Thryve Gut Heath Review

About Thryve

Thryve Gut Heath Review

Acknowledging that good health starts in the gut, Thryve’s simple 3-step method to better health involves microbiome testing, probiotics, and support. 

Offering at-home test kits for gut and vaginal health, alongside probiotics that address mood, energy, weight loss, and more, the brand takes an inside approach to restore full-body health.

Want to learn more about what’s involved with the brand’s personalized service? Keep reading my Thryve Gut Health review. 

Filling you in on everything you need to know about the brand, their services, and their probiotics, you’ll discover customer feedback, information on promotions, and more to help you decide if their the right choice for you. 

Ever stand in front of a probiotics section and wonder what the difference is between types? Lacto-this and Bifido-that. It’s confusing, and unless you’re really into researching bacteria strains, and somehow know exactly what your body needs (hint: you won’t unless you get a test), you may end up taking home the wrong type. 

Then guess what? You either a.) don’t get the relief you need, or b.) overload on the wrong type. Thryve takes the guesswork out by going straight to the source — your gut. 

With a mission to “empower you to take charge of your Gut health so you can feel your greatest,” the brand, founded by Richard Lin in 2016, makes things personal. 

Lin had the idea for Thryve after taking a round of antibiotics for a cold that landed him in the hospital with a serious gut infection. During his own journey to better gut health, he realized he was on to something. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

Thryve Gut Heath Review

Now, before I get into just what that something is and how the brand’s service works, this section of my Thryve Gut Health review will shine some light on some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Offers a variety of probiotics to address a range of issues (mood, energy, general wellness)
  • ISO/GMP Certified 
  • Uses clinically-studied, peer-reviewed probiotic strains
  • Vegetarian-friendly 
  • 28% more accurate than other methods
  • Up to 50% off Health Tests
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Ships around the world


  • Gut microbiome can vary based on diet, lifestyle, and other factors, which means results may not represent a long-term state

The brand offers 2 signature tests, Gut Health and Vaginal Health, and even though this is a Thryve Gut Health review, I’ll feature both. 

Below, you’ll also find information on the complete line of probiotic supplements the brand offers, and since we’re on the topic, let’s get things started with those. 

5 Best-Selling Thryve Probiotics

Offering a range of probiotics for Gut, Mood, Energy, and Immunity enhancement, Thryve combines special strains of probiotics, vitamins, and prebiotics that work to replenish beneficial bacteria and rebalance intestinal flora. 

All Thryve probiotics come in a bottle of 60 capsules, enough for a month’s supply. 

Thryve Healthy Gut Review

Thryve Healthy Gut Review
Thryve Healthy Gut

You may not even know you have an unhealthy gut. Maybe you think it’s just occasional constipation, simply a food allergy, or perhaps it’s just that time of year where your energy constantly dips. 

Science has shown us time and time again, that more often than not, it’s about an imbalanced gut. Our intestinal lining is filled with all kinds of amazing bacteria, and they help us make vitamins, fight illness, digest food, and really, the list goes on, and on, and on. 

Healthy Gut contains 100 billion CFU per serving, packed with 15 targeted probiotic strains to help reduce tummy troubles, improve IBS, encourage weight loss, and reduce inflammation.

Specially designed to get past stomach acid so that the bacteria ends up in the right place, you can feel secure that what you’re paying for is doing what it needs to.

Try a bottle for $39.  

Thryve Ketone Booster Review

Thryve Ketone Booster Review
Thryve Ketone Booster

The Keto diet is among the popular out there, proposing that if you keep carbs low and choose fat (its preferred source) as fuel, you can keep burning fat. 

The Ketone Booster helps your body enter ketosis by using the right kinds of bacteria. Seriously, is there anything bacteria can’t do?!

With 10 billion CFU per serving made up of 4 targeted probiotic strains, this booster helps your body balance blood glucose levels, decrease blood sugar and cholesterol, and lower your insulin resistance. 

Get burning with Ketone Booster for $39.  

