Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

About Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Some people’s love language is words of affirmation. Other people might cherish a bit of sparkle. Luckily, Fred Meyer Jewelersfine jewelry has beautiful pieces that can help let your favorite person know you love them. 

The jewelry company has a long-standing history. They sell everything from bridal jewelry to watches from brands like Seiko and Pulsar. They’ve also garnered about 170k likes on their company Facebook page. 

Looking to dazzle your partner with some jewelry? This Fred Meyer Jewelers review can help you out. Keep reading to learn about the company, it’s best-sellers, policies, and more, so you can decide if they’re worth buying.

Overview of Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers launched in 1973, with Fred G. Meyer taking the lead. The company started with a catalog showroom business, but this trend quickly died down. Still, Fred Meyers was experiencing some growth, so they decided to open up individual fine jewelry stores in malls on the west coast. 

The Portland-based company was joined by Littman Jewelers in the 90s, a renowned jeweler on the east coast since the late 1800s. The company was also acquired by The Kroger Company in 1999, which is America’s largest grocer and “second largest retailer of any type.” 

With more than 120 stores along with online collections, Fred Meyer Jewelers is committed to “responsible mined and produced jewelry.” With certifications from the Responsible Jewelry Council, they’re able to address issues like employee rights, environmental responsibilities, mining practices, and transparency across their supply chain. 

Meyer himself was known for being frugal, but he used to donate to several charities. So, the legacy continues with Fred Meyer Jewelers’ contributions to different organizations.

This includes Jewelers for Children, CASA, (Court Appointed Special Advocates), The Humane Society of the US, and Breast Cancer research. They’re also involved with organizations like Make-A-Wish and St. Jude’s Children Hospital.  

Now that we’ve learned about the brand’s history, this Fred Meyer Jewelers review will discuss some highlights.


Fred Meyer Jewelers Review
  • An older company with a solid reputation
  • Committed to ethical practices and supply chain transparency
  • Wide selection of classic and beautiful pieces available
  • The company offers lifetime coverage for their jewelry
  • Free shipping is available
  • Generous return policy

Whether you’re popping the question or looking for an anniversary gift, the right piece of jewelry is something that will be treasured forever. Fred Meyer Jewelers offers rings, necklaces, and earrings that you and your loved ones will marvel at. 

Join us as this Fred Meyer Jewelers review dives into the brand’s best-sellers. Get ready to surprise and mesmerize with these gleaming pieces.  

Fred Meyer Jewelers Rings Review

Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend. The Fred Meyer Jewelers rings will never leave your side once you get a glimpse at their pretty stones and designs. 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring Review
Fred Meyer Jewelers Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring

The Fred Meyer Jewelers Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring features a pop of color surrounded by diamond accents. The amethyst stone is set in 10 karat white gold and is the perfect birthstone gift for February babies. 

This may look like a statement ring, but it’s simple enough to be worn every day. Don’t worry though, you’ll still draw some eyes and compliments while wearing the cushion cut ring. It can even make for a stunning engagement ring. 

The elegant Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring retails at $487 on Fred Meyer Jeweler’s website. 

Fred Meyer Jewelers EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring Review
Fred Meyer Jewelers EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring

For an ornate and almost vintage-style ring, Fred Meyer Jewelers’ EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring features an oval-shaped, rhodolite gemstone surrounded by bright white and chocolate-colored diamonds. It’s also set in 14 karat rose gold which makes for a luxurious and classic ring. 

This Fred Meyer Jewelers review can’t help but admire the antique look of this ring. It’s almost giving off a Gatsby-Esque glamor with its details and deep red stone. This ring is something to treasure and can even be passed along as an heirloom down the line. 

The EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring costs about $1.27k. Don’t panic, though! Our featured brand offers financing plans if you don’t want to splurge just yet. 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Necklaces Review

Wearing beautiful jewelry can elevate any outfit. So, let’s look at the best-selling Fred Meyer Jeweler’s necklaces to take your accessory game to a whole new level. 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Created Ruby Heartbeat 18″ Necklace Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers Created Ruby Heartbeat 18" Necklace Review
Fred Meyer Jewelers Created Ruby Heartbeat 18″ Necklace

What’s a better way to tell your partner you love them than with the Fred Meyer Jewelers Created Ruby Heartbeat 18” Necklace. This necklace has a layered style to it, making it trendy and beautiful. 

This piece features a heart-shaped ruby gemstone on one sterling silver chain and a heartbeat rhythm on the longer one. As we said, the design is modern with a traditional touch and a whole lot of sparkle. 

