Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

About Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes is an American brand selling a range of men’s and women’s footwear to customers worldwide. This company’s mission is to make foot pain a thing of the past by creating safe and comfortable shoes in nearly every style you’d need, from sandals to oxfords to hiking boots.

My Gravity Defyer Shoes review will introduce you to this innovative brand, whose GDefy shoes are made with patented technologies developed to reduce pain in your feet, legs, hips, and back by properly aligning and supporting your feet. 

Their extensive line of shoes is searchable by style, activity, and even by foot condition, so people with specific footwear needs can easily find styles made with their concerns in mind.

This Gravity Defyer Shoes review will look at the company’s best-selling products, buyer reviews, and brand highlights so you can make an informed decision about trying GDefyer footwear.

First, let’s dig into this company’s backstory!

Overview of Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

American entrepreneur Alexander Elnekaveh founded Gravity Defyer Shoes after he realized how much foot health affects our quality of life. 

On his website, Alexander explains that he was inspired to develop a line of comfort-focused footwear after his nephew suffered a cancerous growth on his foot. 

Even after successful treatment, doctors warned that Elnekaveh’s nephew would always experience pain while walking. Wanting to do something to help, Elnekaveh brought specialists such as engineers, podiatrists, and designers together to research the relationship between impact and foot pain. 

Together, Alexander’s team created Gravity Defyer’s VersoShock technology, a shoe that cradles every part of your foot in a way that absorbs shock, so your feet don’t have to! 

Eventually, Gravity Defyer developed pressure-relieving VersoCloud soles, Corrective Fit orthotics, and even shoes that fuse their VersoShock and VersoCloud tech, in order to create a full line of multi-function everyday shoes that care for your feet while you wear them.

Gravity Defyer sells their products to customers in the US and internationally through their official site, and have gained a solid following, with over 100k followers on Facebook and over 7k followers on Instagram.

Let’s start this Gravity Defyer Shoes review by taking a look at the highlights of buying from this brand.


Gravity Defyer Shoes Review
  • Sells a huge variety of comfort-focused shoes, including hiking boots, sneakers, and clogs
  • Women’s and men’s footwear
  • Anti-impact and slipless technology for your protection
  • Offers different widths, orthotics, and diabetic-friendly and laceless options
  • Free standard shipping within the contiguous US
  • Become a VIP member to save

Gravity Defyer Women’s Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer women’s shoes are here to help you get ready for summer! My Gravity Defyer Shoes review will look at this brand’s best-selling women’s sandals, so you can greet the season in comfortable style.

Gravity Defyer Women’s UpBov Sandal  Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review
Gravity Defyer Women’s UpBov Sandal 

These sandals might have you feeling like you’re walking on air! After all, they are made of 60% air thanks to their foam design. The other 40% is designed from what the brand calls “ultra-soft multi density VersoCloud foam” so your feet will feel cushioned and comfy.

The ultra-light Women’s UpBov Sandal also boasts a few other foot-friendly features:

  • Built-in orthotics to support your arches and heels
  • Toe rest so your toes can move and sit naturally
  • Open back and deep heel cup
  • Two wide, adjustable straps with buckles
  • “Front Rolling Design” – a slight upward bend at the front of the shoe to ease pressure while you walk

These sandals have a simple aesthetic and come in an all-black color that will match with so many outfits and even give you a bit of throwback 90s style. If you want something more colorful, they’re also available in peach, blue, purple, and pink! 

Buy the Women’s UpBov Sandal for $50 (on sale from $60) in sizes 6-11.

Gravity Defyer Women’s Yontal Sandal Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review
Gravity Defyer Women’s Yontal Sandal

This beautiful sandal has all the support you’d expect from Gravity Defyer, with a delicate, feminine design

This sandal has a leather upper with adjustable straps for a perfect fit. The thin top strap sits just at your toe line and criss-crosses around your big toe, while the bottom strap covers your arch, so your foot is held in place but not restricted by bulky straps.

