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About Spinn

Spinn Coffee Review

Spinn is an online subscription-based coffee company with the mission to help you brew “the perfect cup of coffee.” The brand offers roasts from around the world, providing information on the farms they came from.

Alongside their impressive, diverse selection of coffees, Spinn created a smart, multi-functional, new-age coffee maker. It’s an eco-friendly version of single-serve coffee machines.

Spinn has received attention from Business Insider, TechCrunch, WSJ, Inc., Tech Insider, The New York Times, and many other publications for their app-centered, customizable coffee machine. They have a healthy following of 18k on their Facebook page and 60k on Instagram.

This Spinn coffee review will take a close look at the brand and its bestsellers. We’ll provide information on customer reviews, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their coffee subscription and coffee machine are right for you.

Overview of Spinn

Spinn Coffee Review

It all started in 2015 when Spinn announced to the world that they were creating a single-serve coffee machine that was controlled by an app.

Needless to say, this tech-inspired machine received a ton of attention, and in 2016, the brand proceeded with pre-orders to raise capital to invest in research and production.

The Spinn Coffee founders, Serge de Warrimont, Roland Verbeek, and Roderick de Rode, believe that “high-quality coffee need not sacrifice convenience; and that convenience need not be bad for you, your taste buds, or the planet.” This belief is why they designed a user-friendly machine that merges high-quality with convenience.

Spinn puts two important components at the heart of what they do: the roaster and the consumer. They work with independent roasters that emphasize the grower. Plus, they’ve created a coffee machine that is easy to use and customizable (by ground, beverage, and coffee). 

Essentially, the brand connects consumers and growers in a way that lets you enjoy coffee the way it is meant to be experienced.

Spinn Coffee is located in San Francisco, but they source coffee from roasters across the nation.

Now that you know a little more about how the brand got started, this Spin coffee review will move on to feature a few important points:


  • Offers a wide range of coffee roasts and blends
  • Coffee subscription to save you time and money
  • Connects grower with consumer
  • Roasters from across the nation
  • The Coffee Machine is customizable, user-friendly, and controlled by an app
  • Pre-order your Coffee Machine to save $300
  • Free 30 day subscription trial
  • Subscription shipping is free
  • Free returns
  • 6-month warranty
  • Customer reviews show satisfaction with their coffee’s taste and selection
Spinn Coffee Review

Spinn wants to help you create the best cup of coffee possible. They offer a wide range of blends and roasts with diverse flavor profiles from around the world.

Their coffee subscription delivers delicious roasts right to your door. Or, the roasts can also be bought individually.

Next, this Spinn coffee review will break down their bestselling coffees as well as their attention-grabbing and innovative coffee maker. We’ll also fill you in on exactly how their subscription works.

Spinn Coffee Review

Spinn Coffee offers blends from around the world. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply need a little pick-me-up some mornings, the company likely has a brew that’s perfect for you.

This Spinn coffee review will now feature the brand’s bestselling coffees, from light to dark roasts with classic and complex flavor profiles.

Spinn Wush Wush, Chena, Keffa, Ethiopia Review

If you’re a coffee-connoisseur, then you’ve probably heard of Gesha. The complex and expensive blend is enjoyed by those with a developed palate for coffee. Wush Wush is much like Gesha but for a more affordable price.

Wush Wush gets its name from the village in Ethiopia where this coffee grows. It has a light roast which enhances its bright floral notes.

Hiding under the florals, you’ll taste sweet undertones of maple, tangy juicy mango, and sweet lychee, creating a complex and surprising flavor blend.

Surprise your palate with Wush Wush, Chena, Keffa, Ethiopia for $14 (12oz).

Spinn Cuba Mia – Espresso Blend Review

The espresso blend Cuba Mia has a full-bodied taste that brings robust flavor and complexity. Its medium to dark roast is developed through a “split-roasting” process, meaning that each bean is roasted at a different temperature, then blended.

