10 Best Airsoft Brands

You might have spent countless hours playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a child and developed a love affair with firearms. However, you might also live in a place where guns are either outlawed or difficult to acquire.

Airsoft guns are an astounding way to scratch the itch located in your trigger finger. They’re less expensive, safer, and more accessible than firearms in some instances.

The only thing is that it can be hard to know which brands are worth your time and which aren’t even worth entering into the Google search bar.

I’m here for you, though. That’s why I assembled this list of the best airsoft brands. I’ve done the work of finding out which brands stand out from the pack, what makes them special, and what their products are like. 

I’ve also included a quick list of considerations to keep in mind when it comes time for you to purchase an airsoft gun. 

The 10 Best Airsoft Brands

1. Tokyo Marui

Best Airsoft Brands

Tokyo Marui is one of the most important airsoft brands around if only for their innovations in the field of battery-powered airsoft guns. They’ve been around since their founding in 1965 in Tokyo, Japan.

Now, one thing I must note about Tokyo Marui is that they don’t have their own website. The only way for you to buy their products is through other retailers. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to negotiate deals with the Russian mafia. 

Websites like evike carry Tokyo Marui’s items. If you speak Japanese or live in Japan then it’ll be easier for you to acquire their products directly. 

Tokyo Marui makes their airsoft guns with metal outer casings and run on rechargeable batteries. They also have a daunting catalog with more product variety than there are fish in the ocean.

If you do check out their airsoft guns then here are some prices you can expect:

  • Tokyo Marui “Sledge Hammer” Full Size Airsoft Full-Auto Electric Shotgun: $499
  • Tokyo Marui FNH Licensed P90TR w/ Suppressor Airsoft AEG PDW: $325
  • Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol: $199 


  • Created the battery-powered airsoft gun
  • A massive list of products
  • Strong customer review scores

2. ICS Airsoft

Best Airsoft Brands

Oddly enough, ICS Airsoft didn’t begin as an airsoft company. Although they’re now regarded as one of the best airsoft brands, their origins lie in toy production.

They were founded in 1983 but it wasn’t until 1995 – nearly 12 years later – that they started manufacturing airsoft guns.

They were the first AEG (automatic electric guns) brand in Taiwan and the third in the world that focused on building replica rifles. 

Their research and development team is stacked with experts across 16 fields of expertise. This panel allows ICS Airsoft to approach production with information about how guns should look, feel, and act.

ICS Airsoft makes pistols, rifles like AKs and WWII replicas, grenade launchers, and repair parts. Though they don’t publish prices on their website, they do have a store locator function. 

ICS Airsoft stores are located throughout the world in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa.


  • One of the first AEG companies in the world
  • Stores located across the globe
  • Products are made with high-quality metal
  • Esteemed R&D team

3. Classic Army

Best Airsoft Brands

I’ve covered two of Tokyo’s and Taiwan’s best airsoft brands, so it’s only fair if I toss the spotlight to Hong Kong. That’s where Classic Army is from. They’re revered for their realism and feel

Classic Army is a younger airsoft brand as their website claims that they’ve only been operating for a decade. It should be taken as a sign of good faith that they’ve accrued such a stellar reputation in that short time period.

Their Airsoft guns run through a gauntlet of staple items like the Classic Army M4A1 RIS Carbine with Crane Stock and the Classic Army CA25 AR014M, but there are also some saucier offerings like the Classic Army M134-A2 Vulcan Minigun S009M.

Classic Army’s only distributor is DM Diffusion, so you should visit their website to find out which products they have in stock.


  • Create unique gun types to fill a niche in the Airsoft community
  • Hong-Kong based brand
  • Continually releasing new products

4. ASG

Best Airsoft Brands

The next entry in my list of the best airsoft brands comes from Europe – Denmark, to be precise.

ASG (which stands for Action Sports Games) was created by Johnny Pedersen and Henrik Grobelnik in 1998. They built their initial reputation as a reliable airsoft gun distributor.

Soon, they began working alongside firms like Armalite and Cobray to deepen their understanding of airsoft guns. They became a powerhouse distributor but didn’t open up locations across the pond until 2012. 

They hit their stride with the ASG CZ EVO SMG in 2014, which was the first massively successful European-produced and distributed AEG. Now, they sell a huge variety of airsoft guns – from rifles to handguns to snipers and shotguns. 

