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Effy Desk Review

Hands up if you spend way too much time hunched over in an uncomfortable chair at your work desk. Whether you work from home or the office, feeling comfortable, supported, and pain-free while you tackle projects is important.

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to back pain, as it can cause poor posture and put strain on the muscles and joints in the back. S

Chances are, you’re familiar with the concept of standing desks and ergonomic chairs. A review[1] verified if standing desks can reduce the chances of acquiring lower back pain problems, but the results were inconclusive.

But Effy Desk isn’t just another one of those brands trying to get in on the trend. Their products are designed to be better than other options, equipped with innovative features like a gyroscope sensor for balance, wide feet to reduce wiggle, and programmable settings for quick swaps.

They’re also taller than other desks up there (extending up to 50”), so even those who boast the over 6’ status on their Tinder profile can work comfortably. And speaking of boasting, Effy Desk has a social community of 13k followers and has been mentioned in Toronto Life and the Daily Hive.

But are they right for you or your team? With my Effy Desk review, I aim to help you figure that out. I’ll take you through brand basics, best-sellers, feedback, and more to give you the full scoop.

Overview of Effy Desk

Effy Desk Review

Pop onto Effy Desk’s website and you’ll feel like you’ve hit the productivity lottery. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, this brand was founded for that very reason, its standing desks, chairs, and accessories are designed to help you boost your performance at work.

By bettering your posture and keeping your body active, Effy Desk is all about helping you lead a healthier life. So who’s behind it? Dickson Lam launched the brand just a few short years ago in 2018.

Standing desks have recently become a staple in many forward-thinking offices around the globe. Studies[2] suggest that by allowing movement and increasing blood flow, they help to increase productivity, creativity, and energy.

More specifically Effy Desk’s line of ergonomic chairs, standing, desks, and anti-fatigue mats have “helped 500+ offices across Canada implement proper ergonomics.”

Now that you know a little more about the brand, let’s check out some highlights before jumping into their innovative designs.


Effy Desk Review
  • Range of standing desks, ergonomic chairs, & accessories
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Reinforced steel frames
  • Lifts up to 410 lbs
  • Easy assembly
  • Offers seasonal discounts
  • 5 & 10-year warranties
  • Option to extend the warranty
  • Free US & Canada shipping
  • 30-day free trial

You’ve heard a lot about the brand so far, now is the time in my Effy Desk review for the lowdown on their products. Before we start, you should know that all of their desks come with a 10-year warranty while their chairs come with 5-year protection. 

Effy Desk also offers desk accessories like monitor mounts, mats, and walking pads to help boost productivity and reduce fatigue. For this review, I’ll stick to their desks and ergonomic chairs. Let’s check them out.

Effy Standing Desk Review

Effy Desk makes four different types of standing desks, all equipped with the same smooth, durable features but made in different sizes and materials. Offering a desk for homes and offices, along with an eco-friendly option, you’ll have the choice to buy the entire desk or just the frame or tabletop.

All Effy Desk frames are made from reinforced steel and are fitted with wide feet for stability. They also come with something called a Gyroscope Sensor which notifies you if your desk is off-balance or if the raising mechanism is obstructed. I’ll take you through each of Effy’s desks next.

Effy Desk Home Office Standing Desk Review 

When you have a home office, the design is totally up to you. That’s one of the perks. Another is working uninterrupted and getting a pile done each day. That is unless you have a cat who likes to nonchalantly walk on top of your keyboard every hour.

The Home Office Standing Desk is one of the design liberties you can take when creating your dream space. It’s completely adjustable with four programmable height settings so you can reach your ideal height by pressing a button.

Pick from a black or white frame and a range of natural-like finishes. The Home Office Standing Desk is available in small, medium, and large sizes for $619-$835.

Effy Desk Business Office Standing Desk Review 

The Business Office Standing Desk is Effy Desk’s most popular pick. It comes in three sizes, each one accommodating up to 310 lbs and programmed with four height settings ranging from 24” to 50”. 

Opt for a black or white frame and choose from your preferred table top. I’m a big fan of the Oak White color. Set on two stable, wide feet, I’ve heard that Effy Desk is more balanced than other names out there, and the sizable table tops and design of the feet are to thank.

All sizes, measurements, and prices are listed below:

  • Small (47”×29”) $723
  • Medium (59”×29”) $844
  • Large (70”x29”) $926

Effy Desk Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk Review 

I don’t know about you but I like to spread out. I often have books and papers in arm’s reach (not to mention snacks and plants), so if I’m going to have a desk, it needs to be a good-sized one.

The Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk was meant for business office use, but I can visualize it tucked into the corner of my home office beautifully. If you do buy it for your workplace, your employees will love its large 71”x71” size that supports up to 410 lbs. It even has a cable management tray to help you keep your new big workspace organized.

Programmed with four different height settings, it raises from 24” to 50” with the press of a button. Add it to your space in one of three frame colors and three tabletop colors for $1,233.

Effy Desk Eco-Friendly Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk Review

Ok, if you’re a sushi fan and an eco-warrior, I think you’ll really love the Eco-Friendly Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk. Made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks, it’s part of the brand’s Closed Loop Collection, and honestly, I think it’s such a genius idea. 

And even though it’s helping to save the earth, TerraDesk is super durable and is made complete with a gorgeous butcher block-style top for major modern design vibes.

Measuring 55”x29”, it can support up to 310lbs and raises from 24” to 50”. With a white or black frame, get yours for $1,514 to totally reinvent your workspace.

Effy Desk Chairs Review

Effy Desk makes a lot more than just desks, as they have a great selection of ergonomic chairs and stools as well. A range that offers back and neck support for a more comfortable workday, I’ll give you the details on a couple of the brand’s best-sellers up next.

Effy Desk YinChair Office Chair Review

Adjustable for your height, the YinChair Office Chair was designed to cradle and support your body naturally. With an ergonomic design, it offers lumbar support, and since it’s made of mesh is temperature neutral for a more comfortable sitting experience. 

I think it’s pretty cool that the YinChair adapts to your body’s movements. When you move, the chair moves as well to ensure your spine is always in alignment. It’s designed to support the full weight of your back, so it’s a great pick for those who struggle with back pain.

Along with a comfy 3.5” seat cushion, this chair is here for support. Get it with a 5-year warranty for $169.

Effy Desk KarmaChair Office Chair Review

KarmaChair is an excellent name for this seat. It’s all about organic balance, the perfect mix of give and take. When you rest your full weight, it supports it. When you need less, it pulls back. Made from a breathable mesh, it adapts to your movements and ensures your spine, head, hips, and feet are always in alignment.

When you feel like laying back, the headrest is there for you and is totally adjustable for your height. The chair also comes equipped with a rocking tilt and a reclining lock so you can lock in your favorite position. Pick up the KarmaChair Office Chair with a 5-year warranty for $286.

Who Is Effy Desk For?

Effy Desk Review

Effy Desk offers a range of standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and anti-fatigue mats for those who work from home, game from home, or work in an office. No matter what kind of job you have, if you do computer or desk work for long periods, Effy Desk is a great way to stay healthier and be more productive.

Effy Desk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Effy Desk Review

Feedback is the cornerstone of any Effy Desk review considering that you can’t truly know a product until you try it. To help paint an accurate picture of what these desks are like, I’ve rounded up a bunch of comments and ratings from across the web, starting with the official website: 

  • Home Office Desk: 4.6/5 stars, 344 reviews
  • Business Desk: 4.6/5 stars, 393 reviews
  • Executive Desk: 4.7/5 stars, 116 reviews
  • TerraDesk: 4.9/5 stars, 46 reviews
  • KarmaChair: 4.7/5 stars, 55 reviews
  • YinChair: 4.7/5 stars, 32 reviews

Since the Business Desk is the brand’s most popular product, I decided to take a peek into its comments to see what customers like so much about it. Here’s one Effy Desk review that sums the general opinion up nicely:

“I ordered a business desk and the desk was shipped and arrived quickly. The assembly was relatively easy but needed some effort (the desk is somewhat heavy but I think that’s unavoidable for standing desks). This is a very well-made desk and the operation is very smooth. I’m happy with the new desk.”

One of the things Effy Desk boasts is easy assembly, but I appreciate understanding just how easy it really is. I found an Effy Desk on Reddit that sheds light on the process. It reads:

“Overall, the quality is great and it only consists of 10 actual parts and a bunch nicely organized and labeled hardware…The whole desk took me about half an hour to assemble, it feels very sturdy (the frame alone weighs almost 80 lbs) and overall it is very nice, relatively quiet and it moves quickly.”

I thought that another piece of information from this Effy Desk review was super helpful in understanding it as well: “The motors are very smooth and quick and relatively quiet and so far the electronics/controller seem to work great.”

