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Fiido Review

While Fiido isn’t the first company to make a folding ebike, it’s the first one to design a folding ebike with a built-in battery seat. Meet the Fiido X—a lightweight, compact electric bike with 81 miles of range plus intuitive features. 

Designed for commuters or for those who simply want assistance while getting some exercise, the Fiido X has attracted some serious attention. It’s already made headlines on The Verge and Electrek and the brand has a growing social media community of 12k

For whatever reason you’ve gravitated to this Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review, you’ll find an in-depth analysis of the featured eBike ahead, along with customer feedback, promotions, and more. 

Overview Of Fiido

Fiido Review

Fiido has been winning the eBike and eScooter game since 2016. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company recently added a hub in the US—which makes for easier and faster shipments. Developed by a group of forward-thinking individuals who know the perks of electric transport, they designed their line of products to make exercise easier.

What makes Fiido unique? All of its ebikes have the same features and form as sports bikes but the company has made them super lightweight and practical for everyday life. In addition, the Fiido X Folding Electric Bike is the world’s first folding ebike to have a built-in seat battery, which eliminates tangly, unattractive wires. 

Powered by Lithium one, Fiido ebikes have seven different gears to assist you at all levels of exercise. As for the brand itself, it’s dedicated to making your shopping experience as stress-free as possible. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how rare that is these days. 

Ready to discover more? It’s all coming up in this Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review. The highlights are up next. 


Fiido Review
  • World’s first folding eBike with built-in battery seat pole
  • Folding mechanism is 2x as strong as the EN15194 standard
  • 81 miles of range
  • Weighs 38lbs
  • Superior security system 
  • Early access perks
  • Free shipping
  • Ships internationally

Fiido makes electric bikes, electric scooters, and a range of accessories—such as bags, baskets, and batteries. In the upcoming section of this Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review, I’ll be focusing on the Fiido X, along with a few accessories to boost your ride. 

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Review

Now it’s time for the meat of this Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review. Here’s where I’ll tell you all about the brand’s newest release, the X. It’s available for early order right now, and if you choose to shop before 10/22/2022, you’ll cash in on some awesome perks. 

I’ll get to the many benefits of shopping for the bike later on. But for now, how about we explore the many fascinating facts about the Fiido X? 

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Review

With an award-winning design, the Fiido X Folding Electric Bike has a cool, quirky look. Designed to be life-friendly, it boasts 81 miles or 139km of range. So you can get to and from work without needing to recharge the ebike. 

Virtually silent, this thoughtfully-designed ebike has a modern torque sensor that measures how hard you’re pedaling, automatically adjusting its power to support you throughout your ride. Plus, it’s easy to set up, fold, and store. The new model’s folding mechanism is 2x as strong as the EN15194 standard. 

And if you’re worried about theft when you run into a store, don’t be. With its updated security system, unless someone has the right code, they’ll never gain access to your bike’s power. 

So what comes with the Fiido X? You’ll get the X Folding Electric Bike, a battery, pedals, charger, and all the tools you need to set it up (spanner, Allen key, and manual). What’s the coolest part? If you buy it now, you can get the X for $1,599 (normally it costs $1,799). 

What customers say: “The Fiido X is definitely one of the most innovative folding e-bikes out there. You’ve got to see this one in action.” – Micah,

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Accessories Review

Since the Fiido X Folding Electric Bike is super unique, Fiido developed a line of accessories that are solely made for this cutting-edge model. I’ll tell you about its bestselling accessories below. 

Fiido X Battery Review

The Fiido X Folding Electric Bike has 139 kilometers (almost 81 miles) of range—which is far more than your average ebike. That said, if you like to go further in between charges, purchasing an X Battery may be a smart idea. 

If you do, you can charge one of the batteries while you use the other one, so you’ll always have a spare. It’s foolproof as long as you remember to actually charge it. Get yours for $417.

Fiido X Electric Bike Rear Rack Review

While ebikes are all about convenience, awkwardly carrying bags while riding one certainly isn’t. Thankfully, the X Electric Bike Rear Rack attaches to the frame of your Fiido X, staying out of sight and keeping your belongings close by. 

Recommended to be used with the X Electric Bike Rear Rack Bag, you can get the rack for $50. And you can read more about the bag next. 

Fiido X Electric Bike Rear Rack Bag Review

The X Electric Bike Rear Rack Bag fastens perfectly onto the X bike rack. Giving you space to pack small essentials like your phone and a snack or two, this compact, curved bag is as nice to look at as it is handy. 

Secure and water-resistant, it even has a place to store your drink. Get it for $60

Who Is Fiido X Folding Electric Bike For? 

Fiido Review

The Fiido X Folding Electric Bike is ideal for those that commute to work or want a bike that can be manually pedaled with assistance from a motor. And since it folds, it’s perfect for anyone that lives in an apartment or works in an office.

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fiido Review

Since this is a Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review, the feedback in this section is all about that specific model. I should mention that, because the newest release of the X hasn’t happened yet, all of the available comments and ratings are for the 1st gen model. Let’s dive in. 

