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StockX Review

Upgrading your style can be hard when you don’t have access to the best products. Sure, it can be fun to peruse thrift stores, but after a while, you’re probably going to wish all the kids would stop dressing up like Richard Hell.

That’s where StockX steps up to the plate. This online marketing platform is a place for buyers to find sneakers, electronics, clothes, and more. These items are often a headache to track down in person.

They also provide users with a place to sell their authentic products. They have over 3m Instagram followers and have earned a reputation at the forefront of modern culture.

But what elevates them over places like eBay or Facebook Marketplace? Read through our StockX review to find that answer along with what products they offer, how the buying and selling process works, and whether they’re a legitimate company. 

Overview of StockX

StockX Review

StockX is an online reseller that opened up shop (well, its digital shop) in 2015. Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman started the company in Detroit, Michigan. 

Since then, StockX has accrued over 800 employees across offices in America, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

The brand’s founders saw that there was a dearth of reliable spaces for people to buy and sell authentic sneakers. 

It’s not hard to find shoes online, but it can be insanely difficult to find legitimate sneakers. You never know if you’re getting sold a fake pair until after the transaction has been completed.

With that in mind, StockX provides a safe place for buyers and sellers to communicate, exchange funds and products, and hold each other accountable. Every shoe, shirt, bag, and electronic device is verified by the company before it can be displayed on the market. While you won’t find any StockX shoes, the shoes they do have on offer are some  of the best.

They also employ a stock market-based pricing scheme (hence the name) wherein the listed prices follow the prices of actual retailers. This means you won’t have to pay extra for products.

The process of buying and selling is simple and safe. Here are the steps to take if you want to buy from StockX:

  1. Either bid on a product or buy it outright
  2. The company will verify that the product is legitimate
  3. Once the item passes verification, StockX will ship it to you

And here’s what that process looks like if you’re stepping into the shoes of a seller:

  1. You either sell the item directly or place it up for auction
  2. You send the item to StockX
  3. They will check the item’s authenticity and ship it to the buyer
  4. StockX will pay you for your service

It’s that simple! 

The upcoming section of this StockX review will detail some highlights about the brand.


  • Diverse catalog of designer and rare items
  • You can either buy or sell goods
  • Prices match the market prices
  • Easy-to-understand buying and selling process
  • All products are verified by the company
  • International shipping
StockX Review

StockX’s library of products is like the Noah’s Ark of streetwear. You’ll find sneakers, apparel, handbags, accessories, electronic devices, trading cards, and even NFTs.

StockX is a marketplace where users can both buy and sell products. As such, we’ll be including the prices of certain products in this StockX review as well as how much you could expect to earn if you sell through the company.

StockX Sneakers Review

Sneakers are to streetwear influencers what oxygen is to us mere mortals. Neither property can be lived without. A solid sneaker department can be the feather in a brand’s cap, and these StockX sneakers assert them as a hotbed for footwear.

StockX Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Review

Everyone knows Yeezys. You know Yeesyz, your grandma knows Yeezys, and your childhood pet gerbil that’s resting in a shoebox knows Yeezys. They’re one of the defining shoe styles of the past decade, especially the StockX Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

These shoes come in a swath of colors like beluga, static reflective, and cinder reflective. If those sound like unique naming choices, it’s because they are. It’s another sign that Yeezys are unlike any other shoe on the market.

These StockX Yeezy Shoes are seen as the epitome of both comfort and style. They’re extremely lightweight yet heavy on style, much like their creator in his early days. You can grab a pair of these sneakers for $271.

Alternatively, the asking price for these sneakers begins at $301.

StockX Jordan 4 Retro Lightning Review

While everyone knows Yeezys, everybody loves Jordans. Seriously, they’re the perfect gift for any occasion, which is probably why so many toddlers are now rocking Jordans.

That being said, the StockX Jordan 4 Retro Lightning are a different breed altogether. They have a chunkier frame and a bold yellow colorway. They do away with the regular Air Jordan pattern for a solid slate accented by mesh and triangles.

Of course, these Nike sneakers have the company’s patented air max technology. The air under the heel bounces with every step you take. It’s something you have to feel for yourself, and you can do that by purchasing the StockX Jordan 4 Retro Lightning for $267.

You can even sell a pair for $333 if you have a spare set laying around.

StockX Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black Review

The StockX Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black is one of Nike’s most evergreen shoes. The style may come and go but it demands respect every time it steps out of the door. 

This item takes the Dunk’s timeless design and pairs it with an even more classic colorway – white and black.

Nike Dunks are currently in the midst of a resurgence themselves. And why wouldn’t they? They’re impeccably assembled shoes, graced with a leather exterior, a nylon tongue, and a sturdy sole

This particular model of StockX Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black dropped in January 2021 and is still as hot as Stacy’s mom. 

You can add a pair to your collection for $256. If you currently own a pair and are looking to make some money then you can sell them for $374 on StockX.

StockX Telfar Review

You’re going to need something to hold all your new purchases, and the StockX Telfar bags are the best way to do so. We’ll be covering some of the most opulent shopping bags in this section of our StockX review.

StockX Telfar Shopping Bag Small Red Review

This cute little bag is a sight for sore eyes. The StockX Telfar Shopping Bag Small Red is a chic product that’s breaking the barriers between men’s and women’s bags.

What we love most about this bag is that it’s made out of vegan leather. This material looks to withstand all the duress that comes about from daily going-abouts without subjecting animals to any form of cruelty. 

The StockX Telfar Shopping Bag Small Red is currently available for $221, or you can sell yours for $166.

StockX Telfar Shopping Bag Medium Leaf Review

The StockX Telfar Shopping Bag Medium Leaf is a tad different than the item we just featured in this StockX review. Keen-eyed readers will notice two distinctions right away; this bag is larger and a different color.

