Dango Wallet Review

About Dango

Dango Wallet Review

The only thing that’s nearly as important as how much money you have is where you choose to keep your money. Some people store their funds in banks while others keep them stashed away under their mattresses.

Dango creates ways for customers to secure their money, identity, and more. Their wallets are designed by some of the brightest minds in the United States. They ooze technical innovation and convenience. 

The brand’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as over 55k people follow them on Instagram. But what makes Dango tick? What are their products, their prices, and their deals really like? Those are the questions we’ll answer for you in this Dango Wallet review.

Overview of Dango 

Dango Wallet Review

More companies are using increased access to higher quality materials to push their products. Dango Products fit firmly within that realm, as they strive to create the most inventively designed products without jacking their prices up to the stratosphere.

They’ve been in operation since 2015 when their creators sought to find a way to maximize CNC, leatherwork, and hand-working synergy. They stress pristine manufacturing over everything else. 

That doesn’t mean that you’ll be buying an untested science fair project. Dango Products reiterate and theory craft their goods with an almost religious level of devotion. 

They want to redefine what everyday goods can do by improving their versatility, longevity, and aesthetics

The company carries out that entire process in the United States. All of their products are designed, blueprinted, molded, welded, and finished on American soil. That reduces the carbon footprint that comes from sourcing development in other countries.

Thus their vision is clear and their practices are solid, but what about the rest of the brand? What about their products, their deals, and their prices? Read through the next section of our Dango Wallet review to get a better idea of some of this company’s brightest features.


  • Intelligently designed catalog of everyday products
  • Many of their goods are made in the USA
  • Free shipping on US orders over $49
  • Financing payment plans available through Afterpay
  • Most items are covered by the brand’s limited lifetime warranty
Dango Wallet Review

We won’t cover everything that Dango produces in this review. In fact, we’ll only be covering the items that fit into their wallets collection. They do, however, manufacture plenty of other items like notepads, apparel, pens, watches, and money clips.

Dango Tactical Wallet Bundle Review

The first item to receive this Dango Wallet review’s spotlight seems to be making the most out of their opportunity by packing as much value into one offering as possible.

It can have you strapped up with everything you need like a billionaire sugar daddy spoiling his date to the company dinner party.

The Dango Tactical Wallet Bundle includes these fetching items:

  1. The Dango T01 Tactical Wallet
  2. The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool 
  3. A tether
  4. An extra wallet band

Each item has its own exciting capabilities, though we don’t think we need to explain why a tether or an extra wallet band are mind-blowing. Instead, let’s talk about the Dango T01 Tactical Wallet.

This wallet can hold up to a dozen cards and is made from real leather in the United States. It can protect your vital information from passing-by hackers thanks to its CNC’d aluminum material makeup. 

All of that comes in a thin package that won’t break your back. The Dango T01 Tactical Wallet only measures a third of an inch thick when it holds half a dozen cards.

For as impressive as the wallet is, the Dango MT02 Multi-Tool might take the cake in terms of functionality. It can perform 14 different functions through its multiple instruments. The multi-tool includes a smartphone stand, a ruler, a nail plyer, a serrated knife, and more. 

Plus, it fits snuggly into the wallet so that you can keep it on you at all times.

The entire Dango Tactical Wallet Bundle costs $99.

Dango EDC Tray Review

People assume that organization is a trait that we are born with, but the Dango EDC Tray spits in the face of that poppycock! It proves that anyone can learn how to organize their lives.

This tray is an essential item for anyone who’s frequently on the go and slightly absent-minded. It could be the perfect carrying case for your most precious and important goods. 

It has four slots that can hold everything from your wallet to your keys to a spare change of clothes.

You might think that the Dango EDC Tray would be slippery because of its smooth aluminum surface. Thankfully, Dango gave it an anti-slip rubber-coated bottom. This bottom sticks to whatever surface it resides over. 

The tray also has stands for your tablets and phones, making it a great business case if you need to attend virtual meetings on the go. Show off your organization skills to your coworkers with the Dango EDC Tray for $129.

