Woxer vs TomboyX Review

About Woxer

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

It’s no secret that women love how men’s boxers feel. They’re roomier, provide more coverage, and sometimes, feel more authentic. Woxer was founded by Alexandra Fuente in Miami in 2019 with the mission to give women more choices when it came to underwear.

The truth about men’s underwear is that they’re made for the male anatomy. Even though they’re still somewhat comfortable for those without the parts to fill them, the average pair can be wedgie-inducing thanks to all the excess fabric. Woxers were developed for the female form, designed to make women feel good in their own skin without compromising comfort.

Manufacturing its underwear in Peru, Woxer uses sustainable materials like Modal and Pima cotton to make its simple range of boxers and bras.

About TomboyX

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

Like Woxer, TomboyX makes boxer briefs for the female anatomy, only this brand’s mission is to create underwear for everyone. That’s why you’ll find sizes 3XS-6X in its lineup, alongside styles that are more traditionally feminine, including period panties and thongs.

TomboyX was founded in 2012 by partners Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez who wanted to fill a void in the market, reconfiguring the male boxer and removing the excess fabric not required for the female figure. The brand’s boxers and underwear provide a streamlined silhouette that lays flat under clothing, designed in the brand’s Seattle HQ but made in China.

When it comes to underwear, choosing the right pair involves more than simply choosing a style that looks good. Modern brands reflect the needs of society, and in the case of both of these companies, inclusivity, sustainability, and comfort are at the forefront of what they do.

In my Woxer vs TomboyX review, I’ll put these two admirable brands to the test in a friendly head-to-head competition. I’ll flush out the differences and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Before I get things rolling, I’ve put together a little pre-list of topics you may want to consider when making your final decision.

What to Consider

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

Product Range

If you came here looking for boxers, then you’re all set. Both of these brands have a nice array of choices. TomboyX looks to have more in terms of selection though, and you’ll find everything from thongs to 9” Boxer Briefs in its collection, along with a few different styles of bras.

TomboyX includes both masculine and feminine styles, whereas Woxer only offers those that are traditionally masculine. Woxer’s collection is a little more streamlined too, offering only boxer briefs of different lengths in addition to two bras.

Target Audience

The two featured brands are the most different when it comes to this category—and that can be seen in each of their product ranges. Woxer’s collection is all about boxer briefs, leaving out the more traditionally feminine underwear that TomboyX makes.

While writing this Woxer vs TomboyX review, I found that the latter brand’s mission is to make underwear for everyone, and that means of all genders, sizes, ethnicities, and shapes. Conversely, Woxer does one thing and does it well, but its target audience is women who enjoy the feeling of boxers.

Design and Durability

Whether you’re looking for classic colors or wild prints, both companies have you covered to some degree. Hands down, TomboyX has more fun patterns and colors. Woxer has some cool ones too, but if it’s playful underwear you’re looking for, TomboyX is your man.

Woxer’s designs appear to be sleeker and more seamless, whereas TomboyX looks a little more like traditional men’s boxers. As for durability, the latter brand’s underwear looks to have a thicker fabric too, and I’ve read reports that neither shrink or wear down in the wash easily.


Both of these brands care about sustainability. For those that like to be kind to our planet in everything they do (or buy), you’ll find that one company does a little more in this regard.

Woxer chooses sustainably-sourced fabric for its boxers, while TomboyX goes a few steps further. With this brand, you’ll find more information about its manufacturing, materials, and packaging, all of which are pushing for more renewable materials and less waste.


You can find both brands’ underwear on Amazon, but in general, TomboyX is the more accessible brand. Sold in stores like Nordstrom too, you have a better chance of finding the brand out and about than you would Woxer.

With that said, both ship around the world and are available to anyone who wants to order online. Their prices are comparable but Woxer’s are slightly lower.

Woxer Baller Cosmic vs TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print Review

Men’s boxers are saggy in the crotch and often in the legs. They’re made for men’s bodies, so of course they would be, but their coverage and comfort are much more enjoyable than typical women’s panties. This section of my Woxer vs TomboyX review will look at each of the featured brands’ signature styles.

The Woxer Baller Cosmic lays flat and hugs curves, giving you the same sort of feeling as boxers do, except for the fact these ones feel like they’re made for you—because they are. Breathable, light, and stretchy, this pair is made from sustainable modal fabric that comes from beech trees.

They wick away moisture to keep you comfortable and clean, and the 5” inseam is the perfect fit for dresses and skirts but flat enough to be worn under jeans. With a microfiber waistband that won’t roll, you may forget you’re even wearing underwear. Pick up a pair in S-3X for $22.