Yes, this satchel is an earthy green color. That’s not the only Earth-friendly thing about it either. This Telfar bag is made from faux leather too.

You can drape this fetching bag over your shoulder for $319, or make $228 by selling yours on StockX.

StockX Streetwear Review

We’ve covered shoes and bags in this StockX review, but we’ve yet to touch on the most important part of an outfit – the clothes! 

We’ll tell you about one of the most desirable products in the entire StockX streetwear collection.

StockX Fear of God EssentialsPullover Hoodie Review

As crazy as it is to hear, there are few more enduring pieces of clothing than a well-made black hoodie. They’re versatile, stylish, and casual, earning their place in the closet of anyone who wants to look at least halfway decent. 

The StockX Fear of God EssentialsPullover Hoodie is much better than halfway decent though. This relaxed-fit hoodie was released in December 2021. It has a roomy silhouette with dropped shoulders and a voluminous body. That shape is actually very tasteful today.

It’s a simple hoodie, but its simplicity is what makes it a staple purchase. The StockX Fear of God EssentialsPullover Hoodie can elevate your cozy attire to new heights for $132 or it can net you $119 on the resale market. 

Who Is StockX For? 

StockX Review

We believe that StockX is for people who want to stop dressing up like Richard Hell and up their fashion game. It’s also a great place for people to find rare items that would cost them an arm and a leg otherwise.

StockX is just as good for sellers as it is for buyers. The company is a reliable way to sell your items for a fair price and to ensure that they reach their destination.

StockX Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

StockX Review

This portion of our StockX review will focus on what people have reported about buying and selling through the company. This means you’ll be reading mostly about whether people were happy with StockX’s practices, verification process, and reliability

We first turned to SiteJabber to gather an aggregate customer score. 1,280 pieces of customer feedback amounted to an average score of 4/5 stars for StockX. A startling 83% of shoppers or sellers gave the brand a positive review.

Many buyers were delighted that they were able to find items for affordable prices. Sneakers can often cost a fortune but many people found that StockX’s listings were affordable. 

That holds true for their electronics too. In case you didn’t know, Playstation 5s are as rare to find as a trustworthy Instagram influencer. However, this customer found a legitimate PS5 on StockX and was forever grateful: 

This company is amazing…They authenticated the ps5 and gave me a tracking number and then immediately shipped it out to my house in literally only a week. The Ps5 came in brand new everything in the box spotless. Even the new buy smell. Everything is perfect. Great price, great place. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Another telling customer review reveals how the company handles issues like theft. It seems that they go the extra mile for their buyers: 

I’m very pleased with the results of my order. I originally had an issue with theft and my package was stolen and rightfully so I was very upset… StockX took care of the problem at hand and ended up helping me tremendously. I will be purchasing again!

Reviewers on TrustPilot were also vocal in their support for StockX as over 15,000 people gave the brand an average score of 3.4/5 stars

Customers praised the website for their reliable buying and selling service and the authenticity of their products. Here’s how one customer detailed their experience:

The shoes took almost two weeks to get to me but it is to be expected since they were a new release. The shoes were new and clean as advertised. They fit perfectly. I will order from stock x again.

The few negative reviews we found reported difficulty contacting the brand. They said that StockX’s live chat feature wasn’t the easiest way to speak with a representative. 

Additionally, some customers were disappointed by how long it took certain items to ship. That being said, they were ultimately happy with the quality of their products.

So, our StockX review writers discovered that customers loved these aspects of shopping with the website:

  • Items were exactly as advertised
  • Prices were fair or more reasonable than traditional markets
  • Rare items were available for purchase

Is StockX Legit?

StockX Review

Legitimacy could be a big concern for StockX seeing as how much of the resale market is filled with counterfeit items. However, they go the extra distance to verify all their products. This makes it so that both buyers and sellers are adequately rewarded for their investment.

Is StockX Worth It?

StockX Review

If you know exactly what you’re looking for and are getting frustrated that you can’t find your desired item anywhere then we believe StockX is a good place to check out. 

They don’t upsell any of their items, their products must pass a strict authenticity test, and they house items that would be a nightmare to find anywhere else.

StockX Promotions & Discounts 

StockX Review

Our team of StockX review writers wasn’t able to find any StockX discount codes or promotions offered at the time, but we did find something worth mentioning. You can browse through a litany of items that are available for less than their retail price.

These products are, unsurprisingly, sneakers for the most part. The nice thing about their listing is that StockX tells you exactly how much cheaper each item is compared to the market price.

Where to Buy StockX

StockX Review

The only place to buy and sell through StockX is the company’s website at


StockX Review

Who owns StockX?

Scott Cutler is the presiding CEO of StockX and Greg Schwartz is the current COO.

Does StockX ship internationally?

Yes, StockX is able to ship internationally!

What is StockX’s Shipping Policy?

It’s difficult to speak about StockX’s general shipping policy because it varies between buyers and sellers. Every buyer will see the associated shipping costs for their purchase at the time of checkout.

Here’s what concrete information we could find. For the most part, StockX partners with UPS to complete their shipments. This is for the majority of countries except for Asian nations. 

Besides that, each order differs due to location, speed, and carriers.

What is StockX’s Return Policy?

StockX claims that they are unable to offer returns due to the anonymous nature of their business. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bunch of masked businessmen plotting to instigate a new world order, but that their buyers and sellers are anonymous. 

Instead, the company advises users to resell their products if they’re unsatisfied with their purchase

How to Contact StockX

Let’s wrap up this StockX review by telling you how to use the company’s live chat feature. It’s the only way for you to contact them directly. You can access it by signing into your StockX account.

The chat feature is currently only available for customers within the United States. Their attendants can speak with you between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm ET on weekdays and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ET on weekends.

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