The Women’s Yontal Sandal also has this brand’s VersoShock Tech built into its soles, so your feet will stay well protected whether you’re on a long stroll or chasing your kids around the park.

You’ll also enjoy a footbed that molds to your foot’s shape, and an insole that supports your arches

This Gravity Defyer shoes review found that no matter what surface you’re exploring, you should stay safely upright thanks to their “Outdoor Tread Pattern” that grips the ground! 

Buy the Women’s Yontal Sandal in sizes 6-11 for $90 in green, black or pink.

Gravity Defyer Men’s Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer offers men’s shoes for every activity. Whether you need a new loafer or are in the market for a hot weather sandal, read on as this Gravity Defyer Shoes review looks at a couple of the brand’s best-sellers for men.

Gravity Defyer Men’s Paguxon Athletic Shoes Review 

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review
Gravity Defyer Men’s Paguxon Athletic Shoes

The Men’s GDEFY Paguxon Athletic Shoes are perfect for anyone who needs a super-supportive shoe for daily walks and errands.

According to Gravity Defyer Shoes, these casual running shoes are made with Hybrid VersoShock technology to help you walk in alignment and without hard impact to your feet. 

These shoes also come with interior orthotics that are designed to thoroughly cushion your feet. These orthotics are made of 5.5 mm-thick breathable foam with an anti-microbial lining.

Buy the Men’s GDEFY Paguxon Athletic Shoes in sizes 8-15 for $185.

Gravity Defyer Men’s Eltal Leather Sandal Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review
Gravity Defyer Men’s Eltal Leather Sandal

These sandals will put you in a summery mood, no matter what the weather’s doing! 

The Men’s Eltal Leather Sandal has a simple, stylish look with two wide straps that meet in the middle. Their upper is made of dark brown full-grain leather, adding to the classic appearance.

This sandal is designed with Hybrid VersoShock technology, so you can enjoy your long summer strolls without feeling the harmful impact!

These shoes have the following stride-saving features:

  1. Front Rolling Design” – a slightly upturned toe to promote natural strides and reduce foot pain
  2. Ultra Soft EVA footbed” – a cushioned insole that fits to your foot shape
  3. Arch support
  4. Deep heel cups to align your feet and absorb shock
  5. Outdoor Tread Pattern” soles –  for proper grip while walking

Buy the Men’s Eltal Leather Sandal for $120 in sizes 8-15.

Who Is Gravity Defyer Shoes For? 

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes makes footwear for adults with a range of sizes, styles, and foot needs in mind. This brand’s product line is incredibly varied: Whether you’re experiencing common foot issues and need something safe and supportive, or are an athlete looking for a new running shoe, Gravity Defyer Shoes has you covered.

This brand will especially appeal to people who want something more out of their footwear that will help them preserve the health of their feet, and help alleviate issues with their hips, legs, knees, and backs associated with improper footwear. 

This company offers shoes with special features developed alongside foot care professionals, including their “VersoShock Pain Relief” tech and patented “G-Comfort Orthotics” to make sure your feet are well-supported and protected from impact.

Gravity Defyer Shoes also offers styles with many other accommodations – like padded tongues and collars, pull tabs and slip-on styles, and soles treaded for stability – that make their footwear an option for seniors and people with mobility limitations.

It’s also great for people who want to make buying specialty shoes online easier. Their site ships all around the world, reducing some of the barriers to access. Their user-friendly site is organized by category, activity, size, and even medical condition.

To boot, they also have a flexible return policy so you aren’t stuck with shoes that don’t fit. 

Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

This footwear company shares customer reviews on their official website’s product pages. Many of these reviews are really positive, with people expressing how much they enjoyed walking, running, or hiking in their Gravity Defyer shoes and boots!

One woman who purchased the Women’s Sierra Hiking Boots writes in her Gravity Defyer Shoes review, The color is fabulous and coordinates well with any outfit. Love the comfort — great for hiking or for all the running I do at work.”

