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25Home All Leather Sectional Review

When searching for the perfect sofa, qualities like comfort, durability, and easy-to-clean fabric come to mind. Of course, affordability is a big one too. 

But is it really possible for a sofa to check all of these boxes? 25Home proves that it is. In fact, the brand was created to prove it. 

Offering a collection of modern, Scandinavian-style sofas and sectionals for all kinds of families, whether it’s just you and your dog or a full house of 5, they make it easy to find a beautiful piece to last a lifetime. Their mission? To inspire you to live a five-star life, something their unique logo nods at. 

Based in LA, 25Home offers a 1-year warranty on all of their items, along with 5-star prices and extraordinary sales. Will they have what you’ve been looking for? Read this 25Home All Leather Sectional review to find out. 

I’m sure you can tell by the name of this review that my focus will be on one particular product, but since this brand offers so many other jaw-dropping collections, you’ll find details on a few others here too. Let’s get things started with the highlights:


  • Beautiful selection of high-quality, modern furniture
  • Durable, well-made & easy to clean
  • Fairly priced
  • 5% off with code HONESTBRANDREVIEW
  • 1-year warranty

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

I know what you’re thinking, all leather sofas don’t come cheap—and if they’re well made, they shouldn’t. But they don’t need to be as expensive as you think. 

The 25Home All Leather Sectional is beautifully designed and made with premium top-grain leather so that it’s durable and good-looking. 

But there’s a lot more than meets the eye with this gorgeous sofa, so I’ve made sure to break down every detail so you know exactly what you’re getting. Because they’re the reason you buy a couch in the first place, we’ll start with the aesthetics. 


The All Leather Sectional has a simple sophistication that’s incredibly versatile. The light and dark beige tones of the leather fits in with any existing colors in your room’s decor, lending a light and neutral look that brightens a room. 

Made from top grain leather, this sectional brings a look of luxury to your space, and while the style is modern, it works well with mid-century modern pieces as well as industrial decor.


The All Leather Sectional is made from top grain leather and has a thick, substantial feel that’s buttery soft. Unlike other leather couches, this one is incredibly smooth, making it not just a great-looking piece, but one you’ll feel comfortable lounging on. 

The cushions are made from bouncy foam, soft enough for a movie marathon but not too soft that they’ll suck you in. But while the seats are made of foam, the backrest is stuffed with fluffy feathers, mimicking your favorite sleeping pillow but thicker and perfect for laying back. 

Because the pillows are stuffed with feathers, not polyfill, this couch isn’t big on ergonomic support, however, if your favorite work seat in the house does happen to be your couch, the pillows included with your order will help prop you up. 


Resistant to scratches and cracks, the All Leather Section is easy to clean and actually comfortable to lounge on. No kidding. Made from top-grain leather, it’s tested by Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester for durability.

If you have pets or kids, this is an awesome choice, preventing dog’s nails from causing scratches or too many jumping kids from creating cracks. The leather is waterproof too, meaning spills are easy to clean and the light color of the leather won’t be stained by juice or red wine. 

The sofa frame is made with solid larch wood for stability. This type of wood is known for its durability too. 


Rooms are all different shapes and sizes, so I appreciate that 25Home offers three different couch sizes. You can choose from:

  • 100.4”
  • 131.9”
  • 163.4”

No matter which you pick, all couches have a seat depth of 26.8” and a foot height of 6.3”. This sectional is the perfect height to accommodate robot vacuums for cleaning, and provides ample room to kick your feet up. The All Leather Sectional has a right or left-facing chaise that measures 70.9”.


The All Leather Sectional is made up of different pieces that connect easily. There isn’t much set-up required, all you need to do is click together the clasps and you’re good to go. 

In this design, 25Home uses an innovative suspension system with Serpentine springs, 6-way elastic, and Terylene mesh that make getting up easy. 


The price of the All Leather Section depends on the size you choose. The 100.4” is on sale for $3,030 (normally $4,460). If you’d prefer the 131.9”, you’ll pay $3,360 (normally $5,530), or get the 163.4” sectional for $4,080 (was $6,280).

What customers say: “We absolutely love this couch! It’s unique, classy, and even the king of the house loves it! Very happy with our purchase, and the customer is wonderful!” – Laurie M,

25Home Collections Review

25Home has a breadth of Scandinavian sofa collections. From air leather and solid pine to cozy soft fabric and solid larch, no matter which one you buy, you’re leaving with a sturdy and attractive piece for your home. 

I’ll tell you all about their best-selling collections next in this 25Home All Leather Sectional review.

25Home Industrial Review

25Home’s Antique Industrial Collection uses air leather upholstery to create a simple, minimalist design that looks devilishly comfortable. Offered in camel or gray leather wrapped around bouncy foam cushions and set on a perennial larch wood frame, this durable sofa can hold up to 500lbs per seat. 

