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Immudi Diet Review

The Immudi anti-inflammatory weight loss plan is all about helping you create long-lasting change. It doesn’t do this by just telling you what you can and can’t eat, but by giving you the tools to change your habits and behaviors for the better. It can help you create a system where you can steadily walk closer to your goal rather than always taking two steps forward and one step back.

Harvard Medical School, Healthline, and The New York Times have all covered and promoted this anti-inflammatory diet for its wide range of health benefits.

In my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review, I will look at some of this plan’s benefits, plans, costs, and more so that you can find out more about this company and see if this is the missing step in your health journey.

Overview of Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan

Immudi Diet Review

Move over Keto and Paleo. There’s another type of diet that is sweeping through fitness circles. Anti-inflammatory diets focus on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and foods high in omega-3s.

Basically, any food that may lead to inflammation in your body is eliminated. So you won’t find many processed foods on this diet. You can also say goodbye to red meat and alcohol.

While these diets are usually targeted toward people with medical conditions who suffer from increased inflammation, it does have several claimed benefits for other people. Some of the positive health effects associated with anti-inflammatory diets include:

  1. Lower body fat levels
  2. Better overall mood
  3. Better stress management
  4. More regular sleeping patterns
  5. Delaying the negative effects of aging

The Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan has been successful for both weight loss and maintenance in lab studies. In one finding that the company published on their website, over 80% of the participants in their 6-month experiment met their weight loss goal and sustained their success.

This is an impressive feat considering how many people tend to rebound after finishing a restrictive diet.

Let’s take a look at what this service offers in the highlights section of my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review before I get into this plan’s specifics.


  • Anti-inflammatory diet and exercise plans
  • All plans are made by the team’s health and fitness experts
  • Comprehensive strategies to help you keep fat away
  • High success rate 
  • Risk-free guarantee

Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Review

Immudi Diet Review

I’ll go over how it works exactly in the next section of my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review. But first, I wanted to tell you what you can expect from a plan and how much it’ll cost.

Each Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan is engineered by the brand’s certified team of health and nutrition experts. They base your specific plan on the answers you give them in the company’s introductory questionnaire.

Every Immundi Anti-Inflammatory Plan protocol includes a nutrition plan, an exercise program, meals ideas and recipes, a progress log that provides metrics and analysis, and,  provided you require one, a direct contact with an expert to help you work through the plan.

You can either select an annual plan, a 6-month plan, or a three-month plan. Despite the research I conducted for my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review, I couldn’t find any better price estimates than the daily ones the brand provides. They break down as such:

  • The annual plan costs roughly $0.75 daily
  • The 6-month plan costs roughly $0.88 daily
  • The three-month plan costs roughly $0.57 daily

Immudi Advanced Diet Plan

Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Review

The best way to predict what you’ll be eating on the Immudi Diet is by taking a look at an Immudi Sample Diet Plan. Every week, you’ll get a shopping list that tells you what you need to buy for the week ahead.

Here’s some of the dishes you can expect to find on the meatless plan:

  • Organic citrus kale salad with cranberries
  • Creamy basil pesto sauce over spaghetti squash
  • Roasted salmon with tangy mango salsa
  • Coconut cream berry parfait

You can swap between these meals so that you don’t have to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, Immudi gives you an entire week’s worth of recipes so that you never get bored with your choices. 

Immudi Personal Diet Plan – The Light Version

Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Review

The appeal of the Immudi Sample Diet Plan – The Light Version is that it’s meant to be for beginners. If you’re trying to practice cooking for yourself on the regular, this plan is for you. 

Immudi designed this meal plan as a way for folks who have never meal prepped before to start developing the habits and skills necessary to improve their eating behaviors.

As a result, you can expect this meal plan to be filled with simple yet succulent dishes like:

  • Berry and kale smoothies
  • Tuscan vegetable soups
  • Crispy-skin chicken thighs with coleslaw

How Does Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Work?

Immudi Diet Review

The Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan seeks to help customers improve their health according to several markers, including a better and more consistent mood balance, lower levels of stress, a better night’s sleep on average, a prolonged lifespan, and fat loss.