This company also has some customer feedback on their official Facebook page. One woman raves about her experience with the Ions Shoes, which she says have helped address her chronic foot pain

She shares in her Gravity Defyer Shoes review, “Just received my very first pair of Ions today and have been wearing them comfortably since I opened the box. If you would describe the term “wonky feet” you could photograph mine and you would have no need for words!!!

Bunions, SERIOUS hammer toes, terribly painful!!! But I am strutting around the house like I would have 25 years ago!!!”

Gravity Defyer Shoes also has one review on the review website TrustPilot, where their buyer appreciates how their Clara shoes helped her walk pain-free

She reports in her Gravity Defyer Shoes review, “Their shoes are awesome for any kind of foot issues…Prices are a bit high, but for a good sneaker and helpful health issue shoes, I feel they are in a good range.

I have the Clara (I like it, and it helps my heel issue), and have the G-defy walker shoe. I just ordered another pair, and can walk for miles in comfort.”

Overall, customers have really appreciated the solid design behind these shoes. Real Gravity Defyer reviews have shown that this brand is living up to their promises by making truly healthy and comfy footwear!

Is Gravity Defyer Shoes Worth It?

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

This company has made an impressive range of shoes for men and women with all kinds of activities and needs in mind

Their casual shoes can be worn around the house or to run errands, but you can also find high-performance shoes for outdoor activities like running or hiking, and durable, non-slip shoes intended for workers who spend the day on their feet. 

While their designs are quite classic and versatile, they are all made to keep the wearer as comfy as possible. 

Gravity Defyer has developed a variety of techniques to help keep your feet (and the rest of you!) safe and protected. They offer orthotics, memory foam footbeds, heel cups, and anti-impact technology so you can invest in your foot health, and treat or prevent problems.

This company also has solid customer feedback from buyers who like the look and feel of their many products, and often return to the brand after trying a pair of their GDefy shoes

For these reasons, my Gravity Defyer Shoes review is pleased to recommend this footwear brand.

Is Gravity Defyer Legit?

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Yes! This brand reliably serves customers worldwide, and this Gravity Defyer Shoes review did not find any red flags about the process of buying from this brand in the course of my research.

Gravity Defyer Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

This company currently offers free standard shipping across the contiguous US. They also have dedicated sales sections on their website for both their men’s and women’s styles. 

Here are some of the deals I found while writing this Gravity Defyer Shoes review:

  • Women’s Nova Casual Flats –  $155 (down from $180)
  • Women’s G-Comfort Lynetta Sandals – $40 (down from $60)
  • Men’s Oskar Casual Shoes – $140 (down from $160)

For even more savings, you can sign up on their official website to become a VIP Member and receive Gravity Defyer coupon offers and newsletters by email.

Where to Buy Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Buy all Gravity Defyer shoes at


Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Who owns Gravity Defyer Shoes?

Entrepreneur Alexander Elnekaveh owns Gravity Defyer shoes.

Do Gravity Defyer Shoes run true to size?

Yes, according to these shoes have been designed to reflect standard US sizes.

Does Gravity Defyer Shoes ship internationally?

Yes! This brand ships worldwide.

What is Gravity Defyer Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

This brand ships across the US (including PO boxes and military addresses), as well as internationally. 

My Gravity Defyer review has learned that this brand offers free standard shipping to customers within the contiguous US. Delivery fees on international orders will vary based on destination and will be calculated at checkout. 

What is Gravity Defyer Shoes’ Return Policy?

If you’d like to return your order, don’t worry! Gravity Defyer Shoes will accept your order back as long as they’re in new condition and you made your purchase within 60 days

To initiate a return, fill out their online return form to get your free pre-paid return label and instructions on how to send back your purchase.

How to Contact Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

This Gravity Defyer Shoes review found two ways to get in touch with the company: 

  1. Email:[email protected]
  2. Phone:1-800-429-0039.

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