Organic Olivia Review

About Organic Olivia

Organic Olivia Review

Organic Olivia is an online health and wellness store selling herbal solutions: natural supplements, tinctures, syrups, capsules, and tea that tend to your ailments. 

Since Organic Olivia was started by a blogger/influencer, they have no shortage of loyal followers: 426k on Instagram, 30k on Facebook, 3k on Twitter, plus 94k subscribers on YouTube! 

Our Organic Olivia review will tell you what you need to know about the brand’s story, bestseller products, customer reviews, shipping and return policies, and other FAQs. 

Overview of Organic Olivia

Organic Olivia Review

Organic Olivia was founded by Olivia Amitrano. She was a pre-med college student who struggled with a number of health problems: IBS, acne, chronic microbiome imbalances, an eating disorder, and more.

Amitrano believed in science and prescription medications, but when she ventured outside of her bubble to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist, she discovered life-changing solutions and a new lifelong passion. 

Soon enough, she was graduating from a 3-year clinical herbal program and had officially become an herbalist.

After gaining a following by blogging about her health journey and herbal solutions, Olivia turned her passion into a full-on business. 

Now, she sells her very own herbs on the Organic Olivia site to help people change their lives with natural solutions that won’t be prescribed at the doctor’s office.

The brand’s headquarters are located in New York, where it all began in 2014 (the actual date is hard to find). Most products are made and sourced within the US according to the brand site.

Next in our Organic Olivia review, let’s get right into the (healthy) juicy stuff: the pros and cons.


  • Offers a variety of herbal remedies to boost your body’s functions and processes
  • A great loyalty program available
  • Positive reviews about product quality
  • Returns cost $10
  • 10% off your first order when you sign up for text messages


  • Negative reviews about customer service
  • Complaints about unreliable shipping: delayed and canceled deliveries
  • Expensive, long international shipping
  • No international returns

This Organic Olivia review will give you all the info on the products themselves. But since the product lineup is pretty clear-cut, these product reviews are pretty to the point too. Capsules, tinctures, syrups, and supplements for all different types of funky ailments follow.

Organic Olivia Review

What are customers loving the most? What is the brand famous for selling? Let’s find out as we take a look at their bestsellers.

Organic Olivia Not Your Average Probiotic Review 

The Not Your Average Probiotic: 30 capsules of probiotic and prebiotic goodness. 20 billion CFUs make this Organic Olivia probiotic a powerhouse for gastro health.

The full list of strains is on the site and bottle, but some star players are Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus reuteri. 

These strains help regulate cells in your overall immune system, create a healthy environment for your gut bacteria to thrive, and even support skin health.

The formula also includes fermented enzymes that help support digestion and give this capsule that extra oomph.

Think of this capsule as that friend who shows up to your party early to set things up, turn your living room into a dance floor, and get everybody grooving just right. Basically, taking this will help cultivate a healthy, balanced gut that doesn’t make your tummy feel blah all the time.

If you’re struggling with IBS and/or tummy-hurt symptoms like gas and bloating, the Not Your Average Probiotic could be your match. You can take your one-a-day pill during the actual day or at night, and you can take it before, with, or after meals—whatever works for you. 

For one bottle containing one month of pills (30 pills, 1 per day), it rings up to a total of $45.

Organic Olivia ParaPro Review 

The Organic Olivia Parapro formula is the OG. This bottle o’ pills made the Organic Olivia brand. Why? Because it balances your gut microbiome to support your digestion, immune system, and skin health all in one pill.

Well, it’s actually 2 pills, because you take 2 capsules twice daily… So technically 4 pills. You should take this Organic Olivia candida solution before meals, otherwise, you may upset your stomach.

You might have heard of the Organic Olivia parasite cleanse. Well, Parapro is part of that, because it’s all about “GI detoxification” and giving your body a helping hand with its natural functions. 

It does this with natural herbs, including garlic, olive leaf, wormwood, ginger, lemon balm

Parapro is $70 for one bottle of 180 capsules, a 45-day supply.

Organic Olivia Mane Magic Review 

Mane Magic is a beauty supplement to support healthy hair, nails, and skin. 

