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About Yesglasses

Yesglasses Review

Yesglasses is an online retailer of fashion-forward prescription and non-prescription eyewear for men, women, and kids. The brand makes shopping for new frames straightforward and enjoyable with its wide selection of styles, virtual Try On tool, and affordable prices. 

Although the brand is still relatively new, they’ve grown steadily and the brand has landed features in Insider, TravelAwaits, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo, Us Weekly, Verywell Health, Business Insider, Ask Men, and many other publications.

The company was founded in 2017 with a vision to become “the most trustworthy eyewear company in the world.” Professionals behind the brand know the value of taking care of our eyes. With that in mind, they’ve put a strong customer service team in place, dedicated to helping find the right frames and lenses for your precious peepers.  

Yesglasses prides itself on being environmentally friendly and fair, using eco-friendly materials for their products and caring for their employees with full coverage benefits. The brand also has a blog filled with helpful articles, on topics such as finding your Yesglasses PD measurement. 

In this Yesglasses review, I will take a close look at the brand and some of its best-selling frames, fill you in on what customers have to say, provide information on discounts, and more, to help you decide if their eyewear is worth the buy. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros and Cons

Yesglasses Review

Now that you know a little more about the brand, let’s steer this Yesglasses review into some pros and cons. 


  1. Wide Selection: Yesglasses offers a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses, providing customers with a variety of frame styles, materials, and lens options to choose from.
  2. Affordable Pricing: Yesglasses is known for its competitive pricing, offering affordable eyewear options compared to some traditional brick-and-mortar stores or other online retailers. This can be particularly appealing for budget-conscious customers.
  3. Customization Options: Yesglasses allows customers to customize their eyeglasses by providing options such as different lens coatings, lens materials, and frame colors, allowing for a more personalized experience.
  4. Virtual Try-On: The website offers a virtual try-on feature that enables customers to upload a photo or use their webcam to see how different frames will look on their face. This can help in the selection process, giving a better idea of how the glasses will fit and suit individual features.
  5. Convenience: Shopping for eyeglasses online can be convenient, as it allows customers to browse and purchase from the comfort of their own homes. Yesglasses offers the convenience of online shopping, potentially saving time and effort compared to visiting physical stores.


  1. Limited In-Person Assistance: Unlike shopping at a traditional optical store, purchasing glasses online from Yesglasses may lack the in-person assistance of an optician or optometrist. Some customers may prefer the guidance and expertise that comes with face-to-face interactions when selecting frames and ensuring proper fit.
  2. Prescription Accuracy: When ordering prescription eyeglasses online, customers need to provide accurate prescription information. It’s essential to double-check the details to ensure that the correct prescription lenses are manufactured. Mistakes in prescription information could result in incorrect lenses, affecting vision correction.
  3. Limited Frame Adjustments: While Yesglasses allows customization, frame adjustments, such as fitting or alignment, may not be available through online purchases. Some customers may prefer the convenience of having an optician make necessary adjustments to ensure proper fit and comfort.


Yesglasses 17293 Review

Yesglasses offers plenty of advantages for their customers. Here are a few that make them stand out:

  1. Frame Materials: Their eyeglass frames are made from a variety of materials, including metal (such as stainless steel or titanium), acetate (a type of plastic), and mixed materials. Each material has its own characteristics in terms of durability, weight, and style.
  2. Lens Options: Yesglasses carries a range of lens options to choose from, including single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses. They may also offer lens coatings like anti-reflective coatings, scratch-resistant coatings, and UV protection.
  3. Prescription Eyewear: Yesglasses offers the option to input your prescription details and order custom-made eyeglasses tailored to your specific vision correction needs.
  4. Sunglasses: Yesglasses has a selection of sunglasses available, featuring different lens colors, polarized lenses for glare reduction, and UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful sun rays.
  5. Blue Light Filtering: Some eyeglasses from Yesglasses feature lenses that filter out blue light emitted from digital screens, which can help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged screen use.
  6. Virtual Try-On: Yesglasses provides a virtual try-on feature, allowing you to upload a photo or use your webcam to virtually try on different frames, helping you visualize how they look on your face.
  7. Customization Options: Yesglasses offers customization options for frame color, size, and shape, allowing you to select a style that suits your personal preferences and face shape.

5 Yesglasses Bestsellers

Yesglasses creates versatile frames for the fashionistas. Their range of vintage to modern styles accentuate your look, and their site has hundreds of options to choose from. 

They have an array of men’s and women’s frames in bold and neutral colors. Whether your style is old-fashioned, classic, or geeky, they’ve got you covered. 