As you can imagine, this creates an intriguing, varying flavor that will leave you reaching for more.

Originating in Brazil, Guatemala, India, and Madagascar, this blend includes Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica, Icatu, and Munro Novo beans.

Cuba Mia comes with options! You can choose to order the whole beans or, depending on how the coffee is prepared, have it pre-ground to varying densities, such as medium-fine for a pour-over.

Experience the tastes of Cuba with the Cuba Mia for $13 (12oz).

Spinn Bourbon Infused Coffee – Small Batch – Medium Roast Review

Black Powder is a family-run artisan roaster in North Carolina. They roast their coffee in small batches to ensure consistency and to develop powerful flavors. The Bourbon Infused Coffee uses the complexity of bourbon to spice up this medium roast coffee.

Before Black Powder roasts their beans, they infuse them with Kentucky Straight Bourbon to give them a caramel and oak-like flavor accompanied by sweet vanilla.

This roast is sold in whole bean form, or you can choose to have it pre-ground for a French press or drip. For those who like to drink their coffee straight, the Bourbon Infused Coffee retails for $20 (12oz).

Spinn Emilianos Coffee Review

Farmers First Coffee Company is all about connecting consumers to the farmers that grow the coffee. Emiliano’s Coffee is grown by, you guessed it, Emiliano. Grown at an altitude of 4,100-4,200 meters in Peru, this dark roast coffee embodies the nature of the beautiful country that surrounds it.

With bright floral notes rounded out by maple, this single-origin coffee is a delight to the taste buds. It’s a pleasure to sip on when you want something a little more complex than your average cup of joe.

Depending on how often you need a coffee fix, this dark roast bean comes in three sizes: 

  • $18 (12oz)
  • $30 (2lb)
  • $65 (5lb)

Spinn Guardian Spirit Blend Review

The Guardian Spirit Blend relies on the smooth taste of chocolate and sweet fruits for a perfect morning wake-up call. Blending naturally processed Ethiopian and Brazilian beans, this coffee combines fruity and bright with deep and comforting.

Upon the first sip, you’ll experience notes of tart blueberry that blossom into tangy orange before transforming into creamy chocolate. The brand describes these flavors as being “amazingly layered,” so be prepared to take your tastebuds on a flavor adventure.

Indulge with the Guardian Spirit Blend for $16 (12oz).

Spinn Brazil Review

Coffee can wake us up, but it’s also extremely comforting. Comfort and indulgence meet in Brazil. Smooth milk chocolate glides over caramel toffee-covered nuts in this light to medium roast blend.

Grown at 2,600-4,100 feet, this Catui and Mundo Novo blend is grown in the shade in the green countryside of Brazil.

Its growers, Redemption Road Coffee, are passionate about helping the environment. They donate to plant trees and find ways to save on water consumption in their acid-wise practices, so you can feel good about this purchase.

This light-medium roast is available for $16 (16oz) and can be pre-ground to your preference.

Spinn Guatemala Antigua Review

Volcanic soil is rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium. As a result, it grows lush, rich, and intensely flavored coffee. Guatemala Antigua is grown at 1,500-1,600 meters in the middle of the Acatenango volcanoes.

These bourbon trees produce a medium-bodied, balanced coffee with sweet toffee and bright tangerine flavors. This medium roast coffee is a sweet and complex treat to delight your palate. 

This single-origin coffee bean retails for $16 (12oz).

Spinn Glacial Till Medium Roast Review

Not every day requires a fancy, crazy coffee blend. Some days, your body craves a simple and comforting brew to sip on while you lie in bed. We all need one solid, dependable coffee in our cupboards.

The Glacial Till Medium Roast is a cup enjoyed by casual and hardcore coffee drinkers alike.

The beans are hand-roasted in South Dakota in the Great Plains where there is rich, fertile soil. The soil creates a flavorful, appealing bean that is medium roasted to provide a smooth-tasting coffee.

