PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

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About PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

You love your dog, but sometimes, they just won’t stop barking. Maybe your neighbors have complained or you simply want some peace and quiet in the evenings. While barking is a natural way for dogs to express how they’re feeling, sharp, incessant barks can cause distress and fear. That’s where the PetSafe NanoBark™ Collar comes in. 

A product of PetSafe®, a pet-centric company dedicated to the safety and happiness of pets, The NanoBark Collar is just one of their many innovative pet products. 

In this PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar review, we’ll go over the many details of the collar and how it works. We’ll also check out feedback and answer some common questions to help you get a full understanding of the product. First, let’s take a peek at the highlights. 

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review


  • Lightweight, adjustable dog barking collar
  • Great choice for small to medium-sized dogs
  • For neck sizes 6”-13”
  • Weighs 1.42 ounces
  • 10 levels of static shock
  • For dogs 6 months and older

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PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

Small dogs have a reputation for being very barky. Hey, they just have a lot to say! We love our dogs so much, but sometimes we wish they would just stop barking. 

When you researched dog barking collars, you probably looked for ones that were the most gentle. Hurting our pets is the last thing any pet owner wants to do, which is why you probably stumbled across the NanoBark Collar. It has a reputation for being gentle, though not completely unnoticeable, hence its efficacy. 

  • Lightweight Design: The NanoBark™ Collar is all about comfort for your dog. If you’re tired of bulky bark collars that are a nuisance for your pup, you’ll love that this one is super lightweight.
  • 10 Levels of Stimulation: There are 10 levels of static correction to choose from, as well as a built-in safety feature that prevents false correction. When your dog begins to bark, the collar will start on the lowest level. As they continue to bark, it will ramp up to the next highest setting, and so on. 
  • Rechargeable Battery: With a lithium-ion battery, the NanoBark™ collar is fully rechargeable and lasts up to 40 hours (depending on how much your dog barks).
  • Waterproof Design: Ready for a walk in the rain? The NanoBark™ Collar is! Go ahead and let your dog roam during a rainstorm or play in the puddles. This collar can keep up and will keep working despite getting wet.

How It Works

The NanoBark™ Collar learns from your dog’s barking habits. This means that it will only respond to your dog’s unique bark. Learning your pup’s vocal pattern, the collar will automatically adjust through 10 stimulation levels to ensure the right one is applied.


As one of the smallest dog bar collars available, you’ll be happy to read that the receiver collar weight is just 1.42 ounces. Other bark collars are much more cumbersome and aren’t ideal for smaller pets. In addition, many other bark collars aren’t adjustable for neck sizes as low as 6”. Here’s a quick look at the collar’s specs for easy reference:

  • Dimensions: 6.2 in x 2.8 in x 6.4 in
  • Weight: 1.42 ounces
  • Size: 6” to 13” exactly

What’s in the box?

When you pop open the box of the NanoBark™ Collar, you’ll see the following items inside

  • 1 NanoBark™ Collar
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

The collar is super easy to set up. Just follow the directions in the guide, adjust the collar to your dog’s neck size, and fasten it securely.


Normally, the PetSafe NanoBark™ Collar is $149.95. Right now, you can get it for $99.95. That’s a 33% savings.

Who Is The PetSafe NanoBark™ Collar For?

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

The PetSafe NanoBark™ Collar is for dogs 6 months and older with neck sizes between 6” and 13”–small to medium-sized dogs. It’s one of the smallest bark collars on the market, so if you’d like to steer clear of bulky collars and have a small dog, this model is ideal. Also, because there are 10 levels of static correction, those looking for a less shocking experience for their pup will appreciate this design.

PetSafe NanoBark™ Collar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

You’ve read the details so far in this PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar review, now it’s time to find out what customers think. We’ll look at the feedback on first where the collar was awarded a 4.3/5 star average by 48 shoppers. One wrote:

Received this for my dog. He is small and it fits true to size. Easy to use. And it’s not hurting the dog just gentle reinforcements. My dog doesn’t senseless barking anymore.

Another customer said their dog “was deterred from continued barking because of the collar. She would feel the gentle buzz then would pretty much get distracted and would not bark further. This is worth trying.

Those who have bought the collar do suggest that it’s a gentle buzz, not a shock. Many say they use the lowest level of correction and it still works great.

On Amazon, the collar has a 3.7/5 star score among 34 global ratings. One thorough PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar review read:

The waterproof collar itself is adjustable (6” to 13”) and easy to use. I actually tested the shock on myself before trying it on my dog. Yes, it does give a zap but I didn’t find it to be painful in the least. Not pleasant but not painful. The large plastic part on the front of the collar is a bit bulky. It might be too cumbersome for tiny dogs. The collar IS surprisingly smaller than any other training collar we have tried.