On the brand’s site, the X has received 4.9/5 stars and 28 reviews. Here’s what one Fiido X Folding Electric Bike reviewer had to say:

We love this bike so much that we bought another one right away when the first one got stolen. We kind of like pedal assist as opposed to a throttle so we’re not tempted to use electric for everything.”

There isn’t an excessive amount of feedback for the X on the brand’s website, but I did find some really helpful comments. 

For instance, another shopper wrote this enthusiastic Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review: “Excellent and accurate technical assistance! immediately answers me the Fiido X bike is AMAZING!! thanks and I look forward to the new FIIDO seascooter!!!”  

For a little variety, I ventured out into the World Wide Web and landed on a Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review on New Atlas. Here’s the conclusion of that review:

I had a lot of fun riding the Fiido X. Sure, the ebike comes with a few niggles and oddities, but the build quality feels like it will last a good long while and there’s also a bunch of clever tech included that engages the inner nerd while also being practically useful.

From what I can see, the customer feedback for the Fiido X is all quite similar. Riders love the feel and unique look of the bike and say it’s indeed different from others they’ve ridden. And overall, it still has all of the necessary features (and more) so that it delivers a smooth, easy ride. 

The final Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review we’ll check out is from Elektrek. The reviewer wrote that “Like any good folding e-bike, the Fiido X is simple to fold and fairly easy to carry due to the lower than typical weight of 17 kg (37 lb).”

I’ve included this point because knowing that the Fiido X is simple to fold is critical. After all, why buy a folding ebike that’s a pain to fold up? 

As I mentioned before, there isn’t a ton of feedback for the X because it was only available for a few months. Even so, those who rode it certainly seemed to love it. And I can’t wait to see what the 2nd gen model is like. 

Is Fiido Legit?

Fiido Review

Fiido is a 100% legit company. People really like its ebikes and scooters, and from the buyer feedback I read while writing this Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review, its customer service is top-notch.

Is The Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Worth It?

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Review

Fiido X is the world’s first folding electric bike with a built-in battery seat pole. That means no more wires. Lightweight, easy to fold, and unique-looking, customers absolutely loved the first-gen model, and I believe the second-gen X will be even better.

Fiido Promotions & Discounts 

Fiido Review

This Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review has focused on one particular model that’s soon to launch. If you get in and order early through the Find Your X Factor campaign, you’ll have the chance to win up to $1,000

Some other perks of getting in early include:

  • Get the X for $1,599 (normally $1,799)
  • Be one of the first 150 to sign up and get a rear rack bag—if not, you’ll still get a free handlebar bag
  • From Oct 23rd-26th 2022, every day at 1:10 am GMT, one winner will receive a $1,000 flash coupon for the X
  • On Nov 1st, the first 100 customers will get exclusive freebies if they place their order before Nov 20

Need more perks? No matter what you buy from Fiido, the company always offers free US, EU, Canada, and UK shipping for orders over $100

Where To Buy A Fiido X Folding Electric Bike

Fiido Review

You can find select models of Fiido’s ebikes at Walmart. If you’re interested in the X model, however, you’ll need to preorder it directly from


Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Review

Who owns Fiido?

Fiido’s current CEO is Keven Wang. The Shenzhen-based company has been on the scene since 2017. 

Does Fiido ship internationally?

Yep! Fiido ships around the globe to the EU, Canada, the UK, the USA, and China. 

What is Fiido’s shipping policy?

If your item is in stock, it will be shipped out within 3-5 business days. If you’ve preordered the Fiido X Folding Electric Bike, the earliest your order will be shipped out is 72 hours after you’ve paid for it in full.

Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Shipping is free for orders over $100

See below for shipping estimates for your country:

  • EU: 5-15 business days
  • Canada: 7-10 business days
  • UK: 4-6 business days
  • US: 3-5 business days
  • China | eScooters: 60-80 business days
    • Accessories: 15-25 business days $5-$10

What is Fiido’s return policy?

Having second thoughts about your purchase? If so, that’s cool and Fiido will give you a full refund as long as you cancel before your shipment confirmation arrives. If you cancel afterward, you’ll be charged a return shipping fee of $100-$350

Here are some other important details of the return policy:

  1. Once your order is shipped, you have 15 days from the time of delivery to ask for a return or exchange if the product is defective or damaged.
  2. To cancel your order, email [email protected]
  3. Accessories aren’t returnable once they’re sent, but you can cancel them beforehand
  4. Returns are processed once the items have been returned and inspected
  5. To be eligible for a return, the items must be in their original condition with all original packaging 

To start the return process for an order that’s already been shipped, send an email to [email protected] and include photos of the product and the packaging. All US returns should be sent to Jelliff Avenue, Newark NJ 07108. 

How To Contact Fiido

Fiido Review

So, you’ve reached the end of this Fiido X Folding Electric Bike review, what’s next? If you need more questions answered before you buy a product, you can reach the brand’s customer service team by emailing [email protected] or calling +852 5621 6918. 

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