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About I Dew Care

I Dew Care Review

Stuffy skincare works but it’s so…boring. I Dew Care brings life back into seeing results with its line of clinically-tested, fresh skincare formulas. With fun, bubbly branding and kawaii headbands, the brand does K-Beauty right. 

It’s attracted quite a bit of attention too, garnering over 612k followers between Instagram and TikTok, with frequent features in Allure and InStyle.

Is it worth the buzz? In my I Dew Care review, I intend to find out by looking into the brand, its best sellers, feedback, and more. Let’s dive in. 

Overview of I Dew Care

I Dew Care Review

I Dew Care is MBX’s most recent K-Beauty release. Launched in 2019, the brand was born with the intention of being “the most fun and effective skincare experience ever.” Judging from its cute and quirky brands and thousands of positive reviews, I’d say they’ve met its goal.

Who’s MBX? Also known as MemeBox, it is a K-beauty startup with offices in Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, and San Francisco. They’re also the folks behind Kaja, Nooni, Pony Effect, and more. 

For I Dew Care, it’s all about products that are as fun to use as they are effective. Clinically tested to prove they’re effective, if you want skincare that’s a little less serious (but just as beneficial), this line certainly has it. 

You’ll come to discover that and so much more in my I Dew Care review, so I’ll keep this thing moving and head into the brand’s highlights.


I Dew Care Review
  • Vegan & cruelty-free skincare products
  • PETA-certified
  • Actually affordable
  • Made in South Korea
  • Tons of deals & discounts
  • Free shipping over $35
  • Free loofah with every order

I Dew Care Skincare Review

I Dew Care’s line is designed to give you glowing, hydrated, and healthy skin. With a vibrant collection of masks, serums, and creams, you’ll probably want one of their completely adorable mask headbands too. 

Up next in my I Dew Care review, I’ll introduce you to the brand’s best sellers, all of which can be purchased with a subscription to save 20%.

I Dew Care Mighty Mask Review

Masks are an essential step in any K-Beauty routine. They’re why it’s known to give users such soft, glowing skin. The Mighty Mask is brimming with invigorating, purifying ingredients to exfoliate your skin and remove dirt and grime that’s stuck deep in your pores. 

Using coffee seed extract, kaolin clay, and the Mineral 3 Energy Complex (a blend of copper, magnesium, and zinc), the Mighty Mask is here to get you glowing. To use, apply a thick layer and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash off. That’s it.

You can grab a 2.8 oz tube for $23.

I Dew Care Scoop Party Review

Just like a sunny day isn’t complete without a scoop of your favorite frozen treat, a routine for glowing skin isn’t the same without the Scoop Party. This set is super fun and perfect for weekend pampering sessions, sleepovers, or anytime you want to give your skin a treat. 

Ready to party? The set comes with a 3.52 oz Cake My Day mask, 0.35 oz Berry Groovy mask, 0.35 oz Matcha Mood mask, and the Pink Tiara Headband for an extra pop of fun. 

If you love delicious-smelling masks, you’ll love that these smell just like desserts. Looking for products that actually work? You’ll find them in this set too. Each one is made with a different purpose, brimming with antioxidants from strawberry seeds, green tea, and vitamins to feed your skin. 

These masks don’t dry, so all you have to do is wash them off. Treat yourself to this fun set for $28.

I Dew Care Kitten My Balance On Review 

Aside from the absolutely adorable name, Kitten My Balance On is a must for summer travel. It includes favorites in the Yogi Kitten line, including:

  • 1.69 fl oz Namaste Kitten Cleanser
  • 0.5 fl oz Juicy Kitten Serum
  • 0.35 oz Yoga Kitten Mask

Formulated with heartleaf extract, hemp seed oil, and kaolin clay, the line is packed with antioxidants and calming ingredients to set your skin up for success.

Get all three products for just $19.

I Dew Care Glow Easy Review 

Dry from the heat in the summer and dry from the cold in the winter, our lips take a beating. We love Chapstick as much as the next person, but super soft and nourished lips come from a little extra care. Glow Easy has that taken care of. 

Made with vitamin C for a dose of protective antioxidants and raspberry seed for health, enjoy a tint of sweet juicy pink along with totally looked-after lips. If that wasn’t enough, this product also features vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and jojoba seed oil to help keep your lips nice and moist.

You can usually grab a 0.12 fl oz tube for $12, but it is currently sold out.

Who Is I Dew Care For? 

I Dew Care Review

I Dew Care skincare definitely gives off a youthful, fun vibe. With its ever-popular Brown Bear Headband and colorful, playful branding, it’s aimed at teens and those in their early 20s. Although, I’ll admit I want the headband for myself.

I Dew Care Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I Dew Care Review

It’s hard not to fall in love with these products. I mean, just look at them. But at the end of the day, we want to know what they’re really like and that means hearing from those who use them. In this part of my I Dew Care review, you’ll find a selection of the feedback I collected from around the web.

