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About Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials Review

Rescue Essentials is an American online store that sells every kind of rescue and first aid gear imaginable! This shop is a fantastic resource for all your first aid needs. My Rescue Essentials review has found that this site’s selection includes everything from basic PPE to medical training equipment and gear such as tourniquets, bandages, blood control dressings, and more.

This company has a long history of selling wilderness survival supplies, and since 2007 they’ve also supplied law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue teams, and schools with effective medical equipment. Rescue Essentials has gained a substantial social media following, with 19k fans on Facebook and 6.8k followers on Instagram.

Whether you’re looking to put together a household first aid kit or you’re a medical professional on the hunt for high-quality emergency or training supplies, my Rescue Essentials review will tell you everything you need to know before placing your order!

So, keep reading to learn more about this company.

Overview Of Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials Review

Before he launched his business, Rescue Essentials’ founder Phil Carey was a professional EMT and Wilderness First Responder. After years of selling rescue gear and medical items with a company named Atwater Carey, Phil Carey started Rescue Essentials’ online shop in 2007.

This store has enjoyed great success and has since been purchased by the parent company Tri-Tech Forensics. Rescue Essentials shares that they are “dedicated to providing the best service, products, prices and, most importantly, survival outcomes for first responders, trained professionals, government agencies and everyday heroes.

Take a look at some key brand highlights:


  • Rescue Essentials sells first aid kits and emergency medical supplies
  • A flat rate shipping fee of $5 for US customers
  • Basic first aid and student health packs for families and classrooms
  • Dedicated sales section for discount shopping
  • High-quality, realistic medical training products
  • Huge selection including tools, hardware, bags, PPE, and more
  • K9 products for dog first aid

Rescue Essentials Products Review

This brand has so much gear to choose from! So, I’ve narrowed down this vast selection to four of their most essential best sellers. Read along as my Rescue Essentials review takes a close look at these first aid life savers.

Rescue Essentials Individual First Aid Kit Protective Pouch Review

This kit is a must-have for every household or classroom. Once you’ve purchased your medical equipment, this pouch is the perfect way to safely and conveniently store them in an accessible place.

The Individual First Aid Kit Protective Pouch is a small zippered bag with two back straps for easy carrying. You can also use these straps to mount this pouch onto vests, car seats, or other bags. 

Plus, this pouch has a tourniquet holder on the front so you can quickly grab this life-saving device. The IFAK Protective Pouch is currently on sale. Buy it for $18 (down from $40).

Rescue Essentials Israeli Bandage Review

The Israeli Emergency Bandage is a tool that will help you limit blood loss from a wound. Rescue Essentials explains that this bandage does the work of more than one first aid device because it’s a “primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and a foolproof closure apparatus” all in one!

This bandage is combat proven and trusted by military medical professionals to prevent blood loss in injured patients. To use this bandage place the sterile pad on the wound and wrap the bandage securely around it.

You can choose between a 4-inch width and a 6-inch width for this item. Buy the Israeli Emergency Bandage starting at $8.

Rescue Essentials Tactical Ankle Medikit Review

This Tactical Ankle MediKit is cleverly designed to be as lightweight and convenient as possible. This first aid kit can be attached to your ankle, fitting on top of tight pants or under a looser pant leg. It is especially intended for law enforcement officers who may need to access it as they kneel down to help an injured person.

This first aid kit comes with the following items:

The total weight of this Rescue Essentials medical pack is 11oz. Buy it for $68

Rescue Essentials Combat Application Tourniquet Review

A tourniquet can be a life-saving device in an emergency. This Combat Application Tourniquet should effectively prevent blood loss with these features:

  1. Single routing buckle
  2. Windlass Rod
  3. Windlass Clip
  4. Windlass Strap
  5. Stabilization Bar

Rescue Essentials explains that the US Army Institute of Research studied this particular design and deemed it 100% effective! Purchase the Combat Application Tourniquet on sale for $30 (regularly $35).

Who Is Rescue Essentials For? 

Rescue Essentials Review

Rescue Essentials will appeal to medical professionals and everyday people alike. Their wide range of products means that regardless of what you need, this site is likely to have items that will be useful to you.

Families, schools, and workplaces will appreciate being able to stock up on general first aid kits and medical supplies that are necessary to have on hand—since it’s best to be prepared in the event of an emergency. 