Woxer Baller Cosmic

  • Made from sustainable fabric
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Short enough to be worn under skirts
  • Lays flat
  • Waistband won’t roll
  • Inclusive sizes

The TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print is fun but masculine, adding a three-button faux-fly at the front for a traditional boxer feel. Made from soft cotton, they’re breathable, stretchy, and keep you cool and comfy throughout the day.

They even feature what the brand calls its “signature stay-put silky soft waistband”—in other words, they’ll stay in place without uncomfortably digging in. You can get a pair in sizes XS-4X for $15.

TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print

  • Attractive print & fly details
  • Made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Waistband won’t roll
  • Convenient length

I love the look of both, with Woxer’s lying super flat against the skin for an ultra-flattering look. Overall, TomboyX looks to be the funner choice with more patterns and funky colors—but not everyone is into that.

Either option is going to be lightweight and breathable, so your pick may be about fabric safety certifications or moisture-wicking fabric. There’s clearly no wrong choice here.

Woxer Boss Black 2.0 vs TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print Review

Underwire bras can suck—not everyone wants their boobs pushed up, but that doesn’t mean we can all go without support. Woxer Boss Black 2.0 is great for any activity, its modal fabric wicking away moisture and helping you stay fresh all day. It’s stretchy, provides light support, and can transition seamlessly from work to play.

Featured here in versatile black, you’ll get a classic racerback style that won’t shrink in the wash. Get it in sizes S-3X for $28.

Woxer Boss Black 2.0

  • Breathable & moisture-wicking
  • Won’t shrink in the wash
  • Made from sustainable fabric
  • Comes in inclusive sizing

If you’d rather a bra with a little more pizzazz, the TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print is here to please. In a soft blue and pink design with an assortment of fishies, you’ll get the same comfortable fit and feel that the brand’s underwear gives thanks to the lovely qualities of cotton.

With a racer-back style, you’ll get light support without underwire or padding so you can just feel like you. Feel the difference with this soft bra in sizes XS-6X for $15.

TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print

  • Oeko-Tex certified cotton
  • Soft and breathable
  • Inclusive sizing

One comes in black, the other in a print. Judging by the looks of each bra, TomboyX may be softer in terms of its support band, which means that Woxer may be more supportive. The latter also has a smaller variety of sizes (even though it’s still a wide range) but also uses a fabric that may be better suited for activities.

Woxer Stud Star vs TomboyX 4.5” Trunks – Black Review

Trunks are cute and sassy, though they have the reputation of riding up. They’re loved because they offer more coverage than a brief but are shorter than a boxer brief. Up next in this Woxer vs TomboyX review, I’ll look into the brand’s similar trunk styles.

Woxer promises its trunks won’t ride up, staying in place all day without slowly making their way up into wedgie territory. With a 3” inseam, the Stud Star boxers are soft and sweet, made from modal in a cool grey color with a black waistband.

They fit under short skirts and dresses and lay flat under tight dress pants, the waistband lying comfortably too without rolling down through your night. Breathable and moisture-wicking Stud Star is seamless and won’t shrink or fade. Get. Pair in sizes S-3X for $18.

Woxer Stud Star

  • Made from sustainable modal
  • Non-rolling waistband
  • Seamless
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Available in other colors/patterns

TomboyX 4.5” Trunks – Black have a similar look though they’re just a tad shorter than their competitor. Featured here in solid black, you’ll get lots of wiggle room and a soft cotton fabric that moves with you through your day.

The stay-put waistband never rolls, and in general, this pair has a suave look, the black fabric against a shiny, satin-looking waistband. With flatlock seams, these trunks won’t cause chafing, and you can get them in sizes XS-6X. Grab a pair for $33.

TomboyX 4.5” Trunks – Black

  • Oeko-Tex certified cotton
  • Stay-put waistband
  • Flatlock seams
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Available in a ton of other colors/patterns

The biggest differences between these two pairs are the inseam length and materials used. They both are soft and stay in place, though it looks like Woxer may lay flatter under tight clothing than TomboyX will. One is a little more expensive than the other, but that may be the Oeko-Tex certification coming into play.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Quality

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

How a product is made is just as important as why it’s made. Both Woxer and TomboyX have great reasons for creating their products, seeing the need for boxers that fit a woman’s figure for comfort and authenticity.

While I applaud both companies for the why, it’s important that this Woxer vs TomboyX review look into the “how’s” and “who’s” of each to get a feel for their individual levels of quality. I’ll kick things off with Woxer.