Let’s start with some ratings from These are for some of the brand’s best sellers:

  • Mighty Mask: 4.55/5 stars, 11 reviews
  • Scoop Party: 5/5 stars, 1 review
  • Kitten My Balance On: 4.48/6 stars, 100 reviews
  • Glow Easy: 3.93/5 stars, 182 reviews

Leaning into the comments section for Kitten My Balance On, people seem to really love these products. Here’s one I Dew Care review that summed things up nicely:

“I don’t know what I can say about these products that hasn’t already been said. They are amazing. I’ve been using them for about a year, on and off. I’m about to reorder the large size of the moisturizer because it’s ridiculously good. I’m still working on getting through the lip mask (seriously bang for your buck right here).”

Like this shopper made apparent in their I Dew Care review, people are saying good things about the Kitten My Balance On kit, but there’s great feedback for the brand in general on its website.

Let’s check out another source: Influenster. Here, the Cake My Day Wash-Off Mask from the Scoop Part pack is rated 4.6/5 stars by 504 customers. One first-time buyer wrote:

“I love this wash-off mask! It really smells like vanilla ice cream mixed with birthday cake! It smells so good, it has sprinkles too, and it leaves my face super soft. It was my first time trying the brand I dew care and so far it hasn’t disappointed me! Great brand if you’re into Korean skincare! Recommended!”

Most other comments are similar. Not many had something negative to say about it, and judging from their profile photos, it looks like people of all ages have tried it. 

Heading over to Amazon, we looked into the Mighty Mask and saw an overall rating of 4.2/5 stars from 228 shoppers. In one I Dew Care review, one Amazon user wrote:

“I’m a huge fan of this line. I’ve tried several products and love them all. This cream is amazing on my skin and smells so so good. I’m excited to try the rest of my order, I switched over to this brand completely.”

We know the feeling of dry summer skin all too well, and honestly, this mask sounds like a creamy dream. Overall, those who bought the mask really seem to like it, and as evidenced by that reviewer, their love doesn’t stop at just one product. 

The results are in, I Dew Care is treasured by those who want indulgent, uplifting skincare. We came across very few negative reviews for this brand, with some reports of skin sensitivities to specific products. This isn’t unique to this brand. Remember to always test-patch any new product!

Is I Dew Care Legit?

I Dew Care Review

Looking into I Dew Care reviews, I didn’t come across any alarming feedback about the brand. Some reported skin sensitivities to certain formulas, but that happens no matter what kind of skincare you buy. Discontinue use if you experience any. All in all, this brand checks out.

Is I Dew Care Cruelty-Free?

I Dew Care Review

Yes! I Dew Care is in fact so against animal cruelty that it’s PETA-certified. Many of its products are also vegan.

Is I Dew Care Worth It?

I Dew Care Review

I Dew Care is a really fun brand, and it happens to have some really great products. From what we found in feedback, they’re effective and customers love how they perform, smell, and make them feel while using them. Also, they are affordable. If you love K-Beauty, we think you’ll love this brand.

I Dew Care Promotions & Discounts 

I Dew Care Review

No I Dew Care review would be complete if it didn’t include a section and deals, and honestly, that’s kind of our thing here. To make your life a little easier, and your piggy bank fat, I searched the brand’s website to see what I could find:

  • Super Saver: I Dew Care has an entire section dedicated to on-sale products
  • Bundle Deals: save some money just by bundling together your faves
  • Subscribe & Save: Get your go-to’s shipped monthly to get 20% off

Orders over $35 are shipped for free and your first will come with a free gift. Want more? Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on the latest. 

Where to Buy I Dew Care

I Dew Care Review

I Dew Care is a pretty popular brand, so you can find it at most e-beauty shops such as Ulta, Amazon, and iHerb. To get the best deals, head over to


I Dew Care Review

Who owns I Dew Care?

I Dew Care is owned by MBX, a beauty brand startup that owns a collection of K-beauty companies. 

Does I Dew Care ship internationally?

Nope. Right now the only place they deliver is to the USA.

What is I Dew Care’s Shipping Policy?

I Dew Care offers free shipping on orders over $35. For orders under that amount, shipping is $5. Processing takes 1 business day and you’ll see your package arrive in about 1-5 additional business days. Orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other US territories may take an additional 1-2 business days.

What is I Dew Care’s Return Policy?

Making an I Dew Care return is pretty simple. The brand doesn’t restrict your return window to a specific time frame, they only say that if you have an issue with any product, just follow these steps:

  1. Cue up an email [email protected] 
  2. Include your order number in the subject
  3. Write your name and reason for return in the body
  4. Send it off

If you purchased your products from anywhere aside from, you’ll need to return them through that specific store following their unique return policy. 

How to Contact I Dew Care

I Dew Care Review

You’re done reading my I Dew Care review! Now what? If you still have questions, you can get in touch with the brand by emailing [email protected]

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