Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

About Uniform Advantage 

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Scrub in and stay comfortable with Uniform Advantage. These stunning scrubs make every day in uniform a day of comfort and quality. Selling a variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and more, these scrubs deliver on form and function with every pair.

While not quite as popular as some other scrub brands on the market, this company still has their loyal fans and boasts 162k followers on Instagram.

This Uniform Advantage scrub review will dig up all the need-to-know details on the brand. From prices and products to reviews and delivery details, we’ve got you covered for a thorough article that will help anyone decide whether this company is worth the buy.

Overview of Uniform Advantage   

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Opening in 1985, this brand was born out of a need for a single location for medical professionals to shop all things scrubs. 

Their store carries a number of brands organized by name, color, pattern, style, and more. It’s kind of a one-stop-shop for anyone in need of scrubs.

Once things got underway with the business, Uniform Advantage uniforms were born. That is to say, the company began producing their own line of scrubs in 1994 to compete with the other brands they sold in store. 

Designing their own idea of the perfect medical uniform, this company created a unique line that includes “UA Scrubs®, Happy Scrubs® and Butter Soft Scrubs®,” some of their bestsellers to date.

Combining quality material with affordable pricing, this company has stayed in the running amongst some of the top scrub brands on the market. More recently, they carried their own brand name into the world of cooking by producing a collection of chef’s jackets.

Printing their own catalog for customers since 1995, this brand is known as the place to buy – whether looking at their own brand or visiting in store for another. Today, this company operates 29 stores throughout the US, keeping people stocked in the styles they love. 

From Uniform Advantage shoes to their incredibly soft and stretchy scrubs, any medical professional will be set for work after a shopping trip here.

With quality being the star of this brand, other pros quickly fall into line alongside it:


  • A wide variety of scrubs, footwear, and attire perfect for any medical professional
  • Unique fabrics and styles
  • Quality builds
  • Fair pricing
  • Easy returns
  • International shipping offered


  • No product reviews from partner retailers
Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Putting the products first in this Uniform Advantage scrubs review, we’re looking at the lines that not only compare to other brands on the market but the pieces completely unique to this company. 

Looking at fabric, styles, and more, these products will have anyone gearing up to buy them based on appearance alone. Any favored scrubs can easily be embroidered for a small additional cost – so get planning just what words would look best on these select styles.

Uniform Advantage Exclusives Review

We’re starting big in this Uniform Advantage scrubs review. The following bestsellers are exclusive to this brand – that means new materials and styles! Why go with the average when you can break the mold?

Uniform Advantage Butter-Soft STRETCH Women’s 3-Pocket Plus Size Pull On Scrub Pants Review

Starting with one of their most popular products – the Uniform Advantage Butter-Soft STRETCH Women’s 3-Pocket Plus Size Pull On Scrub Pants (deep breath, we’ve made it through the whole title now) are a favorite amongst women for a reason.

There are so many features to these scrubs that it’s hard to know where to start. The name alone gives away just how important the feel of this fabric is. 

Butter-soft isn’t just a fun term thrown in there, but an accurate description of the smooth and silky touch of these scrub pants.

Carting 3-pockets, these pants give plenty of storage in a stunning appearance. Nothing looks bulky or out of place, but the opportunity to carry more with you is always present. Let’s not forget to mention the elastic waist designed for a curvy fit on any plus-size woman.

From 1X to 5X, these scrubs not only offer unique textures but also unique sizes too often overlooked in the market. Sporting 18 different colors, these are a fan-favorite for a reason.

Grab a pair or two starting at $25.

Uniform Advantage Easy STRETCH by Butter-Soft True Women’s 3-Pocket Short Sleeve Pull-Over Scrub Hoodie Review

Keep yourself covered and comfy by bringing the Uniform Advantage Easy STRETCH by Butter-Soft True Women’s 3-Pocket Short Sleeve Pull-Over Scrub Hoodie into your life. Despite the incredibly long names, these products are bestsellers for a reason.

