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Vessel Health Review

Though the guidelines for our overall health are similar—eat well, exercise, get some sun—there’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Finding out what our unique bodies need would be a dream, but getting that information regularly isn’t exactly doable without a doctor-administered blood test.

However, it turns out that blood isn’t the only way to assess your vitamin and mineral needs. Vessel proves this with its at-home wellness test. It uses a simple urine sample to improve your energy, focus, fitness, immunity, and even beauty.

It may surprise you that nutritional deficiencies arent just an issue in developing countries but also in the richest countries in the world. According to this report[1], almost 10% of all Americans have a micronutrient deficiency

Another study[2] blames this on the structure of Western diets, which usually lack fruits and vegetables while being high in saturated fats and protein from meat. So, what should we do about this? A publication by John Hopkins Medicine points to a healthy whole foods diet. Supplements should not be taken unless there is a deficiency

Thankfully, Vessel offers a convenient way to check your vitamin and mineral levels, receive a professional nutritional assessment, and get advice on what to eat and which supplements are beneficial for you.

And even though this brand is just a little over a year old, it’s grown its Instagram following to over 39.2k, sold over 100k test cards, and has been featured in notable publications like Forbes, GQ, and Muscle & Fitness.

Want to know more about what this sciencebacked company can do for your health? If so, keep reading this Vessel Health review. Coming up, I’ll examine the brand with a fine-tooth comb, and share critical details about how its service works and what customers think about it. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Overview of Vessel Health

Vessel Health Review

For some reason, as soon as we hit our 30s, everything starts going downhill. Creaky knees, bad skin, and low energy loom over us like a dark cloud at our birthday party. We try to will it away and we may even adopt healthier habits—but try as we might, that cloud stays.

It was in his 30s that Jon Carder created Vessel. No stranger to developing businesses, the busy professional found himself with brain fog, poor sleep, and zero energy. After a quick trip to the doctor and a hefty bill for lab work, Carder discovered all of his nutritional deficiencies and high toxin levels. No wonder he felt terrible.

After setting himself straight, Carder’s energy came back. He was light on his feet and quick in his mind again. But as thankful as he was to discover the source of the problem, he couldn’t help but question why it had to cost so much, taken so long, and been such a hassle. 

Realizing that he wasn’t the only one who experienced these feelings and thoughts, he decided to take a leap and create a way for people to test their nutritional levels at home—for much less. Based in California, the brand delivers testing cards monthly and offers personalized supplements, nutritional advice, meal plans, and more.

Vessel Health Review

I’ll get into all of the healthy details a bit further in this Vessel Health review. But for now, take a look at the brand’s highlights to get a feel for what it’s all about.


  • Three testing plan options (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Test results ready in three minutes
  • Delivered to your door monthly
  • Offers multiple ways to meet nutritional & health goals
  • Science-backed by medical doctors and scientists
  • Support from certified nutritionists
  • Free shipping

When they say ‘backed by science,’ they really mean it. While browsing the brand’s website, I found answers to all my burning questions and more, explained in explicit detail. 

The company offers just one intensive program to totally transform your health but is working on releasing an at-home blood test that provides even more health insight. In the next section of this Vessel Health review, I’ll explain in detail how this service works, including plan options, what’s involved as a member, and pricing.

Vessel Health Review

Vessel Health Review

Vessel Health calls its service a “doctor in your pocket,” and it can’t really get more convenient than that, can it? But let’s think about the alternative for a minute. 

In the past, when you wanted to find out your vitamin levels, you’d have to book an appointment with your doctor, pay for the visit and a blood test, then wait 1-2 weeks for your results. After that, you’d be on your own when it comes to your meals unless you hired a nutritionist. 

On the other hand, Vessel is a quick and easy test (not to mention painless), which involves absolutely no needles, long waits at the doctor’s office, or hefty lab bills. Instead, it uses a smart strip to detect any missing vitamins from your urine and, therefore, your body.

With this test, you’ll also learn about your hydration, cortisol, and ketone levels, making it a great choice for athletes, busy professionals, and those on a keto diet. So how does it work? It takes just three steps:

  1. Test
  2. Get results within 3.5 minutes
  3. Adjust your lifestyle

Hydration is essential for all life, as you most likely know. As described in a review article[3] published in Nutrition Bulletin, an individual’s water requirement depends on many factors—such as body mass, physical activity, and environmental conditions. 

In addition, cortisol levels increase during emotional stress. So, urine cortisol is used as a stress marker. As described in this study[4], exposure to chronic emotional stress accelerates the aging process (now you know where those early gray hairs are coming from).

Furthermore, High ketone levels or ketosis can lead to a variety of symptoms, from fatigue and sleepiness to even death. 

Although the most frequent cause of severe ketoacidosis is diabetes, ketosis can also be caused by extreme exercise, low carbohydrate intake, high protein consumption, etc. Thankfully, Vessel’s doctors address individual cases and provide advice based on your urine results.