All of Yesglasses frames can be crafted with non-prescription, single vision, tinted, or polarized lenses. Certain styles can also be made with bifocals. 

The website also has helpful search tools to make the shopping process easier, including a try-on tool that lets you see yourself in the frames. Next up in this Yesglasses review, I will give you some examples of the best-selling men’s, women’s, and kid’s eyeglasses. 

Yesglasses Transparents Gray Wide Wide Horn-Rimmed Acetate Blue Light Glasses

Yesglasses Review 1

Acetate is a durable and lightweight plastic material commonly used in eyewear. These Transparent Gray Wide Horn-Rimmed Acetate Blue Light glasses are designed specifically to block blue light, which is emitted by digital screens and can cause eye strain and discomfort.

The transparent gray color adds a stylish and modern touch to the frame, making it versatile and suitable for various fashion preferences. The wide horn-rimmed style is known for its classic and timeless appeal. The wider frame silhouette may provide a bold and statement-making look.

This pair costs $78.50 on the brand’s website.

Customers are saying: “Every time I go out people want to know where I purchased them. They don’t believe the quality for the price I paid.”

Yesglasses Red Tortoise Wide Horn-Rimmed Acetate Blue Light Glasses

Yesglasses Review 2

Yesglasses also offers a model of wide horn-rimmed acetate blue light glasses in a red tortoise color. The red tortoise color adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the frame, combining red and brown tones in a tortoise shell pattern.

These glasses are purposefully crafted to block blue light emitted by electronic screens like computers, smartphones, and tablets. By incorporating blue light filtering lenses, these glasses aim to minimize eye strain, alleviate visual discomfort, and mitigate sleep disturbances associated with excessive exposure to blue light.

Order your own pair for $78.50.

Customers are saying: “Wonder style at a wonderful value! You guys kill it! From a happy Mid-westerner.”

Yesglasses Gold Metal Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses

Yesglasses Review 3

YesGlasses offers these Gold Metal Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses as part of their eyewear collection. These glasses feature a sleek and modern design with a rimless construction, meaning the lenses are held in place by screws or other mechanisms without a traditional frame surrounding them.

The gold metal frame adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall aesthetic. The rectangular shape offers a classic and timeless look that suits various face shapes and personal styles.

Rimless eyeglasses provide a minimalist and lightweight option for those who prefer a subtle and barely-there frame appearance. They can offer a more open and unobstructed field of vision, allowing the focus to be on the eyes.

These Gold Metal Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses cost an affordable $39.

Customers are saying: “These frames are even better than the picture listed with a great, durable quality.”

Yesglasses The Librarian Glasses

Adjustable nose pads but no nose bridge? Very cool. The Librarian is almost kind of space-age, with its quirky, robotic wired rims. This pair accentuates your face the way statement earrings complement your face shape, or the right necklace highlights your collarbones. 

They take up space without being overbearing, while adding personality as you announce your presence. The Librarian was designed to be inconspicuous enough for all-day wear, not adding pressure on the wrong places. Giving off a free-spirited vibe, the Librarian is $49. 

Customers are saying: “They are lightweight and flexible so especially if your not 100% sure about PD you can adjust easily … the thin frame makes it easy to forget they are on and the quality of the lenses is spectacular.”

Yesglasses 1075 Kids Glasses

Writing this Yesglasses review, I’m remembering what children’s glasses used to be like. They came in awkward shapes and eye-sore patterns that we dreaded wearing.

Definitely not like these 1075 Kids glasses. These rectangular frames come in 4 color combinations to brighten up your little one’s day and give them an incentive to actually wear them regularly. 

These frames have detachable arms, as well as an adjustable length so that they fit snugly on your child’s head. Made from durable plastic and rubber, this pair can stand up to the daily chaos of an active youngster’s life. The 1075 Kids glasses are $69

Who Is Yesglasses For?

Yesglasses caters to a diverse audience, including those seeking vision correction, fashion-conscious individuals, digital screen users, and budget-conscious shoppers.

They offer prescription eyeglasses for various vision needs, stylish frames to express personal style, blue light glasses for screen protection, and affordable pricing options.

Whether you need vision correction, want to make a fashion statement, require blue light protection, or are looking for affordable eyewear, Yesglasses has options to suit your needs.

Yesglasses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yesglasses Review

I combed the internet to find other Yesglasses reviews to see what customers think of the brand. Ahead, you’ll find feedback sourced from the official website, BizRateSurveys, and Reviewed (as of June, 2023). These discuss the quality of Yesglasses’ offerings, as well as the company as a whole. 