Sorry to say it, but scrubs with hoods is a fashion too long overlooked. Combined with a standard scrub top style, this hooded design makes comfort less casual by maintaining the standard scrub cut but including a butter-soft stretch to keep things cool. 

Two main pockets hide a third to conceal any additional items you may want protected. Hemmed to deliver a slightly curved fit to show off just a hint of the female form, this scrub top is available from sizes XS to 3X in onyx black.

Add a twist to the traditional scrub top for $25.

Uniform Advantage Butter-Soft STRETCH Women’s 3-Pocket Knit Panel Maternity Scrub Top Review

Comfort is key when it comes to maternity wear, which is why this brand brought out the Butter-Soft STRETCH Women’s 3-Pocket Knit Panel Maternity Scrub Top for just the occasion.

In 13 color/pattern options, this scrub top stands out for its look alone. Fashioned with a classic empire waist, this scrub top is designed with room to grow, just like the little one inside. 

Knit side panels offer that extension room necessary for the later months while keeping things comfortable for mom.

Made from a cotton/poly/spandex blend, stretch and comfort are at the forefront of this design. Not only does it feel great, but the three pockets offer that additional layer of storage. Available in XS to 2X, this shirt keeps maternity looking professional at all times.

Add this to the growing maternity collection for $25.

Uniform Advantage Women’s Scrubs Review

Just because they aren’t exclusive doesn’t mean they’re not worth the money. This Uniform Advantage scrubs review wouldn’t be complete without a few of their standard (but popular) scrub designs.

Uniform Advantage Betsey Johnson Sweet Pea Women’s 1-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top Review

Business on the outside, party on the inside. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, that’s this brand’s idea of a good time with their Betsey Johnson Sweet Pea Women’s 1-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top.

What makes this Betsy Johnson you ask? Well aside from the clear patch across the chest, the dual snap closure rings in this iconic style. With a Mandarin neckline, these classic snaps combined with the comfortable fit of XS to 3X make it not one to miss.

Now, where’s the party in all of this? The outside of these scrubs’ tops come in pink, navy, and black for standard styles. The inside, however? That’s where the party comes alive with a fun black and bright pink pattern lining each of these color options.

Add some fun and flair to the everyday for $30.

Uniform Advantage Cherokee Infinity Cargo Scrub Skirt Review

Only two words are needed here: Scrub Skirt. That’s right, forget pants and step into the light of the Cherokee Infinity Cargo Scrub Skirt.

Sitting at 29.5” long, this skirt is here to stay and make a difference in comfort and style. Available in blue, black, and white options, this piece really means it when they say cargo. Lined with 5-pockets (you read that right – 5!), there’s room to hold everything while on the move.

From XS to 3X, this poly-poplin/spandex blend will maintain color and that perfect stretch through continual washes. 

At least that’s what the number of Uniform Advantage scrubs reviews for this product have to say. If you can’t trust us, why not trust those who are wearing it every day?

Made with antimicrobial fabric, this stunning skirt is currently on sale for $26 (regular price $32).

Uniform Advantage Men’s Scrubs Review

Step aside ladies, it’s time to offer the men some stylish options to add to their workdays. Created for a fun and functional fit, these bestsellers are favored for their color and comfort.

Uniform Advantage Dickie’s Dynamic Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top Review

The perfect scrubs don’t exist, we can all admit that. The Dickie’s Dynamic Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top does come pretty close though!

First of all, we want to really highlight the sizing here. These tops are available from XS to 5X – how often is that wide a size gap seen for a single item? We’re giving all the props to this brand for its inclusion of size when designing this classic top.

Available in pewter, navy, black, and wine colors, this stunning scrub top resists moisture and wrinkles, making it a great choice for the grueling day-to-day of the medical world. Straight cut to keep any figure looking slim, this 3-pocket piece is a bestseller for a reason.

Grab this scrub top for $30.