Thryve Mood Enhancer Review

Thryve Mood Enhancer Review
Thryve Mood Enhancer

Did you know that your gut health has a direct effect on your mood? It actually controls dopamine production, the chemical that’s associated with pleasure, along with serotonin, the happiness chemical of which 90% is produced in the gut. 

Who knew? And while it works on increasing joy and pleasure, the right kind of gut bacteria decreases cortisol, the stress hormone. 

This probiotic contains 30 billion CFU per serving, with 2 probiotic strains and something called Mix7, a blend of 8 targeted strains

Be happy with a bottle of Mood Enhancer for $39

Thryve Endless Energy Review 

Thryve Endless Energy Review
Thryve Endless Energy

Feeling tired all the time isn’t normal, it’s a sign your body is out of balance. Endless Energy goes straight to the root of it all, your gut, with 5 billion CFUs of functional and targeted probiotic strains. 

Break up with caffeine and toxic energy drinks that only wreck the good bacteria in your gut, instead, opting for something that’s going to help it, not provide a short-term fix. 

Regulating blood sugar and neurotransmitter responses, Endless Energy may increase feelings of happiness and motivation while improving sleep. 

Pick up a bottle for $39.  

Thryve Ultimate Immunity Review

Thryve Ultimate Immunity Review
Thryve Ultimate Immunity

Yes, even a sluggish immune system is linked to poor gut health. Ultimate Immunity is clinically proven to better symptoms of asthma, food and seasonal allergies, eczema, and other immune-related conditions. 

It contains 20 Billion CFU from 2 functional and 2 target strains of probiotics, along with prebiotics to help them thrive, as well as vitamins C & D to improve digestion and enhance immune system functions

Feel better with Ultimate Immunity for $39

Thryve Gut Health Test Review

Thryve Gut Health Test Review
Thryve Gut Health Test

Wellness starts with your gut, and the only way to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in your intestines, the lab needs to get a look at what’s inside. And the best way to do that…is through your poop. There’s no pretty way to say it, that’s just simply how it’s done. 

With your Gut Health Test comes a digital health report, a customized regimen of probiotics, and a personalized food plan to help give your gut what it needs to thrive. 

Why get a test? If you struggle with constant constipation, bloating, IBS, diarrhea, fatigue, brain fog, or even low moods, the balance of your intestinal flora may be at stake. 

After your results are in, Thryve’s dieticians will recommend a diet plan alongside a course of probiotics to get your good bacteria back to fighting shape. 

Ready to take the next step to better health? The Thryve Gut Test is on sale right now for $100, normally $200

Thryve Vaginal Health Test Review

Thryve Vaginal Health Test Review
Thryve Vaginal Health Test

Bacteria are everywhere, even in the vagina. Sounds kind of weird but I’ve already talked about bowel movements here so vaginal health should be easy-peasy.

Once again, it’s all about balance, and the vaginal ecosystem can get totally out of whack just like a colon can. If you’ve ever had vaginal pain, UTIs, or yeast infections, then you know how frustrating and life-altering those conditions can be.

The Vaginal Health Test gets right to the root of issues, and if there aren’t any, shows you what you need to do to strengthen the bacteria in your vagina and reduce the risk of STDs, HPV, and other vaginal-related conditions.

Included in the cost of your kit is a Vaginal Health DNA Test, a digital report via the Thryve app, and targeted probiotics to replenish any bacteria that are low or missing.

Normally $100, you can get the Vaginal Health Test right now for $80.

How Accurate Is The Thryve Gut Test?

Thryve Gut Heath Review

The Thryve probiotic testing kit uses a liquid buffer to keep bacterial cells in stasis until they reach the brand’s lab for extraction. In other words, your bacteria is protected while it’s in transport. The brand says this method allows for 28% more accuracy when it comes to sequencing. 

Usually, other brands use a dry swab or antimicrobials in their liquid buffer to stop bacteria from multiplying during the transportation process. As you can imagine, this can end up in an inaccurate picture of your health. 

Does Thryve Check For Parasites? 

