Modsy Interior Design Review

About Modsy

Modsy Interior Design Review

Modsy is a professional virtual interior design service that transforms your home. The best part? It only costs a fraction of what a traditional interior designer charges. Its team of stylists works closely with clients to develop 3D designs. The furniture and accessories in your virtual creation can then be purchased directly through the service from a range of brands.

Modsy shook up the design market and customers took notice. The brand now has 149k followers on Instagram and has been featured in The New York Times, Inc., Real Simple, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

Can this brand help add some personality to your space? This Modsy interior design review will help you find out. We’ll cover the company, its service, how it works, customer testimonials, and all of the other key details you’ll need before choosing it for your home.

Overview of Modsy

Modsy Interior Design Review

Sometimes your space needs a bit of a pick-me-up, and not all of us have an eye for design. Traditional interior designers can be expensive, making them inaccessible for a lot of people. Plus, finding one that gets your vibe just right can be tricky. These were issues that Shanna Tellerman knew all too well.

According to the brand’s website, Shanna then dreamed up what would eventually become Modsy: “I imagined a one stop digital catalogue that would allow anyone to easily see, imagine and buy all within the context of their very own home.”

Indeed, the company’s service allows customers to be involved at every step of the way. Though there is a design expert to help them, users have full control over furniture brands, price points, materials, colors, and anything else you can think of.

Since Modsy was founded in 2015, it has promised that customers won’t feel pressured to pay for something they don’t love. If you aren’t happy with the product, you can return it for your money back.

The company is based in San Francisco, California. Customers can purchase furniture and accessories right through the tool, from well-known brands like Wayfair, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and more.

Modsy Interior Design Review

Now that you know a bit more about the service and how it started, this Modsy interior design review is going to jump into some highlights.


  • Virtual design service that lets you design your space with a professional—all online
  • Can purchase furniture and accessories directly through the service from multiple brands
  • Easy to use scanning app lets Modsy create a 3D model of your home
  • You can request changes from your designer
  • You can take control and make changes to the 3D model as you wish
  • Design up to 8 rooms at a time
  • Design experts must take a certification course before becoming part of the team
  • Multiple ways to save on adding additional rooms or buying furniture and accessories
  • Browse inspiration, like Modsy living room ideas, on the website
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee (all brands the service sells) that starts the day your item is delivered, not purchased

What Stores Does Modsy Use?

Modsy Interior Design Review

Modsy uses a rainbow of brands, from mid-century inspired pieces from Burrow to the modern and eclectic furniture at High Fashion Home. Other labels the service uses include Dash & Albert, Joybird, and Unison. In total, there are more than 20 options.

What Program Does Modsy Use?

Modsy Interior Design Review

Modsy stylists use the company’s own 3D software on its website to create modular designs for clients. Before the designer gets started, you’ll upload a scan of your house using the app’s iOS software, which will then be turned into a 3D interactive version.

In the next section of this Modsy interior design review, we’ll break down what’s involved in the service and how it works.

How Does Modsy Work?

Modsy Interior Design Review

Modsy is an online interior design service that functions as a web-based alternative to expensive in-person design. At its core, the service turns your home or room into a 3D version that can be interacted with virtually by a stylist, though the app’s features extend much further than just that.

You can create Modsy bedroom designs, or ones for your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, office, nursery, and more. You’ll be able to design up to 8 rooms of your home at the same time using the same designer. If you buy an 8-room package and decide you only want to do 4 now, you can do the other 4 whenever—the packages never expire.

What can you expect in your designs? It depends on your budget, but Modsy takes care to select brands and furniture with a good reputation. According to the brand, it’s “unapologetically picky,” so you won’t need to worry about low quality or unappealing styles.

This Modsy interior design review found that many of the brands are well-known with solid reputations, such as Anthropologie, Ravine Home, Ashby Home, and Serena & Lily.

Modsy Interior Design Review

Plus, the Modsy online interior design team selects its designers as carefully as it does the furniture. All of the brand’s experts have a background or training in art and design, and before they can officially join the brand, they must first pass a “multi-week certification program.”

Modsy cannot be used without the help of one of its experts, meaning you’ll need to pay for the service before you see and can play around with the 3D model of your home. The service is for those who want a professionally curated room, but don’t want to spend $1k+ on a traditional interior designer.

Aside from its expert service, perhaps one of the best things about the service is that you can buy from a selection of brands all on one platform. Modsy conveniently allows you to add items to your cart from many brands and checkout directly via the website.

In the next section of this Modsy interior design review, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in designing and finalizing your home.