They say that for every problem, there lies a solution. For instance, do you have high cortisol levels? Consider meditating. Too little biotin? No wonder your hair isn’t growing—but don’t worry—the right supplement can help. Luckily, Vessel offers those extras (meditation, supplements, prepared meals) along with its service. 

However, I want to point out that this assessment does not replace your annual check-ups. Vessel’s registered dietitians and doctors will help you with your nutrition, but they don’t treat medical conditions.

Vessel Health Review

After you get your results, head over to the app to get food delivered to your door by Amazon within a few hours. Their food is full of the right vitamins and minerals you need to start feeling better. You can continue to order these meals or take inspiration from the recipes on the app and make some yourself.

Along with food, Vessel ships you supplements tailored to your test results and answers to a short questionnaire. Also, if you need any help along the way, their team of certified nutritionists is there to answer any health-related questions you might have.

Keep in mind that adding a supplement to your plan costs an additional $40/month. Considering it’s customized and contains everything you need based on your unique results, this price is understandable. 

Vessel gives you the option to take its vitamin tests daily, weekly, or monthly. Below, I’ll sum up the plans for the most popular option: weekly testing. This plan delivers four test strips to your door each month with free shipping.

  • Monthly Membership: $50/month 
  • Six-Month Membership: $40/month
  • 12-Month Membership: $35/month

The folks at Vessel tell us their app gives reports in three ranges: low, good, and high. According to a third-party validation study, these results are about 92% accurate. And the only things you need are your phone, their app, and test cards to start making a change.

Who Is Vessel Health For? 

Vessel Health Review

I’ve found that services like these are generally targeted at people over 30 who are serious about their health. 

Yet, whether you’re under 30 or over, keep in mind that the risk of nutritional deficiencies is variable and mainly depends on our diet.  Also, the 2012 CDC’s Second Nutrition Report[1] found that certain nutritional deficiencies are more frequent in certain American demographics. 

For example, over 30% of Black Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency, while women between 20 and 39 showed the lowest iodine levels of all examined groups.

However, no matter your gender or ethnicity, we all experience health issues, big or small. Basically, Vessel is ideal for anyone looking to take control of their health and embrace what it means to live to their fullest potential.

Is Vessel Health Sustainable? 

Vessel Health Review

The thing about diets is that a lot of them arent sustainable. For example, cutting out carbs or eliminating fat isn’t realistic—they’re both macronutrients the body needs. Plus, staying on an extreme diet may lead to burnout, frustration, or throwing in the towel altogether. 

On top of that, despite dieting efforts, it’s hard to tell if any of your actions are working. That’s why Vessel is a more sustainable option. Not only does it approach wellness from a personalized angle, but it also delivers precise nutritional supplements based on what your body actually needs. 

Once you feel the difference and see the changes firsthand, returning to poor lifestyle choices may become less desirable.

Vessel Health Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vessel Health Review

If you’re reading this Vessel Health review, I’ll take a guess that this isnt your first wellness rodeo. Here’s the most important thing to keep in mind when looking into any health protocol: the thing about diets and lifestyle changes is that, although they may work for some, theyre not perfect.

For instance, keto may be ideal for Sally, but the worst thing for Bob because were all different. So why should we be given the same plan for optimal health? The answer is we shouldn’t. And that’s what makes Vessel so special—it’s tailored to your unique needs.

In this section, I’ll show you several customer reviews. I’ve combed the web for helpful feedback so you can get an idea of what the process is like and what the results have been. 

Let’s kick things off with a Vessel Health review I found on Forbes. I know this website is one of the more official ones out there, but it gave a thorough account of the brand’s service, and I couldn’t pass up sharing it with you.

One of the first things I wanted to include here is some feedback on the lifestyle aspect of the brand. 

Here’s what a satisfied customer had to say: “I love this about Vessel. I am not one to do much with my lifestyle when it comes to routine exercise. The application gives you options to stay hydrated and reduce stress. [And it] will provide you with precisely the right amount of water to drink and even help with your cortisol levels.

When starting something new, thorough advice and clear steps are critical. Plus, I love a brand that understands that health is not always about exercise. It’s an important component of health, of course, but managing stress can also be done by meditating and drinking more water. 

One reviewer appreciated the advice Vessel gave after they took the test: “Each example gives the user an in-depth and a variety of ways to reduce their stress levels, eat the right foods and add these to my plans. The application’s advice provided me with ways to help me fall asleep when I couldn’t shut off my brain every night.

Again, I admire and value a service like this that thinks of health from every angle. And after following an invaluable piece of nutritional advice, the reviewer concluded, “Within just days, I felt less tired and felt my health improving.” 

It’s not exactly mind-blowing that the correct nutrition can make a big difference, but it’s astounding how much thought and science has gone into the Vessel Health app. Not only does it provide essential advice but it also has tons of options that make attaining health realistic for all.