Thryve doesn’t say whether or not its Gut Health tests check for parasites, and I wasn’t able to verify this information anywhere else online. 

Who is Thryve for? 

Thryve inside is first and foremost a brand that deals with bacteria. It was designed to restore gut health and bring about overall wellness, making it ideal for anyone who suffers from digestive issues, IBS, or who is celiac. 

It also offers a vaginal-specific regimen, to help women balance beneficial bacteria and stave off bacterial vaginosis, STIs, fertility issues, and recurrent UTIs. 

Comparison: Thryve vs. EverlyWell 

We can learn a lot from what’s inside of us. Blood, urine, stool, and saliva samples provide doctors with a good range of cells and bacteria to test, and now, these tests can be done in the comfort of your own home. And thank goodness they can because some tests are a lot more comfortable when no one else is around. 

In this section of my Thryve Gut Health review, I’ll be taking a look at EverlyWell, an e-based health testing service that offers a ton of different at-home tests. 

EverlyWell has 34 different test services in its inventory, spanning out from General Wellness to Sexual Health and even Covid-19. But unlike our featured brand, it doesn’t have one specifically for gut health — the closest test being its Colon Cancer Screening for $50

And while that specific test is critical, it doesn’t tell you much aside from whether there is blood present in your stool or not. 

On top of that, EverlyWell tests simply serve as the first step to getting you better or diagnosing an illness. If you get a positive result, you’ll need to book a doctor’s appointment for the appropriate medication or follow-up steps. Thryve is a complete service, in that it tests, recommends, and follows up. 

Because gut health is serious, but not as serious, as some other health conditions, it doesn’t require a doctor’s oversight, although the Thryve does have a scientific board of advisors, and you can be sure the probiotics you’re prescribed are correct for your unique gut health

All-in-all, Thryve and EverlyWell are two, very different at-home testing services. Both serve an important purpose, but if it’s gut health you’re after, my featured brand has got you covered.

Thryve Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Thryve Gut Heath Review

Thryve’s method is scientific, yet simple. Your results are analyzed and probiotics are prescribed to address your specific gut health. In theory, this method should work. 

But this is a Thryve Gut Health review, and it wouldn’t be complete without hearing from customers. Plus, I needed to find out just how effective the brand’s probiotics are, and if they are truly as life-changing as they sound. 

Ahead, you’ll find a selection of comments and ratings collected from a few different sites around the web as of May 2023. Beginning with the brand’s website, I compiled a short list of ratings for the products and services that had them. 

  • Healthy Gut 4.4/5 stars, 6 reviews
  • Endless Energy5/5 stars, 1 review
  • Ketone Booster 5/5 stars, 1 review
  • Thryve Gut Health Test 4.5/5 stars, 345 reviews

With the majority of customers reviewing the Gut Health Test, I decided to take a closer look at what they had to say.

There were a ton of comments that mentioned how effective the brand’s system was, many overjoyed with the difference it made in their lives, and “very fast delivery.”

Of the Gut Health Test’s process, one customer wrote, “I have tried another gut test company prior but THRYVE I gives a better understanding of my results. Very simple to use. Quick turn around. I have ordered my personalized probiotics already and have started to use it.”

It’s not uncommon for health testing services to provide results that are difficult to understand. Thryve is thorough and provides support when it comes to understanding results and any help you may need along the way. 

Pleased with the process, I headed over to Thryve’s Trustpilot profile to check in on the overall picture of the brand. 

It showed a 3.1/5 star score from 163 buyers and the following snapshot:

  • Excellent – 65%
  • Great – 10%
  • Average – 4%
  • Poor – 4%
  • Bad – 17%

Considering about 80% of customers gave the brand a 3 to 5-star score, that’s a pretty good sign. Browsing through reviews, I found that a lot mentioned great customer service with some saying the test and probiotics have been “life changing.”

One Thryve Gut Health review read, “I’ve been suffering from digestive issues since I was a child. I later learned I had celiac disease and my gut was a mess. Even after going gluten free I still had major issues. Thryve has been the only thing that has significantly helped.” 

