Rambo Electric Bikes Review

About Rambo Electric Bikes

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

Humans are pretty subpar when compared to other animals, physically speaking. We’re not the strongest, the fastest, or the most agile. What we are is the smartest. Through our intelligence, we developed tools to overcome our physical weaknesses and become the planet’s apex predators. It’s how we invented electric bikes, too. 

Though you’ll typically see them on city streets, electric points have a ton of utility for outdoor activities too. Rambo is a company that recognizes this. 

The Minnesota-based company offers powerful motorized bikes for city streets, the beach, the forest, and everywhere in between. Their bikes feature fat tires, high speeds, and quiet engines; three qualities you want regardless of where you’re riding. 

That being said, Rambo has a noted interest in hunting. You’ll find their bikes are great for that task as they feature camo paint jobs and sturdy frames. This specification has earned Rambo more than 18k followers on Instagram. In this Rambo Electric Bike review, I will answer the following questions:

  • What are their bikes like?
  • Who are their bikes for?
  • What’s the Rambo Electric Bike top speed?
  • What do customers think about them?
  • Where can I buy them?

Before I answer those, allow me to run you through Rambo’s best features. 


Rambo Electric Bikes Review
  • Electric bikes for hunting and off-roading
  • Bikes possess powerful 1000w motors
  • Available in Canada and the United States
  • Wide selection of children’s bikes
  • Free US shipping on certain items
  • Collection of discount items on their website

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Rambo Electric Bikes Review

There are plenty of Rambo Electric Bikes vying for your attention, but I’m only going to focus on the brand’s best-sellers. That way, you can decide whether the brand’s most popular offerings pique your interest or not. 

Rambo Electric Bikes The Ryder Review

The first vehicle in my Rambo Electric Bikes review is built for smaller riders since its frame is a tad smaller. Nevertheless, the Rambo Electric Bikes The Ryder is a great beginner bike. It has a 750W mid-drive motor (ideal for most dry off-road terrains) and can oscillate between eight speeds. It normally costs $3,300, but you can grab it on sale for $2,500.

Customers say: “I ride this bike everywhere! Sometimes 20+ miles a day. The battery life is great! Charges quickly. Looking at the bike, you would think it’s heavy. It isn’t at all. It is the perfect size for me with me being 5’4″. Very pleased with the materials used for the bike. It holds up the bike rides in the woods, thru the mud, thru the shallow water. And it cleans up easily.

Rambo Electric Bikes The Nomad Review

The Rambo Electric Bikes The Nomad is a tech-friendly offering. It has intelligent power control so you can shift between outputs without disrupting nearby game. It also boasts a 750W motor and the 48v 14AH battery Rambo is known for. Regularly, this bike is available for $4,500, but it’s available on sale for $3,300.

Customers say: “Love this bike, it’s enabled me to get to hunting spots I haven’t been able to reach in years. I definitely recommend a Rambo to anyone looking for an E-Bike.

Rambo Electric Bikes The Nomad Step Thru Review

The Rambo Electric Bikes The Nomad Step Thru builds upon the previous Rambo Nomad model but with a key difference – its step-thru frame. Mounting and dismounting should be as easy as waking up on Christmas morning with this bad boy. Besides that, it’s essentially the same bike as the Rambo Electric Bikes The Nomad, which is why the two cost the same amount ($4,500 regularly, on sale for $3,300).

Rambo Electric Bikes The Venom Review

This Rambo Electric Bike 1000w model is a performance beast. It features:

  • A 1,000W ultra drive motor
  • A 48v 17AH battery
  • 26” by 4.5” tires
  • Four piston hydraulic brakes

All this is to say that no matter where you want to go, the Rambo Electric Bikes The Venom can take you there for $8,300.

Customers say: “Love my new Venom. Having the shifting/gears inside the wheel makes it very easy to ride through tall grass and corn fields! not like the old bike i had that had mud, grass, and muck stuck in the gears every ride. Love the big tires too! this bike is hands down my favorite Rambo bikes I’ve had.

Rambo Electric Bikes The Rampage Review

The next bike in my Rambo Electric Bikes review was made for hunters who fear no territory. The Rambo Electric Bikes The Rampage has an ultra 1000w motor that can deliver 1500w when necessary. It weighs 67 pounds and has 11 speeds. You can grab it for $7,000.

Customers say: “This this is an absolute climbing/powerhouse of a bike. IF you demand the best of the best this is your baby. I have 150 miles on mine and have taken in the extreme of extreme terrain. So much fun. The battery lasts longer than I do being 21ah and the battery management system Rambo uses is the best. I am a pretty big bike geek, and this one is the best I have owned.

Rambo Electric Bikes Kids 20” Trailbreaker EBike Review

Consider the Rambo Electric Bikes Kids 20” Trailbreaker EBike to be your child’s set of training wheels. It’s built with the following features to help your kid get acquainted with tougher off-road rides:

  1. 250w hub-driven motor
  2. Aluminum-forged wheels
  3.  24v 10.5aH battery with a 15-mile range
  4. Lightweight, tipping the scales at only 38 pounds

If you want to bring your child with you to the great outdoors, then think about grabbing this bike for $1,300.

