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Poler Review

Outdoor gear can be such a hassle. Unless you’re going deep into the wilderness or high atop a mountain, all the extra bells and whistles you buy can sometimes seem like overkill for everyday outdoor activities. Plus, a lot of them have no style and are expensive.

Poler is a recently revived brand of outdoor and lounge gear and unisex apparel that focuses primarily on connecting with its customers in the everyday sense, not just for those week-long hikes.

This brand is all about providing fun, cool-looking, functional gear for the more mundane outdoor activities and making them accessible.

Even in its earliest incarnation, Poler has kept dominating social media, now having over 81.9k Facebook and 391k Instagram followers. It’s been featured in We Are Explorers, New York Times, and Gear Junkie.

Since its revival, it has collaborated with other culture-centric brands such as Madness, Captain Fin, and Airblaster, to name just a few.

You’re probably wondering at this point if a brand that has gone down once before is any good or if this new incarnation is actually something worth checking out.

Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to take you through some of its products, philosophies, and promotions to help you make an informed decision in this Poler review.

Overview of Poler 

Poler Review

Poler was originally founded by friends Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella in 2010.

Setting up shop in Portland, Oregon, the duo was tired of how the outdoors industry pressured its customers into thinking they need to be aspiring mountaineers and alienating those who prefer to find adventure just outside their doors. Plus, other brands don’t usually look ‘cool’.

As the two built a small team to help them, they took to social media with their initial line of products. The goal was to make their designs functional, affordable, and look cool so people would be excited to use them.

They blew up on Instagram and never looked back, spreading their #CAMPVIBES for 7 straight years.

Then, out of the blue in 2018, the brand filed for bankruptcy and liquidated its assets. It’s unclear why exactly this happened, but the bottom line was that Poler was dying off.

Then, surprising everyone, it was revived into its current incarnation a year later. Same products and philosophy of fun and affordability, but now owned by a parent company that provided the resources and a new CEO.

Since then, the company has gotten back on its feet and has even begun collaborating with other companies that also strive for a diverse culture of semi-outdoorsy people and activities in everyday life.

If you want the fast and hard facts as to why people have shown interest in this brand, you can get the highlights of my Poler review below:


  • Offer simple, high-quality products made to weather everyday life on the go
  • Designs featuring some of your favorite surfing, snowboarding, skating brands, and more
  • Affordable prices
  • Ships internationally
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year workmanship defect warranty on all napsacks, bags, and tents

My featured brand sells a lot of apparel, camping gear, and other everyday outdoor stuff. For this Poler review, I’m just going to be looking at some of the brand’s best-selling napsacks and backpacks.

Poler Napsack Review

A Poler Napsack is essentially a wearable sleeping bag. Or a backpack to store humans in if you want to look at it that way.

Whether they’re Poler originals or a more specific collaborative design, you’ll find the perfect fit for you whenever you want to switch between getting out and laying down. Did I mention they’re also reversible? Let’s take a look.

Poler Madness X Poler Napsack Review

Up for some skating in the great outdoors or at your local park? Better bring the Madness X Poler Napsack for when you want to catch a break between the ollies and wallrides.

Sitting at just around 2-2.5 lbs, this napsack has everything you need: zippered armholes, corded leg hole and hood, breast and hand-warmer pockets, and some sturdy insulation underneath the nylon exterior. 

While it does require handwashing to clean, you’ll certainly stand out when you reverse the black side with the neon yellow one, emblazoned with the iconic Madness spiral.

You can show off your serious skater street cred for $130 on the Madness website. It even comes with a handy stuff sack for storage.

Poler Reversible Napsack Rainbro Review

Whether you’re held up in your camping tent or lounging on your couch at the cottage, the Reversible Napsack Rainbro is the perfect thing to wear for those rainy days.

It comes with the standard napsack strappings: sealable holes, able to cinch at the waist to double as a shirt, and handy pockets.

But what will really draw you to this model is the colorful nature print that is sure to draw compliments from your campmates. If you feel like being more lowkey, the other side offers you a standard orange.

If you want to chill in style for a discount, then you’re in luck. While this, like the other napsacks, normally goes for $130, you can get this one right now for just $100 on Board Paradise.

Poler Airblaster X Poler Napsack Review

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned that these napsacks had good insulation.

You can sleep comfortably in them, all bundled up, at temperatures around 50° F. All the more reason to slide into an Airblaster X Poler Napsack in the lodge after a long day of snowboarding.

Pretty much the same as the other napsacks in every way with the usual holes and pockets, cinch strings, and insulation.

But what will make this one a treat to show off to your fellow downhill aficionados is the awesome pterodactyl print on a blue background. Definitely, something that will show your style.

You can get this knapsack on the Airblaster website for $130. It’s available in sizes S-XL.

Poler Backpack Review

Bags are pretty essential for everyday life, no matter if you’re just going across town or taking a little jaunt up a local trail. If you’re looking for something that’ll keep all your stuff in order, you could do much worse than a Poler Backpack.

For this Poler review, I’ll be checking out the Day Tripper Backpack, the Down River Backpack, and the Elevated Rollup for a taste of some of the brand’s bestsellers.

Poler Day Tripper Backpack Review

Sometimes you don’t really need one of those backpacks with hundreds of pockets and integrated charging cables.

