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La Canadienne Review

If you live in the city, it’s likely you dress more fashionably than not. But in wet and cold weather, fashionable shoes often come with issues like wet, cold feet. 

Montreal-born brand La Canadienne creates shoes for those who wish to combine comfort, warmth, and protection with style. Their City Dry™ collection lies at the core of a wide range of on-trend and impeccably well-made shoes for men and women. 

With a social community of over 42k and features in notable publications like Town & Country and Elle Canada, it’s clear that La Canadienne’s handcrafted selection of Italian leather and suede beauties has drawn attention, but are they what you’re looking for?

Have a look through my La Canadienne review to find out. I’ll walk you through brand basics, best-sellers, feedback, and more to give you the full scoop. 

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La Canadienne Review

La Canadienne was founded in 1987 in Montreal, Quebec. With a Canadian heart and city-life soul, the brand’s designs came from a perspective of making functional and fashionable shoes you didn’t need to compromise on.

When you hear the word “functional” in fashion, very seldom do you think of on-trend designs. That’s the beauty of La Canadienne shoes. The company was built upon offering shoes that did it all and could keep up with the busy lives of women living in the city.

They produce the majority of their long-lasting styles in Montreal, but the brand also has factories in Italy and Spain which are responsible for most of the Spring/Summer styles.

My La Canadienne review is going to be centered around the brand’s City Dry™ collection. Basically, all shoes in this collection are created with waterproof leather and suede, made in Italy.

I’ll tell you more about their designs in a few scrolls, but for now, let’s take a look at the highlights.


  • Wide collection of fashionable & comfortable boots
  • For women & men
  • City Dry™ shoes and boots are made with waterproof suede and leather
  • Inclusive sizes
  • Handcrafted in Canada, Spain, and Italy 
  • Size range from 5-11 for women and 39-46 for men
  • Ships internationally
  • 6-month warranty
La Canadienne Review

Let’s kick things up a notch in my La Canadienne review, shall we? While the brand has a vast selection of boots, mules, flats, and slides, in the next section, I want to focus on their City Dry™ collection.

If you live anywhere it gets cold or rainy in the winter and need good boots, you’ll want to pay close attention to these styles.

La Canadienne City Dry Collection Review

What does it mean to be City Dry™? Cool, comfortable, cozy, and confident that you won’t go slipping and sliding in slushy weather. Coming up, I’ll introduce you to the brand’s best-selling women’s styles in their City Dry™ collection which is perfect for the chilly season ahead.

La Canadienne Braydon Leather Boot Review

The Braydon Leather Boot has a commanding presence. It’s sort of like if the combat boot and Chelsea boot had an awesome baby which grew up to be punky and effortlessly chic.

With elastic inserts on both sides, the Braydon is super easy to get on and off, and it’s a good thing too because the shaft measures 8” up your leg. Of course, you know what that means. These boots look just as killer with leggings as they do with dresses.

Handmade in Italy with a leather exterior and interior, take your pick of taupe or black in sizes 4.5-11. Get a pair for $525

What customers say: “These are everything – well made, beautiful, and comfortable. I wasn’t sure about sizing, so decided to go with my usual size. Fit was perfect. My delivery took less than 24 hrs, which was a pleasant surprise” – Julie, 

La Canadienne Abba Shearling-Lined Suede Bootie

One of the most frustrating parts about winter is getting dressed to go outside. The struggle to get on lace-up boots while you fuss with a big coat and scarf is enough to make you stay in.

The Abba Shearling-Lined Suede Bootie can help. With the ease of a slipper and the stylish look of boots, you won’t need to mess around with stubborn heels or laces. Of course, the cozy shearling lining and memory foam insole don’t hurt either.

Made from premium suede equipped with the brand’s trusted waterproofing treatment, you won’t need to treat them before heading out in the snow. Grab a pair in one of 5 neutral hues in sizes 5-11 for $585.

What customers say: Super comfortable and love the color in actual. – Angela,

La Canadienne Sabel Leather Bootie

Bring edge to your outfits with the Sabel Leather Bootie. With military style, this serious-looking boot means business, but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play.

Thanks to their waterproof Italian leather construction and microfiber lining, you can go ahead and get these boots wet and they’ll still look fabulous. Made in brown and black with a 50% recuperated rubber sole, they’re as sustainable as they are stylish. Get yours in sizes 5-11 for $565.

