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About EarthHero

EarthHero Review

EarthHero is an online marketplace with a mission to save the world. Offering everyday essentials from Earth-friendly brands, the company bridges the gap between a sustainable zero waste future and modern convenience.

Over the past few years, the brand has been featured in blogs, podcasts, and magazines. Some of those features include Conscious Company Magazine, Sierra Club, Martha Stewart, and WellWallet. The EarthHero Instagram account has 35k followers, while its Facebook page has 23k.

In this EarthHero review, we’ll dive deep into the brand and its best-selling products. We’ll fill you in on customer reviews, discounts, FAQ’s and more, to help to decide if their eco-friendly offerings are worth the buy.

Overview of EarthHero

EarthHero Review

EarthHero was founded in 2016 after self-proclaimed “nature junky” Ryan Lewis left his 9-5 job to pursue something more organic. With an extensive background in e-commerce, Lewis created an online platform that made shipping for sustainable items simple, By doing so, he connected consumers with hard-to-find eco brands.

EarthHero is a Certified B Corp, meaning that they care about making a positive impact on the world as much as they care about making money. The online marketplace screens the brands they carry, making it easier for eco-conscious customers to make an informed purchase.

The brands that EarthHero carries all help the earth in some way, whether they are compostable, made with recycled materials, or shipped in a way that offsets carbon emissions. Ultimately, customers can shop online with a clean conscience.

According to their website, EarthHero is “on a mission to make it normal to consume in a way that’s easier on the environment, while meeting the convenience we’ve come to expect.” With its headquarters based in Boulder, Colorado, EarthHero connects customers to vendors that ship directly from their warehouses across the nation.

EarthHero Review

With all of this information, we hope you’ve come to understand the brand a little better. This EarthHero review will now showcase a summary of the brand that you should know.


  • Wide selection of eco-friendly essentials
  • Makes shopping from hard-to-find brands easier
  • One-stop-shop: Ability to bundle products from different brands together
  • Each product page is very detailed and includes packaging info
  • 1% For the Planet member
  • Certified B Corp
  • Carbon-Free Partner
  • Great customer service: Complaints on review sites are followed up by a customer rep apology and an offer to make it right
  • Customers love EarthHero’s vast product selection
  • Get 10% off when you sign up to their mailing list
  • 20% off Mother’s Day sale with promo code: ‘HEYMA’
  • Free US returns
EarthHero Review

If you’re reading this EarthHero review, chances are you’ve dreamed of a day where plastic is rarely used. After all, we don’t need to use it as much as we do—there is an alternate solution in most cases. EarthHero is proving that with their reusable, sustainable, Earth-friendly marketplace.

You can expect to find an array of everyday items on the company’s website, ranging from single-use plastic alternatives to completely natural items that replace synthetic ones. In the next section of this EarthHero review, we’ll give you some more details on its best-selling items.

EarthHero Zero Waste Products Review

Zero waste products are all about proving to the world that life needn’t be so trashy. Next, this EarthHero review will feature best-selling EarthHero ecofriendly products, from helpful kitchen gadgets, to completely natural laundry detergent, and recycled kid’s toys that will make your life a little greener and cleaner.

EarthHero Potato Peeler Review

It seems so simple, yet we can’t remember the last time we saw a wooden potato peeler. This simple plastic-free switch makes a huge environmental impact and looks attractive in an artisan kitchen filled with other wooden items and metal accents.

This Potato Peeler has a sustainably harvested beechwood handle and a stainless steel blade that resists rust. Each blade is crafted in Solingen, a region in Germany known for its blade work.

Feel good about the food you eat and the tools you use to prepare them with the Potato Peeler for $8.

EarthHero Loofah Sponge Review

Sure, plastic is convenient. It’s easy to use and requires no thought to get rid of. Just toss it in the trash and your brain no longer has to think about it.

Of course, by now, most of us know what actually happens to our trash. Though, we don’t always realize how much of an impact that one little plastic sponge can make.

The Loofah Sponge brings us back to basics with its compostable, multi-use nature. This sponge can be used for cleaning or for personal care use, but it’s best not to mix the two.

Measuring 4 inches, the Loofah Sponge is made in the USA from a loofah plant. Cut out plastic with this helpful, natural sponge for $4.

EarthHero Kind Organic Cotton Plant-Dyed Oven Mitt Review

Kitchens require a ton of tools if you want to cook anything other than microwave-ready meals. The amount of tools really stacks up. This fact means that when they get old, or you find it’s time to replace them, you have a ton of waste on your hands.

The Organic Cotton Plant-Dyed Oven Mitt is biodegradable, so when it’s time to replace it, simply toss it in your compost. Choose from one of the brand’s three earth-reflective colors: Turmeric, Indigo, or Pomegranate. Made from organic terry cotton, these plant-based dyed EarthHero oven mitts are $8.

