Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

About Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

We have security measures in place to take care of our loved ones if something happens to us, policies that can help us cover the hefty expenses associated with automobile accidents, and protections for the data on our phones and laptops. Everything has a proverbial helmet these days, so it only makes sense to strap one onto our furry friends.

Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the most revered pet insurance companies in America. Thousands of Americans trust them to protect their pets, as the company offers flexible plans for cats and dogs.

They have a hair more than 9k Instagram followers, a network of registered vets than you can visit, and were rated the #1 pet insurance company of 2022 by Forbes.

So if you’re looking for coverage for your pet, then this might be the company for you. In my Embrace Pet Insurance review, I will look at the company’s plans, prices, what they do and don’t cover, and what customers say about them.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview of Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Seemingly from its inception, Embrace Pet Insurance was making strides. The Ohio-based insurance company won the Wharton Business Plan Competition in 2003, originally developed as a concept.

They stand alone in the pet insurance market for a few reasons. However, one of their main appeals is that they’re the only brand in the market that offers a deductible for pets who go without needing medical assistance. So its customers are rewarded for keeping their pets healthy (as if grinning faces and belly rubs weren’t rewarding enough).

Embrace Pet Insurance has also donated a substantial amount of money towards animal shelters in the Cleveland area and national charities like the Humane Society. 

While all those accolades are worthwhile, they’re only a portion of what makes this company great. The upcoming portion of my Embrace Pet Insurance review will take a look at a few more of their most noteworthy features.


Embrace Pet Insurance Review 
  • Pet insurance for cats and dogs 
  • Forbes’ #1 Best Pet Insurance Company in America
  • Distinguish between incurable and curable pre-existing conditions
  • Users can modify their plans to their preferred coverage levels
  • Healthy Pet Deductible
  • Free quotes available on their website

The two plans I’ll go over in my Embrace Pet Insurance review are their two major types of coverage: one for cats and one for dogs. Let’s start with man’s best friend.

Embrace Pet Insurance Plans Review

Embrace Pet Insurance Dog Review

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Sometimes, man’s best friend needs man’s best care, and Embrace Pet Insurance for Dogs is the most reliable way to ensure that your pup gets the medical attention it needs.

These plans can cover dogs of all ages and breeds, though those two factors will affect how much your insurance costs. The other factor is your location, as your proximity to other vets will change how much your plan costs.

Embrace Pet Insurance reports that their average dog plans cost anywhere from $30 to $40 per month.

Embrace Pet Insurance Cat Review

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

The other plan in my Embrace Pet Insurance review is similar to the dog plan except that it only covers cats. This may seem like a small distinction but cats are entirely different animals requiring different types of care. As such, their plans are less expensive than dog plans on average.

Customers can personalize their Embrace Pet Insurance for Cats to their needs. While the age, breed, and gender of your cat, along with your location will affect the ultimate final monthly fee, there are other ways to customize your plan.

Given that, the average customer pays around $15 to $20 per month for their cat’s insurance.

What Embrace Pet Insurance Covers

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Here’s what most Embrace Pet Insurance plans cover:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Consultation fees
  • Exam fees
  • Dental fees up to $1,000
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization 
  • Prescription medications
  • Emergency care
  • Diagnostic testing

Embrace Pet Insurance Coverage Options

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Embrace Pet Insurance gives customers a high ceiling and low floor with how much coverage they want. You can choose your annual deductible, how much reimbursement you want per visit, and an annual maximum for how much Embrace Pet Insurance can give you each year.

The balance with these is that Embrace Pet Insurance will give you back more if you invest more. For example, a customer with a higher annual deductible, a higher annual maximum, and a higher reimbursement percentage will pay less to the vet than someone with a low deductible, low maximum, and lower reimbursement percentage.

Embrace Pet Insurance Restrictions and Waiting Periods

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Sadly, this section of my Embrace Pet Insurance review needs to deliver you a dose of reality. The company doesn’t cover everything, namely incurable pre-existing conditions like allergies, hyperthyroidism, bladder blockages, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

They will cover curable pre-existing conditions like infection, diarrhea, and vomiting if your pet goes more than a year without symptoms and treatment.