Rambo Electric Bikes Kids 16” Lil’ Whip Review

The final item in my Rambo Electric Bikes review proves that it’s never too early for children to start biking. The Rambo Electric Bikes Kids 16” Lil’ Whip has a simple one-button on/off switch, a 250w hub motor, and a maximum speed of 14 mph. 

In short, it’s fun for kids without being too dangerous to ride. It’s pretty affordable, too, coming in at only $1,000.

Who Are Rambo Electric Bikes For? 

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

Rambo’s bikes are designed for outdoorsmen who need power and performance. These factors also mean that Rambo’s bikes are pricey, so they’re not for people trying to save money on their bikes. 

Rambo Electric Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

To represent average customer reception, here are some Rambo Electric Bikes review scores from buyers courtesy of the brand’s website. 

  • Rambo Electric Bikes The Nomad: 5/5 stars based on more than 30 pieces of customer feedback
  • Rambo Electric Bikes The Venom: 5/5 stars based on four pieces of customer feedback
  • Rambo Electric Bikes The Ryder: 4.75/5 stars based on more than 20 pieces of customer feedback
  • Rambo Electric Bikes The Rampage: 4.75/5 stars based on more than 15 pieces of customer feedback

There were a few commonalities among those Rambo Electric Bikes reviews. Buyers mentioned the bikes were as powerful as advertised, that they were versatile enough for all terrains, and that Rambo’s customer service was phenomenal. 

Here’s what one customer wrote about that last point on Rambo’s Facebook page. “Amazing customer service. I had issue with my bike and the services was 5 stars rating , i really recommend Rambo bike.

Other customers loved the freedom Rambo Electric Bikes provided them. Some had suffered injuries that prevented them from riding standard bikes, but Rambo’s bikes were powerful enough to help them reclaim their autonomy. 

I can’t pedal like most people because a drunk driver cut me off the road on the freeway and as a result my feet were cut off. This battery powered bike makes my life a lot better and these bikes with the power unrestricted means I can keep up with anyone,” wrote one satisfied buyer when discussing the Rambo Electric Bikes The Rampage.

At the end of the day, Rambo Electric Bike reviews circled back to the performance of the vehicles. They were unanimously praised for their high power output and ability to conquer all landscapes, as demonstrated by this buyer review on Electric Boarding Co.’s website. 

Just got this bike a week ago and I love it.  Rides so smooth and for a long time – about 40 miles and I did not pedal that much. I need it for hunting and it goes right over terrain with ease. 

Is Rambo Electric Bikes Legit?

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

Rambo Electric Bikes are a safe and legitimate company to shop with. They maintain a strong reputation among their customers for their communication practices. 

Are Rambo Electric Bikes Worth It?

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

The only thing preventing me from outright recommending the bikes in this Rambo Electric Bikes review is their cost. You could buy a used vehicle for the same price as some of these bikes. But, if money is not an obstacle for you, I think Rambo is worth checking out

How To Choose The Best Rambo Electric Bike 

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

Before you leave this Rambo Electric Bikes review to go shopping, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much are you willing to spend on a bike? Some of Rambo’s bikes are expensive, too expensive actually, for what you want to do with them.
  • How powerful do you need your bike to be? Rambo’s bikes are powerhouses, so you want to ensure you’re getting one with a motor suitable for your needs.
  • Where are you planning to take your bike? City bikers will have different needs than outback bikers, so figure out where you’ll be riding most of the time. 

Rambo Electric Bikes Promotions & Discounts 

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

There are plenty of items available for sale on Rambo Electric Bikes’ website. These discounts seem to rotate on a regular basis, so keep your eyes peeled for when Rambo updates their sales. 

Where To Buy Rambo Electric Bikes 

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

Google searching “Rambo Electric Bike Costco” may not net you many results. As such, the best place to buy Rambo bikes is through the company’s website,

Otherwise, you can check out which bike shops carry Rambo items through the dealer locator function on Rambo’s site. 


Rambo Electric Bikes Review

Who owns Rambo Electric Bikes?

Nathan Stieren is the current CEO of Rambo Electric Bikes

How fast can a Rambo bike go?

The Rambo Electric Bike top speed depends on the motor power. Those with 750w motors can reach 19mph, while bikes with 1000w motors can run as fast as 30mph. 

Where are Rambo electric bikes made?

I couldn’t find any solid information about where Rambo’s bikes are made, but I found out they’re designed in Minnesota. 

Where does Rambo Electric Bikes ship to?

Rambo Electric Bikes to all lower 48 United States as well as Canadian addresses. Sadly, they do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. 

What is Rambo Electric Bikes’s Shipping Policy?

All shipping fees for Rambo purchases will be calculated at the time of sale. Rambo ships using UPS ground and orders should take 3 to 7 business days to arrive. However, they offer two-day or next-day shipping options for a fee. 

What is Rambo Electric Bikes’s Returns Policy?

You’ll have up to 30 days to return any unused Rambo Electric Bike product to the company. Rambo will charge you a 20% restocking fee. 

How To Contact Rambo Electric Bikes 

Rambo Electric Bikes Review

If you run into any Rambo bike problems, just contact the brand by calling 952-283-0777 or emailing [email protected].

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