It makes you beautiful from the inside out using Chinese Fo-Ti herb, osha, astragalus root, and dong quai. Combining these natural ingredients makes for a formula that gives you length, shine, and strength in your mane.

It’s recommended that you take Mane Magic for at least 2-3 months to really see the magic happen.

For $60, this 4 fl oz bottle should give you about 5-6 weeks of use when you use it as directed: 2 drops 2 times daily.

Organic Olivia Liver Juice Review 

Liver Juice is one of the brand’s most recognizable products. For an ​​Organic Olivia acne solution, this herbal supplement might be your best bet, considering the ingredients it has to support not only good skin health but also to balance hormones and energy levels:

Oregon grape root is added for microbiome health and liver support, while Milk Thistle supports your kidneys. We also can’t forget about bupleurum herb for its energy-boosting properties. 

The trendy superfood burdock root is also included to help your liver and lymphatic system. 

If you’re struggling with low energy and metabolism, mild digestive issues, and acne, take 1 drop of Liver Juice 2-3 times daily. One 2 fl oz bottle is $27 and contains about 30 drops

Organic Olivia Mood Juice Review 

More juice: Mood Juice style. Another dropper juice brought to you by Organic Olivia, this time a formula that supports emotional wellbeing by targeting your nervous system.

By taking 1 drop 2-3 times daily, Mood Juice will combat everyday stress with St. John’s Wort, holy basil/”Tulsi”, and kava

These ingredients are known for making you feel so zen you start saying “Namaste” in your sleep (not really, but you get the idea). 

The 2 fl oz bottle of juice is available for only $27.

Organic Olivia Brain Juice Review 

Brain Juice is the tincture for you if you’re looking to strengthen your concentration and everyday cognitive function. We live in a hustling and bustling world that pressures us to grind every day, but truthfully, our brains can’t always handle the #NoDaysOff lifestyle. 

This product sweeps in to save you with its natural brain-boosting ingredients like gingko and gotu kola. These are herbs that support healthy cognition and even cardiovascular health. Plus, there’s ginseng in it to help keep those energy levels up.

To use it, simply take 1 drop 2-3 times daily in the morning. The 2 fl oz bottle of Brain Juice is $27.

Organic Olivia Natal Nourish Review 

Natal Nourish is a natural formula containing red clover, yellow dock root, and red raspberry leaf, ingredients that support fertility and pregnancy.

You can use Natal Nourish before, during, and after pregnancy. Just consult your doctor first, pretty please!

Taking 1 drop 2-3 times daily will give your hormones, digestive, and uterine health an extra support system that ensures you are replenished before/during/after your body nourishes a whole other human being in you. Get this product for $33.

Who Is Organic Olivia For? 

Organic Olivia Review

Organic Olivia is for a range of people with a variety of health concerns. With formulas made for IBS, acne, hair growth, pre- and post-natal health, and more. There is something to be found on the site for almost anyone.

If you’re ever unsure about the products, are pregnant, have cancer, or have other vulnerabilities, always always always consult your doctor before use.  

Comparison: Organic Olivia vs. Herb Pharm  

Organic Olivia Review

If you’re sitting here reading this Organic Olivia review wondering what makes the brand stand out from others, let’s look at a competitor: Herb Pharm.

To make it simple, here are 3 similarities:

  1. Sells herbs for health and wellness
  2. American company
  3. Free shipping minimum in the US

Now here are 3 differences:

  1. Herb Pharm has been around for a few decades
  2. Herb Pharm sells more herbs and targets more health problems
  3. Herb Pharm has in-person stores

So you see, the two brands are quite different, but also fundamentally the same. Which will be your pick?

Organic Olivia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Organic Olivia Review

To make the most of our Organic Olivia review for you, we have to look at customer testimonials. 

So, there Isn’t much to be found anywhere besides the brand site and social media if we’re being honest (and we are being honest), so we’ll give you the sitch on reviews from the brand site, Facebook, and Instagram.