They also make tactical gear, accessories, and safety equipment (because you can never be too safe when you’re playing with guns).


  • European airsoft distributor
  • One of the best product catalogs in the industry
  • Strong ties with firms like Armalite

5. Umarex

Best Airsoft Brands

This airsoft brand is actually the American branch of the German company Umarex. While the original German parent brand has been active since 1972, Umarex USA has been trucking away since 2006.

They’re the first entry on this list of the best airsoft brands that also make air archery products like the Umarex AirJavelin CO2 Powered Arrow Gun ($190) and the Umarex AirSaber Airbow ($370)

Those items stand alongside their robust list of airsoft guns, ammunition, rifles, magazines, and accessories. 

There are two things that Umarex USA does to earn their spot on this list (besides the top-notch quality of their guns, of course). Number one is that they ship directly to the United States. Apparently, that’s not a common facet amongst other airsoft brands.

Umarex’s second distinguishing factor is the discounts page on their website. They are always running promotions on discounted items, closeout accessories, and overstocked airsoft guns.


  • Ship to the United States
  • Products regularly go on sale
  • Free shipping on orders over $140

6. Laylax

Best Airsoft Brands

Laylax is another Japanese airsoft brand, although they hail from Osaka as opposed to Tokyo. Jeez, there must be something in the water in Japan that leads to great airsoft development.

What asserts their presence on this list is that they design custom airsoft parts. They’re the go-to company if you want to build your dream airsoft gun but don’t have the necessary parts lying around.

Beyond those parts, Laylax has a product variety large enough that it wouldn’t even fit into Ted Nugent’s ranch. You can purchase specific external parts, pistols, silencers, rifles, batteries, and some products that are only available in Japan.

Speaking of Japan, most Laylax stores are located in Asia and Europe but they do have a few retail locations in the United States. 


  • Develop custom airsoft gun components 
  • Readily available in Europe and Asia

7. G&G Airsoft

Best Airsoft Brands

G&G Airsoft may not have been around as long as their Taiwanese airsoft brethren ICS, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with. 

G&G has an untamable thirst to innovate the airsoft industry. They use cybernetics and CNC machines to make their items as sublime as possible.

The brand has maintained that vision since their inception. They deliberately sought pleasing airsoft fans overseas, and many people were impressed with G&G’s designs. The company accrued even more accolades when they invented the unique pneumatic blowback system.

They’ve continued to push themselves with new technological breakthroughs like the invisible light electronic targeting system. This wide-reaching vision is present in guns like the G&G Piranha MK I – Silver.


  • One of the most innovative airsoft brands on the planet
  • Easy to find their products in brick-and-mortar airsoft retailers

8. Lancer Tactical

Best Airsoft Brands

Lancer Tactical operates both in the United States and Europe. Their American branch has been operating since 2012 out of Los Angeles while their European branch has been in action since 1992

They’re one of the best airsoft brands for beginners because they go out of their way to make their products newbie-friendly.

Lancer Tactical wants to help airsoft grow as a sport. They realize that in order to accomplish that task they have to make it easy for beginners.

This company doesn’t sacrifice high-end products though.

While they have more affordable items like the Lancer Tactical M4A1 LT-03T Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle ($185) and the Lancer Tactical M4A1 LT-06T Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle ($169) they also have series like the Lancer Tactical Proline that are designed for professional players.


  • Ship all over the United States
  • Best brand for beginners

9. Krytac

Best Airsoft Brands

Krytac looks to make airsoft guns that can grow alongside their users. No, I don’t mean that their guns are going to get bigger over time like a child going through puberty.

Rather, they’re built to teach people the basics of airsoft while possessing a high skill ceiling.

They’re an American brand that operates under the Swiss firearms company KRISS. Since 2013, Krytac has been developing airsoft guns that are a bit more expensive than their competitors but are on the cutting edge of the sport. 

Their licensed airsoft guns include these options:

  1. Krytac Barret Rec7: $435 
  2. Krytac Kriss Vector: $489
  3. Krytac Warsport Lvoa-C: $450


  • Premium airsoft guns at a premium price
  • American brand
  • Considered to have some of the fastest firing rates for airsoft guns

10. PTS Syndicate

Best Airsoft Brands

The final entry in my list of the best airsoft brands is PTS Syndicate. They bring an experimental approach to airsoft as they focus more on the research and development aspect of the sport.

