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Nebia Review

Imagine a world without fear, cleansed of all sin, and purged of humanity’s filth; a world without suffering, tears, pain, or shame. Sounds like a dystopia, right?

Well, it is, but Nebia are doing their part to help you better cleanse yourself with their line of showerheads. They advertise that their products “save up to 65% of water,” but is that the case?

Over 23k Instagrammers seem to think so, so let’s see what the company has to offer. This Nebia review will cover everything we think you need to know about the brand and what they sell so that you can decide whether their items are worth installing in your shower. 

Overview of Nebia

Nebia Review

Philip Winter and Carlos Gomez-Andonaegui began Nebia with a simple goal in mind: they wanted to improve our relationship with water and water conservation. The company started in Mexico City, Mexico but moved their headquarters to San Francisco. 

There, Winter and Gomez-Andonaegui met Gabriel Parisi-Amon, a mechanical engineer who helped them bring their water conservation dreams into reality. They booted up the Nebia Kickstarter campaign in 2015. 

Their first product, the Nebia 1.0, helped save over 120 million gallons of water

Their success has only grown since then, as the company partnered with Moen and released the Nebia by Moen in 2020.

Now, Nebia is working to achieve the lofty goal of saving 1 billion gallons of water by the end of 2021. They even have a water usage calculator on their website to hold themselves accountable.

So Nebia claims to be good for the planet, good for your wallet (by saving you money on your water bill), and good for your health (it’s good to be clean). Let’s see how well they accomplish that mission by peering into some of their highlights in the next section of our Nebia review:


  • Offers a line of forward-thinking showerheads and shower accessories
  • Proven success with water conservation
  • Using less water can lower your hydro bill while helping the planet at the same time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ships internationally
Nebia Review

Nebia’s product line includes showerheads and wands as well additional accessories like shelves and shower arms, basically everything you need for an optimal shower experience (shampoo and conditioner sold separately).

Nebia Showers Review

Next up in our Nebia Showers review, the company’s best-selling showerheads and wands, all in the hopes of achieving that squeaky clean wash. 

Nebia by Moen Review

The Nebia by Moen claims to provide double the coverage of a regular shower. That should be more than enough water for you to cleanse your soul. It can also save up to 45% more water than a regular showerhead. 

It’s available as a rainshower, wand, or a combination of both. Both ways should be able to hit every angle because the height is adjustable, so it can suit every member of the household, even the stubborn cat.

The product comes in matte, black, chrome and white, or chrome and black color options. Lastly, it boasts a speedy 15-minute installation time.

Make the Nebia by Moen a staple of your shower for $269. 

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 Review

At this point, if this Nebia review team were a regular shower, we’d just retire, given how much better the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 seems to perform.

Case in point, it can spread water twice as well as a standard showerhead while also saving more than half the water a regular shower uses. The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0’s nozzles have been designed to maximize how much water makes contact with your body. This can save on water and increase the pleasurability of your shower. 

You can also adjust the angle by up to 45 degrees, meaning you can aim it almost wherever you please. We’re not giving you any ideas there, all we’re saying is that there are plenty of places you may not be cleaning as well as you think you are. 

This showerhead is best suited for smaller showers or tight washrooms without plenty of free space. You can purchase it for a cool $629.

Nebia By Moen Quattro Review 

The Nebia By Moen Quattro measures 6-and-a-half inches wide and comes in 5 different finishes: matte black, chrome, spot resist nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed gold, all of which sound regal.

It has four unique spraying modes, one for each day of the workweek (if you’re on the freelancer schedule). For even more variety, you can pick it up as either a handshower or a rainshower. 

Nebia claims this shower head is 60% mightier than other showerheads, as well as housing the potential to save up to 50% more water compared to other, lesser, showers

The Nebia By Moen Quattro costs $149 and currently only ships to the United States, but it will begin shipping worldwide by the end of November. 

Nebia Accessories Review

We’ve collected some tried-and-true customer favorites when it comes to Nebia accessories in this next section of our product overview.

Nebia Adjustable Shower Arm (Rainshower) Review

The Nebia Adjustable Shower Arm (Rainshower) is like a security vest to make sure your showerhead stays pointed where you want it to be. It holds the showerhead steady, ensuring a consistent stream to potentially save you money and water.

You can collect three different colors of this item – chrome, matte black, and spot resist nickel – for $89. We do note that the rainshower version is only compatible with the Nebia By Moen Quattro variant. 