Make your partner’s heart skip a beat with the Created Ruby Heartbeat 18” Necklace for $187

Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Onyx Medallion Pendant Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Onyx Medallion Pendant Review
Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Onyx Medallion Pendant

The next piece of jewelry is another heirloom contender. The Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Onyx Medallion Pendant is elegant and classic. It features a round, 3mm black onyx gemstone with 10 karat gold flower decals and a beautiful sterling silver design. 

This pendant is a statement piece of jewelry that’ll be a hit at formal events. But, it’s versatile enough to be worn every day. There’s no shame in wearing dazzling pieces all the time. So, if you got it, flaunt it. 

The Black Onyx Medallion Pendant will run you about $319 at checkout.  

Fred Meyer Jewelers Earrings Review

Last up in this Fred Meyer Jewelers review are the brand’s popular earrings. Their collection of diamond and stone studs are simple and tasteful, giving your ears some classic dazzle. 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Morganite Stud Earrings Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers Morganite Stud Earrings Review
Fred Meyer Jewelers Morganite Stud Earrings

The Fred Meyer Jewelers Morganite Stud Earrings are classic and sure to please any gift receiver. The 5mm morganite stones are set in 14 karat rose gold, giving them just the right amount of brightness and shine. They can be part of your jewelry essentials and your everyday accessory roundup. 

These tiny studs can even be added to another set. So, for example, if you’re looking for a second pair for another piercing, these are great additions to similarly colored hoops or studs. Plus, they could even be the first pair for a small fashionista in your life. 

These Fred Meyer Jewelers earrings retail for $356

Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Diamond Stud Earrings Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Diamond Stud Earrings Review
Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Diamond Stud Earrings

Last but not least are the Fred Meyer Jewelers Black Diamond Stud Earrings. These petite diamond earrings are princess-shaped, featuring black diamonds set in 10 karat white gold. They’re understated yet stylish and modern, making them another perfect gift in Fred Meyer’s collection.

The black diamonds may not have a lot of shine, but they’ll still draw some eyes. They’re unique and will go with nearly everything in your wardrobe. As we know, black is a versatile shade, so you won’t have any trouble pairing these studs with an outfit. 

There’s not much else to say about these stunning earrings other than that they’ll be standout pieces in your jewelry box. You can get your own pair for $371

Who Is Fred Meyer Jewelers For? 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Fred Meyer Jewelers is for anyone looking to add a little glimmer and shine to their accessory collection. They offer a selection of jewelry pieces for men, women, and children so everyone in the family can show off some gorgeous bling. 

Like other jewelry companies, Fred Meyer Jewelers is pretty expensive and might be just as accessible for some people. Luckily, the company does offer financing options if needed. 

Comparison: Fred Meyer Jewelers vs Peoples 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Evidently, there are many jewelry companies out there. So, how does our featured brand stand out? This Fred Meyer Jewelers review looked at Peoples so you can make an informed decision. 

First, we’ll go over their similarities: 

  • Both have a good reputation for jewelry
  • Offer products for men, women, and children
  • Carry classic and modern styles
  • Similar price range and return policies
  • Have made commitments to responsible sourcing 

It seems like the two jewelry companies are pretty similar. But, we did find a couple differences as we did more research: 

  • Peoples was founded in 1919 as a Canadian family business 
  • Peoples collaborates with many big brands like Vera Wang and Disney
  • Peoples only ships within Canada while Fred Meyer only ships in the US

So, if you’re Canadian and looking for some shiny diamond pieces, Peoples can be your go-to. But, if you’re living in America, Fred Meyer Jewelers also offers gorgeous jewelry that anyone would be lucky to have. So, which one will you choose?

Fred Meyer Jewelers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

What would a Fred Meyer Jewelers review be if we didn’t look at customer feedback? There are a small number of reviews on the Fred Meyer Jewelers website, so we went searching. We found general experiences on Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. 

We also found some criticisms about the brand, but we’ll discuss that later. Here are the average ratings for the products in this review from their main site:

  • Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring: 5/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring: 5/5 stars from 3 reviews
  • Created Ruby Heartbeat 18” Necklace: 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Black Onyx Medallion Pendant: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Morganite Stud Earrings: 5/5 stars from1 review
  • Black Diamond Stud Earrings: 5/5 stars from 1 review

Even in this small pool of reviews, customers love Fred Meyer jewelry. The Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring is the most reviewed out of the six. 

