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Eterneva Review

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you’re sure to have heard the empty platitudes from well-meaning people who want to be comforting but just sort of miss the mark. Grieving makes it feel impossible that you’ll feel good again, and what most of us really need is something more tangible and real than a pat on the back.

Eterneva offers one possible way to commemorate your deceased family member and make something beautiful out of their passing…literally. Using their special technology, this company converts the carbon of their ashes into a precious diamond, which you can wear to remember them by and pass down to the next generation. 

In this Eterneva review, I will cover the brand’s best-selling packages and go over purchasing information and customer reviews to help you decide if this service is right for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Overview of Eterneva

Eterneva Review

Eterneva began back in 2016 under American entrepreneurs Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar. They later appeared on the investment TV show “Shark Tank,” where Archer and Ozar received $600,000 in funding from investor Mark Cuban to continue building their business. 

On their official website, Archer and Ozar share the origins of Eterneva, which began with the passing of Archer’s friend and mentor, Tracey. She wanted to commemorate her life in an original and meaningful way. A simple urn and a eulogy just weren’t going to cut it.

As the guardian of Tracey’s ashes, Archer chose to have them made into a beautiful black diamond “to capture her sparkling spirit, and ensure that her legacy lives on.” She and her partner Ozar then created Eterneva to offer that same service to others in mourning.

Oh, and did I forget to mention this service works for pets as well as people? I love that Eterneva recognizes our fur babies as the family members they are and offers a way for them to be commemorated for all their years of being a good boy.

I’ll begin this Eterneva review by going over the highlights of buying from this unique company.


  • Offers people an alternative way to commemorate their loved one
  • Eterneva diamonds can be passed down through the family
  • Wide range of diamond cut, color, and size options
  • You can use their service to memorialize pets or people
  • Financing plans available

Eterneva Review

In this Eterneva review, I will shop through two of Eterneva’s best-selling packages: their Welcome Kit and Eterneva Diamonds.

Eterneva Welcome Kit Review

You can order the Eterneva Welcome Kit to begin the process of using Eterneva’s service. The Welcome Kit includes the following products:

  1. An instruction booklet/orientation guide
  2. A video introduction to the process and all the lovely people on staff
  3. A small container for the remains
  4. Cubic zirconias (aka fake diamonds) cut to all their available options, so you can easily decide on the carat size.

Once you have the Welcome Kit, you will have everything you need to package your loved one’s ashes or hair and send them to the company for processing, including postage.

You can order the Eterneva Welcome Kit through the company’s website for $100. If you decide to move forward with the process and order a diamond, that $100 will go towards the final price.

Eterneva Diamonds Review

Eterneva offers a wide range of diamond options for your commemorative piece. You can book a consultation through their website by filling out a quick questionnaire about yourself and your loved one. The process of creating a diamond is a commitment, to be sure, and the company wants to make sure that they’re the right choice for you.

Once you’re ready and have received your Welcome kit, Eterneva will need about two tablespoons to half a cup of your loved one’s ashes. You’ll also be notified when the remains arrive safely at their facility. From there, it will take about 7-months to make your Eterneva Diamond.

If you’re curious about the journey your loved one goes through to become a diamond, the company gives a comprehensive tour through their process right here:

Eterneva offers 10 different diamond sizes, ranging from 0.1 carats to 3 carats, which also help determine the price. You can also pick the shape of your diamond as well. Eterneva offers a cushion-cut, Asscher cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, or round cut diamonds.

You can get your classic white diamond or choose between blue, green, black, red, and yellow. Keep in mind, though, that black, red, and green diamonds have to go through an additional coloration process, so they’ll cost ever so slightly more.

Eterneva Diamonds start at $2,999 for a 0.1-0.19 carat diamond and range to up to $50,000 for a 3-carat diamond.

Who Is Eterneva For? 

Eterneva Review

Eterneva is for people who have lost a loved one and want to commemorate their lives in the form of a piece of jewelry. Not everyone who becomes a guardian of another’s ashes may wish to keep them in an urn or spread them in a special location. And these days, many more people are choosing unconventional legacies for their own death.

Traditional burials or urns just aren’t for everyone. There are concerns about the land size of graveyards or what happens to bodies when cemeteries fill up or are struck by harsh natural elements like floods. And for some, keeping a large urn in their home is downright unnerving.

Because Eterneva transforms your family member’s remains into diamonds, you can always keep them close in your memory by wearing them as a ring or necklace. They’re also much more portable than urns, so bringing them with you on a plane to a special location or letting others pay their respects becomes much easier.

This company will especially appeal to people who may not have an heirloom or keepsake from their deceased family member to give to their children or grandchildren. An Eterneva diamond is an alternative way to pass down something from your loved one and remember their life and legacy

How Are Memorial Diamonds Made? 

Eterneva Review

Eterneva’s memorial diamonds are made in their laboratories, one in Texas and the other in Germany. Because remains such as ashes, especially bone, contain carbon, they can be processed into a carbon graphite powder, which is like the soil the diamond “grows” from.

Eterneva’s machines mimic the world’s natural diamond environments by applying heat and pressure to these materials until they turn into diamonds. Once the diamond comes out from Eterneva’s lab, it is ready to go through Eterneva’s purification process. Cutting-edge experts ensure that your diamond is free of any impurities, so it’s perfectly sparkly.

In fact, they’re so dedicated to their work that if the first diamond has any “visual inclusions,” as they put it, or if it doesn’t grow to the carat size you paid for, they’ll happily grow an additional diamond for free! According to their FAQ, a half-cup of ashes can make 4-5 diamonds, depending on the person, so there’s no need to provide another sample.