Struggling with digestive issues can derail your entire day. So it’s reviews like this one that paint a picture of just how helpful Thryve can be. 

To round things off, I checked out DNA Testing Choice, a site that reviews different at-home testing services. The editor gave Thryve 5/5 stars as well as the following scores:

  • Customer service – 4/5 stars
  • Clarity of results – 4/5 stars
  • References cited – 5/5 stars
  • Value for money – 5/5 stars

The Thryve Gut Health review mentioned how simple the plan is, and expressed appreciation for its transparency in the information given on its website. 

Perhaps the most appealing point for the folks at DNA Testing Choice was the personalization. It stated, “Most available medical information online is indicated for a general audience, ignoring the great diversity of the human race (let alone the diversity within each of our respective digestive tracts).” 

That passage finished with the reviewer calling Thryve a “personal dietician” of sorts, in that your recommendations for supplements and diet are based completely on the results of your sample. In other words, you won’t take anything you don’t need. 

This section of my Thryve Gut Health review showed the importance of Thryve and what sets it apart from other services on the market. It appears to have made a huge difference for many people and the personalized approach is a major plus.

Is Thryve Worth It?

Thryve Gut Heath Review

Since this is a Thryve Gut Health review, I’ll be sticking to an answer for the brand’s gut-related test, but if you’re interested in vaginal health, keep in mind, the systems pretty much work the same. 

What really stands out about Thryve, is that it makes things personal. Consulting the “product” of your unique gut health for answers, the service is able to recommend the exact kind of probiotics your delicate system needs to get stronger. 

Its 3-step process of Test, Probiotics, Support is simple, yet effective, and after your first round of probiotics are complete, you’ll test again to reassess your gut health and go from there. 

Thryve’s app looks to be a useful tool connecting you to a spectrum of information about your gut and how it affects your metabolism, sleep, moods, and more. Armed with knowledge, support, and supplements, you now have all the tools you need to make change happen. 

So yeah, I think Thryve is worth the buy, and it helps that it offers some pretty great discounts, too. 

Thryve Promotions & Discounts 

Thryve Gut Heath Review

You can’t really put a price on feeling good, but I’m still happy there are products on the market like Thryve that help us feel our best and don’t break the bank. 

During this Thryve Gut Health review, I actually spotted a few extra deals the brand offers to make health more accessible, including free shipping for continental US customers with orders over $50, and sales of up to 50% off on Gut and Vaginal Health tests.

Where To Buy Thryve

Thryve Gut Heath Review

For the sake of simplicity and authenticity, it’s usually a good idea to order testing kits through a brand’s website. To do that, head to If you’re an Amazon lover through and through, you can also find select kits at the online warehouse. 


Thryve Gut Heath Review

Where is Thryve made? 

All of Thryve’s probiotics are made in the USA in an ISO/GMP certified lab.

What is Thryve’s Shipping Policy?

Thryve ships to every country around the world. From the time you place your order, the shipping and testing process will go something like this:

  1. Your order is on its way to you. This can take 2-7 business days if you live in the US.
  2. You receive your kit, register it online, collect your sample, and send it back to Thryve.
  3. They get your sample, process, and analyze it in 2-5 weeks.

To keep an eye on your sample’s status, head to the ‘My Kits’ section of Thryve’s website. If you see “Registered,” it means they haven’t received your kit yet. If you see “Processing” or “Analyzing,” they’re assessing your sample. 

As soon as your sample has been completed, your results will be available via the Thryve app. 

What is Thryve’s Return Policy?

Due to the personalized nature of its plans, Thryve does not always grant refunds, but may on a case-by-case basis. With that said, if you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time, just be sure to do it before your next billing period to avoid the charge. 

Once a charge has been processed, it cannot be reversed. If you wish to cancel in the middle of your subscription term, while you won’t be refunded for the remaining time you don’t wish to use the service, you will still have access until your subscription term is up. 

How to Contact Thryve

Still have questions not answered in this Thryve Gut Health review? Reach out to the brand by emailing [email protected] Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm PST. 

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