10 Best Streetwear Brands

Searching For The Best Streetwear Brands

Taking inspiration from the streets, streetwear is an amalgamation of styles. It fuses skate, surf, sports, and even punk fashion.

With a traditionally rebellious core, the style has become something more of a trend, and as societal tides continue to turn, the desire to be ungovernable is stronger than ever. Here, you’ll meet the best streetwear brands.

Streetwear got its start in the ‘90s. You may know it in the form of baggy pants, bucket hats, and oversized tees—and that’s precisely what you’ll find in many streetwear collections today. 

Of course, the style has grown with the times, and since now it’s considered something of a must-have for Gen Z, you’ll see an uptick in fitted tees, figure-hugging women’s pieces, and crazy colors on the market. 

Below, I’ll walk you through the best streetwear brands to have on your radar. 

The 10 Best Streetwear Brands

1. Supreme

Best Streetwear Brands

Founded by James Jebbia in 1994, Supreme started out as a small clothing store in NYC.

Worn by celebs like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, and Kendall Jenner, the brand is the epitome of modern street style. Its collection is filled with bold prints, oversized styles, and popping colors. 

Perhaps most known for their t-shirts, Supreme symbolizes iconic New York youth culture—it’s rebellious, fresh, and undeniably cool.

Now fashionable too, Supreme clothing is technically unisex and will cost you a little more than other names on this list of best streetwear brands. 

Crewnecks are $138 and jackets are $300+ (in sizes S-2XL). But you can pick up a three-pack of Chapstick for just $8 if you want to rep the brand on a budget.


  • Small, seasonal collection
  • Celeb-loved
  • Iconic street style
  • Unisex

2. Stüssy 

Best Streetwear Brands

Perhaps one of the most talked-about names on this list of best streetwear brands, Stüssy was launched in 1980s California by Shawn Stüssy.

Originally a surfwear brand, it has now adopted a skater street style aesthetic. You’ll find oversized tees, neon shorts, and the ever-popular bucket hat in its collection. Fan of the silk shirt? You’ll find a few of those here too. 

Though Stüssy is streetwear, it certainly still has a Laguna Beach vibe, with higher cut men’s shorts than would be worn in, say, NYC. Shawn Stüssy is no longer a part of his namesake brand, but it continues to be as popular as ever. Tees are $40, shorts are $90, and hoodies are $100+. Sizes range from XS-2XL.


  • Beachy-skate style
  • Large selection of tees
  • Women’s options
  • Affordable
  • Bright colors

3. Obey

Best Streetwear Brands

Founded back in 2001 by artist Shepard Fairy, OBEY was the visionary’s way to spread his message to the masses.

While at one time the brand’s inventory held just graphic t-shirts printed with revolutionary art, today, you’ll find a trendier vibe inside the line—including graffiti-style bra tops, bike shorts for women, and bright patterned shirts for men. 

Of course, the iconic Obey t-shirt still lives, and you’ll have a ton of edgy designs to choose from. Sizes range from S-2XL, while prices range from $50-$100 for most pieces. 


  • Range of apparel for men & women
  • Edgy prints
  • Modern styles
  • Mid-range prices

4. Carhartt WIP

Best Streetwear Brands
Carhartt WIP

The last two years saw the Carhartt beanie trend take off, and everyone and their girlfriend started wearing them. Now a well-known streetwear brand, Carhartt actually got its start making tough workwear for construction workers and the like. 

Made cool by skateboarders, the brand’s loose-fitting apparel is now considered trendy.

Carhartt WIP is their streetwear off-shoot, merging fashionable style with vintage workwear looks. Tees are priced around $60 and jackets cost up to $200 (in sizes XS-2XL).


  • Men’s & women’s options
  • Fashion-meets-workwear
  • Apparel & accessories
  • Affordable

5. Nike

Best Streetwear Brands

Once dedicated to sportswear, nowadays Nike is known as one of the best streetwear brands in the world. With a larger selection than other names on this list, you can still expect premium prices despite this company’s grandeur. 

Founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, this iconic company is the highestselling sportswear brand in the world.

And it just so happens that much of sportswear (think track pants and jerseys) is part of streetwear fashion. Plus, Jordans have been the streetwear shoe of choice since their release.

With sizes from S-2XL, hoodies and crewnecks cost $60$100 while jackets are all $100+.


  • Wide selection
  • Sporty streetwear
  • Iconic styles
  • Sustainable options 

6. Palace

Best Streetwear Brands

Palace is known for its skateboards, but it offers a full line of streetwear too. With shops in the world’s most fashionable cities, their style is retro, and as a UK-based brand, colorful and influenced by pop culture. 

We’ve heard that most apparel that Palace releases sells pretty quickly, so if you see something you like, be sure to grab it. Jackets are $200+, shorts are over $100.


  • Retro 90s style
  • Design focused
  • Skateboarding aesthetic
  • Collabs with top designers

7. Adidas

Best Streetwear Brands

Since Nike made this list, we couldn’t very well leave off Adidas now could we. Known for making the tracksuit cool, their retro side-button track pants have made a major comeback. 

But the German brand has much more to offer than just track pants. Its collections for men and women are sporty but they’re usually worn on the street, especially collabs with major designers like Yeezy and Pharell. Classic three stripe Adidas tees and sweats start at $25 and go up to $100.


  • Huge selection of apparel & shoes
  • For men & women
  • Affordable options
  • Iconic style

8. Billionaire Boys Club

Best Streetwear Brands

A loud line of streetwear, Billionaire Boys Club was created in 2003 by Pharrel and Nigo. If you know either of their personal styles, you’ll understand why BBC’s aesthetic looks the way it does. 

With bright colors and patterns, the line is fresh yet retro at once. Tees are $50, short sleeve button downs are $145.


  • Bright & fun
  • Designer streetwear
  • For guys (but has a girls’ line)
  • Well-fitting clothing

9. Huf

Best Streetwear Brands

If you’re into skateboarding, you’ve likely heard of Huf. Founded in 2002 by Keith Hufnagel, a professional skateboarder, the brand has an authentic skate style and often collaborates with other well known brands like Thrasher and Marvel. 

Their collection is mostly for guys but there are a few women’s items as well. Hoodies are $75, basketball shorts at $65.


  • Skateboarding style
  • Collabs with iconic brands
  • Mid-range prices
  • Youthful prints & bold colors

10. Champion

Best Streetwear Brands

Considering that most guys have at least one item from Champion in their closets—whether it’s a pair of socks, a tee, or a hoodie—we couldn’t leave it off this list of best streetwear brands.

With sporty style, Champion was founded in 1919 by the Feinbloom brothers, only back then it was called the Knickerbocker Knitting Company. Today, you’ll find the brand doing collabs with streetwear greats like Supreme. Tees are under $30, varsity jackets are under $100.


  • Sporty, active style
  • Clothing for men & women
  • Affordable
  • Collabs with designer labels

How To Shop For The Best Streetwear Brands

Best Streetwear Brands

Though we’re talking streetwear and the options are similar from collection to collection, each of the best streetwear brands is incredibly unique. To help you find your preferred style and fit, I’ll walk you through some key points to consider before you shop.


Gotta have Supreme? Then don’t shop anywhere else. Dead-set fans of the brand love its unique style and honestly, though it has the same options as elsewhere (tees, crews, jackets, etc.), it’s undeniably different

With that said, maybe it’s something more distinct you’re after. Obey is all about breaking the mold, and wearing its apparel stands for something. Plus, you’ll most likely identify with a brand as soon as you know its story, so read up and go from there.


While all of the best streetwear brands are high quality (that’s kind of why they’re here), some are higher quality than others and that’s reflected in the prices.

For instance, even though Nike is a top-tier brand, it pales in comparison to Supreme since the latter focuses on small scale, limited production, and features luxury details.

Size Selection

The best streetwear brands tend to stock limited sizes. None of them offer over 2XL while a few of them offer XS.

