New Chapter Vitamins Review

About New Chapter Vitamins

New Chapter Vitamins Review

New Chapter Vitamins is a whole-food supplement company that produces high-quality products from rich organic fermented fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The brand is committed to providing trustable multivitamins, mult-herbal blends, mushrooms, probiotics, gummies, and more.

This company targets the health needs of men, women, and children using the wisdom of nature. Their products target a wide range of health areas such as immunity, stress, digestion, heart health, inflammation, sleep, bone, joint, mobility, and of course, energy.     

So far, New Chapter Vitamins has gained a steady following, with 18.4k followers on Instagram and over 128.3k on Facebook with its highly bioavailable formulas. 

This New Chapter Vitamins review will take an in-depth look at the brand and three of its best-selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth using.

Overview of New Chapter Vitamins

New Chapter Vitamins Review

The New Chapter organic vitamins and supplement company was founded in 1982 by Paul and Barbi Schulick. It’s now headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont. The brand’s core purpose was to help people improve their health by the medicinal power of herbs.

In 2018, New Chapter was acquired by Procter & Gamble, providing the company with the resources to expand and strengthen the quality of their research and development, marketing, supply chain, and scientific clinical testing initiatives while continuing with their sustainability and philanthropic efforts. 

Now that you know a little more about the brand, this New Chapter Vitamins review will go over some of the company’s highlights before diving into the products’ ingredients in just a few scrolls.


  • Nature-inspired vitamins backed by scientific research
  • An environmentally-conscious brand that follows climate-friendly farming practices
  • A Certified B corporation
  • Zero Waste to Landfill certified
  • Certified Kosher, additive-free, and non-GMO
  • Ingredients tested for pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals 
  • Products made with fermented ingredients to increase absorption
  • Third-party certified organically grown vegetables and herbs
  • Made in the United States
New Chapter Vitamins Review

New Chapter Women’s Multivitamin Every Woman’s One Daily Review

Ingredients Label

New Chapter Women’s One Daily Multivitamin tablets contain vitamins A, C, D3, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, folate, biotin, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and molybdenum. 

The Stress and Energy Support proprietary blend includes organic maca root, schizandra berries, and chamomile flowers. The Hormone Balancing mix consists of organic chaste tree berries, aerial parts of organic red clover, and raspberry leaf. 

The Immune Support blend includes eleuthero root, organic European elderberry extract, and organic astragalus root. This multivitamin also contains ginger and organic turmeric rhizome extracts. 

The other ingredients used in this formula are organic maltodextrin, organic gum acacia, sodium alginate, pea starch, organic sunflower lecithin, organic palm oil, and organic guar gum for tablet binding and coating.

To help you with absorption, New Chapter takes an extra step to ferment their ingredients using these:

  • Organic Soy Flour
  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
  • Orange Peel Powder
  • Alfalfa Powder
  • Deactivated Bromelain and Papain
  • Carrot Powder
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Bifidobacterium bifidum

Lastly, an organic fiber blend consisting of organic rice flour, oat fiber, and sunflower lecithin is added to the mix with silica.

Nutritional Value

One daily capsule of New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily provides you with 100% of your daily value of vitamins A, B6, C, D3, E, and K, as well as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate.

You also get significant amounts of biotin, zinc, iodine, and more!


If you are a busy woman and prefer to stick to only one or two supplements a day, New Chapter Women’s Multi has got you covered with a decent combination of fermented micronutrients that are fundamental for your overall wellbeing.

Even if you try your best to eat a clean diet, with only one tablet daily, you can get a nice, highly absorbable maintenance dose of many vitamins and minerals that you might be lacking in your current diet. 

This supplement helps to keep your immune system strong to up your body’s natural defense mechanism from environmental toxins, stressors, and harmful bacteria with all the antioxidant ingredients[1] such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, beta-carotene, and zinc.

New Chapter One multivitamins also have the power to keep you energized and focused[2] while reducing systemic inflammation in your body. The B vitamin family[3] members are necessary for several bodily functions. Their role in energy production, hormonal health, brain health, metabolism, growth, and digestion can’t be ignored.

The turmeric[4] and ginger[5] root extracts in this blend have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They have been used for thousands of years in medicine to support not only gut health but a variety of conditions caused by inflammation.

How Does It Work

It’s important to know not all multivitamins on the market are created equally. New Chapter’s Women’s One Daily multi-uses a potent form of each mineral and vitamin to guarantee your body can use it, and you notice a difference. 