On Google, the NanoBark™ Collar has an overall score of 4.2/5 stars and 77 reviews. One read:

It’s the smallest correction collar I’ve seen and the fact that it’s rechargeable and waterproof makes it perfect for everyday use. I really like how the collar’s technology reduced barking with 10 levels of correction that start low and gradually increase until the dog stops barking. This approach felt safe and effective, which made me feel more confident using it with my dogs.

Many of the positive reviews say similar things: that the collar is a game-changer, that they appreciate the 10 levels of correction, and that they feel safe using it on their dogs. 

From the feedback I found for this PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar review, I would say that the collar is definitely effective. Many customers call it a game-changer. While it isn’t a perfect fit for every dog, for the majority, it really does make a difference.

Is The PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Legit?

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

The PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar is legit. It works as the brand claims it to and I didn’t run into any reported issues with shipping or returns.

Is The PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Worth It?

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

Bark collars are often called “shock collars”, but many new-age companies have moved away from the electric shock and on to something less painful. I was glad to read that one customer tried it on themselves and reported that the lowest level didn’t hurt, though it was uncomfortable. While it can be tough for many of us to think about correcting the pets we love with anything uncomfortable, in many cases (and for many of us who have tried every other method), it’s necessary. 

I appreciate the collar’s built-in safety feature that prevents false corrections, as well as the 10 different levels. Its small size is also a plus, making it more comfortable for dogs to wear. Overall, if you’re looking for a bark correction collar for your small to medium-sized dog, the NanoBark™ Collar appears to be quite gentle. 

PetSafe® Discounts & Promotions

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

If you came to this PetSafe® NanoBark™ review looking for some discounts, this is the section where you’ll find them. I scoped out the brand’s website to see all that they have to offer and we found the following:

  • Get 10% Off: To seize this discount, all you need to do is go to and enter your email in the pop up window when prompted. They’ll send the discount code right to your inbox.
  • Free shipping. Spend over $69 and get your order shipped for free. This applies to contiguous US residents only.

Where Can I Buy The PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar?

PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

The best place to buy the NanoBark™ Collar is directly from You can also find it on Amazon. When you shop on the brand’s website though, you’ll have access to special deals, discounts, and free shipping.


PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar Review

How does the NanoBark™ Collar Work?

With 10 levels of static correction, when your dog barks, the collar will be activated at a low level and will continue to increase until your dog stops barking. This is a safety feature the brand implemented to prevent false corrections, which means that if they do not continue to bark, they will only have felt the lowest level of static possible. Since the collar learns from your dog’s unique bark, it will automatically adjust the correction to the right level. 

What is the smallest neck size the NanoBark™ Collar fits?

The NanoBark™ Collar fits necks that measure between 6” and 13”. If your dog’s neck is inside that range, it will fit. To find out if it’s right for your pup, use a flexible tape measure to measure your dog’s neck before ordering.

I need a NanoBark for each of my dogs. Will one dog’s bark trigger the other’s collar too?

Nope. The NanoBark™ Collar cannot be activated by other dogs’ barking. It will only be activated if the dog that’s wearing the collar barks. 

What is PetSafe’s Shipping Policy?

PetSafe® processes all orders the following business day from when they are placed. They offer the following shipping options:

  • Free shipping: FedEx Ground Home for orders over $69 to the contiguous US – orders arrive in 5-7 business days
  • Standard shipping – For orders under $69
  • Expedited shipping: 1 or 2-day shipping
  • Subscriptions: All subscription orders are shipped for free
  • Alaska and Hawaii: limited shipping options, not eligible for free or standard shipping does not currently ship to international locations. To find out the price of Standard and Expedited shipping, add the NanoBark™ Collar to your cart and enter your shipping address. Once there, the brand will calculate your shipping cost and present your shipping options.

What is PetSafe’s Return Policy?

This return policy is valid for orders placed through only. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 45 days for a full refund. The return process goes as follows:

  1. Find your order number and call 1-800-732-2677 or email [email protected] to let them know you would like to return the collar.
  2. Get your package ready for return by writing the reason for return on the packing slip. Include the slip with your return items and write the order number clearly on the outside of the package. Use clear packing tape and attach the shipping information to the outside of the package. Send it back via a tracked shipping method.
  3. Once PetSafe® receives your order, they will inspect the items and will issue your credit within 30 days.

How to Contact PetSafe®

If you need any other information not included in this PetSafe® NanoBark™ Collar review, call the brand directly at 1-866-738-4379. Alternatively, you can also check out their Support Page for answers to frequently asked questions.

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