Uniform Advantage koi Next Gen Day to Night Men’s 7-Pocket Cargo Jogger Scrub Pants Review

You want storage space? Well, do we have a piece to show off. The Koi Next Gen Day to Night Men’s 7-Pocket Cargo Jogger Scrub Pants bring storage space to a whole new level with ease.

We need to start with the most obvious pro for these pants – 7 whole pockets! That’s practically unheard of in pants. And even better? They don’t look overly bulky like standard cargo pants.

A slimming jogger design keeps the style looking sleek with a comfortable tapered leg that doesn’t fit tight to the body. A casual stretch keeps these scrubs cozy throughout the day, but their navy, heather gray, charcoal, and black options keep things professional.

From XS to 3X, these pants were made to expand the horizon when it comes to all that pants can do.

Add these to the closet for $35.

Uniform Advantage Sets Review

While individual tops and bottoms are great for mixing and matching, sometimes we all just want that simple, single purchase. No Uniform Advantage scrubs review would be complete without adding some stylish sets to the products list.

Uniform Advantage Maevn Matrix Basic Unisex 3-Pocket V-Neck & Drawstring Scrub Set Review

Keep it simple and straightforward with the Maevn Matric Basic Unisex 3-Pocket V-Neck & Drawstring Scrub Set.

Ready for men or women to wear, this set comes in XS to 3X sizing to comfortably fit a variety of body types. Six different colors make up this selection, allowing you to choose a favored color to strut the hallways in during work hours.

This standard set comes with three pockets – two in the pants, one on the top. Providing anyone just enough storage to keep things simple without getting too bulky and weighed down. 

One purchase, one pair – saving time and money on uniforms is something we can get on board with.

At the time of writing this Uniform Advantage scrubs review, this set is on sale for $25 rather than the regular price of $31.

Uniform Advantage Strictly Scrubs Unisex 4-Pocket Reversible Scrub Set Review

Get two for the price of one when it comes to the Strictly Scrubs Unisex 4-Pocket Reversible Scrub Set.

Why not save money and get twice the use out of clothing while doing it? These scrubs are durably designed with double stitching to provide comfortable wear inside and out. Pocket line inner and outer areas of this set to make the wear reversible for twice the use.

Available in ten different colors, these unisex scrubs were made with all in mind. From XS to 5X, this set was fashioned for a number of body types to work comfortably during those long days.

This scrub set is available for $25.

Uniform Advantage Eco-Friendly Scrubs Review

Going green doesn’t just mean in color. Eco-friendly wear makes a difference not only to those wearing it but also to the planet. Help the Earth out by checking out some of these favorites.

Uniform Advantage WonderWink Renew Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top Review

Eco-friendly has never looked so great before. The WonderWink Renew Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top not only steps up style but practice as well.

We’ll cut to the chase here and make fabric the feature of this review. Crafted from renewable sources, this material uses recycled water bottles in addition to eco-friendly fabrics to piece together these light and breathable tops.

Featuring 4-pockets (including a hidden zipped pocket for those personal items you want kept safe), these tops come in 8 different color options to define your style. Made to stretch, sizing offered goes from XS to 3X, keeping tops fit to figure without being skin-tight.

At the time of this Uniform Advantage scrubs review, this top is down from $32 to a sales price of $26.

Uniform Advantage Skechers Structure Men’s 3-Pocket Warm-Up Scrub Jacket Review

Heating up bodies and fashion, the Sketchers Structure Men’s 3-Pocket Warm-Up Scrub Jacket is one you won’t want to forget.

Eco-friendly fabrics piece together this stunning jacket, with recycled water bottles standing in for the poly portion of this poly/spandex blend. 

Offered in 13 different colors, this jacket is sure to fit any style scrubs to complete that standard uniform fashion. Sizes XS to 5X make this straight-cut piece a slimming fit on any size.

Piece together that professional look with this finishing touch for $33.

Uniform Advantage Holiday Prints Review

Add some fun to your fashion and bring the holiday celebrations into work with a single top. Featuring Halloween and Winter Holiday prints, these fun holiday styles are bestsellers for a reason.