We have a pretty good idea of what Effy Desk products are like, but let’s take a look at one more source for good measure. This time, I checked out a review site called which averaged 4.7/5 stars over 1.5k reviews.

If you can’t tell by the ratings, people really like this brand. Here’s one Effy Desk review that sheds light on why:

“Just love my new TerraDesk from Effy Desk. It was packaged well so no damage during shipment. It was easy to assemble. I ran into some technical problems with the control board/panel but Effy Desk customer service was super helpful and within one week, they had sent me a replacement part.”

Not every Effy Desk review I read was positive, but it seems like the brand does an excellent job at sending replacement parts when needed. I also learned that they are quick to respond to emails. Overall, customers say that their desks are well-made, have minimal wobble, and take about 30 minutes to assemble.

Is Effy Desk Legit?

Effy Desk Review

The aim of my Effy Desk review is to give you the full scoop on the brand and that means keeping an eye open for red flags. While reading through a pile of comments and lengthy reviews, I found mention that when the company first started, there were some allegations of the brand posting fake reviews. 

In one of the longer Effy Desk reviews I read, the author said they spoke with the owner, who admitted that they did but stopped as soon as the news broke out. Really, honesty is the best remedy for any situation like this, but to check in about more recent complaints, I turned to the Better Business Bureau.

Thankfully, Effy Desk’s profile on the BBB has an A+ score and absolutely no complaints. That’s great news to me considering they offer a 30-day free trial, it shows that they do a great job at honoring it and handling customer complaints quickly.

Is Effy Desk Worth It?

Effy Desk Review

As someone who likes to stay active and works from home, I see great value in shopping with Effy Desk. I’m always moving around and trying to reposition in my chair, and of course, like so many others that work at a desk, I have back pain.

Effy Desk was created to address all of those issues. Standing desks are a great way to be more active, giving you the option to sit and stand without having to hunch over a short desk.

They’re well made, easy to assemble, and ship for free. On top of that, you can try yours out on a 30-day free trial, and if any issues pop up over the first 10 years of use, it’s protected by a warranty.

Effy Desk Promotions & Discounts 

Effy Desk Review

Compared to other brands of standing desks, Effy Desk is surprisingly affordable. Even so, while writing my Effy Desk review, I came across a few other ways they help you save:

  • Use code EFFY10 to get 10% off your entire order
  • Enter your email when prompted to get a 10% coupon

No matter what time of year it is, you can take advantage of Effy Desk’s Free 30-Day Trial and enjoy free shipping on all orders. Score.

Where to Buy Effy Desk

Effy Desk Review

There’s only one place to buy Effy Desk, and that’s If you live in the US, be sure to swap to the correct version of the website for the most accurate pricing.


Effy Desk Review

Who owns Effy Desk?

Dickson Lam founded and owns Effy Desk. He created the company to help people who work at a desk stay healthy and motivated.

Does Effy Desk ship internationally?

Effy Desk ships within Canada and the US. The coolest part? Its shipping is free to both locations.

What is Effy Desk’s Shipping Policy?

Effy Desk is located in Vancouver, BC, and ships using CANPAR for speedy delivery. If you live in Vancouver, your order will be delivered by a local courier. Shipping is always free, so instead of showing you their estimated prices, I’ll fill you in on how long it will take to arrive at your location:

  • BC: 1-4 business days
  • Alberta: 3-4 business days
  • Ontario: 5-7 business days
  • Quebec: 6-8 business days
  • Eastern Canada: 5-10 business days
  • Saskatchewan and Manitoba: 4-5 business days

If you live in the Yukon Territories and Prairies, Effy Desk may still be able to ship to your location, but your order will need approval before shipping out. These delivery times are just estimates and may vary.

What is Effy Desk’s Return Policy?

It’s easy to get behind any brand with a free trial, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Effy Desk. The brand lets you try out any of their desks at home for 30 days, and if you’re not pumped about your experience, you can send yours back. Just send them an email and they will walk you through the process.

If you decide to send your desk back rather than ask for replacement parts (if needed), Effy Desk will process your refund within 3 days after receiving it at their warehouse in BC. 

How to Contact Effy Desk

You’ve reached the end of my Effy Desk review. What now? If you still have questions, give the brand a call at 604-715-7577, email [email protected], or hop onto their live chat online.

Customer service hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

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