Modsy Interior Design Process Review

Modsy Interior Design Review

The brand’s service is actually easy to use and was clearly designed with the customer in mind. Start by heading to the Start Your Project page. We’ve outlined the rest of the steps below.

Step 1: Scan your room

Using the iOS scanning feature, show Modsy the rooms in your home that you wish them to work with. There is no need to do any cleaning (thank goodness!), its team of professionals will do all of the work for you…virtually.

Step 2: Your home becomes 3D

Modsy’s app will transform your home or room into a 3D masterpiece that can be altered by its team. This includes removing clutter, old furniture, and even light fixtures that are in the photo.

Step 3: Fill them in on the details & take the Modsy design style quiz

A good interior design team knows that no job well done comes without getting to know who’s living in the house. Let them know if you have hyper kids, shaggy pets, a football-obsessed partner, intrusive step-mom, or anyone else that may weigh in on its decision to include or omit certain details or furniture types.

You’ll also need to let Modsy know your budget and any quirky details about the room that your expert should take into consideration when designing. Be sure to note if you have preferences. For example, if you like the beach, they’ll be sure to draft up a Modsy coastal style design.

The Modsy interior design style quiz is actually really fun, and you don’t need to begin your service to be able to use it. We’ll run you through the process just so you know what’s involved.

  1. Pick three rooms that appeal most to you from the selection of 16 shown
  2. From the room photos you selected, Modsy will show you some pieces. Select which ones you love, and say no to the ones you don’t
  3. Let them know if you’re currently working on a home design project
  4. Enter your email & how you heard about Modsy
Modsy Interior Design Review

Step 4: Receive your 1st Design

Modsy designers will begin working on your room(s) once you’ve submitted all of your information. In 2-3 weeks, they’ll let you know your virtual sketch is ready and will send you a link to the 3D version of your room(s) with their proposed design.

You’ll also get to see your room from above. Though, that’s not something you normally get to see in a bungalow, in some houses, like lofts, the bird’s eye view is important. Plus, it’ll help you visualize your space a bit better. If you’d like your designs back faster, select the express package at checkout.

Step 5: Give Feedback

If there is anything you wanted to change with your design, for example, if you loved the chandelier in your Modsy mid century modern bedroom but want one that doesn’t hang as low, let your stylist know and they will make revisions and get back to you.

At this point, if you prefer to do some exploring yourself, just ask. You’ll get access to the app to make swaps on your own.

Step 6: Shop!

Now that you know what you love, buy the entire Modsy room design through its website. If you only want to purchase a few pieces, that’s ok too, there’s no pressure. You get to decide on the amount of furniture and accessories that are right for your home at that moment.

How Much is Modsy?

Modsy Interior Design Review

Because you can design quite a few different types of rooms, and up to 8 of them at the same time, the price for your project will vary. There are 3 Modsy online interior design packages with the following starting costs:

  • Premium $159 (per room)
    • You’ll save $20 on each additional room you add
  • Multi-Room $299
    • Two or more rooms
    • Save on additional rooms
  • Luxe $499
    • Good for large projects
    • Save $125 on each additional room you add
    • Extra discounts up to $2.5k that is based on how much you spend

Modsy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Modsy Interior Design Review

So far, the company sounds like a convenient and affordable service. But, no Modsy interior design review would be complete without hearing from customers. Below, you’ll find testimonials from Good Housekeeping, The Verge, and the BBB that mention users’ unique experiences with the brand.

A Modsy interior design review on Good Housekeeping revealed the pros and cons that real customers had when using the service. Some speak of enjoying the “tech aspect” and being able to see the “true-to-size floor plan” to get a real-life idea of how the furniture would work in the space. This sentiment was similar to many others given within the article.

The cons are either in regards to budget or style. Many users felt like Modsy designers just didn’t understand what they were looking for. Take this example: “I didn’t think the designs matched my style as much as I would’ve liked.”

Other customers said even though they specified a tight budget, the items suggested were “WAY over.” These two things are pretty important when it comes to interior design, so we wonder what went wrong and why there are multiple people saying the same thing.

Modsy Interior Design Review

A thorough Modsy interior design review on The Verge recounted the experience from start to finish. The article expressed enjoying the 3D rendering process and the realistic visual that Modsy was able to come up with:

The renders also looked quite realistic, and gave me a lot of optimism for what the space could turn into.” This feature certainly trumps other non-realistic design services that don’t paint a clear picture.

Modsy Interior Design Review

One happy customer wrote in to say that the ordering, delivery, and return processes were all up to snuff: “They followed up and hit all the deadlines…all shipped properly. I even returned a rug that I didn’t quite like in person and they helped organize the return. I always received a quick response. Sounds like an all-around good experience.