What customers say: I love how they look and how comfortable they are. I can adjust them to my ankles thanks to laces, and also put on and out easily thanks to the interior side zipper. – Campos P,

La Canadienne Paxton Leather Bootie

The Paxton Leather Bootie is a shoe after my own heart. With a 3” heel, the boots are sassy and sophisticated, but since they’re made with waterproof treated Italian leather and have a grippy sole, they’re are also great for slushy weather.

But the La Canadienne didn’t stop there when creating the Paxton Leather Bootie. These fashionable faves have a pull-on tab, microfiber lining, and elastic inserts that make them easy to put on and comfortable for all-day wear. Pick up a pair in classic black in sizes 5-11 for $535.

What customers say: High heeled waterproof boot and winter tread—what a girl needs in Vermont to feel girly. – Christina,

La Canadienne Conner Leather Bootie Review

In terms of fashionable versatility, you can’t beat the look of a bootie. The Conner Leather Bootie works with both professional and casual outfits, showing off its polished leather exterior while keeping your toes cozy with a microfiber lining. 

With a micro-rubber sole, you’ll stay steady on slick surfaces and most importantly, your feet will stay dry. Since the Conner is made with City Dry™ technology, you can guarantee warm comfort no matter the weather. 

Handmade in Canada, show off your flirty side with these 1.5” heeled booties for $498 in brown or black. They’re available in sizes 5-11. 

What customers say: “These are exactly what I was looking for. Lovely soft leather, didn’t need any breaking in. Easy to put on and pull off and super comfy.” – Jillian B,

La Canadienne Men’s Boots Review

Though fashion may not be high on every man’s list, you can argue the power that a high-quality pair of boots has in the office and on the street. La Canadienne makes a wide range of boots for men including lace-up and slip-on styles. Below, you’ll meet their bestseller. 

La Canadienne Leonardo Men’s Shearling-Lined Suede Boot Review

If simple, practical, and versatile boots are high on your wish list, look no further than the Leonardo Men’s Shearling-Lined Suede Boot. With a soft exterior, these good-looking brown boots are handcrafted in Italy and take inspiration from the classic Chelsea boot. 

Fitted with a lug sole and pull-on tab, they’re equally as easy to put on as they are to wear all day long. The Leonardo uses City Dry™ technology featuring waterproof Italian suede, and a breathable shearling lining that keeps you comfortable indoors or outside. That’s something not many suede/ leather shoes can claim. Get a pair in sizes 39-46 for $475

What customers say: “Amazing boot, comfortable straight out of the box, warm and looks great. Glad it is no longer just my wife that can wear La Canadienne!” – Richard, 

Who Is La Canadienne For?

La Canadienne Review

La Canadienne makes handcrafted shoes for men and women. Balancing fashion with practicality, this luxury shoemaker is perfect for city folk or anyone looking for an all-around great shoe.

La Canadienne Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

La Canadienne Review

We’ve reached the point in my La Canadienne review where it becomes all about feedback. Since you’ve already seen and read what their shoes are like, you’re probably wondering what they’re like to wear. If so, read on.

The first bit of feedback we’ll check out is from the brand’s website. Below you’ll find the ratings for some of their bestsellers:

  • Braydon Leather Boot: 4.9/5 stars, 12 reviews
  • Abba Shearling-Lined Suede Bootie: 4.8/5 stars, 10 reviews
  • Conner Leather Booties: 5/5 stars, 9 reviews
  • Leonardo Men’s Shearling-Lined Suede Boot: 5/5 stars, 2 reviews

The Braydon Leather Boots are part of the brand’s City Dry™ collection and are arguably their most popular design. The first La Canadienne review we’ll look at reads:

“These are the best boots I have ever bought. They are comfortable, no blisters, and light. They also happen to be THE boot of the season and very on-trend. This is my first pair of La Canadienne but certainly not my last.”

This La Canadienne review pretty much sums up everything this brand is about: they make comfortable, practical, and great-looking shoes. And the following review I’ll include here backs that up:

One customer on Reddit wrote: “I bought a pair of knee boots from them maybe 8-9 years ago and only parted with them when the calf circumference became too small for me. Their leather and construction is great quality – I wore the hell out of my boots and they didn’t need a single repair… No water-proofing issues either, my feet stayed fully dry!”

This above comment is super helpful in understanding the quality of La Canadienne boots. It brings me to the question: instead of buying a cheap pair that you’ll likely have to replace annually, why not invest in one you’ll have for years? 