The convenient dosing of only one tablet daily for at least two to three months will take care of your nutrient deficiencies. In addition, the unique ingredients such as maca root[6], schizandra, and chaste tree[7] berries, will address your stress response and hormone-related imbalances. 

These herbs belong to a group of natural remedies that are called adaptogens.  Schisandra, maca, and chaste tree berries have adaptogenic[8] properties meaning that they can help the body resist the effects of physical and mental stress. They can also boost the body’s defenses against disease.

Besides these two common areas of wellness that women struggle with the most, New Chapter One Daily Multivitamin, with its perfect calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K ratios, protects your bones and joints and keeps them replenished with the right minerals and building blocks.

This New Chapter Vitamins review thinks the company has done a great job creating an ingredients page on their website. They share informative details about each ingredient’s benefits, purity, efficacy, and sourcing used in their advanced formulas. 

How to Take & Dosage

New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily multivitamin is easy to add to your wellness routine. Just take one tablet daily with a glass of water, at any time of the day, with or without food. 

Here’s what New Chapter Women’s One Daily Multivitamin will cost you:

  • 24 tablets : $18
  • 30 tablets : $20
  • 48 tablets : $29
  • 72 tablets : $43
  • 96 tablets : $55

With the Subscribe and Save membership, you get 15% off regular prices and free shipping (scheduled to automatically ship every 30 days, 2 months, or 3 months)

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets Review

Ingredients Label

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets contain vitamins D, K1, and K2, calcium, magnesium, strontium, silica, and vanadium. The other ingredients in this formula are organic barley grass powder, gum acacia, and silica. 

Organic soy flour, saccharomyces cerevisiae, alfalfa powder, deactivated papain and bromelain, and lactic acid bacteria have been used for fermentation. 

Meanwhile, the coating is made from organic maltodextrin, sunflower lecithin, organic palm oil, and guar gum.

Nutritional Value

Three tablets of Bone Strength Take Care contain:

  • Vitamin D3: 1000IU
  • Vitamin K1: 35mcg
  • Vitamin K2: 45mcg
  • Calcium: 905mg
  • Magnesium: 62mg
  • Strontium: 5.5mg
  • Silica: 2mg
  • Vanadium: 14mcg

This blend’s calcium, magnesium, vanadium, strontium, and silica content all come from organic algae called lithothamnion calcareum and coralloid.


New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care is made of plant-sourced calcium to support your cardiovascular health along with strong bones and flexible joints. 

If you are concerned about whether your body can use up the calcium[9] you take as a supplement, or if it is simply accumulating in your soft tissues, New Chapter’s scientifically-proven bone formula has the solution you are looking for. 

This mineral is essential for your overall health. More specifically, it is needed for your body’s basic functions, from the heart and hormonal health to muscles, bones, and teeth.

When you are low in calcium[10], your bones begin to lose density[11] and strength, and you are more prone to muscle cramps, fatigue, and abnormal heart rhythms.

How Does It Work

This bone strength supplement has taken a unique and innovative approach to bone health with all your nutritional concerns and symptoms in mind. 

It delivers organic algae-derived minerals[12] such as calcium and magnesium from the pristine Icelandic coastline together with vitamins D3 [13]and K to maximize the effectiveness of calcium.

How to Take & Dosage 

For best results and maximum absorption, take three tablets of the Bone Strength formula every day with your meals.

Let’s finish things off with how much New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets will cost you: 

  • 30 tablets: $15
  • 60 tablets: $27
  • 90 tablets: $36
  • 120 tablets: $46
  • 180 tablets: $64
  • 270 tablets: $104

If you choose to receive this product automatically every one, two, or three months, you can sign up for the Subscribe and Save plan and get 15% off with free shipping.

New Chapter Zyflamend Review

Ingredients Label

Each serving of Zyflamend istwo capsules. This potent anti-inflammatory supplement contains rosemary leaf, turmeric, ginger, holy basil, organic green tea, Hu Zhang, barberry, Chinese goldthread, oregano, and Chinese skullcap.

The non-medicinal ingredients in this formula are extra-virgin olive oil, hypromellose for the capsules, candelilla wax, and organic yellow beeswax.