These are all the waiting periods for Embrace Pet Insurance:

  • Two weeks for sickness
  • Two days for accidents 
  • Half a year for orthopedic conditions 

Embrace Pet Insurance Consumer Experience

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

You’ll read more about the consumer experience later in my Embrace Pet Insurance review, but the process to receive reimbursement is easy. All you do is choose a vet that’s liable for coverage, submit your claim after your appointment, then receive your reimbursement.

Embrace Pet Insurance takes around 10 to 15 business days to reimburse policyholders.

Who Is Embrace Pet Insurance For? 

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Cat and dog owners within the United States are best suited for the services this company offers. If you are looking for a flexible plan that will go a long way in covering a variety of ailments your furry friend might encounter, you should definitely consider them.

Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

It’s important to look at Embrace Pet Insurance reviews that customers wrote because, while the company may promise the world, it’s the brand’s customers that can reveal if they deliver on those promises.

Here are a couple of Embrace Pet Insurance review scores that I found on various websites:

  • Pet Insurance Review: 9.3/10 from over 10.2k reviews
  • Trustpilot: 4.1/5 stars from over 1k reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: 3.7/5 stars after 197 reviews
  • Better Business Bureau: 3.54/5 stars after 203 reviews

As you can see from those numbers, customers were pretty satisfied with Embrace Pet Insurance. Most of them were thankful for the brand’s comprehensive coverage and speedy recompensation.

One delighted shopper wrote this enthusiastic review: “Upon comparing Embrace with other pet insurance companies the customer service and policies simply outrank them all. Then when my 12-week-old puppy ate something he shouldn’t have which resulted in an emergency visit 3 days after his insurance commenced Embrace was so helpful throughout it all.”

Others praised Embrace Pet Insurance for its transparency.  While other insurance companies hide behind contracts and jargon to ensnare people into paying hidden fees, Embrace Pet Insurance was upfront about what they would and wouldn’t cover. 

One buyer wrote: “I cannot thank Embrace enough! Embrace took care of my claims in a timely manner, and they did everything they said they would.”

The last Embrace Pet Insurance review I wanted to include highlighted the necessity of purchasing pet insurance. This customer tried their hardest to help their cat overcome cancer with treatments, and while their efforts ultimately weren’t fruitful, they were grateful that their payments were covered.

“Embrace paid her bills per our policy almost daily as I submitted the bills making it possible for us to continue to try to save our cat. If I could say one word about Embrace it would be COMPASSIONATE! They were there with us every day financially and supporting us as we did all we could to save Pepper.”

Insurance is an unfortunate necessity, and while it might not be the most pleasant thing to think about, you will be thankful you have it when you need it. You can also take comfort in knowing that during these tough times, the customer service at Embrace was compassionate and will be with you.

Is Embrace Pet Insurance Legit?

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

I couldn’t find too many hostile Embrace Pet Insurance reviews, leading me to believe that this company is trustworthy. In addition, the Better Bussiness Bureau gave the brand an A+, so you know you and your pet will be in good hands.

Is Embrace Pet Insurance Worth It?

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

I think that this company is worth it if you have a pet who stays decently healthy year-round. Since Embrace Pet Insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, it’s not worth it if you have a chronically ill pet. However, if your pet is prone to accidents that require one-and-done vet visits, then this is probably the best company you can find.

Embrace Pet Insurance Promotions & Discounts 

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

There are three main discounts Embrace Pet Insurance offers:

  1. 5% discount for all members of the military or veterans.
  2. 10% discount for all policyholders with multiple pets.
  3. A $50 deductible for every year that you don’t get a claim reimbursement.

Where to Buy Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

You can sign up for their plans on their website,


Embrace Pet Insurance Review 

Who owns Embrace Pet Insurance?

They are owned by NSM Insurance Group.

What is Embrace Pet Insurance’s Privacy Policy?

They will not disclose any of your personal information to any third parties. You can read their entire policy here.

What is Embrace Pet Insurance’s Refund Policy?

You’ll receive a full refund if you cancel your plan within 30 days of starting it and you have not submitted any claims. Be sure to contact the company as soon as possible once you decide you want to cancel your plan. You can use one of the methods below.

How to Contact Embrace Pet Insurance

If you have any questions after reading my Embrace Pet Insurance review, you can either email them at [email protected] or call them at (800) 511-9172.

Their customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.

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