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Klinio Review

Juggling work, family, and self-care is difficult enough as it is. Throw diabetes in the mix and it’s hard not to go into a tailspin.

Klinio is an app specifically for people with diabetes Types I and II or those with pre-diabetes but can be used if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol too.

Helping to make life a little less chaotic, this app takes the guesswork out of meal planning and exercise by giving you an easy-to-follow plan that fits your lifestyle.

There’s a reason it has over 180,000 members and has been featured in noteworthy media outlets like Bezinga and the Kent Reporter.

Is it the right fit for you? This Klinio review is here to help you figure that out. I’ll take a close look at the app and what it has to offer, provide customer testimonials, answer FAQs, and more. Let’s dive in.

Overview of Klinio

Klinio Review

Klinio is on a mission to “create the most engaging and effective diabetes management program that would promote self-care and empower people to live a healthier life.

Putting the controls in your hands and saving you countless hours of planning prep, its app gives you the freedom to get on with what’s important in your life. 

Since it got its start in 2019, Klinio’s team of 32 professionals has been constantly improving user experience, supporting its 180,000 members, and developing plans for people just like you.

The app is available in seven languages and is used in 192 different countries around the globe.

The company is based in Lithuania and owned by parent brand Kilo Health.

With a similar mission of helping people live a healthier life through digital interventions, Kilo Health is run by a group of health tech experts who know that the future of wellness is through preventative technology.

 If things are starting to sound pretty grand, don’t worry, Klinio’s app makes it super straightforward for users.

There’s so much to cover ahead in this Klinio review so I’ll move right along. Let’s check out the highlights first then dive into the details.


  • Customized meal and fitness plans for diabetes
  • Plans for high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Informative and organized
  • App is easy to use
  • Offers seasonal discounts
  • Available around the world in seven languages

Hop onto Klinio’s site and you’ll be prompted to take a quiz. Leading you through questions about your diabetes, you’ll enter your food preferences and any other medical conditions you may have.

Let them know your age, height, and weight, then enter your email address to see your results. What happens next? I’ll walk you through it in the next part of this Kilino review.

Klinio App Review

Klinio Review

Tired of apps that don’t make sense for your condition? Klinio was developed just for you. Tailoring plans to your unique needs, it’s a smart alternative to using meal planners that simply aren’t.

The company says that 50% of its users report weight loss for three months or more and that the average percentage of weight loss is 7.3% within the first year of use. HbA1c reduction is impressive too—0.5% within 85 days.

Wondering what the Klinio app can do for you? In this Klinio review, I’ll walk you through the app features and the diet plan next so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Klinio App Features Review

Klinio Review

Once you download the app and create an account, you’ll start to experience all that Klinio has to offer. Helping to alleviate some of the stresses of living with diabetes, the app has five main features.

  1. Evolving Meal Plan

With a meal plan that eases you into living a low-sugar, moderate-carbohydrate lifestyle, Klinio’s meal plans meet you where you are and change as you’re ready.

The plans are totally personal and include precalculated menus with healthy caloric intakes and macronutrient ratios, and make sure sugar and cholesterol are in check.

  1. Simplified Grocery List

A new diet comes with new foods, many of which you may have never heard of. Pulling ingredients from your meal plan and listing them all in one place, shopping for what you need is easy.

Klinio’s weekly menus are designed to help you get the most out of the food you buy. Many of the recipes will contain the same ingredients to help you reduce food waste, which is a smart concept that not every diet plan offers.

  1. Beginner Workouts

Equipment? Who needs it? You won’t when you press play on Klinio’s daily fitness videos. Guiding you through 5-15 minute home-friendly workouts for active folk of all ages, the app offers a manageable fitness plan for those who normally dread working out.

Daily walker? Track your other workouts on the app as well.

  1. Progress Tracker

Keep all of your scores and numbers in one place. Klinio’s progress tracking tool lets you record your HbA1c levels, steps, weight, blood glucose, and medications so you can see your progress over time.

  1. Educational Content

Knowledge is power. It can be the difference between sticking to a plan and not. Klinio gives you access to the Klinio Academy, a section of courses led by health experts that educate you on diabetes, nutrition, exercise, and management routines.

Klinio Diet Review

Klinio Review

Finding the right diet is a big one for those with diabetes. I love Klinio’s platform because it takes the work out of creating a meal plan, counting macros, and monitoring your sugar.

If you stick to your recommended menu, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating—it’s all premeasured for you.

While you sign up, Klinio will ask you what your current eating habits are like. You’ll pick between these three diets:

  • I Eat Everything
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

After selecting the foods you want to see if you plan, Klinio will whip up a menu from its database of more than 45,000 recipes.

Plus, you can swap your preferences at any time. Each recipe takes just 15-20 minutes to prepare.

Who Is Klinio For?

Klinio Review

Klinio diet is first and foremost for people with Type I and II diabetes. It can also be useful for those with prediabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Delivering customizable meal plans for a range of diets, it’s a great option for those who have just been diagnosed with any of the above and want a helping hand.

Klinio Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Klinio Review

Dieting can be a trial and error process. This part of my Klinio review exists to help take the error part out of it and find the right diet the first time.

I’ve rounded up comments and ratings from around the web to help you get a clear picture of what the app is really like.