For days on the go, choose to order roasts pre-ground to the correct density, such as coarse for a French press. Enjoy the Glacial Till Medium Roast any time for $13 (12oz).

Spinn Coffee Maker Review

A good coffee machine means the difference between the best coffee you have ever had or the worst. There’s a reason many use an espresso machine that is expensive and luxurious—because quality makes a difference.

The Spinn Coffee Maker provides the versatility to choose your strength of coffee, as well as what way you would like to brew it. Spinn has three packages available:

  1. Original: For the straightforward coffee drinker who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. This package comes with the Spinn Original coffee machine and the NANO water filter. The Original is $479 (from $799).
  2. Original Plus: For the straightforward coffee lover who wants some variety in how they brew. This package includes the Spinn Original coffee machine, the NANO water filter, and the Spinn Carafe. Have your coffee with the Original Plus for $579 (from $965).
  3. Original Pro: This package comes with everything you need to make your favorite beverages. The Spinn Original coffee machine combed with the NANO water filter. This package also includes the Spinn Carafe for drip coffee and a Spinn Milk Frother for cappuccinos and lattes. Enjoy the perfect cup with the Original Pro for $779 (from $1,299).

With each package, you receive a credit to use on future Spinn purchases, like more coffee! The Original gets $50, the Original Plus provides $100, and the Original Pro gets you $200.

Spinn Coffee Subscription Review 

Spinn Coffee Review

You’re a coffee-lover, which means you probably enjoy coffee every day (or two or three times a day.) Running out of beans pretty quickly means having to trek back to the store for more. That’s where a Coffee Subscription comes in handy.

With the subscription, coffee is sent with free shipping on every order. The other cool thing about this subscription is that you can add coffees from the Spinn catalog to an auto-order list and Spinn will send them out at the time you decide.

The Coffee Subscription will also give you early access to new products and rewards earned with every purchase made with the Primo Reward Program.

There is a free trial for this subscription, making your coffee free for 30 days. If this sounds like this is for you, the Coffee Subscription is $5/per month or $50/year.

Spinn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Spinn Coffee Review

To learn more about their products, this Spinn coffee review turned to the internet for customer reviews. Ahead, you’ll find testimonials from the brand’s website, Reddit, and Reviewopedia.

Each source shares important information about the brand’s Coffee Maker and coffee selection.

There are limited reviews on Spinn Coffee’s website—some of their coffees only have 1 or 2 reviews and many have none. Though, many of these reviews are very positive. Take this example from a customer that loves the balance and acidity of Spinn’s Guatemala Antigua:

Tangerine both excited and scared me in a coffee. We’ve all been there, found a great roast that was just off the chart acid-wise. This one balances the warmth of the sweet with Juan enough acid to keep it bright.

As for the Coffee Maker, one happy customer loves how effectively it prepares coffee: 

The machine produces a cup of coffee that is smooth, simple, and tasteful. I have always used sugar in every cup of coffee and for the first time, I am enjoying this cup of coffee with nothing added.  Having ordered this device over 4 years ago I’m pleased to say it has been ‘worth the wait.’”

For those that have received their machine, reviews are overwhelmingly positive. An in-depth review on Reviewopedia discusses the machine concerning what others are saying about it online:

It seems that the highest praise for this coffee maker doesn’t have much to do with its smart features…but has more generally to do with the fact that this coffee maker can handle the entire process of making high-quality coffee from beginning to end, with very little waste.” 

While the reviewer didn’t find any negatives past the fact customers are having to wait a long time to get their machine, there are some reviews under the article that express concern about not getting their machine yet.

With many buyers saying they have had little communication with Spinn, we take negative reviews seriously in this Spinn coffee review. Not everyone has the money to spend on a luxury coffee machine that they may need to wait upwards of four years to receive.

We hope the brand does a better job of communicating with their customers and increases their transparency surrounding how long machines will take to arrive.

