Vvolt Ebike Review

About Vvolt Ebike

Vvolt Ebike Review

All about the customer experience, Vvolt offers a line of design-driven e-mobility solutions to help you curb your carbon footprint. From user-friendly features to easy assembly, everything about this brand focuses on the customer. 

It’s a difference noted in popular publications like The Next Web and Electric Bike Report, and why this new company already has a 5k+ following on social. 

The consensus of most reviews? You gotta buy these ebikes. Before you do though, I highly recommend checking out this Vvolt Ebike review. 

I’ve packed it with crucial information about the brand and its ebikes, along with customer feedback, FAQs, and more to give you the full scoop. Let’s gear up and get going.

Founded in 2019 by Kyle Ranson, Vvolt Ebike is the sister company to Showers Pass, a waterproof cycling gear brand. 

Created to help “reshape the landscape of e-mobility and personal transportation,” they aim to get more people out and about in their communities instead of driving around in cars. 

When launching his brand, Ranson teamed up with a group of forward-thinking individuals from around the globe with a passion for cycling and design. 

Based in Portland, Oregon, their team is on a mission to create EVs that are easy to ride and maintain—not to mention ones that are actually affordable. 

There’s so much more to unpack in this Vvolt Ebike review, but first, let’s check out the highlights. 


Vvolt Ebike Review
  • Easy assembly
  • Fast shipping
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made to last
  • Excellent customer service

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Vvolt Ebike Review

Vvolt offers 5 different models of ebikes all available in S/M or M/L frames. Varying in weight depending on the size you choose, they’re lighter in weight than others on the market thanks to their aluminum or alloy construction. 

Equipped with a Gates belt drive, they require very little maintenance and are whisper quiet. I’ll introduce you to a few of their best-sellers up next in this Vvolt Ebike review.

Vvolt Ebike Alpha Review

The Alpha is Vvolt’s most affordable ebike and the easiest to ride. It’s a great option for daily commuters or those who want to get out and about more. 

With a rear hub drive, the Alpha will power you forward through 5 assisted levels plus one walking mode, offering seamless changing through its one-gear drive system.

With an efficient belt drive, you won’t have to worry about chains or excess noise. This one is super quiet and offers 20-40 miles of range. It features a lightweight alloy frame and hydraulic brakes for on-the-spot stopping. 

Get the Alpha in chalk white for $1,399 or slate for $1,599.

What customers say: “Good grief, this belt is clean, quiet, and durable. This model is lighter than geared models, making it easier for stairs and such. Sometimes the most fun is the least complicated version. A+.” – Aaron Edge,

Vvolt Ebike Alpha Step Through Review

Looking for something simple? The Alpha Step Through is your guy. It’s lightweight at 44-46 lbs (depending on size) yet can take you 20-40 miles on a single charge. 

Made with a rear hub motor for balance, you’ll feel as if you’re being pushed forward as you ride. It’s also Bluetooth compatible, has hydraulic brakes for precision stopping, and has a USB outlet for your phone. 

With 5 levels of assistance and walk mode, the Class 1 Alpha uses a one-gear drive system to take the pain out of switching gears. Get yours in slate for $1,599.

What customers say: “Dan & Nick were awesome to work with…any questions or concerns were addressed immediately. I am so pleased with the ease of using the assist when needed & am still able to pedal easily without the assist. It rides extremely well in all conditions.” – Patricia Petetti,

Vvolt Ebike Centauri Review 

The Centauri is another one of Vvolt’s models that comes in 20mph or 28mph speeds. You’ll choose whether you’d like a Class 1 or Class 3 ebike, both of which weigh 51-53lbs depending on the size.

A great cruiser, the Centauri can handle rocky terrain and slick city streets the same thanks to an automatic torque sensor that adjusts as you need it. 

This ebike is made from aluminum to keep things light and offers Bluetooth compatibility, a USB plug, and 5 levels of assistance plus a walking mode. 

Talk about versatile. Grab one in slate for $2,999 or chalk white for $2,499.

Vvolt Ebike Proxima Review 

The Proxima is Vvolt’s most versatile ebike. It boasts a powerful mid-drive motor, an Enviolo CVT hub, and a smooth belt drive. It’s ideal for all kinds of terrains and can handle city streets and uneven ground. 

Like all of Vvolt’s ebikes, the Proxima is lightweight, clocking in at 50-52lbs (depending on the size you choose) thanks to its alloy frame. Equipped with an onboard computer and torque sensor that automatically adjusts, riding this Class 1 beauty is smooth sailing.

You’ll get 4 levels of assistant plus a walk mode, along with Bluetooth compatibility, a USB plus, and 20-40 miles of range. Get yours in Mars or slate hues for $2,699 or choose chalk white for $2,199.