Uniform Advantage Cherokee Tooniforms Disney’s All Hail Jack Women’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Print Scrub Top Review

Paying homage to a favored character that twists together Halloween and Christmas celebrations, the Cherokee Tooniforms Disney’s All Hail Jack Women’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Print Scrub Top stands out in more ways than one.

Color and pattern alone make this top one of our favorites. Featuring The Pumpkin King himself, the twists and turns of Jack Skellington’s home add just enough cartoon creepiness to solidify this as October-wear. 

In stunning oranges, blacks, and blues, this design won’t soon be forgotten by coworkers or patients.

Side vents keep this classic design cool throughout the working hours. Both side pockets provide basic storage for any necessities carried around during shift. Adding the fun into functionality, this top is perfect for Halloween fans everywhere.

Add it to any October style for $25.

Uniform Advantage Butter-Soft Winter Cookies Red Women’s 3-Pocket Criss Cross Print Scrub Top Review

Sugar, spice, and everything nice make up this stunning top. Well…actually fabric does, but you get the point. The Butter-Soft Winter Cookies Red Women’s 3-Pocket Criss Cross Print Scrub Top makes every day a holiday, bringing the spirit in every step.

Sizes XS to 3X can celebrate winter fun with this vibrant and joyful winter top. Patterned with classic holiday cookie shapes, this fitted top adds some fun to standard uniforms. 

Three well-located pockets line this shirt, providing the perfect amount of space to sneak a few candy canes or treats on shift.

This happy holiday print is currently on sale for $13 (regular price $17).

Uniform Advantage Shoes Review

Too often forgotten, shoes make a big part of everyone’s day. For those who work on their feet, a good pair can make or break you. That’s why Uniform Advantage shoes are designed for the constant back and forth – especially these best-selling styles.

Uniform Advantage Cherokee Infinity Rainbow Glow Bolt Women’s Lace Up Nursing Sneakers Review

Lace up for the daily sprint of the medical profession. The Cherokee Infinity Rainbow Glow Bolt Women’s Lace Up Nursing Sneakers can have anyone ready to cross that finish line at the end of the day.

Let’s break down what makes a good sneaker for those all-day marathon careers. We’re talking arch support, heel support, shock absorption – you want every step to be a breeze. 

These sneakers offer all of that and more. Made from a light and breathable fabric, it doesn’t even feel as though shoes are being worn.

Even better? Antimicrobial fabrics are used in the lining to remove those hideous odors that have a way of popping up after long shifts. Cushioned steps, fresh shoes, and solid treads make this pair a winner for that emergency room sprint.

At the time of this Uniform Advantage scrubs review, these shoes are on sale for $73 rather than their usual price of $85.

Uniform Advantage Landau Comfort Unisex Slip-On Nursing Clogs Review

We’ll admit it – these ones aren’t necessarily made for that all-encompassing style. However, they do provide the comfort we all desire after long days. The Landau Comfort Unisex Slip-On Nursing Clogs are unmatched when it comes to cozy and comfortable shoes for a long day.

Anyone reading this have a bad back? Unfortunately, it’s a common problem for everyone, so these clogs were designed to provide relief to that growing problem. A higher wedge, arch support, and non-slip tread all work to provide relief and easy steps throughout the day.

Featuring moisture-resistant material, these shoes will keep you free from slips and spills when strutting through the halls. Cushioned by a pillow-top, these comfortable classics make up for the basic black and white appearance through their extreme comfort.

Add these to the collection for $41.

Uniform Advantage Accessories Review

Scrubs and shoes aren’t the only necessities for a job well done. Accessories can provide daily ease you never knew was needed, especially these popular Uniform Advantage products.

Uniform Advantage Prestige Deluxe Retracteze White EKG Heart Button Snap ID Badge Holder Review

Simple in design and incredibly useful on the job, the Prestige Deluxe Retracteze White EKG Heart Button Snap ID Badge Holder is one you won’t want to miss.

