outs.

Dad Grass Review

Is Dad Grass Legit?

Dad Grass Review

When you’re shopping around for CBD products, it’s important to know that what you’re buying is legit. Fortunately, our Dad Grass review found that the company is strongly established with a broad customer base and plenty of glowing testimonials.

It has also made headlines in plenty of popular media outlets, such as The Mercury News, which notes how the products “received a highly recommended review from [their] experts, with fantastic test results on label claims, pesticide tests and moisture tests” and recommends Dad Grass and one of their “top picks for quality and reliability.”

Is Dad Grass Worth It?

Dad Grass Review

Nearing the end of our Dad Grass review, you may be wondering: is this brand really worth the buy? We’ve got one thing to say: it sure is. But if that’s not enough, let’s go over some highlights. 

First of all, the CBD flower is sustainably farmed in small batches to limit waste and ensure that every product is carefully selected and cared for. It’s also extra high in CBD and low in THC for that chilled out, never high feeling.

Plus, the CBD flower isn’t the only thing that’s organic–it’s also sun grown, slow dried, and carefully cured, making it completely natural. And after they’re picked, the buds are separated into two piles: large flower to be sold, and ones to be ground and rolled into joints, so you’re always getting the best of the best.

Dad Grass vs Mom Grass

Dad Grass Review

To put it simply, the difference between Dad Grass and Mom Grass (two products that Dad Grass carries) is that the former is CBD flower while the latter is CBG flower. 

Over the past couple years, the company has developed Mom Grass, which is higher in CBG and has a more delicate, light green appearance with less visible trichomes and a chamomile aroma. 

Mom Grass is also chock full of the terpene Bisabolol, which has a chamomile scent and anti-inflammatory, skin-smoothing benefits

This is also present in the Dad Grass, though Dad Grass also features the terpene Caryophyllene, which has a more herbal spicy scent and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, as well as the potential to ease the effects of anxiety and depression

According to the brand, Dad Grass CBD is the best choice for someone looking to chill out, while Mom Grass is ideal for a little mood heightening. The company also notes that the two products work even better together, or with a little THC, complementing one another and existing in perfect harmony. 

Dad Grass Promotions & Discounts 

Dad Grass Review

This Dad Grass review knows that savings are always the number one thing on everyone’s mind. Fortunately, this brand has a number of opportunities for you to save a little moolah on your new fav CBD products. Check out what we found down below:

  • Successfully “reefer” a friend and you’ll both receive $10 off
  • Receive free USPS First Class shipping on all orders over $65
  • Receive free USPS Priority shipping on all orders over $100

But, those aren’t the only Dad Grass discount codes we found. Shoppers can also save an extra 15% when they subscribe. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the product you’d like to order
  2. Opt for the ‘Subscribe and Save’ function before adding to cart
  3. Select how often you’d like to receive the product (every 7, 14, or 28 days)
  4. Add to cart and hit the checkout with an extra 15% off on every shipment!

Where to Buy Dad Grass

Dad Grass Review

Interested in adding a little Dad Grass CBD to your life? To shop the brand, visit or check out the store locator on the website so see if there are any dispensaries near you that carry the products! 


Dad Grass Review

Who owns Dad Grass?

This Dad Grass review discovered that the startup is currently owned by its co-founders, Joshua Katz and Ben Starmer.

Does Dad Grass ship internationally?

Currently, Dad Grass is not able to ship internationally. Fortunately, our Dad Grass review found that they do hope to ship their CBD products and merchandise worldwide sometime soon–so keep an eye on their socials for updates!

What is Dad Grass’ Shipping Policy?

Did something in our Dad Grass review catch your eye? Fortunately, the brand offers multiple tracked speedy shipping options, including UPS Ground, USPS First Class, USPS Priority, and USPS Next Day Air. Costs and shipping times are calculated at checkout based on location. 

What is Dad Grass’ Return Policy?

Not sure which CBD product is right for you? Thankfully, our Dad Grass review found that the brand offers returns on unopened products within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange. All refunds should be processed within 14 days.

Plus, if the return is due to an error, shoppers will receive a full refund as well as shipping costs and items can be exchanged for free if they are incorrect, defective, or damaged upon arrival. Orders can also be canceled within 12 hours from when they are placed.

How to Contact Dad Grass

We hope you enjoyed our Dad Grass review! If you have any other questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them by emailing [email protected], by calling (323) 208-9498‬, or by filling out the email form on the website.

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