Next, I turned my attention to the Vessel Health reviews on Trustpilot. On this site, the brand had an overall score of 3.8/5 stars based on 107 users that broke down like this:

  • Excellent: 61%
  • Great: 13%
  • Average: 4%
  • Poor: 3%
  • Bad: 19%

I found this Vessel Health review about the service: “Love it! This product is really easy to use. Super convenient tool to understand my body. The app is also really easy to navigate and understand… It’s easy to track your progress and plan your weekly diet accordingly.”

Trust me, there are a lot of complicated health apps out there that include reports that only a neuroscientist would be able to understand and they offer no support to back them up. 

When I read that Vessel is easy-to-use, understand, navigate, and plan, my eyes popped open at the thought of a diet plan that’s actually simple and, thus, more sustainable long term.

For my final source of feedback, I turned to a Vessel Health review on Personal Wellness Tracking. On this site, they walked through the simple process of using the strips and even mentioned how quick customer service was in sending out replacement strips for samples that came back inconclusive.

Here’s a snippet of the review that describes the testing process itself: the “tests themselves are easy to handle, and I really liked the handy white paper holder to store the additional tests. It sits nicely and indiscreetly atop a white porcelain toilet.” If you’re going to be testing your urine daily, then it’s the little details like this that make all the difference. 

Overall, in terms of customer feedback, what I found was really positive despite this brand being so new. I will admit, though, that it’s still a new company, and there are a few kinks it’s had to work out along the way. But in the end, the concept is rock solid, and the insight their program gives is invaluable.

Is Vessel Health Worth It?

Vessel Health Review

Imagine knowing exactly what your body needs and when. Well, that’s what Vessel Health does. Giving you the luxury of determining your bodily needs, the service brings you one step closer to your optimal body health

If committing long-term isn’t something you’re ready to do, try out the monthly option from its range of plans. Their options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, though, meaning you can try them out for a month and get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied. 

With all things considered, at $35/month, anything that may bring about better health is worth it to us — plus, after experiencing the costs and waiting time for blood tests firsthand, I can’t get enough of this convenient concept. 

Vessel Health Promotions & Discounts 

Vessel Health Review

While looking over the brand from head to toe during this Vessel Health review, I found that the longer you commit to a membership, the less you’ll spend overall. This reduces the cost of each test strip from $13 down to $9. But regardless of which membership plan you pick, you’ll always get free shipping.

Where to Buy Vessel Health

Vessel Health Review

Since Vessel Health is a membership service, you can only sign up through Once on the website, click ‘Buy Now’ at the top upper right corner of the webpage.


Who owns Vessel Health?

John Carder and Matt McCord own Vessel Health. The two launched the brand in 2020, the ideal time for many to get serious about their health. 

Does Vessel Health ship internationally?

Not right now. Vessel Health only ships within the US. 

What is Vessel Health’s Privacy Policy?

While you browse Vessel Health and become a member, the website collects certain information. This includes personal info like your name, email, address, and any information you specifically uploaded to your Vessel profile, like your picture and headline. 

If you sign up for the service through your Facebook or Google account, the site will collect, store, and use all public data you have uploaded onto those platforms. When making a purchase, Vessel also obtains your credit card number or bank account number, which is collected by third-party vendors. 

Should you have location services enabled on your computer or phone, Vessel will collect geolocation information, but you can always turn this feature off. Vessel determines your shopping interests and browsing patterns by using third-party analytics, resulting in targeted ads outside of the website. 

What is Vessel Health’s Shipping Policy?

Delivering to all 50 states, Vessel Health processes orders in 1-3 business days from when you place them online. From there, your order should show up on your doorstep in another 3-7 business days, depending on where you live. 

What is Vessel Health’s Return Policy?

With your monthly plan, you’ll have the option to subscribe to supplements and choose meals. Though Vessel does not accept returns on supplements orders, you can return unopened wellness test cards (all 30 originally provided), but the brand says they reserve the right to refuse these as well. 

You have a 30-day window (from the time you receive your Vessel package) to return unused items. But before you send everything back, you’ll need to contact the company via email at [email protected] to request a return. If approved, the brand will send more instructions on how to proceed. 

For membership cancellations, there are three different things to keep in mind:

  1. Every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from when your first order is delivered. 
  2. You can cancel monthly memberships at any time, but you will not be refunded for any part of the month you did not use. You will continue to have access for the remaining time of your memberships should you choose to cancel mid-month.
  3. The 6 and 12-month memberships can only be canceled at the end of that term — you cannot cancel mid-way, nor can you get a refund for the remaining months you do not wish to use.

To make a return or cancellation, use any of the contact methods listed in the following section of this Vessel Health review.

How to Contact Vessel Health

I hope you found everything you needed to know about the brand in this Vessel Health review. Still have questions? You can reach out through the following methods: 

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