Nutritional Value

2 capsules of Zyflamend contains:

  • Rosemary Leaf Extract: 150mg
  • Turmeric Rhizome Extract: 110mg
  • Organic Green Tea: 110mg
  • Holy Basil: 100mg
  • Ginger Rhizome Extract: 100mg
  • Hu Zhang Root and rhizome extract: 80mg
  • Barberry Root: 40mg
  • Chinese Goldthread Root: 40mg 
  • Oregano Leaf: 40mg
  • Chinese Skullcap Root: 20mg


This New Chapter Vitamins review found that the benefits of the award-winning Zyflamend formula go beyond inflammation. This formula is great for you if you have been experiencing joint pain and discomfort caused by the wear and tear of your bones and joints.

The remarkable formula targets pain and soreness with 10 herbs carefully picked to work synergistically in reducing inflammation.

However, we found that a potent formula like Zyflamend could increase its functionality by adding ingredients to support the body’s collagen production for added support, improved motility, and joint health.

How Does It Work

Now let’s take a look at a few of the main ingredients in Zyflamend to understand how they help:

Rosemary[14] Leaf Extract: This is a mild pain-reliever that can help[14] with stiffness and swelling and is more effective than a common pain-killer like acetaminophen.

Turmeric Rhizome Extract: This powerful ingredient plays a significant role in targeting inflammation and relieving pain in the long run. According to this Australian study[15], 1,000mg of turmeric extract is more effective than a placebo in reducing swelling in knee osteoarthritis patients.

Organic Green Tea: Several studies like this one[16] have proven the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea. Its primary component, EGCG[17], makes green tea a powerhouse of a plant that protects you from disease. 

Holy Basil[18]: Different from regular basil, this plant is called tulsi in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and it can tackle stress and inflammation through its therapeutic properties.

As an adaptogen with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, holy basil provides support for those who suffer from arthritis.

How to Take & Dosage 

To reap all the benefits of Zyflamend, you only need to take two capsules a day with a glass of water. Make sure you don’t take more than two a day.  

Here’s what New Chapter Zyflamend costs:

  • 30 capsules: $20
  • 60 capsules: $32
  • 120 capsules: $52
  • 180 capsules: $72

The Subscribe and Save Newscription membership enables you to save 15% and get free shipping. 

Who Are New Chapter Vitamins For? 

New Chapter Vitamins Review

Since New Chapter’s fermented botanical vitamins are designed for a full spectrum of health concerns and symptoms, anyone looking to take their nutrition and supplement game to the next level can easily rely on their advanced formulas crafted with the goal of maximum absorption

So let’s say you have a sensitive digestive system or want to strictly avoid the harsh chemicals, additives, and fillers that are commonly used in the manufacturing process of most supplements.

If this sounds like you, New Chapter Vitamins has the answer for you.

New Chapter Vitamins Side Effects

New Chapter Vitamins Review

To give you a good idea of New Chapter Vitamins’ side effects, I looked into some of the possible adverse reactions you may experience with these products.

With Zyflamend, be cautious about the herbal constituents. Some herbs like barberry may interact with prescription drugs. For example, high doses of this herb may lower blood sugar levels and interfere with your diabetes meds.

New Chapter Vitamins Every Woman’s side effects are linked to their vitamin K content. In high dosage, vitamin K2 may interfere with blood thinning or other blood pressure medications.

And lastly, with the Bone Strength tablets, some hormone drugs, antacids, and antibiotics interact with the mineral strontium[19] in this formula. 

Like with all supplements out there, you must discontinue using New Chapter Vitamins in case of a severe reaction, if you are pregnant, have a serious medical condition, or take medications.

I highly recommend speaking to a health care professional before adding any new product to your routine. 

New Chapter Vitamins Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

New Chapter Vitamins Review

I found a lot of impressive New Chapter Vitamins reviews full of praise towards this brand on different platforms:

New Chapter website:

  • Women’s Multivitamin Every Woman’s One Daily: 4.7/5 stars over 80 reviews
  • Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets: 4.7/5 stars over 63 reviews
  • Zyflamend: 4.3/5 stars over 59 customer reviews


  • Women’s Multivitamin Every Woman’s One Daily (72-count): 4.7/5 stars over 4,497 reviews
  • Bone Strength Take Care (120 tablets): 4.7/5 stars over 3,948 reviews
  • Zyflamend (180-count): 4.4/5 stars over 1,619 reviews 

A very happy One Daily Multivitamin user wrote: “I have ADHD and forgot to take vitamins normally However I have seen a HUGE difference in my mood, and energy levels. This stuff is amazing. I have been down for months and as soon as I started taking this I felt so much better. Do not hesitate to buy this. TRY IT NOW!!”