Woxer uses a fabric called Lenzing Modal for its boxers—a material made from sustainably harvested beechwood trees. Using less water and energy than regular fabric like polyester and cotton, it’s also more breathable than cotton, meaning it’s ideal for underwear, and especially women’s underwear.

When the brand doesn’t use Lenzing Modal, it chooses Peruvian Pima cotton, a material that’s known to be the world’s finest Pima, loved for its durability and softness. Hypoallergenic and absorbent, it’s an ideal choice for underwear. All of Woxer’s production is done in Peru.

How about TomboyX? Starting out making its underwear in a small facility in Vancouver, due to upscale production, the brand moved manufacturing to China but started up producing its swimwear in Colombia.

If you’re on the fence about buying from a brand that does business in China, it’s not really fair to blanket all of the country’s factories as unjust and criminal. There are some tremendously skilled workers there and businesses that pay their employees well. Those are the ones this brand works with.

TomboyX has said that it tries to be sustainable as much as possible by choosing supply chains with good labor practices and low waste production.

Using an anti-microbial coating for its swimwear made from discarded (and obviously cleansed) crab shells, the brand helps cut down on waste and pushes for a more sustainable future.

In addition to opting for sustainable materials and factories, TomboyX chose recyclable cardboard packaging and reusable and biodegradable product bags.

Is one company of higher quality than the other? There seems to be more information about TomboyX online, but that may be because it’s been around longer.

Both choosing to use sustainable materials, TomboyX also looks to push more for sustainability throughout its production and delivery, but Woxer is certainly trying too.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Price & Value

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

What you see isn’t always what you get, and sometimes, you get more than meets the eye. At a glance, Woxer’s and TomboyX’s intimates look good—there’s no denying that fact, and that alone gives them value.

But add in the quality of materials, how they’re produced, and what the brand is like, and value can either get higher or stay the same. Before I dive into the value of each brand, I’ll compare their prices in this section of my Woxer vs TomboyX review. I’ll start with Woxer.

  • Boss (bra): $28
  • Baller: $22
  • Stud: $18

Woxer’s value comes in a few ways, the first would be its subscription program. Helping customers receive their favorite pairs on a consistent basis for a lower price holds value (and of course appeal). But of course, shoppers wouldn’t see value in a subscription if the products themselves weren’t worth getting, and according to customers, they truly are.

Buyers say that Woxer underwear is high-quality, fits well, and feels great on their bodies. I didn’t run into any comments about discomfort with this brand, which means it has a great design that works for all sizes.

And speaking of sizes, their inclusive range of S-3X is important in the value equation too, along with ethical production and the use of sustainable materials. Overall, what you get from Woxer for the price is fantastic, especially considering subscribing members get 23% off.

So let’s check out prices for some of TomboyX’s products to see how they compare. Here are a few of its best-sellers:

  • Racerback Soft Bra: $15
  • 6” Boxer Briefs: $15
  • Boy Shorts: $20

Just like Woxer, TomboyX uses sustainable materials but manufactures its underwear in China. Although the country is typically associated with unfair labor, the brand assures customers that its overseas partners with are run by women, pay their workers fair wages, and have decent working conditions. Production for the brand’s swimwear is now based in Colombia.

By far, TomboyX is the bigger and better-known brand, so it’s not surprising that as it grew, it needed to find a manufacturer that could handle the demand.

Most of its products are also certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex (for textile safety) and this little, well, actually big fact gives this brand high value. When you’re dealing with products that sit right next to your delicate parts, the safer the better.

Along with ethical and safe production, TomboyX offers a larger variety of sizes, some underwear ranging from 3XS-6X. This fact again builds value.

Would I say one brand has more value than the other? There appears to be more information about TomboyX online and that may be because it’s the older brand. It’s had more time to sort out what works and what doesn’t, but even with that in mind, I think Woxer is doing an amazing job.

Woxer vs TomboyX: What Do Customers Think?

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

I could talk all day about what these two brands look like from behind a screen, but if we really want to know what a product is like, the best place to look is in the comments.

Up next in my Woxer vs TomboyX review are a few ratings for Woxer as of July 2023.

