Sleepgram Pillow Review

About Sleepgram Pillow

Sleepgram Review

Sleepgram guides you away from those restless nights. Their highly celebrated adjustable pillow allows customers to finally say goodbye to waking up with aches and pains. They also carry a range of bedding that improves your quality of life, and is easy to care for.  

The brand has received praise and recognition for its smart, customizable pillows. They’ve also landed features in publications such as Healthline, Real Simple, Good Morning America, Pop Sugar, Los Angeles Times, The Gadgeteer, and many more. They have a decent following of 61K on Instagram and Facebook combined. 

This Sleepgram Pillow review will take a closer look at the brand and its bestsellers. We’ll also fill you in on what customers have to say, provide information on promotions, FAQs, and more—to help you decide if the Sleepgram pillow is the right fit for your needs. 

Overview of Sleepgram Pillow

Sleepgram Review

Founders Logan Newell and Leo Haury—a software engineer and a data analyst—were dissatisfied with the pillow industry as it was five years ago. Bedding is often too expensive, and the quality can be such a hit or miss. In 2016, the two friends decided to take matters into their own hands and set out to provide others with affordable, but high-functioning pillows and bedding

They started off with one product: the Sleepgram Pillow, a revolutionary invention that allowed users to adjust firmness and loft to their own preferences. Without compromising on softness or durability, this personalization aspect added tremendous value to a purchase of something that most would consider a splurge.

After garnering a positive response to their flagship pillow, the brand decided to expand their line to sleep accessories, a knee pillow, weighted blanket, and more. Sleepgram is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, helping customers across the US and Canada catch some better zzz’s. 

This Sleepgram pillow review will now showcase a summary of highlights about the brand.


  • Adjustable pillow offers 3-in-1 (soft, medium, and firm) sleeping preferences
  • Compatible with all types of sleepers (back, side, stomach, combination, etc.)
  • Range of other high-quality bedding and accessories offered, like silk pillowcases and bamboo sheets
  • 100-Day Guarantee
  • Try Before You Buy 23-Day trial
  • Returned items in decent conditions are donated to the Salvation Army
  • A loyal customer base; some have claimed this brand exclusively for all their bedding and pillow needs 
  • Seasonal sales that range from 7–33% off 
  • Free shipping to contiguous United States and Canada
Sleepgram Pillow Review

Sleepgram’s mission is to give people a better night’s sleep without breaking the bank. Their versatile pillows and luxurious bedding enhance your comfort, while remaining friendly to both your health and your wallet. Next, this Sleepgram review will provide some insight on the features and prices of the brand’s best-selling pillows and bedding. 

Sleepgram Pillows Review

Without proper neck support and cozy blankets, we can’t help but toss and turn all night. Sleepgram’s most popular offerings are featured ahead in this article, including their game-changing pillows, pillowcases, comforters, and sheets

Whether you’re nesting in a new home, or simply believe that it’s time for some bedroom upgrades, the brand has your needs covered. Make yourself a cup of tea, and settle in for a Sleepgram review.  

Sleepgram Pillow Review 

Sleep is an important pillar of our wellbeing, and yet so many of us settle for stiff or flimsy pillows. We try to make it work for us each night, and have hurt our necks more by the time morning rolls around.  

Better sleep leads to an alert mind, improved mood, and an easier day overall. But even when we’re ready to shop for new supports, it’s hard to know what to look for. We can’t exactly try them all out. The Sleepgram Pillow offers 3-in-1 customizable benefits to increase the chances of it being an ideal fit for you. 

By adding or removing inserts within its casing, you can transition between soft, medium, or firm levels. The Sleepgram Pillow works for all types of sleepers—side, back, or stomach—and is easily adjustable if one style just isn’t working for you. 

Personalize your pleasure with the Sleepgram luxury Pillow. Below is a breakdown of the prices according to Queen and King sizes: 

  • 1 Standard/Queen pillow: $55 (marked down from $60)
  • 2 Standard/Queen pack: $90 (down from $120)
  • 4 Standard/Queen pack: $160 (down from $240)
  • 1 King pillow: $70 ( down from $75)
  • 2 King pack: $110 (down from $150)
  • 4 King pack: $200 (down from $300)

The 100% antibacterial cotton cover is washer friendly, to help you get rid of dirt and dust mites easily, while keeping your skin clear and free of blemishes. Made from softened polyester microfiber, this Sleepgram dream sleep pillow is a clean and cruelty-free alternative to traditional down cushions. 

Sleepgram Contour Knee Pillow Review 

When we sleep on our sides, it throws our spine out of alignment. Ending up in a twisted position too often can lead to chronic back pain. Knee pillows are a side sleeper’s best friend, but not just any prop-up will get you the full-body benefits you’re looking for. 