And, like any professional diamond company, Eterneva has all their diamonds certified and graded by the International Gemological Institute to show their authenticity.

Finally, their master diamond cutters will shape the raw diamond into its final, perfect shape. As an optional service, you can also speak to Eterneva’s jewelry experts on setting the gem into a piece of jewelry.

Once everything is finished, your loved one’s beautiful new form is carefully packaged and sent out for you to cherish for years to come. Any ashes that didn’t get used will also be returned.

Eterneva Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Eterneva Review

Eterneva’s website is filled with glowing testimonials and texts from happy customers. People appreciate the opportunity to remember their loved ones in a positive way on a daily basis. One woman shared in her Eterneva review, “I got the ring. It’s beyond beautiful…You did Ed good.”

In her review, a grieving mother shared, I get to be close to my baby girl every day because of this amazing gift. It has made the passing of Lucy more bearable.”

One daughter agreed that Eterneva diamonds were a positive way to commemorate her dad. She shared in her Eterneva review, “I would highly recommend doing this it is such a beautiful reminder of someone you love and you will always have a piece of them.”

Other customers shared that they felt cared for by Eterneva’s sensitive and consistent customer service. One customer wrote in their Eterneva review, “Thank you for your kindness and heart during this journey.”

Another buyer echoed this experience, sharing in their Eterneva review, “Thank you for your amazing service and making this more personal than just buying something. Knowing you are here to help and be personal really makes a huge difference.”

Many of Eterneva’s customers shared that they were pleased with their product’s final look. One woman reported in her Eterneva review, “They are beautiful! Stunning! So hard to believe this whole process and the end result.” 

This company has a 4.2/5 star rating on Trustpilot. Customers appreciated the kindness and sensitivity that goes into the product and the process that goes into it.

Eterneva Review

One woman shared the story of her late husband said, “When you lose someone remarkable from your life, you will forever want to remember and cherish them in a special way. Eterneva helped me to create the trigger that elicits the incredible and amazing memories of the times and love that I shared with my husband.”

Her touching words continue with: “I had the diamond set in a ring that includes diamonds from our wedding rings… Every morning when I put it on, I start my day with those beautiful memories of our journey through life and love. This ring will be passed on to family for generations to come and trigger amazing memories for them as well.”

One woman who used her pet’s remains to make an Eterneva Memorial Diamond wrote in her Eterneva review, “Losing someone you love is always the hardest part of life’s journey, but Eterneva gives you an opportunity to take that loss and turn it into something beautiful.”

Another customer who commemorated her cat with an Eterneva diamond shared on TrustPilot, “This whole process was just as special to me as Cali. She is now a gorgeous .5 carat midnight-blue diamond.”

Eterneva Review

Eterneva doesn’t have any complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, which is always a good sign. They’re also accredited with the BBB and hold an A+ ranking.

Overall, Eterneva’s customers have reported that they received sensitive and personal customer service from the company’s staff and were happy with the clear and consistent process of creating and receiving their Eterneva purchase.

For many customers, the look and feel of their Eterneva diamond was what they were hoping for, and it allowed them to remember and share their loved one’s life and story in a positive, everyday way.

Is Eterneva Worth It?

Eterneva Review

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and everyone has their preferences for how they would like to remember their loved family member or pet.

If you are interested in commemorating the life of your deceased loved one in the form of wearable jewelry, then this brand may be the right choice for you. So for the purpose of this Eterneva review, I’d say the brand is definitely worth looking into.

This company has solid customer reviews and is known for its caring service. They also offer a great deal of choice in their products, so you can choose the right color, shape, and size of diamond that you feel will best capture the memory of your loved one.

The team also seems to be comprised of true experts in the gem-making industry, some with over 45 years of experience. Their diamonds go through a rigorous process to ensure the quality you pay for while never forgetting the sentimental value of the final product.

Eterneva Promotions & Discounts 

Eterneva Review

The company is not offering any promotions at the time of this Eterneva review. However, they do offer payment plans via Affirm, where you pay in monthly installments. For a $2,999 diamond, for example, you can pay over the course of 6, 12, or 18 months.

Personally, I recommend between the first two options, which carry the higher monthly payments (between $250 and $500) but don’t have any interest fees.

Where to Buy Eterneva

Eterneva Review

Did something in this Eterneva review catch your eye? You can buy all products exclusively through their official website,


Eterneva Review

Who owns Eterneva?

Founders Garrett Ozar and Adelle Archer own Eterneva and have been an intricate part of the company since it began in 2016.

Are Eterneva diamonds real?

According to the Eterneva website, although these diamonds are made synthetically in a lab environment, they are “real” in the sense that they are also carbon which has been heated into a diamond, just like one that would be mined traditionally.

So, it’s the same stuff you dig out of the ground, just storebought.

Does Eterneva ship internationally?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any info on shipping on their website. I’d recommend setting up a consultation in order to ask.

What is Eterneva’s Shipping Policy?

Once you buy your Eterneva Welcome Kit, you will receive the container, packaging, and postage you will need to send your loved one’s remains to the company. They will notify you when they receive the package, which should only take 1-2 days. 

Once your Eterneva diamond is complete, a courier will safely deliver it to your door when you are home.

What is Eterneva’s Return Policy?

It does not seem that Eterneva accepts returns (it would be a little surprising if they did).

How to Contact Eterneva

If you’re curious about the brand and have questions I wasn’t able to answer in this Eterneva review, you can contact them using one of the following options:

You can also sign up for their newsletter.

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