EarthHero 4 Piece Cork Coaster Set Review

We’ve all done it before. Ruined someone’s antique dining room table with those infuriating watermarks from a cold beverage. We don’t mean to do it, but it happens, especially when there isn’t a coaster in sight. If they want us to use them, why aren’t they out and ready?

Personal rant aside, the 4 Piece Cork Coaster Set will keep your aunt’s precious table watermark free, and you guilt-free. Made from cork, a natural and renewable material, you don’t have to worry about creating extra waste when it’s time to retire your EarthHero coaster. Get them for $4.

EarthHero Swedish Dishcloth – 2pk Review

We love finding products that truly make no waste. The Swedish Dishcloth – 2pk contains two compostable cellulose and cotton dishcloths. They have a cute, almost paper towel-like pattern that mocks the single-use product (in the nicest way, of course).

The pattern is printed with toxic-free vegetable dye. They’re able to soak up big spills fast, with more ease than a single sheet of paper towel can. Plus, they were designed to dry quickly. Clean up spills—and your conscience—with the Swedish Dishcloth – 2pk for $5.

EarthHero FinalStraw Collapsible Travel Straw 2.0 Review

As soon as we saw this straw the first thing that came to mind was the word brilliant. Not to flatter this straw too much, but it’s crazy how we haven’t come across another one like it.

It’s true that all reusable straws don’t need to be collapsible, we can tuck them neatly into their little pouch and throw them in our purses, but what about those who don’t carry a purse? A normal straw doesn’t exactly fit in a pocket.

The EarthHero Final Straw Collapsible Travel straw 2.0 is made from stainless steel with a food-grade silicone case. It also comes with its own cleaning brush with a telescoping feature that makes getting the gunk out of your straw easy.

Clip the straw onto your belt, backpack, or wherever you’ve got a loop, with this straw’s keychain clip. The straw itself measures 9” and has an estimated lifespan of 12,000 cycles. BPA and latex-free, the EarthHero FinalStraw Collapsible Travel straw 2.0 is $25.

EarthHero Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent Review

Imagine… a biodegradable, earth-safe cleaner made from natural materials. How great would that be? Funny enough, soap nuts are called soap nuts for a reason. They are nature’s natural cleaner.

Toss 4 or 5 into your washing machine in a cloth bag (provided) with your clothes and enjoy naturally clean laundry. The Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent is simply dried Himalayan berries that contain saponin, which is a cleaner and fabric softener. One box cleans 100 loads.

Imagine that. Honestly, it’s crazy the way we’ve complicated things. Make your cleaning dreams come true with compostable organic EarthHero Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent for $12 (from $15). For more earth-loving and skin-friendly products, check out the EarthHero Elate Cosmetics line.

EarthHero Maintain HiBAR Shampoo Bar Review

Cut down on plastic inside your home. Every bit helps. Although shampoo bottles aren’t necessarily single-use, who needs them? The Maintain HiBAR Shampoo Bar contains all you need to cleanse your hair, and is free of everything you don’t, like phthalates, surfaces, parabens, and palm oil.

The packaging is compostable and so is the bar if you find you don’t use the whole thing up. Safe for color-treated hair, the Maintain HiBAR Shampoo Bar is made from a blend of healing oils, like coconut and olive, as well as helpful vitamins.

Set your sustainability bar high with the Maintain HiBAR Shampoo Bar for $13. For other natural body care items check out the EarthHero Fat and the Moon section.

EarthHero Kid’s Toy Tea Set Review

Due to the generally safe nature of plastic (in terms of cleanliness and weight), it’s the main material kids’ toys are made out of. But plastic isn’t actually that safe, containing BPA, PVC, and phthalates—all toxic substances that can harm your child in ways other than spreading germs.

The Kid’s Toy Tea Set is made from recycled milk jugs and “saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 weeks.” This 17-piece EarthHero tea set includes everything your kid needs to let their imagination run wild at tea time.

Made in the USA, the Kid’s Toy Tea Set is $30. For other eco-friendly toys, check out the EarthHero Apple Park collection.

EarthHero Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

EarthHero Review

This EarthHero review hit up the internet to find out what customers are saying about the brand. Ahead, you’ll find customer reviews sourced from the company’s website, Trustpilot, and Reddit that give details about the quality, customer service, and product selection EarthHero offers.

We compiled ratings for some of EarthHero’s top-selling products so that you could get a better understanding of what customers think. Spoiler alert: most bestsellers have earned more than 4.5/5 stars.

  • FinalStraw Collapsible Travel Straw 2.0: awarded 4.96/5 stars by 30 customers
  • Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent: awarded 4.72/5 stars by 89 customers
  • Dotted EarthHero Stone Paper Notebook: awarded 4.56/5 stars by 7 customers
  • Silicone Stasher Bags Assorted 4pk: awarded 4.86/5 stars by 23 customers
  • Reusable Beeswax Wraps Assorted Sizes (3 pk): awarded 4.84/5 star by 41 customers 

The EarthHero Beeswax Wraps are loved by customers for their convenience and ease of use. Many wish they had bought them sooner, expressing how easy it is to keep vegetables fresh and cover bowls with them.