Nebia Shelf Review

We could tell you to hold onto your horses, cowboy, but it’s safer to hold onto the Nebia Shelf. With this item, there’s no need to drill into the wall. You can say goodbye to suction cups too, and consider damaged tiles an antiquated worry.

The shelf is made entirely out of aluminum which is, as the company is quick to point out, one of the most reused resources on the planet. So not only are you saving the planet by conserving water, but you’re also recycling by just finding a place to store your shampoo.

This item comes in four different finishes: matte black, glossy white, brushed nickel, and matte grey. It’s available in a regular size for $49 and an extra-large size for $69.

Nebia Double Shelf Review

Oh, you need two shelves? Jeez, how much shampoo do you have? How much hair do you have? Well, this Nebia review writing staff aren’t the type to judge, but we are the type to celebrate, so let’s celebrate the Nebia Double Shelf.

This product is twice as large as the regular-sized Nebia Shelf and over one-and-a-half times bigger than the XL Nebia Shelf. Heck, that’s enough space that you could rent it out as an AirBnB. 

Like its smaller variant, this item is made out of 100% aluminum. Make the Nebia Double Shelf yours for $89.

Who is Nebia For? 

Nebia Review

Look, we all enjoy being clean. It’s not just good for our self-confidence, but for the peace of mind of those around us. Everyone enjoys it when their friends and families smell good and look their most fresh. In that sense, everyone could benefit from a solid Nebia product.

Beyond that, this Nebia review team recommends the brand for people who are looking to cut back on their water usage, which, oddly enough, should also be all of us. 

Trust us, we’re not saints when it comes to water conservation, but it’s good to see a company making strides to help their customers decrease how much water they use.

How Does Nebia Technology Work? 

Nebia Review

Nebia technology works to optimize how much water comes in contact with your skin to minimize water usage. Oftentimes, water wastage is due to showerheads failing to deliver as much water onto our bodies as it does onto the floor and walls.

Since you can position the Nebia Showerhead to your liking, you’ll already be doing your part to conserve more water, but the product’s design does more than that.

The showerhead spreads water droplets across its nozzles while delivering smaller droplets at a faster rate, meaning that it doesn’t need to use as much water. You’ll be using less water in the same amount of time as you would with a standard showerhead, and you’ll be covering more of your body with water. 

Nebia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nebia Review

And now for the true test of Nebia’s products: how do they stack up in the real world? It’s one thing to talk about how nice and eco-friendly everything is, but we’re going to take a look at customer testimonials to get the real scoop.

Starting on good ol’ Amazon, the Nebia Spa Shower holds a 3.2/5 star average from over 55 reviews.

Customers there were head over heels with how much water they saved thanks to this Nebia product. Further, they loved how easy installation was, with some being able to install the entire product in under 10 minutes

Many 5/5 star reviews tell us even more about the Nebia Spa Shower, mentioning how elegantly the item coats their entire body with a luscious water flow and also how much they loved the wand attachment

A great quote straight from the horse’s mouth is, “The main difference I’ve noticed with Nebia is that you’re not just getting was in one place with a regular showerhead…My skin feels softer after using this.

Another reviewer said that setting up the Nebia Spa Shower was a cinch, only taking a few minutes and not having to break a sweat. 

They also adored the product’s packaging and summed up their review by saying, “All that being said we could not be happier with the new shower it works perfectly for us. Plenty of water flow (hot), really can’t believe we are using so much less water, honestly feels like we’re using more. …Great product.

A final review on the Nebia Spa Shower’s Amazon page comes with some helpful advice for those who feel the shower is a bit cold: “ The reviews that mention it feels “colder” are true, but only as you step into the water. We adjusted our temperature higher to compensate, and now, once we are under the water it feels amazing.

That same customer, among many others, was elated with how much water they ended up saving with the Nebia Spa Shower. It turned out to be one of the most common benefits customers mentioned about the product.

Be honest though, don’t you think it’d be unfair if this Nebia review didn’t include other sources in this segment? That’s why we’re pulling from the reviews customers left on the Nebia by Moen Hand Shower and Rainshower Combo page on the Home Depot website.

There, the product has a 3.4/5 star overall rating from over 10 customer reviews.

Many of the reviews there lamented how the installation process wasn’t as smooth as a gondola cruise down the straits of Venice. They felt that they had to keep overcoming certain hiccups. 

On the other hand, as this 4/5 star review says, “In the absence of any guidance it turned out to be easy but it was an unexpected surprise. 24 hours later we have tried it out and it was a wonderful spa experience.