Sometimes all you need is a bare basics bag that’s good enough quality to keep your stuff safe without relinquishing too many funds from your wallet.

In these instances, the Day Tripper Backpack is a good choice. It’s got your expected laptop sleeve, zippered interior storage pocket, padded back and straps, water-resistant coating, and can hold a respectable 26 L of stuff.

You can add this backpack to your daily carry for $40 on the Zumiez website. And, bonus, the camo version is currently only $20.

Poler Down River Backpack Review

Water. We miss it when we’re thirsty, but otherwise, we curse it when it gets our belongings soaked through.

Whether you’re just walking by a creek or meeting up with friends at the waterpark, it never hurts to bring a waterproof bag like the Down River Backpack.

Nothing fancy, just a non-submersible bag with welded seams made from durable polyvinyl chloride that comes in black or white. It’s the kind of thing you want when you want to keep your lunch sandwiches dry or store your wet bathing suit after a splash.

You can certainly fit those and much more with the 32 L of space. This stylish bag will cost you $50.

Poler Elevated Rolltop Review

Some days you just know you’re going run around everywhere, and you’re going to need an all-purpose backpack to carry all the items you need. On those days, strap on the Elevated Rolltop for good measure.

Made with a polyester weave lathered with water-resistant coating, this bag can hold up to 20 L, with two main two zippered compartments. It even includes a laptop pocket with convenient outer access on the side.

This backpack also boasts comfortable padded adjustable straps, so when you are running around, you’ll be comfortable carrying your items.

Normally this black beauty sells for $90, but for now, you can get it for just $45.

Who Is Poler For? 

Poler Review

Poler’s products are for everyone. Young, old, guys, girls, and anyone else who knows they’ll find an adventure when they walk out their front door.

These products are functional during their daily activities and helpful during intense outdoor explorations. And you’ll look cool doing them.

If you want to reach that zone of joy and relaxation while being out and active, this brand is for you.

Poler Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Poler Review

Considering this brand went bankrupt not too long ago and has only recently been getting back in the swing of things, the number of Poler reviews is few and far between.

And since the products I featured aren’t available on the Poler website, I turned to external websites for reviews.

Here’s how the brand fared on some retailer and rating sites:

  • Evo scored the brand 4.5/5 stars
  • We Are Explorers gave the reversible knapsack 88%
  • Trustpilot scored it 3.3/5 stars

From what I could find, Poler definitely sells people on the coolness factor.

A reviewer of the Reversible Napsack Rainbro said: “Do I throw it on when I let my dog out? Yes. Could I also wear a coat? Maybe, but it’s just not as cool. Also, your coat can’t transform into a sleeping bag so there. 10/10 worth buying.”

The fact that these products are well constructed for such affordable prices is also a big draw for people.

An Amazon reviewer had this to say about the Reversible Napsack Rainbro, “I expected nothing but the best with his purchase. I was not disappointed. The fit is bang on and the quality of the zippers is stellar.”

I even have confirmation that the Napsacks can hold up to the more outdoorsy environments and is pretty handy to have around. A reviewer on Mountain Weekly News simply gushed about this product:

“The Napsack is now my go-to sleep/lounge system for spring/summer hiking trips and I always bring it with me when car camping.  I even pack it in a waterproof duffel strapped to the back of my snowmobile for bigger sled ski missions because it’s a great layer for the long ride home and would certainly come in handy if someone got seriously injured.”

Poler’s products seem to be appreciated by a wide range of people, from your average person to outdoorsy adventurists!

Is Poler Worth It?

Poler Review

Given how the company was only just revived in 2019, and there are very few reviews out about any of the products, it’s hard to tell. 

That said, given that this brand continues to take Instagram by storm with its #CAMPVIBES, the majority of what little feedback Poler 2.0 has gotten is positive, and yes, because those napsacks do look pretty cool, the verdict of this Poler review is that the brand is worth checking out.

Poler Promotions & Discounts 

Poler Review

Signing up for the newsletter will give you alerts on new product releases and promotions.

You can also get free US continental shipping on orders with subtotals over $100.

Where to Buy Poler

Poler Review

Aside from the brand site and physical stores, you can find Poler products on Zumiez, Evo, Walmart, and Amazon.


Poler Review

Who owns Poler?

While conducting the research necessary for this Poler review, I found that after going belly up the first time, the brand was bought by Pacific & Everist Lifestyle Company. Its current CEO is Cape Capener.

Does Poler ship internationally?

Yes, it does. Items can be shipped within the US or anywhere else internationally.

What is Poler’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to order something after reading my Poler review? Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive tracking information for either FedEx or USPS.

Orders take around 3-5 business days to process, and during the holidays, they may take 7-10 business days to process on international orders.

Shoppers in the continental US can get free shipping on orders over $75.

What is Poler’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, at this time, all international orders are final sale and are not covered by any warranties.

For those in the US, new and unused items have a 30-day refund policy after the day you purchased the item. To return your ordered items, start by contacting their customer service team.

If you receive an item with an obvious defect, you have a week after receiving it to contact customer service. After that, you have 30 days to return it for a refund.

Napsacks, bags, and tents are all covered by a one-year warranty, so if you see manufacturer workmanship defects in any of these, you can get in touch with customer service

How to Contact Poler

Have more questions after reading this Poler review? You can get in touch with the brand using one of the below methods:

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