The final La Canadienne review I’ll mention comes from Zappos. There, the Carolina Boots scored 4.7/5 stars after 50 reviews and the first comment on the page reads:

“This is one of those styles you hope the company does not change or stop making in your lifetime. The fit is a perfect combination of safely snug and comfortable enough to wiggle your toes. The zipper means easy off and on, and the laces mean that this will suit those with a wide variety of ankle/calf circumferences.”

It’s details like these that separate La Canadienne from fast fashion brands, heck, even designer brands that don’t create with this level of practicality in mind. I bumped into very few negative reviews for this brand in general, and that makes the next section of my review very easy.

Is La Canadienne Legit?

La Canadienne Review

If I could write just one word here I would. But yes, without a doubt, La Canadienne is 100% legit and a wonderful brand to support and shop with. From impeccably high-quality materials and construction to excellent customer service, there’s absolutely no reason not to give this brand your money.

Is La Canadienne Worth It?

La Canadienne Review

La Canadienne shoes aren’t cheap, and that’s actually a good thing. Handcrafted from premium materials in Canada, Italy, and Spain, it’s clear that they’re a cut above the majority of the other shoe brands out there.

Of course, it’s not just about quality, their design is practical and comfortable and their shoes are trendy and attractive. I don’t think I need to say more here, but yes, I believe that La Canadienne shoes are worth it.

La Canadienne Promotions & Discounts

La Canadienne Review

Since no La Canadienne review would be complete without the details on deals, I scoped out the brand’s website and saw that they offer a 10% off coupon when you sign up for their mailing list. While there doesn’t appear to be a designated sale section, after browsing through their products I saw that they do have some pretty great discounts of up to 30% off

Where To Buy La Canadienne

La Canadienne Review

You can find La Canadienne shoes at one of the stores in Toronto or Montreal, or shop online at

They’re also available at a number of popular retailers including Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew, Brown’s, and Bloomingdales.


La Canadienne Review

Where is La Canadienne Footwear made?

La Canadienne’s footwear is made in their factories in Montreal (Canada), Italy, and Spain, with over 70 years of experience crafting footwear.

The brand was established in Montreal in 1987. Montreal can experience all four seasons in a given day, so their shoes are made with these sensibilities in mind. It’s what makes them truly Canadian.

Every boot is hand cut to ensure a quality fit and an unsurpassable level of comfort. They take tremendous pride in every item manufactured and delivered, continuously trying to improve benefits to customers and adapt to their lifestyles.

Quality control is an essential ingredient to the finished product. Every style made is inspected by hand before being packed. Great fit and consistent quality have become synonymous with La Canadienne.

La Canadienne Review

What is City Dry™ technology?

La Canadienne is recognized for its unbeatable protection against the elements.

For over 30 years, La Canadienne has been engineering high-performance footwear with a no-compromise approach that marries design, function, and ethics. The brand prides itself on using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Their signature waterproof* leather and suede are made in Italy and waterproof treated through, not only on the surface. Water is instantly repelled from its surface insuring comfort and dry feet.

Thanks to this trusted waterproofing treatment process, there is no need to treat the suede or leather of your City Dry™ footwear before wearing them. However, it is important to clean them on a regular basis to remove dirt and stains.

*The waterproof guarantee excludes zippers, lace openings, elastics, and genuine shearling shafts.

Does La Canadienne ship internationally?

They do! La Canadienne ships from Montreal, Quebec to the USA and around the globe. International shipments will arrive in about 10-14 business days

What is La Canadienne’s shipping policy?

If you live in Canada or the US, you’ll have a few different shipping options to choose from. I’ll outline them all below:

  • Standard (1-7 business days): $10 or free for orders over $275
  • Express (1-4 business days): $30

There may be additional costs depending on where you live. La Canadienne notes that there may be an additional 1-3 business days in processing and shipment time added to your order.

What is La Canadienne’s return policy?

La Canadienne offers a 30-day return policy for all of its products. There are some general guidelines around the policy though, and I’ll walk you through them:

  1. A restocking fee of $10 (plus applicable taxes) will be charged per unique order. If you return multiple items from the same order in a single shipment, only one $10 fee will be deducted from your refund.
  2. No returns are accepted after 30 days.
  3. Sale merchandise with a discount of above 50% off cannot be returned.
  4. All items must be unworn, unaltered, and free from damage.
  5. All tags must be attached.

You will need to send your shoes back in the original box they came in. If your return is accepted, you will receive a refund to your original method of payment. Need to make an exchange? Follow the return process and purchase your preferred items.

How To Contact La Canadienne 

La Canadienne Review

Do you have questions after reading my La Canadienne review? If so, you can reach the brand by filling out the brand’s customer service department at [email protected].

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