One reviewer argues that this product is much better than its single-use alternative: “this is a good starter pack because it has one of each general size you might need to use. I’ve only used them twice so far but they are so easy. Way better than plastic wrap has ever worked for me.”

Most buyers agree that these wraps are easily moldable and cling to whatever surface they are pressed around and are a great eco-alternative to cling wrap!

There aren’t many complaints about these wraps, but one buyer did have an issue with the way they let liquids through, writing, “My only complaint is that they drain really easily, but I suppose that’s to be expected since they’re fabric.”

These wraps technically shouldn’t drain easily because they are coated with wax, but it is possible depending on how saturated they get.

EarthHero Review

Normally, we would give you an example of an EarthHero review from an independent blog, but we couldn’t find one that raised any issues. (Wow!) We’re here to present an accurate depiction of the brand and want to make sure you’re aware of any issues that could arise before you make a purchase. This is why we turned to Trustpilot, where EarthHero scores 4.1/5 stars from 15 ratings.

A breakdown of EarthHero’s ratings on Trustpilot are:

  • Excellent 87%
  • Great 0%
  • Average 0% 
  • Poor 0%
  • Bad 13%

Within the Excellent reviews, customers mention the brand’s “prompt and friendly” customer service and that is an “easy website to navigate.” Many also mention enjoying the brand’s mission and being happy to support a company like this.

An EarthHero review on Reddit says the company is “kind of like amazon but it’s for environmentally friendly products.” The brand brings together a range of products and makes it easy to order from multiple brands at the same time. Customers write of liking the products they sell and the “great experiences” they have had when ordering.

One Reddit user notes that no company is perfect, EarthHero included. One of the products this reviewer bought, though great, has a handle that was made in China. The user says that’s not bad, but it’s “far away,” which doesn’t exactly align with the support local, reduce CO2 emissions message that the brand seems to support.

From what we have learned from customer reviews across websites, we believe the products that EarthHero carries to be good quality.

Is EarthHero Worth It?

EarthHero Review

EarthHero products are rated highly by customers who enjoy the company’s mission and the way they give back to the planet. We’d have to agree with one Reddit EarthHero review that said the brand is like the Amazon of all things sustainable.

Except, they also include the packaging your product will be shipped in and what to do after you’ve finished with it, ie. compost, recycle.

We think this company is pretty cool and appreciate its mission, too. They have quite a broad range of products, from zero waste to tech to pets, and their prices are great.

EarthHero also has seasonal sales and has free shipping and returns. As for reasons not to buy from this company, we couldn’t think of any, and therefore believe they are most certainly worth the buy.

EarthHero Promotions & Discounts 

EarthHero Review

This EarthHero review discovered the following promotions and discounts:

  • Get 10% off when you sign up to their mailing list
  • 20% off Mother’s Day sale with promo code: ‘HEYMA’
  • Free US shipping for orders over $50
  • Free US returns

Where to Buy EarthHero

EarthHero Review

EarthHero is an online marketplace for a bunch of different vendors. You most likely can find the same products directly from a specific vendor’s website, but is helpful for bundling items from different brands, including EarthHero Geoganics. Plus they have great promotions.


EarthHero Review

Where is EarthHero located?

EarthHero’s headquarters are located in Boulder, Colorado. They are an online marketplace, so they don’t have an actual store. Items that you buy from EarthHero are shipped from the vendor’s warehouse locations.

Does EarthHero ship to Canada?

EarthHero can ship some of the brands to Canada. If you’d like to get more information to find out exactly what can ship there, simply shoot them an email.

What is EarthHero’s Shipping Policy?

The products you buy on EarthHero are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Shipping times vary and can be found on the product page. Processing times also vary based on what you’re ordering. Some items can be shipped right away while others are custom made and may take a little more time.

When your order ships, EarthHero will send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number that you can use to follow your package’s progress.

EarthHero ships to all 50 states and ships select items to Canada. They are working on offering international shipping in the future. US orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

What is EarthHero’s Return Policy?

EarthHero offers a blanket return policy that is the same for every product sold on their site. You can return your unused, in brand-new condition items in their original packaging within 30 days of the date you bought them. To make a return, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Shipping & Returns page and scroll down to Request a Return
  2. You’ll see a form there
  3. Enter your name, email & order number
  4. Let them know the item you will be returning & the reason for your return
  5. Certify that the item is in new, unused condition
  6. Click Submit Request

EarthHero will send you a prepaid return label for free. Items that cannot be returned will have a note on their product page.

How to Contact EarthHero

We hope you found all of the information you came for in this EarthHero review, but if you have a specific question for the brand you can reach out to them through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-888-852-8935
  • Mail: EarthHero, LLC., 6420 Gunpark Dr. Ste. A, Boulder, CO 80301

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