Dango Belt Buckle Review

Try all you want, but unless you staple your belt to your stomach then you’re going to need a belt buckle to keep your pants above your hips. The Dango Belt Buckle makes it so that you won’t need to break out the staple gun.

It has a simple design that complements its visual appeal and its functionality. It can pair well with any belt or suit because it doesn’t clamor for attention. Additionally, it’s simple to swap it between belts.

The Dango Belt Buckle can tie your outfit together for $49.

Dango Wallets Review

We’ll dedicate this section of our Dango Wallet review to the brand’s titular items. These are the wallets that made Dango a respected name in the fine goods market. 

Dango A10 Wallet Review

This wallet is quite the outside-of-the-box variation on the idea of a wallet. It’s modular and looks unlike anything else on the market. 

The Dango A10 Wallet looks more like the shell of a wallet, but that’s its appeal. It does everything a typical wallet can do without the extra material. 

It’s made out of rigid aluminum that only weighs 2.3 pounds. This aluminum can protect your information from thieves thanks to its RFID-blocking technology.

It can hold as many as five cards at once. Plus, it has a slot designated for identification cards so that you shouldn’t need to fiddle around when you need to show your ID to the club bouncer.

The Dango A10 Wallet can be yours for $79

Dango M007 Maverick Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet Review

This wallet brings forth the essence of the suave superspy 007 James Bond and repurposes it into the form of a card-carrying device. 

We’re not trying to be pedantic. It’s actually a compliment given how elegant the Dango M007 Maverick Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet is.

It has a royal appearance befitting the Queen herself. The gold finish and nickel backplate are dazzling on their own, but their value skyrockets as they’re made out of 6061 aerospace aluminum. This lightweight material is RFID-secured so your information will stay safe.

Furthermore, the Dango M007 Maverick Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet can hold up to 10 cards at once. It comes with an MT04 Multi-Tool, an instrument with over 10 features that even Q would have to admit is handy in a pinch. This tool discretely slides into the wallet.

Make sure the next time you pay for your martini – shaken, not stirred – that you pulled your money out of the Dango M007 Maverick Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet for $147.

Dango D007 Pen Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet Review

The final item we’ll cover in this Dango Wallet review is yet another limited edition wallet. It also conjures James Bond’s spirit but takes it in a different direction. The Dango D007 Pen Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet is more suited for businessmen on the go.

This genuine top-grain leather is exceptionally equitable. It can hold up to 16 cards, has a bottle opener built into its frame, and can block RFID. Oh, did we mention that it can hold a pen too, meaning that you can sign every check that flies your way?

The wallet is made that much more bespoke by its golden aluminum chassis and stainless steel bolts. It thus has an eye-catching gold and silver color scheme, meaning that this wallet is like walking around with a first place and second place medal.

Normally the Dango D007 Pen Wallet – Limited Edition Wallet costs $147, but it’s currently available for the lower price of $117.

Who Is Dango Wallet For? 

Dango Wallet Review

Dango Wallets are for people who want their wallets to do more with less. They’re for people who want to feel protected both from pickpockets and hackers. The company’s items are created with care and patience and are best suited for people who will appreciate that effort.

Dango Wallet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dango Wallet Review

It’s necessary to consider the Dango Wallet reviews that customers have written because they can provide more insight into what it’s like to actually hold one of the brand’s products in your hands.

First, we looked at what buyers said on the company’s website. Overall, fans were happy with their purchases. Many wallet enthusiasts found themselves collecting more Dango Wallets than they imagined because they loved the construction and functionality.

Here’s one 5/5 stars review that a fan wrote about the Dango Wallet A10 Adapt Wallet:

If you want something super solid and easy to use, then look no further than this! I LOVE the Dango rail systems and how well “locked-in” the cards are, yet they’re still very easy to access, and I’m so happy this has it on both sides! This replaced my M1 Rail wallet as my favorite Dango wallet, and on top of everything else, it’s really small.

Ease of access was a frequently mentioned positive about many Dango Wallet products. Buyers felt that the wallets were refreshing to use because they were so simply designed. There were no frivolous bells and whistles that made the wallets hard to manage. 

