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About Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Review

Our minds usually associate warmth with rest and relaxation. We think of summer nights spent on the beach or perspiring in a spa while the moisture cleanses our pores.

Conversely, the cold is considered uncomfortable. Subzero temperatures are seen as conditions that we must triumph over rather than seeing them for their benefits.

As my high school woodworking teacher who also played the xylophone in a jazz fusion band and had forearms the size of barrels said, it hurts to be cool. The Ice Barrel operates under the same principle if you don’t like the cold. However, it uses ice water to help athletes recover, reduce migraines, decrease pain (ironically), and provide relief from mood disorders.

The product has earned more than 66k Instagram followers in under a year’s time and was named Best Cold Therapy Tool by Men’s Health in 2021.

My Ice Barrel review will give you all the information you need to decide for yourself whether or not this barrel is worth jumping into. You’ll find out about its functionality, its price, what customers have to say about it, and more.

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Overview of Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Review

Ice Barrel is the project of Wyatt Ewing who wanted to share the benefits of cold therapy with everyone. Ice baths can be difficult to set up, so Ewing created the Ice Barrel as a way for people to enjoy ice baths whenever they wanted.

These benefits include:

  • Relieving stress
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Numbing irritated nerves
  • Dealing with arthritic pain

But, those are just the highlights of cryotherapy, not of the product I’m talking about today. So, let’s look at some of its highlights in the next part of this Ice Barrel review.


Ice Barrel Review
  • All of the benefits of cold therapy without any significant drawbacks
  • Made in the United States
  • Easy to use
  • Ice Barrel is covered by a limited lifetime warranty
  • 30-day return policy

There aren’t many products that I’ll speak about in this Ice Barrel review because the brand only makes the titular barrel and a few supporting supplies to help make your life easier.

Ice Barrel Review

The titular item in this Ice Barrel review doesn’t come with much to talk about because its appearance asserts many obvious properties. As its title denotes, it’s a barrel that you put ice water, and yourself, into.

What makes it notable is how the Ice Barrel was designed. First off, it was made with LLDPE (low linear density polyethylene) recycled materials. This sort of material is non-toxic and lightweight, meaning that you shouldn’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals leaking into your bath while keeping the product portable.

That’s another one of the Ice Barrel’s main appeals – its portability. It only weighs 55 pounds so if you’re someone who exercises regularly you’re probably used to lifting objects of similar weight. Despite its lightweight, the Ice Barrel is rather spacious. You can sit upright in it for a more comfortable ice bath. It measures 42” by 31” by 25”.

That spaciousness means that the Ice Barrel can hold up to 105 gallons of water. It shouldn’t be a struggle at all to fill it with said water because all you need to do is dump it in. Once you’re finished your ice bath, you can use the Ice Barrel’s simple drainage system to clean out everything in there. Or, you can let it sit until your next ice bath.

One Ice Barrel reviewer said, “I am loving the Ice Barrel. I usually use it after a workout and it is amazing how quick it kicks you into recovery. It is really well made and easy to empty and clean. I am working up to be able to stay in longer and longer each time, but what a great tool to have to help with both mind and body recovery.”

You can pick up your own Ice Barrel in either black or desert tan for $1,200. These are all the accessories that come along with your purchase:

  • A barrel lid
  • A barrel stand
  • A protective UV cover
  • A step stool

Ice Barrel Accessories Review

As I mentioned earlier in this Ice Barrel review, the company also makes a few accessories that are handy to keep around. I’m only going to cover one because it’s the product that requires the most explanation while also being the most necessary.

Ice Barrel Cold Plunge Maintenance Kit Review

The Ice Barrel Cold Plunge Maintenance Kit includes a trove of items that can keep your ice barrel clean and running effectively. For $130, you’ll receive:

  1. A bottle of water stabilizer
  2. A steel mesh net
  3. A thermometer
  4. A 6-pound bag of Epsom salt
  5. A silicone cleaning brush
  6. A bottle of soap

Who Is Ice Barrel For? 

Ice Barrel Review

Ice Barrel is for anyone who can afford it and who wants to make ice therapy a more regular part of their life.

Ice Barrel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ice Barrel Review

Since the Ice Barrel is so new, it was hard to find customer reviews outside of those on the brand’s website. 

Unsurprisingly, the Ice Barrel reviews there were highly supportive of the purchase, but I wanted to find out if they revealed the whole story. Thus, I turned to Amazon and found that the product held an average score of 3.4/5 stars based on more than 45 pieces of customer feedback.

One thing that positive Ice Barrel review writers mentioned was that the product was more convenient than trying to set up an ice bath yourself. This was mostly due to its simplicity and weight.

Here’s what one happy customer wrote in their Ice Barrel review. ““My wife and I are very pleased with the purchase of the Ice Barrel, very easy to get out of the box and fill with ice and water. My wife was a little too skeptical at the beginning but, after she tried it, we felt energized and stronger. Please stop hesitating and do your purchase. Goodbye.”

Another buyer wrote, “I love my Ice Barrel, its sleek design fits perfectly in my backyard. Shape and size is perfect, it’s also very durable and well-insulated. It’s definitely the next best thing to having a cold stream or river in your backyard. I’m an extremely active person and use my ice barrel a few times a week for pain management and recovery from skating and working out,” 

An underrated property that was mentioned in some Ice Barrel reviews was that the barrel was sized correctly enough to fit most people. Folks large and small could enjoy the remedial effects of the barrel as this customer pointed out;

“I love my barrel! I enjoy how easy it is for me to get in and out, regardless being only 5’1. It’s also so easy to dunk under. With its space-saving, lightweight (when empty) design, I love that I can travel with it when I go away in the summers. I also enjoy that it looks great in my yard without being a complete eye sore!”

Some Ice Barrel reviews said that the product was nothing more than a glorified bucket and that there were DIY alternatives that were much more affordable. They said this because they believed the item was priced at a much higher value than it was worth and that it didn’t stay cold during the summer.

However, I wanted to include one last Ice Barrel review that highlights why some people may not be put off by its price, and that’s because of its healing properties with regard to mental health.

“I had really bad anxiety, and I heard about the benefits of cold therapy. I’ve been taking daily ice baths for the last 30 days and I am absolutely thrilled with my results. It has become an amazing mental reset button for me. I cannot recommend the Ice Barrel enough!”

Is Ice Barrel Legit?

Ice Barrel Review

I’m happy to report that the company hasn’t raised any red flags. So, I can say that Ice Barrel is a legit brand.

Is Ice Barrel Worth It?

Ice Barrel Review

$1,200 is a ton of money for an ice bath. However, if the price doesn’t bug you, then I think Ice Barrel is a solid investment, especially because you can keep using it time after time.

Ice Barrel Promotions & Discounts 

Ice Barrel Review

There are discounts for active military personnel. They can redeem these discounts by verifying their identity.

Where to Buy Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Review

You can buy the Ice Barrel on the brand’s website,, or through Amazon.


Ice Barrel Review

Who owns Ice Barrel?

Wyatt Ewing owns Ice Barrel.

Does Ice Barrel ship internationally?

They don’t publish any information about international shipping on their website.

What is Ice Barrel’s Shipping Policy?

Orders are shipped 5 to 10 business days after the company receives the order. FedEx or UPS handles the delivery.

What is Ice Barrel’s Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 30 days after receiving your purchase to return it so long as the product is in unused and unopened condition.

How to Contact Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Review

You can email Ice Barrel at [email protected], call them at 330-539-3375, or use the contact form on their website.

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