Lay back and enjoy a sponge padding and feather backrest and put your feet up on the optional chaise. Providing a mix of loft and cushion, while it’s certainly a couch you can relax on, it isn’t hard to get up when you need to. 

What else is special about this collection? I could talk a lot about the unique non-wrinkle and non-pilling fabric

Oh, and did I mention it’s waterproof too? Easy to clean and care for, you’ll never have to worry about sags or stains. 

Prices for this collection start at $1,180 (previously $1,810) for a one-seater and up to $4,620 (previously $7,110) for a 5-seater with a double chaise. You can add an Ottoman for $525 (previously $808).

What customers say: “I’ve waited 2 months to write this review to really give it time. Let me say, I absolutely love this sofa! It’s comfortable to sit on, it holds its form with no sagging in the cushions.” – Dr. E,

25Home Sandwich Review

I fell in love with the name on this collection before even looking at it. But when I did check it out, I fell even deeper. 

Upholstered in camel or black air leather, sectionals and sofas within the Sandwich Collection are set on larch wood and filled with foam and feathers for optimal comfort. 

With a super deep 32.7” seat, this one is ideal for watching movies and spending time with family. And since it’s made from air leather, a type of material that’s as breathable as cotton but as durable as leather (not to mention waterproof), it’s easy to clean spills if they happen. 

What is it that makes this collection unique—and why is it called Sandwich? Because you decide how it’s built

When choosing cushions, you get to say whether you’d like two of the feather cushions or bouncy foam cushions or combine the two. Go ahead and take a nap on this beauty and use the cushy armrest as a pillow. 

Sandwich Chairs start at $1,240 (normally $1,910) while Sectionals start at $2,260 (normally $4,190). 

What customers say: “My husband and I ordered this couch and we couldn’t be more Happy with it! The delivery was wonderful, the set up was easy, and the couch is stunning. The manufacturing time took a little longer than the time frame, but it was totally worth the wait!” – AM S.,

25Home Plume Review

When I see the word “Plume,” soft, feathery images come to mind, and that’s a pretty good way to sum up the Plume Collection at 25Home. Incredibly soft and packed with a mix of high-density foam and fluffy feathers, these sofas and sectionals are the kinds you’ll never want to get up from. 

With a classic design with modern touches, the Plume collection is said to be 87.3% softer than other couches on the market, so if you’re looking for cozy comfort, look no further. If you thought cozy fabric would be difficult to clean, think again. 

It’s actually made with high-strength polyester fiber that’s stronger than cotton and wool. It’s also scratch resistant, won’t pill, and will never wrinkle. 

If it gets dirty, simply unzip the cushion cover and toss it in the wash. Take your pick of sofas of all sizes from armchairs to 6-seater double chaise sectionals. Prices range from $630 (normally $970) to $3,980 (normally $6,920). Color options include light gray, dark gray, and beige.

What customers say: “Very comfortable and looks great – we get so many compliments on it. And we saw very similar ones elsewhere for much more $$!” – Jayda M.,

25Home Pad Review

The Pad sofa has a classic Italian design with a wide armrest and backrest, so wide, in fact, a child could crawl across it (with adult supervision, of course).

Along with a low back and big, loose square cushions, it comes in dark grey, light grey, olive, classic, and brown air leather – a sophisticated, durable material. Speaking of durability, the Pad sofa is also made with a solid pine frame for sturdiness that lasts

One look at this cool design and you’ll get an idea of how comfortable it is, but once you read about its foam and feather backrest, you’ll know it’s a great lazy day lounger. 

On top of that, the air leather is strong, breathable, and kind of your skin, so whether it’s pets, kids, or maybe even yourself who’s crawling all over it, it’ll be free from scratches and stains. 

Prices start at $525 (on sale from $810) for the Ottoman and go up to $2,510 (on sale from $3,860) for the 5-seater sofa.

What customers say: “So glad I took a chance and ordered this couch in dark grey. Delivery was great, earlier than expected and the sofa is even nicer looking than the pics. Seat height, firmness, material everything is just perfect!” – Retail B,

Who Is 25Home For?

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

25Home makes luxury, modern furniture for fair prices. Their pieces are perfect for the modern home—whether you’re single or have a large family. 

25Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

Shopping for furniture online isn’t easy. That’s why feedback is such an important part of this 25Home All Leather Sectional review. We’ll check out some ratings from the brand’s site first then venture into the comments:

  • All Leather Sectional: 5/5 stars, 26 reviews
  • Pad Sofa: 5/5 stars, 29 reviews
  • Plume Sectional: 5/5 stars, 30 reviews
  • Sandwich Sectional: 5/5 stars, 28 reviews
  • Industrial: 5/5 stars, 28 reviews

In the comments for the All Leather Sectional, one customer wrote, “This is the most comfortable couch I ever had! Sitting on a cloud without being swallowed up in the cushion. It’s also wide enough to have a guest sleep over.