The next place we pulled fan reception from was the brand’s Facebook page. 178 customer-generated Dango Wallet reviews resulted in the company holding an average score of 4.3/5 stars

We found that Facebook fans were overjoyed with the build quality of their purchases. This telling review explains one user’s feelings about his Dango Wallet:

Wallet is aesthetically fantastic, easy to use and seems very durable while still lightweight…Rail system works smooth as advertised. Having the option to carry it as either the single metal chassis or with the bifold attachment is excellent… Overall, it is a fantastic wallet, made with a great material and many diverse options…I would definitely recommend it.

The final website we consulted for customer Dango Wallet reviews was the hotspot for modern internet shopping, Amazon. Again, people beamed about how much they liked their purchases for their reliable manufacturing. Dango Wallets earned consistent praise for being long-lasting investments.

This 5/5 stars review of the Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet demonstrates how much the buyer loved their wallet: 

What a great wallet! It is definitely a change from more traditional ‘billfolds’; however, once you adapt you will find it much less hassle and far less stressful to manage. The wallet just disappears into my back pocket… I comfortably hold about 5-6 cards in the RFID side and driver’s license, health card and fishing license in leather side with the tool in.” 

The few notable complaints were about Dango Wallet’s prices. They weren’t outright criticisms but more tales of customer caution. Many buyers said that if people have the money then they should consider buying a Dango Wallet.

To end on a positive note, check out some of the products we covered in this article and their respective scores:

  • Dango EDC Tray: 5/5 stars based on 1 rating
  • Dango Belt Buckle: 5/5 stars based on 2 ratings
  • Dango A10 Wallet: 5/5 stars based on 10 ratings
  • Dango D007 Pen Wallet: 5/5 stars based on 183 ratings

Is Dango Wallet Legit?

Dango Wallet Review

Seeing as how we weren’t able to find an overwhelming amount of negative Dango Wallet reviews or horror stories about poor customer service, it’s safe to assume that this brand is reputable

Is Dango Wallet Worth It?

Dango Wallet Review

We’re going to side with what customers have said here. Dango Wallet seems like a worthwhile purchase if you have the money to afford their products. 

We’re not saying that their goods will plunge you into bankruptcy, just that they’re not the cheapest wallets on the market. Thankfully, their higher prices come with higher quality wallets

If you are tight on cash then the next section of our Dango Wallet review will tell you how you can save a little bit of change. 

Dango Wallet Promotions & Discounts 

Dango Wallet Review

Some people use tarot cards to communicate with the universe while others adhere to the law of attraction to manifest their dreams into reality. 

Our Dango Wallet review writers have done the leg work for you in finding some promotions so that you won’t have to book an appointment with your local psychic. 

You won’t even need a Dango Wallet coupon to save on some of their products as the company is currently running their Spring Cleaning sale. You can save up to 50% on some of the brand’s best items. 

Where to Buy Dango Wallet

Dango Wallet Review

Here are some of the places where you can buy Dango Wallet products:

  • Through the company’s website,
  • Online retailers like Amazon
  • Outdoor apparel stores like Thunder Bird Gear


Dango Wallet Review

Who owns Dango Wallet?

Charlie Carroll is the current president and CEO of Dango Wallet.

Does Dango Wallet ship internationally?

Although they don’t publish much information about their international shipping policies, we assume that Dango Wallet can send their products overseas based on the wording in their policies section. 

What is Dango Wallet’s Shipping Policy?

The only information we could find regarding Dango Wallet’s shipping policy is that all US orders over $49 receive free shipping. Besides that, we couldn’t find anything about their time estimates or associated charges.

What is Dango Wallet’s Return Policy?

Dango Wallet gives customers a 30-day window after purchase to return any products. They’ll refund the full price of the item, but not any associated shipping charges, within 7 business days.

How to Contact Dango Wallet

We’ll put an end to our Dango Wallet review by listing all the ways that you can contact them if you have any questions we haven’t already answered:

  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Fill out a customer support form on their website
  • Send them snail mail at PO BOX 5053, Santa Clara, CA 95056

Dango Wallet’s business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST on weekdays. They should reply to your queries within 1 business day.

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