They have teams based in the United States and Asia that are constantly blueprinting, testing, designing, retesting, and tweaking their guns. 

Furthermore, PTS Syndicate has a trustworthy status as an exclusive licensee in the airsoft economy.

They’ve worked in tandem with Griffin Armament, Radian, and Centurion Arms to improve their products like the PTS Mega Arms 308 MML MATEN GBB ($460) and the PTS Radian Model 1 Gas Blow Back Rifle (GBBR) ($460).


  • Develop both new materials and new guns 
  • Value kits available on their website
  • Agreeable prices for their product’s quality

How to Shop for the Best Airsoft Gun 

Best Airsoft Brands

You’ve officially graduated from the Honest Brand Reviews school with a degree in the best airsoft brands. Congratulations! It’s time to take your diploma out into the real world by choosing an airsoft gun. 

Thankfully for you, I have some tips to help you narrow down the field and ensure you pick the right tool for you.


Airsoft is a hobby dominated by a couple of marquee brands. The best ones should supply you with the best products but make sure you’re checking out their reputation first.


Just like real firearms, there are plenty of different types of airsoft guns. There are pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and more. 

Consider if you really need a mock shotgun if all you want to do is shoot some targets up at your cottage. 


You don’t want to buy a gun that feels like it should be attached to a Time Crisis arcade cabinet. Airsoft is lucky in that many of its most popular suppliers are always making strides in design, functionality, and durability.

Safety considerations 

Some safety concerns are obvious, like the fact that you shouldn’t let your toddler play with your airsoft rifle.

Others are a bit more subtle; I’m talking about considerations like your airsoft gun’s power, recoil, and effective range. These are all factors that can influence a gun’s safety.

Technical features 

Some guns have larger magazines, some have red dot sight, and some are entirely battery-powered.

Many of these features are more than quality of life upgrades and can be the differentiating factor for you when it comes time to choose a gun.


The biggest barrier to accessibility is that the majority of the best airsoft brands are located outside of North America. That means that you’ll usually have to go through a separate distributor, which can cost more money. 


Airsoft is a sport where you can end up paying ridiculous amounts of money for a gun. But think – are all those fancy features and high output necessary for what you want to do with the gun? 

Is Airsoft Legal In All States?  

Best Airsoft Brands

This question can get a bit tricky to answer due to how each state enforces gun laws. The short answer is that airsoft guns are legal in all states because the federal government doesn’t classify them as firearms.

But, most airsoft guns have to follow the same distribution and labeling rules as other imitation or toy firearms. They must have an orange tip at the end of their barrels to indicate that they aren’t actual firearms. 

Which hurts worse airsoft or paintball? 

Best Airsoft Brands

I have no doubt that some of you have tested this question for yourself. There are probably even a few tough readers who are scoffing and shaking their heads as if to say that neither of them hurt.

That’s a bit of a lie there, bud. In general, paintballs are more painful than airsoft rounds. This is because paintballs are bigger and heavier than airsoft pellets. The latter feels like a sting from a bumblebee and recovers quickly; the former can leave bruises.

How far can airsoft snipers shoot? 

Best Airsoft Brands

A sniper rifle produced by one of the best airsoft brands can fire BBs as far as 275 feet. The guns must be optimized to their fullest potential for them to become that potent. If you don’t upgrade your airsoft sniper rifle then it can fire up to 200 feet.

What do you wear for airsoft? 

Best Airsoft Brands

You don’t need as much protection as you would for paintballing when it comes to airsoft.

Additional padding like long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, and cargo pants should do fine. You’ll want to cover as much exposed skin as possible to dampen any potential impact. 

Also, and you probably don’t need me to tell you this but I will anyway, wear eye protection. Goggles, sports sunglasses, heck maybe even an eyepatch or two; just wear something that will keep your eyes safe.

Final Thoughts

Best Airsoft Brands

Guns may be more intertwined with American culture than jazz, comic books, and baseball, but certain restrictions can make it difficult for you to purchase an actual firearm.

Airsoft guns are a great alternative, and seeing as how the best airsoft brands are making the gap between actual guns and airsoft replicas smaller and smaller, it’s becoming more favorable to buy one.

I’ve highlighted some phenomenal brands to help you decide what you’re looking for. Just try not to shoot your eye out. 

How We Chose the Best Airsoft Brand

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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