Another satisfied customer shared their experience with Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets:

“I have been taking New Chapter Bone Strength for several years. I like it because it is natural and helps keep my bones strong and I don’t need to take a drug. Bone Strength has helped me maintain my bone health even though I have osteoporosis. It has gotten no worse and I attribute that to Bone Strength, good diet and exercise.

On Amazon, a Bone Strength tablet user wrote: “My Endocrinologist recommended this as the best calcium supplement. Frequent blood testing at his office revealed that the product worked well for its intended purpose of raising my calcium levels I am not compensated for this review.”

The brand has been rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau and averages 3.1/5 stars out of 2 reviews on Trustpilot. That being said, the most common complaint we noticed among customer reviews was related to many broken tablets in the bottles.

With that being the only complaint I saw online, I’m happy with the general customer opinion of New Chapter Vitamins. They seem to pass the test with flying colors!

Is New Chapter Vitamins Legit?

New Chapter Vitamins Review

New Chapter is a trustworthy and professional brand that has been around for over three decades.

As one of the leading advocates of non-GMO products in the health food industry, with hundreds of positive customer reviews as well as being a Certified B Corp that has been recognized as a Changemaker for two consecutive years, I think the brand’s integrity is truly admirable.   

Is New Chapter Vitamins Worth It?

New Chapter Vitamins Review

This New Chapter Vitamins review took cost, efficacy, ease of use, and customers’ opinions into consideration. My verdict? You ought to consider looking into their products because of the transparency and innovation with each formula.

The sustainably sourced products have clinical research to back up all New Chapter claims. If you’re forced to deal with chronic pain, inflammation, depressed mood, low energy, joint issues, and other symptoms, this brand is worth a shot.

New Chapter Vitamins Promotions & Discounts 

New Chapter Vitamins Review

If you sign up for their subscribe and save program called Newscription, you will be eligible for a 15% discount on certain products.

Through this membership program, you can automatically receive your ordered products on a schedule that you choose with free shipping. 

If you prefer not to commit to a subscription plan, you can also earn points with each New Chapter purchase and friend referral. Then you can redeem your points and use them towards special offers and deals such as $5, $10, and $15 coupons or free products. 

Where to Buy New Chapter Vitamins

New Chapter Vitamins Review

It’s best to buy New Chapter Vitamins on their website or on Amazon to take advantage of their offered discounts and membership deals. 

However, the brand’s products are found in most natural food and supplement stores across North America. 


New Chapter Vitamins Review

Who Owns New Chapter Vitamins?  

New Chapter Vitamins’ owners, who founded this brand over three decades ago, are a married couple named Paul and Barbi Schulick. 

They sold their Brattleboro-based supplement business to Procter & Gamble in 2018. P&G is the largest consumer goods company in the world and mainly manufactures cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and personal care products.

Is New Chapter Vitamins vegan?  

Not all New Chapter vitamins carry the Vegan certified logo, but the three products we introduced in this article are all 100% vegetarian.

Is New Chapter Vitamins gluten-free? 

Yes, the three products covered in this New Chapter Vitamins review are all free from gluten and artificial colors and flavors.

What is New Chapter Vitamins’ Shipping Policy?

New Chapter Vitamins uses UPS Surepost for deliveries which generally take around 5 working days, and charges a shipping rate of $5 for orders under $50. Orders take up to one full business day to be processed and sent out. 

If your order total is over $50, you’ll get free shipping regardless of a one-time or a Newscription-based purchase.

New Chapter only ships to the United States and Puerto Rico. Delivery times are up to 6 business days and vary depending on your location. When you place your order, you will be provided with the tracking information and estimated delivery times. 

For more information regarding rushed delivery or second-day deliveries, head over to New Chapter’s Shipping policy page.

What is New Chapter Vitamins’ Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with a New Chapter product that you purchased, they offer you the option to return it and receive a full refund or credit to use in their store towards future purchases.

After you contact them to request a return and provide the required details, they will take care of your refund within 5 days.

To learn more about their return policy, you can visit the New Chapter Money Back Guarantee policy page.

How to Contact New Chapter Vitamins

We hope this New Chapter Vitamins review gave you good insight on this brand. If you have any other questions about the products, or concerns you can contact them in one of the following ways:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone: (888) 874-4461‬
  3. Live Chat: Online

You can also reach their customer service team by phone or live chat from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

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