The plan works by first having you complete a short questionnaire on the Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan website. You’ll answer questions about:

  • your gender 
  • your current knowledge base concerning anti-inflammation
  • potential symptoms that you experience that are related to inflammation
  • food allergies 
  • how much sleep you get per night
  • your daily water intake
  • your current physical activity levels
  • What types of carbs you eat
  • How many meals a day you’re currently consuming
  • Your energy levels throughout the day

From there, you’ll respond to some statements related to your habits, fat levels, weight loss, and self-efficacy. You’ll have to answer whether you agree, disagree, or strongly agree with them.

They’re not moral questions but are screening questions like: “I need someone to motivate me. When I get stressed out, I tend to quit.” You’ll base your answer on how much this statement applies to you.

After completing the survey, you’ll receive a helpful summary that includes details such as your current BMI, what your calorie target should be, and some broad outlines of what you can expect from your plan. 

One thing I really appreciated while writing my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review was that you’ll receive a timeline of when you should expect to reach your goal weight based on similar user profiles. In fact, you’ll even get to see the success rate for people similar to you.

You can then sign up for a plan and receive it in an email, which includes everything I mentioned in my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review.

What Do You Eat on Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan?

Immudi Diet Review

The Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan follows the anti-inflammatory diet plan. While I wasn’t able to get specifics of a typical Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan, I did find what consists of an anti-inflammatory diet for you online. 

You can expect to eat plenty of whole foods that are minimally processed like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Thankfully, if you are allergic to any of those foods, then you can list your food allergies when writing the questionnaire. 

Who Is Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan For? 

Immudi Diet Review

The Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan is for anyone who is trying to lose body fat, get more in touch with their body, and improve their overall health.

Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Immudi Diet Review

I found a select few Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan reviews from customers on the company’s website. Most of them reported stellar weight loss results after following the diet. Here’s one:

I’d never send anyone my before-after photos but in this case, I just had to write about it. I am down 10 lbs in two weeks and my inflammation seems way, way lower. As an added benefit, my stomach seems visually flatter. The plan is woooonderful!

Customers also loved the speedy nature of the Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan workouts. This buyer in particular used the short workouts and tasks to lose a great amount of weight:

“I am in love with the quick tasks!! I am down 16 lbs. When I put these pictures together: I was 144 lbs when I started and I am down to 128 lbs. I really want to tone my belly more and maybe rounder glutei as well. I think that I would like to lose 4-8 lbs more.”

Clients have lost upwards of 25 lbs on the anti-inflammatory diet. This next Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan reviewer detailed some of their weight loss success, but more importantly, they highlighted the other health benefits that came from the program:

“I tried many other programs (especially weight loss) but this is different as it adds specific steps on how to reduce your inflammation, not only the meal and workout plans.”

While there weren’t too many reviews to search through, the ones we did find were happy to share their full experience. Overall people seem to enjoy the Immudi Diet.

Is Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Legit?

Immudi Diet Review

Anti-inflammatory diets are definitely legit. While they are new on the scene we couldn’t find any red flags regarding Immudi.

Is Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Worth It?

Immudi Diet Review

Overall, it’s fair to say that Immudi is definitely worth a try. The anti-inflammatory diet has been around for a long time and there is definitely science to back it up.

Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan Promotions & Discounts 

Immudi Diet Review

Depending on how quickly you sign up for an Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan, you can save a huge amount on your subscription. If you commit to a plan within a 15-minute window after completing your introductory quiz then you can earn any of the following discounts:

  1. 75% off of the annual plan (marked down from just under $1 a day to roughly $0.20)
  2. 50% off of the 6-month plan (marked down from nearly $1 a day to around $0.30)
  3. 50% off of the 3-month plan (marked down from just over $0.50 per day to $0.40)

Where to Buy Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan

Immudi Diet Review

You can enroll in the Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan by checking out the brand’s website,


Immudi Diet Review

Can you lose weight on an anti-inflammatory diet?

Technically you can lose weight on any diet because what matters is that you burn more calories than you eat. The easiest way to do this is to reduce the number of calories you eat in a day. You don’t have to crash diet either. A small calorie deficit will be healthier in the long run and help you establish new habits to keep the weight off.

I mention all that to say that yes, you can lose weight on an anti-inflammatory diet, though there’s nothing about it that magically burns off pounds of fat.

What is Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan’s Privacy Policy?

There was no publicly available information about their privacy policy on Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan’s website.

How to Contact Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan

I’ll finish off my Immudi Anti-Inflammatory Plan review by telling you how you can reach the company if you have any more questions or concerns. You can email them at [email protected].

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