Funnily enough, our Nebia review group spotted that same customer appearing again in the reviews section and took back their negative criticisms. They said, “Me again. I completely take back my review. I did take a few showers but I have gotten used to it. My apologies.” You know a product is at least half-decent when it drives people to go online to correct their mistakes!

The Nebia 1-Spray 8 in. Dual Shower Head and Handheld Shower Head with Magnetic Remote Dock also earned good reviews on HomeDepot.com, holding a steady 3.25/5 star average based on over 150 customer reviews. 

That product received compliments for its functional design and simple installation. A 5/5 star commenter blew the Nebia design team a virtual kiss by complimenting how well the team implemented functionality into the product. 

They went on to add, “No extra holes to drill through the tile, no special parts to buy just a very positive installation experience. Only issue is the other bathrooms are now jealous!

Among the pros our Nebia review team gathered were the ease of installation and the phenomenal water pressure. To better illustrate how much customers loved Nebia, we’ve combined all the best-selling product’s aggregate scores from their website into one convenient list:

  • Nebia by Moen: 4.6/5 stars drawing from over 245 ratings
  • Nebia Spa Shower 2.0: 4.6/5 stars drawing from over 115 ratings
  • Nebia by Moen Quattro: 4.4/5 stars drawing from over 225 ratings
  • Nebia Shelf: 4.7/5 stars drawing from over 75 ratings

Some complained that installation wasn’t as simple as the advertisements made it seem. With that in mind, you need to balance that critique against the many customer reviews that highlight how easily they installed their Nebia products. That means it’ll be up to your discretion to see whether you find yourself in a pickle or not when you install your Nebia showerhead.

Others found that their showers were colder now that they used a Nebia Spa Shower, but as this Nebia review already pointed out, the easy way to circumvent this issue is by turning up the water temperature.

We’ll conclude this segment by going over what customers loved the most about the brand’s goods. They loved how easy they were to set up, how practical the showerheads were, and the overall amount of water they saved after switching to Nebia. 

Is Nebia Worth It?

Nebia Review

Our Nebia review team recognizes that we all need to do our part to reduce our energy footprint. If the change is as simple as installing a new showerhead, one which can take as little as 10 minutes to take from the package to the shower, then it’s hard to find a fault in Nebia. 

Seeing as how that’s only one of the many benefits that come along with the brand’s products, we feel that Nebia is indeed worth the purchase.

Nebia Promotions & Discounts 

Nebia Review

Nebia offers a ‘scratch our backs and we’ll scratch yours’ type of promotion. What we mean by that is that you can get a 20% discount on all accessories by pledging to their Kickstarter page. That sounds like a fair enough trade to the members of this Nebia review.

Where to Buy Nebia 

Nebia Review

Nebia products are available through the company’s website, nebia.com, their Kickstarter page, as well as homecare retailers like Home Depot.


Nebia Review

Who owns Nebia?

The three Nebia co-founders, Philip Winter, Carlos Gomez Andonaegui, and Gabriel Parisi-Amon, own the company.

Where is Nebia Made?

Although the Nebia dream started in Mexico City before it hitched a ride to San Francisco and became a reality, we found that Nebia by Moen products are made in China.

What is Nebia’s Shipping Policy?

As of today, the brand has shipped all of their products to US Kickstarter backers.

As for their future release, their current shipping schedule looks like this:

  • Quatrro pledges should ship to the EU and the rest of the world by the end of November
  • All Nebia Earth Mats should ship worldwide by the end of November
  • All Nebia Rainshower NASA products should ship across the globe by the end of November
  • All Nebia accessories and Moen accessories are currently being delivered to US backers and should be sent to the rest of the world by the end of November

You can probably infer this next bit of information from the previous list, but it’s so good that we feel the need to repeat it. Nebia does in fact ship all over the world. 

Unfortunately, our Nebia review team wasn’t able to detect what the international shipping rates are on Nebia goods because they are calculated during checkout.

What is Nebia’s Return Policy?

We’ve got some good news for you. Nebia has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Along with that guarantee come all of the usual suspects of return policies:

  • It’s up to you to cover the shipping costs for the return
  • You have to return your item in its original packaging 
  • The product cannot have sustained any damages

International Nebia orders have a different return policy because they’re all special little snowflakes. The company offers a 180-day warranty that comes into effect following the original delivery date.

How to Contact Nebia

Do you want more information? Are you craving the sensation of chatting a customer service representative’s ear off? If so, then our Nebia review team has just the thing you’re looking for. To contact the company, you can use either of these two methods:

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