Styled with a simple heart, this badge holder keeps all IDs easily accessible. The simple EKG design adds a fun medical element to the style without going too overboard. Simply clip in on some scrubs, snap in the ID, and you’re good to go for the day.

This badge holder is available for $4.

Uniform Advantage Fashion Seal Unisex Cotton Scrub Cap Review

Stick to those standard styles with the Fashion Seal Unisex Cotton Scrub Cap.

Available in blue, green, and white colors, these scrub caps are a cheap and simple way to stock up. Customizable in size, all it takes is a quick adjustment via the drawstring located at the back to fit this scrub perfectly to your head. 

Light, breathable, and made to last, these caps keep comfort at the forefront of every mind. Grab these caps for $6

Who Is Uniform Advantage For? 

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

This Uniform Advantage scrubs review would recommend the brand to anyone in the medical profession who regularly wears scrubs as part of their uniform. 

The good part of uniform wear is the variety of brands to choose from when it comes to this sort of thing. Finding a company that suits your style and fit is key to surviving the day-to-day.

The advantage of this company is their sizing, prices, and durable designs. Offering exclusive soft fabrics alongside their range of sizing, this company markets to a greater number of individuals. 

Trying them on for size is a simple and cheap purchase, so give this brand a shot when shopping for the next set of scrubs.

Uniform Advantage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Despite being founded in the 1980s, this brand hasn’t set up shop outside of their own store. Whether that’s for loyalty, trusted customer service, or they simply wish to retain full sales of all of their products, there are fewer sites to pull trusted Uniform Advantage scrubs reviews from.

With that being said, the company overall has some acceptable ratings online. Operating both online and in physical stores, this brand is well known amongst Yelp with ratings staying high and positive.

Yelp rates this brand at 4/5-stars based on over 110 ratings. Those who have reviewed typically have shopped in-store, but their products remain the same in all locations.

One 5-star Yelp reviewer commented on their selection as the reason she loves shopping with this brand. 

She stated, “Large selection of scrubs for men and women- size, shape, color, fabric, you name it. You can always find some hidden gems in the clearance racks! Everyone there is always so friendly!!!

The sizing offered by Uniform Advantage is a definite benefit to shoppers as many scrub brands cut off larger sizing at 3X. This company extends to 5X on many of their pieces, making them a perfect fit for a number of customers.

Looking at SiteJabber, this brand sits at 3.2/5-stars based on over 325 customer ratings. The brand has been quick to respond to any negative claims in hopes of working with the customers to solve any issues.

Not all SiteJabber reviews have harsh criticisms. Many customers praise the business for their wide selection of styles, sizing, colors, patterns, and more.

I have used Uniform Advantage for about 5 years now and I have become a loyal customer. Their products are consistently good quality and I have yet to run into sizing issues of any kind. When I have had to make a return (for a fellow employee) the return process was easy.

As stated before, sizing is key to making this brand one to buy. The inclusion of plus sizes in every style diversifies the possible client list. 

While scrubs are often made for a tighter fit and a smaller build, many find this brand removes hesitation and anxiety from fits, providing only comfort in their casual designs.

As the front desk receptionist in a small chiropractic office, I recently switched to scrubs from office attire. As a plus sized woman I was a bit nervous of this change, as scrubs are notoriously snug and don’t leave a lot of room for movement, however this company has proven me wrong!

The Better Business Bureau joins the list of businesses to support this brand, giving them a B grade for their quality materials and quick customer responses.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the brand’s website. While it is not possible to view the sheer number of reviews per product, we can safely say that the positivity seen on other sites is echoed and amplified on

Is Uniform Advantage Worth It?

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

In the opinion of this Uniform Advantage scrubs review, this brand is easily worth a buy. Low prices on individual tops and bottoms as well as the scrub sets make this a simple way to stock up on a required uniform. 

Comfortable, casual, and many designs offering pockets to spare, these scrubs and accessories were designed for comfort and peace of mind during those long days.