If you fall into either of these sizes, be sure to shop with a brand that has them. Getting the right size is key to feeling confident in what you wear, so it makes sense not to compromise.


Streetwear is all about breaking the mold, and that means busting lame norms like non-inclusive marketing. A lot of the best streetwear brands show models of different ethnicities, but not many show them in different sizes. 

Supreme cuts out all models from its website and shows clothing only.

And, even though this is pretty much the least technically inclusive option, it ends up being more inclusive overall. It’s also a great way to help you visualize yourself in the clothing


Certain brands try harder than others to be sustainable. For example, Carhartt and Obey may use organic cotton for the majority of their product lines, but they don’t provide much information other than that. 

Supreme and Stüssy are vague about pretty much everything. However, Nike is (surprisingly) the only company that provides details on its sustainability efforts and its plans for the future. In fact, it has an entire eco-friendly shop. 


Streetwear is a style on its own, but when you compare Supreme against Stüssy, you can immediately tell the difference even though they’re both big names in this category. 

All of the best streetwear brands seem to take inspiration from skate style, though Stüssy borders on surf style and Nike is definitely sports style.

Supreme and Obey are classic NYC and Carhartt is workwearinfluenced. Depending on your personal style, you’ll likely gravitate to one of these brands over the others.


Here’s the thing about streetwear: it’s comfortable. Loose-fitting pants, oversized tees, and liveable sweatshirts are rich within each collection.

But with that being said, some are known for their soft materials while others are known for their performance tech (breathable, stretchy fabrics).


Most of the best streetwear brands have similar prices. Tees all seem to cost in between the $40-$70 range. Certain designer pieces tend to be more expensive, but if you stay away from those, you can expect comparable prices across the above brands.

Which Of The Best Streetwear Brands Is Most Popular?  

Best Streetwear Brands

It’s gotta be Nike. One of the biggest sportswear brands in the world, it’s actually incredibly popular for its streetwear styles. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that you can walk down any street without seeing someone wearing at least one of its pieces.

What Is The Biggest Streetwear Brand In The World?  

Best Streetwear Brands

I won’t give Nike all the credit, though it is the largest-selling sportswear company to ever exist.

Instead, I vote for Supreme to be the head of the pack since it’s popular around the globe and known particularly for its streetwear—not sportswear. It’s also a billiondollar company.

Which Of The Best Streetwear Brands Are Most Inclusive? 

Best Streetwear Brands

You might find this an interesting answer, but I have to go with Supreme on this one.

Despite the fact that Supreme doesn’t have any models on its website and it has a collection you can browse by clicking on panels of fabric, I have to give it the award for being the most inclusive

What’s the other reason why I believe this? It has a genderless collection. Let’s break down the inclusivity of the other best streetwear brands:

  • Even though Nike does a great job showcasing multicultural models, you don’t typically see plus-size models in its men’s line
  • Obey has good diversity when it comes to its models but not much in terms of size
  • Carhartt shows models of different ethnicities and some plus-size models; much of its line looks to be unisex
  • Stüssy doesn’t use many models but the few it does show are diverse

All of the best streetwear brands offer sizes up to 2X. While this is somewhat inclusive, there’s room for improvement all around.

Are The Best Streetwear Brands Worth It? 

Best Streetwear Brands

The thing I like most about the best streetwear brands is that they all send a message. Some messages differ, but the main point seems to be ‘rebellion.’ 

While each of them could certainly do more in terms of sustainability and inclusivity, the majority of them are quite boundary-pushing and go against the grain—and honestly, I think that’s pretty rad. 

Final Thoughts

Best Streetwear Brands

Whether you’ve been rocking the style for years or want to hop aboard the ever-growing trend, this list of best streetwear brands is here to show you your top options.

While the category is continuously growing, these 5 picks are iconically classic in their own right.

We know how important sustainable fashion is, which is is why we suggest checking these forward thinking brands:


Because Market

Myro Deodorant

Outerknown Clothing 

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