  •—Baller 5” Black: an average of 4.7/5 stars from over 9,000 reviews
  • Amazon—Baller 5”: an average of 4.4/5 stars from over 180 reviews

The ratings that I found for Woxer are all the same. That’s a good sign that they’re true. So what do folks think about the brand in general? After searching through reviews and comments online, I came across a few common bits of feedback. Those who have bought the brand think its underwear is:

  • Very comfortable and feels like wearing nothing
  • High-quality and soft
  • Durable and long-lasting/ have waistbands that don’t give out

Reviews are similar for TomboyX. Before I get into the comments, let’s check out their customer ratings as of July 2023:

  •—6” Fly Black: an average of 4.8/5 stars from more than 900 reviews
  • Amazon—6” Boy Shorts: an average of 4.5/5 stars from more than 270 reviews
  • Nordstrom—9” Fly Boxer Brief: an average of 4.2/5 stars from more than 170 reviews

As for feedback, there’s definitely a community vibe about TomboyX, and those who buy its underwear become part of the crew—although I think this inclusive brand would accent everyone and anyone regardless. Some frequent comments include:

  • Underwear is great quality
  • People love the patterns/colors
  • Material is soft and lightweight

In general, feedback for both of the brand’s underwear express gratitude for the way its boxers are constructed, fit, and feel. Though TomboyX’s ratings are slightly higher, Woxer’s are just as impressive considering the company is just over two years old.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Promotions & Discounts

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

Discounts are one of the best things about online shopping. They’re a great way to attract new sales and most likely, you can expect to find at least a few kicking around a brand’s website. This part of my Woxer vs TomboyX review is dedicated to deals and below, you’ll see what I found after combing through their websites.


  • Subscribe to save 23% and get free shipping
  • Free US shipping & returns
  • Free international shipping for orders over $150


  • Rewards Program
  • Student, Teacher, and Medical discount
  • Sale section
  • Free standard shipping

Alright, so this list is a little bottom-heavy, but it makes sense considering how long TomboyX has been around. Based on its current sale, most likely, this brand will also hold other annual sales. Its year-round discounts for frequent shoppers, students, and teachers are a huge draw as well. It looks like no matter when you shop, there is likely a way to save some money.

With that said, overall, Woxer’s prices are lower, and if you subscribe, you’d be getting a pair of underwear for half the price of what their competitor’s cost. Free shipping and returns are deals that shouldn’t be passed up either, and I appreciate that this brand offers a free international shipping option as well.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Shipping & Returns

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

You’re probably reading this Woxer vs Tomboy review because you’re interested in ordering a pair of underwear online.

If that’s the case, then it’s important to get the gist of what each brand’s shipping policy is like just so you know what to expect when it’s time to hit the virtual checkout counter. I’ll do that in this part of my Woxer vs TomboyX review.

So what is it like to order from Woxer? I didn’t see any negative shipping reviews online, so it looks to be smooth sailing. Here are the basics of the brand’s shipping policy:

  • Ships around the world
  • Offers delivery to P.O. Boxes & military locations
  • US orders are shipped for free
  • Orders over $99 to Canada qualify for free shipping
  • All other orders over $150 are shipped for free

Woxer also offers risk-free returns and a 100% Love Guarantee that promises that you’ll like your new underwear or they’ll make it right. There’s no time frame that you need to make your return by, you get in touch with their team any time. 

TomboyX is a bit different. Its return policy allows customers 45 days to decide if they’d like to keep their underwear. The brand reminds folks though that they need to try on the underwear over other underwear, once you put them on without, you can no longer send them back for obvious hygiene reasons. Here’s what to expect:

  • Discreet packaging
  • International shipping
  • Ships from Nevada
  • Free US Standard shipping

As a bigger brand, it makes sense that I found one or two reviews about slow or absent shipments, but there weren’t enough to raise any red flags.

Overall, these two companies appear to have reliable shipping, though I appreciate Woxer’s free international shipping options as well, as delivery to other countries can get expensive.

Who Will You Shop With?

Woxer vs TomboyX Review

I’ve reached the end of my Woxer vs TomboyX review. To be honest, both of these brands have terrific products and are backed by incredible people looking to inspire change and spread equality.

Though that’s true, they’re pretty different when you get into the fine details. And even with the fact that they both use sustainable materials and have ethical production, what fabrics they use and where they manufacture are different, and your choice may come down to one of preference, not quality.

So which one is the right brand for you? Well, let’s do a little recap here. Woxer is the newer company and uses a fabric made from beechwood trees for its underwear called Lenzing Modal. If you live in the US, you’ll get free shipping and returns, along with the option to subscribe to save money.

Woxer is the less expensive brand, but its ratings are slightly lower (though still excellent) than TomboyX which is a well-known brand with a few more miles under its feet.

Over time, TomboyX has created a community environment around its underwear and has a larger selection to choose from with a range of styles, colors, and patterns.

It’s definitely the more expressive brand and uses a similarly sustainable fabric to its competitor, Pima cotton, only, it’s Oeko-Tex certified for safety.

Around longer than Woxer, TomboyX is the better-known brand with more discounts, but in terms of quality, it appears to have met its match.

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