A customer writes, “My boyfriend surprised me with this ring for our one-year anniversary, and I absolutely love it! I always receive compliments on it, and I wear it every day. I can’t go anywhere without wearing it! DEFINITELY recommend it!” 

Another happy reviewer says, “My boyfriend picked this out and surprised me with it on Christmas morning when he proposed. I absolutely love this ring and get so many compliments on it.”  

The gorgeous EFFY Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring also gets some love. One customer writes, “I am so happy I bought this ring. It’s so beautiful, and I am going to get the earrings, too! I love how sparkly it is, and I get compliments a lot.” 

And, of course, the Black Onyx Medallion Pendant is praised for its beauty and elegance. A reviewer writes, “I absolutely love this gift! The black onyx with silver and gold accents is incredibly elegant. It is such a beautiful and versatile piece, and I can wear it every day. Such a pleasant gift to receive on Valentine’s Day.” 

Some third-party reviews on Consumer Affairs sing the brand’s praises, too. One customer writes, “They’re friendly and affordable. They always help me when I come in without being pushy. I also love their warranty. Everything in their stores is always clean and bright. I would highly recommend them. I love Fred Meyer.” 

This Fred Meyer Jeweler review also found some criticisms, though. Here’s how the company rates on the sites we mentioned earlier: 

  • Consumer Affairs: 3.8/5 stars from 100 ratings
  • BBB: A+ accreditation, 1.1/5 stars from 10 reviews

These complaints cite quality and warranty issues. Some customers talk about their lifetime warranty and the delays they experienced waiting for repairs.

However, many of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau receive responses and solutions. Plus, with BBB’s A+ rating of the company, it seems like Fred Meyer Jewelers works hard to ensure every customer is satisfied

Is Fred Meyer Jewelers Worth It?

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

It can be challenging to find good-quality jewelry without any outrageous markups. But. Fred Meyer Jewelers offers affordable pieces that can last for generations to come. 

Based on this Fred Meyer Jewelers review, we think the brand is worth browsing during your hunt for potential gifts or engagement rings. Their website is accessible and easy to navigate, so you could even get inspiration from their wide selection of jewelry. 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Promotions & Discounts 

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

At the time of writing, you can use the code SALE to get 10% off your Fred Meyer Jewelers order on top of a 25% off sale. 

If this offer is over, this Fred Meyer Jewelers review suggests signing up for the company’s emails to stay updated on the latest offers. By doing so, you can get 15% off your first order!

Where to Buy Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Looking to pop the question? You can buy a shiny ring from You can also find a store near you using their Store Locator feature.


Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Who owns Fred Meyer Jewelers?

The Kroger Company currently owns Fred Meyer Jewelers. They have many stores across the US. 

Does Fred Meyer Jewelers offer warranty?

Fred Meyer offers a lifetime jewelry care plan. It covers services for wear and tear and maintenance. It’s important to note that coverage is limited to the price of the jewelry. Additionally, any piece that can’t be replaced or repaired will be subject to a gift card or cash compensation.  

What is Fred Meyer Jewelers’ Shipping Policy?

Fred Meyer Jewelers offers free 2-day US shipping for all orders fulfilled by FedEx. Unfortunately, they don’t offer international shipping. Your item may also require a signature upon delivery. Here are the different shipping options and their price variations: 

  • FedEx 2-Day: Free
  • FedEx Overnight: $13 
  • FedEx Saturday Delivery: $20

Saturday Delivery is not included in the 2-day or Overnight shipping options. You must select it during checkout before confirming your order. All orders are processed between Monday and Friday.

Any orders made by 8AM PST are processed on the same day. Any orders made after that time and on Fridays will begin on the following business day. 

What is Fred Meyer Jewelers’ Return Policy?

Fred Meyer Jewelers has a 60-day return policy for jewelry and a 30-day policy for watches. Your item(s) must have the packing slip and certificate included to be accepted for return. Note that shipping charges are non-refundable. 

You can initiate a return request for an online purchase by filling out Fred Meyer Jewelers’ Return Request Form. You’ll need your order reference number, last name, the last 4 digits of your credit card, and your ZIP code. 

Then, check each item you want to return. The company will process your request and send you an email with further instructions. Additionally, exchanges can be made in-store up to 90 days after purchase. Any custom or engraved items are not eligible for return or exchange.

How to Contact Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review

Do you have any questions beyond this Fred Meyer Jewelers review? You can contact a customer service rep via an online contact form, a virtual assistant, or at the following phone number: 1 (800) 342-6663.

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