Unfortunately, there are not very many reviews on their coffee, but we hope that as they grow, more customers will share what they think!

Is Spinn Worth It?

Spinn Coffee Review

Many customers are concerned with the amount of time it has taken to receive their Coffee Maker since the Spinn coffee pre-order sale in 2016. Five years later, some customers still have not received it, despite statements that it would ship in 2017.

This predicament might leave you wondering, is Spinn Coffee real? This Spinn coffee review has discovered that yes, they are real. Some customers have received their machines over the past few months.

It can be discouraging to pay upwards of $300 for something and not know when you will receive it. Unfortunately, you are ordering a product that is not made yet.

You’re giving the company capital to start building their products, which does take time. Throw in a pandemic and their schedule was completely thrown off.

By doing so, you are allowing a business that is not yet established to grow. Of course, this kindness does come at a risk to you.

Those that have received their machines love how they:

  • Enhance coffee flavors
  • Brew a wide range of drinks
  • Can be operated from their smartphones

One unfortunate fact is that if you do order a Spinn Coffee Machine, you will only be able to use the beans that Spinn offers.

Other brands do not have the required barcode and will not work because the machine first needs to scan the beans to determine how to brew the coffee. Which, to this Spinn coffee review, is a pretty cool concept, but quite exclusory.

As for the coffee itself, customers love their selection. They offer blends from many different roasters, and they seem to have options available to meet anyone’s desired flavor profile.

If you’re interested in one-upping your Keurig, taking things digital, and getting rid of excess waste, then this Spinn coffee review believes their coffee machine and coffee beans are worth the buy, if you can wait.

Considering shipping has commenced for backorders, it may be safe to assume the brand’s shipping will flow better shortly.

Spinn Promotions & Discounts 

Spinn Coffee Review

This Spinn coffee review has discovered the following ways to save on Spinn.com:

  • Spinn is currently offering a free 30-Day subscription trial
  • Discount offers on pre-orders of the Coffee Machine which includes $50-$200 in coffee credits
  • Free shipping for subscriptions

Unfortunately, there is no Spinn promo code available right now.

Where to Buy Spinn

Spinn Coffee Review

You can shop directly from Spinn.com. Unfortunately, no other retailer is currently selling the brand. 


Spinn Coffee Review

How much is a Spinn coffee maker?

The Spinn Coffee Maker price during their pre-order is $479. The regular retail price for the machine is $799.

Are Spinn coffee makers shipping?

In the last few months, Spinn announced that they will be shipping their pre-orders that were purchased 5 years ago. The company announced that batched 3-6 will be shipping much faster now that they have scaled up production.

What is Spinn’s Shipping Policy?

When you order a Spinn Coffee Maker, you will be given a shipping estimation. There is no other shipping information listed on Spinn.com. But, it is important to note that shipping for their coffee subscriptions is free.

What is Spinn’s Return Policy?

Spinn offers a 45-Day Return Right which allows returns for any reason up to 45 days from when you receive a shipment.

They also allow Warranty Returns on products for up to 6 months if it malfunctions due to a defect. To start a Warranty Return, follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Ask for an RMA
  3. The customer support agent will ask you questions and may request photos of the defective product. If deemed acceptable, customer support will issue you an RMA
  4. Package your Spinn product in the original box 
  5. Remove any shipping labels from the outside of the box & attach the prepaid returns shipping label
  6. Drop your package off at your local post office & obtain a tracking number. This Spinn coffee review notes that you need to do this within 14 days from when the initiated return request
  7. Send an email to [email protected] with “Shipment Notificaly: RMA#” as the subject. Send the return shipping tracking number and the time the package was picked up in the body of the email
  8. Spinn will send you a replacement

How to Contact Spinn

If you have any questions after reading this Spinn coffee review, you can contact their customer service team by:

Alternatively, if you are interested in being a roaster, you can email [email protected].

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