My first stop was Klinio.com. There, over 10,000 users have rated the app 4.5/5 stars. What do they like about it so much? Delicious recipes, helpful tools, and real results.

One Klinio review read, “I use Klinio mainly for recipe ideas and I’m telling you – I haven’t cooked such simple and delicious meals in quite a while. And my sugars are in range too! I really recommend you try this app out.”

Simple and delicious isn’t often a combination you find in recipes, but they’re both important factors when it comes to dieting.

Along with the comfort of knowing blood that glucose levels are in a safe range for users, it sounds like Klinio’s meal plans have it all figured out.

My next Klinio review comes from Trustpilot. 1050 users gave the app 4.2/5 stars.

One user said that “Klinio is an excellent app for us diabetics. As a type 1, I’ve been having a hard time finding an app that works for me, since most dieting apps either focus on too many carbs for my blood sugar, or none at all. Good recipes and concept.”

Other Klinio reviews agree, writing that the app takes the guesswork out of meal planning and knowing which foods are safe to eat. Many report weight loss and reduced HbA1c levels.

My last bit of feedback comes from the Google Play Store. Klinio received another 4.2/5-star score, this time from 5560 users.

One user wrote a Klinio review that read: “I joined a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the meals and the ability to substitute. Provides a lot of info and suggestions for cooking the suggested meals. I’ve lost 14 lbs.

With a balance of information, progress tracking, and easy-to-follow, tasty recipes, if you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes, this app comes highly recommended by users.

Is Klinio Legit?

Klinio Review

It’s my job in this Klinio review to give you the complete lowdown on the app, so naturally, that means taking a look at reported complaints too. The biggest issue I could find was about unexpected recurring payments which aren’t always the company’s fault.

Sometimes, users fail to read the fine print and get surprised when what they thought was a one-time payment wasn’t.

Keep in mind that there is a right and wrong way to cancel the app too. Deleting it from your phone is not it. Read the FAQ section of this Klinio review to find out more.

Is Klinio Worth It?

Klinio Review

This service impressed me from the start of my Klinio app review. It’s an app with purpose and I can see how useful it would be for someone that’s just been diagnosed with diabetes or another health condition.

By taking the confusion out of getting used to a new lifestyle, the service helps users learn and ease into their new diet slowly.

With helpful resources, beginner-friendly no-equipment workouts, and a place to keep all of your numbers handy, I think it’s an awesome option for anyone that wants custom plans created for them.

Klinio Promotions & Discounts

Klinio Review

Klinio often offers discounts for its services and doesn’t quote prices for its 3, 6, and 12-month plans.

You can download the app for free, and once there, you’ll have a range of options to choose from that vary from $5-$70. No other deals popped up throughout this Klinio diet review.

Where to Buy Klinio

Klinio Review

Ready to streamline your diet and exercise routine? Joining is easy. After you take the test at Klinio.com, you can sign up through the website or download the app through the App Store or Google Play.


Who owns Klinio?

Kilo Health owns Klinio. Based in Lithuania, the company owns a total of 15 health-tech brands dedicated to helping improve the wellness of folks around the globe.

Can I cancel Klinio anytime?

You can, but if you cancel before the end of your subscription, you cannot get a refund for the remaining part of it. Once you do cancel, you can still use the app until your next billing date.

The cancellation process differs depending on where you signed up. If you joined through the website, you’ll need to log into your account and cancel there. If you purchased through the App Store, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
  2. Click your Apple ID at the top of the page
  3. Click ‘Subscriptions’
  4. Find and hit Klinio Cancel Subscription

To cancel through your Android device, go to the Google Play Store, make sure you’re signed in, click ‘My Subscriptions,’ and select Klinio. Then hit “Manage’ and then ‘Cancel subscriptions.’ A window will pop up to confirm, click ‘Yes.’

What is Klinio’s Privacy Policy?

Klinio requires basic information to use its service. This includes things like your name, age, weight, and any other details you provide in the quiz. This data is mandatory and is only used to provide you services.

Along with the data you input in the quiz, Klinio will collect information about how you found its website, where you’re located, your device, the browser you’re using, and possibly your Facebook ID. Used to give you a smoother service and help them generate analytics, this data is collected automatically.

Klinio will also take note of how you interact with its website and app, where you click, how long you visit a page, and what you do when you leave the site.

It will collect transaction data like your billing address and payment information to pass on to 3rd party purchasing services and may store cookies on your computer temporarily.

Most of this information is required to use Klinio, but you can opt-out of some of it if you like. Removing all of your information from Klinio’s database may mean you can no longer use the service.

What is Klinio’s Refund Policy?

Klinio refunds are valid for 14 days after you start using its service. There are some general guidelines around receiving a refund though. I’ll fill you in below:

  • You must get in contact before the 14-day mark
  • Include as much information about your experience as possible
  • Refunds are only given if what you received was faulty
  • Have visual proof handy

Klinio does not guarantee that you’ll get your money back, but they do ask you to stay patient with them while they work with you to resolve your issue.

How to Contact Klinio

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Klinio review, the brand recommends using the Help Center.

Once there, click on the little speech bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and type your question. You can also submit a request by visiting the Support section.

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