The Contour Knee Pillow is built specifically to fit between your knees and keep your spine in line while sleeping. It also has a cooling gel fill to keep users snug throughout the night, and so they don’t wake up with pools of sweat behind their legs.

The Contour Knee Pillow is also a great option for back sleepers who require slight elevation as they doze off. Eliminate those throbbing aches with the Contour Knee Pillow for $50. 

Sleepgram Pillowcase (2-Pack) Review 

Your Sleepgram Pillow comes with an outer shield, but you may want a pillowcase to keep things extra comfy and to protect the pillow from damage. The Pillowcase (2-Pack) comes with 100% sateen cotton slip covers that have a 300 thread count. 

These pillowcases may seem lavish, but don’t be fooled. They are easily cleaned (just throw them in the washer on a low spin cycle; they’re sturdy enough to survive many washes). Keep in mind that as the Sleepgram Pillow is sized differently than other pillows, regular covers may not be compatible. 

These 2-Pack of pillowcases from Sleepgram are measured and designed especially for your Sleepgram Pillow, so it won’t slip out during the night. Available in Standard/Queen and King sizes, and in a plain white color, this set is $34–$45.

Sleepgram Silk Pillowcase Review 

Silk pillowcases come with a long list of benefits. Mainly, they reduce acne caused by surface bacteria, while preventing hair from tangles and breakage during the night. Silk is definitely having its moment in the beauty world. 

The material has an amazing ability to nurture everything it touches; it’s sleek and cool to the touch, gentle on your locks, and airy. Plus, it prevents sleep lines from being imprinted on your face. The Silk Pillowcase comes in Ivory, Rose, or Platinum tones that can complement a number of bedding schemes. 

  • 1 Standard/Queen pillowcase: $70 (marked down from $75)
  • 2 Standard/Queen pack: $120 (down from $150)
  • 4 Standard/Queen pack: $200 (down from $300)
  • 1 King pillowcase: $80 ( down from $90)
  • 2 King pack: $140 (down from $180)
  • 4 King pack: $240 (down from $360)

If you’ve been on the hunt for a high-quality Silk Pillowcase, Sleepgram’s is a great option—currently, they’re available for discounted prices.  

Sleepgram Comforter Review 

The Sleepgram Comforter is thermo-regulating, meaning it’s designed to keep you cool in the high temperatures, and toasty in the winter. Made with siliconized microfiber, this Comforter provides a better alternative to down duvets that tend to trap in heat. 

The filling of the Comforter is also hypoallergenic, so those with allergies and sensitivities can wake up congestion-free. If you’re looking to optimize your relaxation time further, try the Sleepgram Weighted Blanket. 

  • Twin/ Twin XL: $140
  • Full/ Queen: $160
  • King/ Cal King: $190 

The Comforter is a perfect Christmas present to give your loved ones. It comes in three different sizes, in either All Season or Lightweight versions:

Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets Review

As you may have already heard, bamboo is a sustainable material. A lesser known fact is that it’s also an exceptional choice for bedding—it helps wick sweat away when you’re having those recurring nightmares. 

For those who like to sleep in the nude, this fabric also feels nice against skin. Sleepgram’s Bamboo Sheets are ultra-light and have an expensive silkiness to them. They’re also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so they won’t take up space in the laundry basket too often. 

These Bamboo Sheets are 80% more breathable than cotton ones, which means they won’t strip your skin of essential oils. They come in White, Grey, and Sand, in six sizes from Twin to California King

Treat yourself to an afternoon nap, or have breakfast in bed on your new Bamboo Sheets. They’re on sale right now for $112–$160 (originally $170–$240). 

Sleepgram Supima Cotton Duvet Cover Review

Duvet covers are an essential part of any bedroom set, especially when they’re usually the first thing you collapse on after a long day. Supima Cotton Duvet Cover has a 400 thread count, allowing you to wrap yourself in it without any itchiness. The super-soft Supima cotton used is grown in the US

Sleepgram’s Supima Cotton Duvet Cover is OEKO-TEX certified, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected from harsh chemicals and dyes. Choose from classy neutrals like Grey, White, Sand, or Grey Stripes to create a peaceful vibe for your sanctuary. 

The Supima Cotton Duvet Cover comes in sizes Twin/ Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/Cal King, for $90–$120. 

Sleepgram Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sleepgram Review

This Sleepgram review took to the web to uncover what customers honestly think about the brand’s pillows and bedding. In this section, you’ll find consumer feedback sourced from their website, mattressclarity.com, and slumbersearch.com. Keep reading for some insight on what Sleepgram products are really like. 

The Silk Pillowcase received an average of 5/5 stars out of 128 reviews on the company’s site. A few comments expressed that buying multiples was too expensive, but most seemed impressed with its quality. A happy customer shared, “I am really enjoying this new pillowcase. My hair isn’t messed up in the morning and it is much cooler to sleep on than a regular pillowcase.” 