First up, the brand site holds overwhelmingly positive reviews. Who’s surprised? No one, really. Here are the star ratings by customers for all the products in this review: 

  • Not Your Average Probiotic: 4.5/5 stars out of 55 ratings
  • ParaPro: 4.4/5 stars out of 56 ratings
  • Mane Magic: 4.3/5 stars out of 87 ratings
  • Liver Juice: 4.7/5 stars out of 88 ratings
  • Mood Juice: 4.9/5 stars out of 79 ratings
  • Brain Juice: 4.9/5 stars out of 50 ratings
  • Natal Nourish: 5/5 stars out of 2 ratings

Customers wrote glowing reviews about the products. For example, the Mane Magic had customers raving that their “hair was stronger and shinier” and fuller in just “6 weeks”!

One Organic Olivia review of the popular Liver Juice wrote, excitedly and oh-so energized:

I’ve NEVER been a morning person- always snoozing the alarm for at least an hour, groggy, and grumpy.But the last few days I’ve woken up with my first alarm and felt more refreshed than ever! And I barely even need coffee

On Facebook, the brand has 3.6/5 stars from 23 people. Let’s take a look at what exactly is going on here.

Then there are some positive comments, with some people saying Organic Olivia is simply “the bomb” and does in fact respond quickly, always “within 24 hours” and with “products arrived on time as well.” One Organic Olivia review even complimented the pretty packaging:

The bottle design makes them pretty enough to set out on the counter also.” Just lovely!

Customers also write about their appreciation of Olivia’s “amazing and informative” health content online. There are plenty of fans of her content who also purchase her products and totally love them.

Similarly, on Instagram, there is a mix of positive and negative reviews about the same stuff.

On the products, people are giving them A+ all around and say they “will never ever go without this stuff” because of how “seriously amazed” they are with the as-promised results.

One customer wrote quite highly about Mane Magic:

this is what I used- again did wonders for me for PP hair loss and I continued to use until we found out we were expecting again. Once this babe vacates I’ll be back on it! We’ve also used her peace juice & brain juice and LOVED both

Is Organic Olivia Worth It?

Organic Olivia Review

We say Organic Olivia is worth it. Go ahead, try out their natural solutions! 

The brand is a little pricey and you could find more budget-friendly options at the drugstore, but Organic Olivia has stunning product reviews and a dedicated following that loves to proclaim that this brand fully changed their life.

Also: consult your doctor. Natural supplements are still supplements. They may seem harmless, but they can still affect your body, interact with each other, interact with prescription drugs you may take, and may not be suited to you depending on your health. 

Check in with your doc and make sure you’ve got the green light before you speed on ahead to better health. 

Organic Olivia Promotions & Discounts 

Organic Olivia Review

For an Organic Olivia coupon, we found that you can get a quick 10% off your first order when you sign up for text messages.

Where to Buy Organic Olivia

Organic Olivia Review

You can buy Organic Olivia on their official website at organicolivia.com. Simple as that!


Organic Olivia Review

Where is Organic Olivia made? 

Organic Olivia claims that their ingredients and products are, for the most part, sourced and made in the US.

Is Organic Olivia vegan and cruelty-free?

Our Organic Olivia review found that while the brand doesn’t loudly advertise that they are a vegan brand, most of the products are vegan

Similarly, the brand has not explicitly stated that they are cruelty-free, but the site does have blogs about the testing and sourcing of the plants, and they seem to be more ethical and less cruel than other brands.

What is Organic Olivia’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping, shipping, shipping. Here’s what you need to know:

Continental US:

  • Free shipping over $100
  • 2-6 business days delivery
  • If the order is under $100, the shipping flat fee is $7
  • Receive tracking info after shipping


  • Flat fee of $18
  • 14-18 business days delivery
  • Priority shipping is 6-10 business days for $45
  • Tracking info available after shipping, standard procedure

What is Organic Olivia’s Return Policy?

In the US only: products can be returned within 30 days of receiving them, but you must also pay a $10 shipping fee. Email [email protected] to request your return label!

As for international returns, there are no international returns. All international orders are final sale.

How to Contact Organic Olivia

Our Organic Olivia review found the following 3 methods of contact you can use to get in touch with the brand:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Fill out the Contact Form on the site
  3. DM @ShopOrganicOlivia on Instagram

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