Sitting on a cloud sounds excellent but I also appreciate the whole “not being swallowed up” quality of this couch too. The above 25Home All Leather Sectional review isn’t the only one to say these kinds of things, so let’s look at one more from the brand’s site.

Couch is super comfortable and looks great! I was extremely happy with the quality and it looks like it will last a long time,” wrote another shopper. 

In a 25Home All Leather Sectional review on a blog called Home Furniture Review, the author assessed the All Leather Sofa. It began, “Their quality is absolutely amazing. These [cushions] are a little bit deeper, which I personally like.” 

It’s nice because it’s got some firmness to it without being a rock. Bobby has some different pains in his back and knees, so he needs a more firm seat. He doesn’t want that super soft seating of any kind. This was like the really nice in-between of it was firm. You’re not like completely sinking into it but still really really comfortable.

This 25Home All Leather Sectional review says the same kind of things the other one we looked at did. The sofa and sectional are comfortable but firm enough so that they don’t suck you in. While there isn’t a crazy amount of feedback available for this brand online, what I did see was very positive.

Is 25Home Legit?

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

Nothing I found during this 25Home All Leather Sectional review would make me think otherwise. No red flags to report here.

Is 25Home Worth It?

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

I have browsed my fair share of furniture online. I’ve also bought pieces that didn’t live up to the hype. Judging the feedback I found for this 25Home All Leather Sectional review, it sounds like this brand’s furniture does. 

It’s also priced fairly, is of great quality, and is made for comfort and durability. All things considered, I think this brand is worth checking out.

How To Choose The Best Sofa

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

You’ve seen a gorgeous selection of sofas so far in this 25Home All Leather Sectional review, so how do you go about choosing the one that’s best for your space? Keeping these key points in mind can help:

  • Fabric: Certain fabrics are easier to clean than others. Some are more durable, and then there are those that are purely for looks and comfort. Then you have something like Air Leather, a material that’s easy to clean, durable, good-looking, and comfortable.  
  • Size: Whether it’s just you or you have a family of 5, if you need ample room to spread out, don’t compromise on a small sofa. Sectionals are a great option for singles and families because they give you the ability to expand if you ever need to.
  • Durability: Pets? Children? If you have either, or you just happen to be rough on your furniture, choose a design that’s durable. 
  • Style: You want your new sofa to blend with the existing style of your living room. Victorian and modern don’t usually mesh, so consider other pieces in your room before choosing a sofa.

25Home Promotions & Discounts 

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

During this 25Home All Leather Sectional review, I noticed quite a few different ways the brand helps you save. I’ll list them all here so you know exactly what’s available now:

  • 5% off sitewide with code HONESTBRANDREVIEW
  • Rewards Program
  • Referrals (give $200, get $100)
  • 5% discount for military members, students & teachers

Where To Buy 25Home

25Home All Leather Sectional Review

Ready to shop? To find your new favorite sofa, go to


25Home All Leather Sectional Review

Where is 25Home based?

25Home is based in Los Angeles. The brand’s founders are on a mission to change the way we think about furniture, offering their outstanding designs for fair prices. 

What is 25Home’s Shipping Policy?

25Home ships within the contiguous US only. The majority of their orders are shipped for free via LTL freight. It can take anywhere from 10-30 days for in-stock items to arrive, but during holiday periods and unforeseen situations, it can take longer. Custom items may extend the shipping time too.

When your items are ready to ship out, a logistics team will be in contact to set up a delivery date to ensure you are home to receive your order. You will need to be home to receive your order. If you are not, they will schedule your delivery for another day.

If you have special delivery requests, 25Home will do their best to accommodate them.  

What is 25Home’s Return Policy?

25Home offers a 14-day return and exchange policy for all of their products (other than final sale items and accessories). Here’s everything you should know about it:

  1. Returns are subject to a 10% return fee 
  2. All products must be in new, unused condition
  3. If you do not have the original packaging, the return fee is 20%
  4. Return fees are capped at $250 per item

If your order arrives damaged or defective, it is covered by 25Home’s 1-year warranty and an exchange will not require any return or shipping fees. 

To start, fill out the return form online and then email customer service at [email protected]. Include your order number and they will arrange a pick-up. 

How To Contact 25Home 

If you still have questions after reading this 25Home All Leather Sectional review, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand directly. 

Their customer service team is available to chat Monday to Friday 7 am – 8 am PST. You can also email [email protected] and a team member will get back to you within 24 hours.

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