What customers say: “The “big deal” about this bike is you can’t find a bike this good looking and well built, with Belt drive, an Enviolo CVT, a mid-drive Class 3 motor, and what seem to be great quality hydraulic disc brakes for this price.” – Fayaz Manji,

Who Is Vvolt Ebike For? 

Vvolt Ebike Review

Vvolt makes high-quality, easy-to-ride, and affordable ebikes. Said to have excellent value for the price, if you’re in the market for a Class 1 or 3 ebike for commuting or general riding, this is an excellent brand to shop with.

Vvolt Ebike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vvolt Ebike Review

Since no Vvolt Ebike review would be complete with feedback, I scoured the web to see what I could find. Starting at, below, you’ll find a short list of ratings for their best-sellers: 

  • Alpha: 5/5 stars, 11 reviews
  • Proxima: 4.5/5 stars, 12 reviews
  • Sirius: 5/5 stars, 8 reviews

Here’s what one customer wrote in their Vvolt Ebike review for the Alpha:

I haven’t been on a bike in about 70 years I can tell you from my perspective there isn’t a better bike around. The people that sell and support it are better than the bike. It is well built and even though the last bike I was on had coaster brakes and the cyclist did most of the work. This bike is a joy.

For reference, that same customer rated the Alpha an 11/10. On Electric Bike Report, the Proxima received a 4.7/5 star score in their Vvolt Ebike review. 

It’s fast, has a mid-drive, handles superbly and boasts a component package that’s not only functional and high-performing, but is nicer quality than almost any other e-bike I’ve ridden in the sub-$3,000 price bracket,” the review wrote. 

A Vvolt Ebike review for the Sirius on The Next Web read, “There’s a whole lot to like here. While [this price] is no small change, the Sirius feels like it justifies its price. It’s a polished, no-nonsense e-bike with some of the smoothest pedal-assist I’ve tested in a remarkably comfortable design.

Those who try Vvolt ebikes really like them. And while not every single of their models is as affordable as the Alpha is, shoppers say they ride wonderfully smooth and are of exceptional quality

On top of that, Vvolt is said to have the most professional, friendly, and helpful staff out there.

Is Vvolt Ebike Legit?

Vvolt Ebike Review

Vvolt is definitely legit. According to Vvolt Ebike reviews, their ebikes are loved by everyone who rides them—and I’m not exaggerating here. This brand has some seriously excellent feedback for both its bikes and its service. 

Is Vvolt Ebike Worth It?

Vvolt Ebike Review

Vvolt ebikes are made by people who understand cycling and why people buy ebikes in the first place. Customers notice the difference in their models compared to other brands and say they ride like a dream. 

Every single Vvolt Ebike review I checked out recommends them as well. Why? Because it’s rare to find ebikes with as many user and ride-friendly features as Vvolt’s for such an affordable price. 

Vvolt Ebike Promotions & Discounts 

Vvolt Ebike Review

While writing this Vvolt Ebike review, I noticed that the brand is offering sales on any Chalk White ebike with savings of up to $500. No matter which color you buy, your order will be shipped for free.

Where to Buy Vvolt Ebike

Vvolt Ebike Review

If you’re in the Portland, OR area and want to try before you buy, pop into their showroom at 2102 SE 6th Avenue—just be sure to call before you head in. Ready to shop online? Go to


Vvolt Ebike Review

Who owns Vvolt Ebike?

Kyle Ranson owns Vvolt Ebike. He also owns Showers Pass, a waterproof cycling apparel brand.

Does Vvolt Ebike ship internationally?

Not right now. They do have plans to expand their shipping destination in the near future, though.

What is Vvolt Ebike’s Shipping Policy?

Vvolt orders ship from Portland, Oregon and take about 5 business days to reach your home. Shipping to the contiguous US is free. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you’ll need to get in touch with the brand for a shipping quote.

What is Vvolt Ebike’s Return Policy?

If you’re having any kind of difficulty with your new ebike, as I’ve mentioned a lot in this Vvolt Ebike review, the brand is more than willing to help you out. 

They will do all that they can to help fix your issue, but if you’d like a return instead, they can assist with that as well. They do ask that you stick to a few guidelines though, and I’ll walk you through them here:

  1. Keep your original shipping box to send your bike back in
  2. Get in contact with them within 14 days of your purchase
  3. Ensure you get an RA number before you send your bike back

The ebike needs to be in new condition for a full refund. If it’s dirty or damaged, Vvolt may deduct 25% from your refund amount. Return shipping costs a flat rate of $90. To start the process, use the contact information in the very last section of this Vvole Ebike review.

How to Contact Vvolt Ebike

Vvolt Ebike Review

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Vvole Ebike review, you can get in touch with the brand Monday to Friday 8 am – 4 pm PST. Call (866) 886-5836, email [email protected], or use the contact form on 

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