While doing my research for this Yesglasses review, I found some helpful customer comments on the company’s website. Although there are no overall or individual product ratings, they do showcase reviews that talk about excellent customer service and praise an extensive selection of glasses.

One testimonial reads, “The glass itself is better quality than the one I already have, it is less sensitive to scratches and the view seems sharper.” 

Yesglasses has a rating of 8.4/10 from 1,826 customers on BizRateSurveys. Overall, customers love the selection the brand has to offer, as well as their low prices. One person who easily found their next pair of glasses wrote: “After hours of trolling websites I found this one and had the glasses bought and paid for in under 20 minutes.”  

Reddit threads reviewing Yesglasses had similar comments to make, confirming that the quality of these frames matched the price. A buyer also commented on the “high resolution previews of the glasses, which is something I impressed with as well. Ordering eyewear online does have its drawbacks, so a digital tool like “Try On” helps! 

A Yesglasses review on Reviewed shared an account of ordering a pair of the brand’s frames. The author shared their opinions on what worked and what didn’t. She noted that the “prescription quality was great” and that they matched her prescription perfectly. She also appreciated the Try On feature.

Is Yesglasses Worth It?

Buying glasses online comes with a ton of perks, like affordability, convenience, and browsing an expansive selection. But, there will always be a few bumps along the way.

Brands may deliver incorrect prescriptions and glasses might look different in person. In those cases, customer service is always important, and Yesglasses will offer a replacement or a full refund to remedy the situation right away. 

Yesglasses is definitely legit. The brand is rated highly by satisfied customers who have no complaints on the customer service or high quality of their purchases. They also appreciate the low cost of frames. Speaking of which, many are under $100.

For all of these reasons I’ve outlined in my Yesglasses review, I firmly believe that their products are worth the buy


Searching for that perfect pair of glasses? Here are a few more options to consider if Yesglasses isn’t for you:

  1. Pair Eyewear is an up-and-coming brand, but I discovered it already has a wide range of products. While there are a few more frames for adults than for children, the company is consistently growing their options.
  2. Zenni Optical: Zenni Optical offers a wide range of affordable glasses for kids and adults that can be customized with different frames, lenses, and coatings. They also offer a virtual try-on tool to help customers find the right fit and style.
  3. Babiators: Babiators makes sunglasses for babies, toddlers, and kids that are designed to be durable and safe. They offer a range of colors and styles to suit different ages and personalities.

Yesglasses Promotions & Discounts 

Yesglasses Review

The company’s products are already fairly affordable, but they also give you a few ways to save even more. At the time of this Yesglasses review, I found the following offers available on their website: 

  • Free US standard shipping
  • Subscribe to their newsletter to get a 20% off Yesglasses coupon code to use with your next order
  • Free 1.61 High Index lenses with every frame purchase
  • Their referral program allows both you and your friend to take $10 off 
  • The Yesglasses student discount offers 30% off 

Where to Buy Yesglasses

As Yesglasses is an e-commerce brand, their frames are available for purchase exclusively through 


Where is Yesglasses located? 

The Yesglasses headquarters are located in Newark, Delaware.

Where does Yesglasses ship from?

Yesglasses’ main lab and offices are in Delaware, USA, but they also have labs and warehouses located in Canada and in Asia.

What is Yesglasses’ Shipping Policy?

The company delivers frames domestically (to US customers) and internationally. Once the package is processed, keep an eye out for a confirmation email for your Yesglasses order tracking number. 

Shipping options are listed below:


  • Standard 7–14 business days free
  • Express 3–9 business days $19


  • Express 3–9 business days $8

France/Spain/ UK

  • Priority Mail 7–14 business days $9
  • Express 5–10 business days $19

Australia/New Zealand

  • Express 5–10 business days $19

All other countries

  • Express 5–10 business days $25

What is the Yesglasses Return Policy?

If you’re unhappy with your Yesglasses order, the brand offers a one-time replacement for them. These cancel out refunds, which means that the new pair you receive won’t qualify for a refund. 

To request a replacement, follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to [email protected]
  2. Include your order number, along with the name of the frame you received and the new one you’d like to try out 
  3. Yesglasses will send a USPS shipping label that you will need to attach to the outside of the return package

Simply need a refund instead of a replacement? In that case, contact the Yesglasses support team within 14 days of the date of delivery. All of their frames come with a 12-month warranty that covers replacements due to damage (this does not cover prescription changes). 

How to Contact Yesglasses

If you have any more questions after reading my Yesglasses review, you can simply use any of the following contact methods:

  • Call: 1-844-937-4527
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat
  • Contact Form on their website 

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