Rescue teams and other medical professionals will appreciate the more sophisticated gear this company offers, such as radio packs, trauma kits, and advanced PPE. 

This brand also caters to professionals who train others to deal with medical emergencies. Their training supplies will be appreciated by medical staff who need to practice using realistic models and equipment. 

Rescue Essentials Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rescue Essentials Review

This company has generally positive reviews on its official website, where buyers compliment the brand on the quality of their first aid items for home and work.

The CAT-Tourniquet Gen 7 has a five-star rating based on 36 reviews. One buyer was very pleased with his purchase and wrote this Rescue Essentials review: “Top of the line medical grade. Reliable, small footprint, always keep this in my emergency kit.”

Customers also left glowing reviews about the Israeli Emergency Bandage. One buyer found this item effectively limited blood loss in a real medical emergency and could be easily packed and stored for quick access

He left a detailed Rescue Essentials review: “I found this to be a superior wound dressing when dealing with major hemorrhaging injuries. The components are very well made and the latching system allows for the bandage to be pressed tightly against the injured area. The packaging is compressed which allows it to be carried in a field pack…”

This company also has some customer feedback on TrustPilot’s website where they currently have two five-star reviews.

One customer had a great buying experience with this company, thanks to their thorough product line and affordable pricing. In his Rescue Essentials review, he wrote that this store had a “good selection of products, competative pricing and easy check-out with paypal even for international orders.”

This brand also shares customer feedback on its official Facebook page, where they have a 4.5/5 star rating based on 40 reviews. Most of these reviews mention this site’s quick shipping times, friendly customer service, and excellent product selection. 

One happy shopper only had great things to say in his Rescue Essentials review: “Very quick and efficient! Prices were very reasonable if not better than similar companies for some products. I was very pleased and will most certainly be ordering from Rescue Essentials again! Thank you guys for your awesome service!”

Overall, this brand has become popular with everyday buyers as well as healthcare and rescue professionals thanks to its high-quality medical supplies, reasonable pricing, and efficient service.

Is Rescue Essentials Legit?

Rescue Essentials Review

Definitely! This online store is a great resource for first aid and rescue equipment—from small safety packs for students to complex training equipment. And this company reliably delivers its products to people around the world.

Is Rescue Essentials Worth It?

Rescue Essentials Review

While writing this Rescue Essentials review, I discovered that this brand is a reputable retailer of first aid gear for daily home use or more complex rescue missions and medical care.

Plus, this site has solid customer feedback for its product selection as well as its helpful service and prompt delivery. Its items are trusted by law enforcement organizations, wilderness rescue teams, and first aid training services due to their efficacy and high quality.

It’s also worth noting that their gear is apparently wellpriced, and their $5 flat rate shipping fee across the contiguous USA helps make their supplies more accessible. To wrap up this Rescue Essentials review, I’d highly recommend shopping with this leading brand.

Rescue Essentials Promotions & Discounts 

Rescue Essentials Review

This site has a dedicated sales section so you can easily shop for their latest deals. Check out a few of them below!

  1. Blackhawk Special Operations Medical Pack- on sale for $184 (regularly $205)
  2. OmniTrust Nitrile Examination Gloves – 200/box$36 (regularly $38)
  3. RIPSHEARS- Black- on sale for $25 (regularly $29)

Visit for Rescue Essentials coupons and discounts.

Where To Buy Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials Review

You can purchase all Rescue Essentials gear at


Rescue Essentials Review

Who owns Rescue Essentials?

Parent company Tri-Tech Forensics Inc. owns Rescue Essentials.

Does Rescue Essentials ship internationally?

Absolutely! This brand ships most of its products worldwide, with a few exceptions. International customers will pay shipping rates that depend on the size and weight of your order and its destination.

What is Rescue Essentials’ shipping policy?

As previously mentioned, Rescue Essentials charges a flat rate of $5 for shipping within the contiguous USA (Alaska and Hawaii will pay more than this). You can also get in touch with their customer service team if you’d like to pay extra to expedite your shipping.

What is Rescue Essentials’ return policy?

At the time of this Rescue Essentials review, you can return unopened and unused products within 30 days of your purchase. Customers will pay for shipping costs unless the return is due to a defective item or receiving the wrong product.

How To Contact Rescue Essentials

I hope you enjoyed this Rescue Essentials review! For any other questions, there are three ways you can reach out to this company’s customer service team.

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