For only $30, you can test out a set and find a fit that works for your body. Ranging in style, sizing, and prices, all the while offering exclusive fabrics and designs? This business is a win in our books.

Uniform Advantage Promotions & Discounts 

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Uniform Advantage offers a range of promotions throughout the year. At the time of this review, their seasonal discount is in place, offering 20% off of select styles. Make sure to check in periodically to find the best deals that will help save on already low costs.

Where to Buy Uniform Advantage  

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Uniform Advantage offers a number of other brands in stores and online. For their exclusive UA Scrubs, this company only sells their product on


Uniform Advantage Scrubs Review

Does Uniform Advantage offer special sizes?  

Uniform Advantage offers a variety of sizing from XS to 5X in men’s, women’s, and unisex styles. While not all scrubs are offered in every size, many at least offer XS to 3X.

Can I personalize my scrubs with embroidery?  

All Uniform Advantage purchases can be embroidered upon request. For an additional cost, simply select the embroidery option located directly above the “Add to Cart” button.

How can I receive a free catalog?  

Since 1995, Uniform Advantage has offered catalogs for their scrubs and accessories. There are a few ways to access these catalogs:

  • Online – all catalogs are available online for perusal
  • Mail – you can fill out a request form for physical catalogs to be mailed to any address

Are there Uniform Advantage gift cards available? 

Buying scrubs as a gift? You can easily add a gift card to the purchase. Gift cards are available virtually or by mail, so select the desired options, fill in the info, and it’ll be sent off.

What is Uniform Advantage’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping always comes with anxiety, high pricing, and ridiculous delivery times…right? Well, this brand lays it all out in an easy format to help any customer identify their options for delivery. 

For standard US shipping, three services are available with costs dependent on the price of the order:

FromToGround Shipping4-8 Business Days2 Day Express*Next Business Day*
$500.01$7505% of Order$58$81
$750.01$10005% of Order$66$95
$1000.01and Up5% of Order8% of Order12% of Order

Simple enough, right? Just follow the chart and it’ll lead anyone to the options available. International shipping is also offered by this company to over 200 countries worldwide.

What do international costs look like? That’s entirely dependent on location. Shipping internationally can take 6 to 14 days with all costs calculated at checkout.

Express shipping options are only available for US locations, so all other countries will have to make do with standard shipping times.

One other fun fact? Select shoes are shipped for free. Any Dansko, Alegria, C&C Sweden, or Grey’s Anatomy shoes require no shipping fees, so make sure to check those brands out first when looking to buy.

What is Uniform Advantage’s Return Policy?

Scrubs not suit your style? That’s fine. Within 30 days of delivery, they can be returned for a full refund. There are just a few detailed pieces to keep in mind:

  • Items cannot be washed prior to return
  • Worn and embroidered items cannot be sent back for a refund
  • Holiday prints must be returned within 14 days of delivery (due to seasonal demand)

Other than that, you’re free to send them right back to the brand.

When going to complete a return, all it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Find the invoice sent with the package and fill out the return section located on the back
  2. Repackage the item (preferably in original packaging) with the invoice
  3. Two options are available for labeling
  • Use the included UPS return label and have $9 deducted from the refund
  •  Send items via your own carrier (and pay shipping costs)

For exchanges, you can either order a new item using the source code on the invoice (this provides free shipping on the order), or you can simply return the item with the exchange request attached and a new product will be shipped out.

No matter how the request is made or whether it’s a return or exchange, there’s one address used for return shipping:

Uniform Advantage
777 Douglas Hill Road
Suite 100
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Just send off the package to that address and a refund will be sent back to the original account within one to two weeks.

How to Contact Uniform Advantage?

Looking to reach out to the company after reading through this review? They have a few points of contact for customers:

  • Phone: 800.283.8708
  • Fax: 954.626.2112
  • Email via their online contact form

Live Chat on their website, 24/7

Looking for more options? Then check out these trusted brands below:




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