We find comfort in reading users’ happy experiences and the exciting details that the company offers. Knowing that the brand offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on products you purchase makes us feel better, too.

Is Modsy Worth It?

Modsy Interior Design Review

It appears that Modsy’s main function is to serve as a middleman between you and a furniture brand. This isn’t all bad, after all, you do get discounts on certain items.

So, is Modsy worth the money? In the end, you have control over your design. You can erase and make revisions as much as you like before making a purchase. You only pay one fee for an unlimited amount of revisions, so we wouldn’t worry too much about designers not getting all the details right on the first few goes.

Design is personal, and the brand is doing what they can with the information and products they can access to give you a great design. But, in terms of what the experts produce, based on real Modsy before and after pictures provided by customers, the designs are fabulous. They’ve come up with interesting ways to utilize space in small homes and how to brighten up a room.

With all of this in mind, we like the Modsy virtual interior design program and think it’s worth the buy. Plus, the company offers a Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning it’ll refund your money if you’re really not happy with a product.

Modsy Promotions & Discounts 

Modsy Interior Design Review

Modsy’s design services are already much lower than what you’d encounter with a traditional interior designer, but the brand offers more ways for its customers to save a few on its projects:

  • Give 20%, get 20%
  • Subscribe to the mailing list to get a 15% off Modsy promo code
  • Save $20 on each additional room with the Premium Plan
  • Save $125 on each additional room with the Luxe Plan
  • Save up to $2,500 when you spend $10K-$30K with the Luxe Plan

Sign Up For Modsy

Modsy Interior Design Review

While you can take the Modsy Style Quiz without paying a penny, in order for one of its expert designers to start working on your room, you’ll need to create an account by following these steps:

  1. Head to Modsy.com
  2. Click ‘Start Your Project’ in the top right-hand corner of the webpage
  3. Click on which room you’d like to design
  4. Let them know why ie. “I’m moving in with someone
  5. Select how finished your space is, i.e. mostly furnished or starting from scratch
  6. Enter your email, password, and how you heard about Modsy
  7. Click ‘Save Your Project’
  8. You’ll be sent an email link that you can use to access your account and select your design package
  9. After you’ve filled in all of the requested details, enter your payment information to get started


Modsy Interior Design Review

Do you have to buy furniture from Modsy?

Technically, no, but that’s one of the best features of this service. It has an in with a selection of brands, so you’ll actually save money (apparently $100s) when buying furniture through Modsy.

How much does Modsy cost?

Modsy’s packages start at $159-$499. Within each package, you can add more rooms, and of course, once you do that the price will increase.

How do I cancel my Modsy subscription?

Modsy isn’t a subscription service. Once you pay for your design, the designer goes ahead and creates it for you. It’s not an ongoing service with recurring payments.

Does Modsy have free shipping?

Modsy does not offer free shipping. The service is only available in the 48 contiguous states. Delivery fees are subject to each individual brand. Modsy usually selects the least expensive delivery options available for you.

All orders are shipped out from the original brand’s warehouse at their own unique availability. This means that while your couch from CB2 might ship out immediately, your lamp from Crate & Barrel may take a few extra days.

Modsy acts as a middleman of sorts, relaying information it receives from the brand in terms of when and how your order will ship. If your item is arriving by freight, the company will need to call you and arrange a delivery day and time. Freight shipments have the following costs:

  • Up to $450 = $99
  • Orders $450-$999 = $129
  • Orders over $999 = $199

Items that are in stock typically arrive 3-6 weeks from the time you place your order online. If you need to change your freight delivery day, you’ll need to do it 3 days before it happens to avoid a $35 fee.

If your order is sent by standard ground delivery, you can expect it to arrive in 3-7 business days.

What is Modsy’s Return Policy?

This Modsy interior design review learned that you can return any item you buy through the service within 30 days of delivery. Returns must:

  • Be in original condition
  • Have no signs of wear
  • Have no damages, scratches, or soils

Custom orders cannot be returned. Rugs can be, but a 15% restocking fee applies. Joybird has a 90-day return policy, but returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Interior Define has a 60-day return policy, but they have a 50% processing fee.

If you just placed your order (within 24 hours) and thought twice about it, you can cancel it for free. You can still cancel your order after that time, but a fee may occur. You cannot cancel your order after it ships.

How to Contact Modsy

If you need any other information that was not included in this Modsy Interior Design review, you can get in touch with the brand by:

Modsy’s customer service phone hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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