The adjustable Sleepgram Pillow is rated an average of 4.8/5 stars by 3,936 reviewers. Many loyal customers write about how this pillow has improved their sleep quality, and that they’ve found a favorite for life. One shared, “I didn’t realize how much a pillow impacts the quality of your sleep. I have slept so well since purchasing these pillows.” 

A post on Mattress Clarity provides a thorough analysis of the Pillow and compares it to other popular options on the market. This review includes a sleep test and information on how the cushion wears over time

One of the main highlights the author points out is the Pillow’sability to closely customize the pillow to the right loft and firmness without having to deal with the mess of adding and removing the actual fibers.” This is great for those who want more out of their purchase, and constantly switch up the way they sleep.

Still, the Sleepgram Pillow review carried on to share that “the Sleepgram pillow is not the most durable pillow…its materials will more likely than not break down over time.They also pointed out that it tends to flatten out over time, so be prepared to throw it in the dryer for a quick fluffing. 

A Sleepgram Pillow review on Slumber Search shared more details about its performance, as well as varying customer reviews. These were helpful in understanding different aspects such as quality, support, and feel. 32 customers scored this pillow with a high average of 7.6/10 stars. 

General reviews of Sleepgram across the web show that people tend to really love the pillows.

Is Sleepgram Worth It?

Sleepgram Review

After taking everything into consideration, this Sleepgram review determines that the classic Pillow certainly has some innovative qualities. Yet, as expected, it doesn’t provide the right support for everyone. 

This is because all of our bodies have different needs and comfort preferences. It also takes time to break in a new support. Sleep is a very personal thing, which is why this Sleepgram review encourages you to take full advantage of the brand’s trial period

Is Sleepgram a legit company? Based on customer reviews, we believe that there’s no risk in purchasing their bedding and accessories. The company also offers a Try Before You Buy option, where you can try out certain products for 23 nights before paying a cent. This is a pretty clear indicator that the brand stands behind their reputation

If you have ever experienced any kind of neck or back pain while sleeping, this Sleepgram review believes their pillows are worth it. Their sheets, pillowcases, and comforters also received praise for performance. 

While not the cheapest option on the market, some customers believe that the high-quality rest these products have provided makes them worth holding onto for life. (Free shipping on all orders is still the cherry on top.)  

Sleepgram Promotions & Discounts 

Sleepgram Review

This Sleepgram review discovered a few ways to help customers save money. If you shop through the brand’s website, you can enjoy these perks:  

  • Free shipping on all US and Canada orders
  • Seasonal sales on select items 
  • 10% off when you sign up for texts from Sleepgram

Where to Buy Sleepgram

Sleepgram Review

All of their products can be purchased directly from sleepgram.com. For more options, check out:

  • The Sleepgram pillow Amazon page
  • Your local Walmart
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond 


Sleepgram Review

Who owns Sleepgram pillows?

The company was founded by Logan Newell and Leo Haury. To our knowledge, they are also the Sleepgram owners. 

Are Sleepgram pillows made in China?

Sleepgram’s pillows and other products are manufactured in China. They are designed by the team in California. 

What is Sleepgram’s Shipping Policy?

There are no shipping prices listed on the website—instead, they are all calculated at checkout depending on your order. That being said, this Sleepgram review did find that the brand only ships to the US and Canada and that shipping is free on all orders. 

Standard shipping takes 2–7 days, while USPS Priority Mail delivers in 2 business days. Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to follow their Sleepgram order status. 

How do I return a Sleepgram pillow?

All of Sleepgram’s products come with a 100 Day Guarantee. This lets you sleep on their bedding and pillows to break them in and decide if the fit is right. If not, return it within the 100 day window for a full refund or exchange

To qualify, your items must be in unused or like-new condition. Basically, you can’t expect to get a refund on stained or ripped pillowcases or duvets. This policy is in place because the brand donates all returns. 

This Sleepgram review notes that all parts must still be intact, too. For example, the pillows must have their tags attached. When you’re ready to start a return, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find your proof of purchase
  2. Contact customer support for a Return Merchandise Authorization (include this number on the outside of your package and on the receipt) 
  3. Mail your package back to Sleepgram  

The items do not need their original packaging, but you will need to send them back on your own dime. Refunds are processed in about 5–14 days from when your package arrives at their facility. Your original method of payment will be refunded in the following few days. 

How to Contact Sleepgram

If you have questions unrelated to this Sleepgram review, get in touch with the brand using the following methods:

Sleepgram customer service hours are Monday to Friday, from 9AM–9PM ET.

Pair your pillow with a great mattress from Saatva or Plushbeds.

We also recommend weighted blankets to help make your sleep so much better. A few brands we like include:

Gravity Weighted Blankets



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