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About Clare Paint

Clare is a direct-to-consumer interior paint company that has shaken up the traditional painting experience. Their business model takes the stress out of painting by offering high-quality designer-curated colors as well as peel and stick swatches to make the process easier. Greenguard Gold certified paints and supplies are shipped directly to you. 

Clare paint founder, Nicole Gibbons, has been featured on HGTV, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Good Morning America, Elle Decor, and more as an interior designer. Clare paint has been highlighted on Business Insider, The Cut, and various other home decor blogs. The brand is well known, too, as Clare paint Instagram has 75k followers.

In this Clare paint review, you’ll find a review of some of Clare’s most popular paint colors, what customers think about their product, and answers to some of the most common questions about the brand. 

Overview of Clare Paint

Founder of Clare Paint, Nicole Gibbons, started the company in 2017 after a very successful start as an interior designer. She frequented the sets of day-television shows like HGTV and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Clare is first and foremost an e-commerce brand, doing most of their operations remotely or in their NYC office. 

The name ‘Clare’ is rooted in the Latin word “claris,” meaning “clear, bright and brilliant.” Gibbons chose this name as it had a more feminine ring to it, much different from the traditionally masculine paint brands out there. 


  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • Zero VOCs
  • Online test and ordering process
  • Offers paint knowledge and tips
  • Modern and timeless color options
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • Comparable prices for high-quality paint
  • Shipped directly to you
  • Free shipping on Color Swatches


  • Does not ship internationally

Clare offers the essentials for painting your house to perfection. Aside from their ultra-premium paints, the company also sells primer, rollers, tape, and other accessories to help you get the job done as smoothly as possible. 

All Clare Interior Wall Paint is VOC-free, meaning they contain no volatile organic compounds for healthier indoor environments. All products come in 1-gallon cans and cover 375-425 square feet. However, the 1-gallon Ceiling Paint covers 350-400 square feet and the 1-gallon Primer covers up to 225-275 square feet.

All of Clare’s Interior Wall paint is: 

  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • LRV 60 (Light Reflectance Value) 
  • 100% acrylic paint 
  • Resists dirt, grime, and mildew 
  • Self-priming
  • Superior coverage
  • Ultra-low odor
  • Washable and scrubbable 

Most Clare paint colors are also available as trim paint. This Clare paint review will now go over their bestsellers in the wall paint, ceiling paint, and trim paint categories. 

Claire Headspace Wall Paint Review

Looking at this Headspace Wall Paint sparks joy with a peaceful, zen feel. Refreshing and light, this soft blue-green paint with cool undertones would be great for any room you’re looking to feel relaxed in. 

Headspace is what Clare calls a “perfect eggshell wall paint,” which speaks of its just-noticeable-enough sheen meant for walls and other interior surfaces. 

Wall swatches are 8×8” for this particular color, and the 1 gallon of Headspace is $54. There are no free Clare paint swatches, with 1 swatch priced at $2

Clare Dirty Martini Wall Paint Review

Dirty Martini has all the lounge parlor feels. Olive toned, yes, but also filled with the smoky, sexy vibes you might get when sipping on one of these classics in a restaurant. A perfect accent wall behind a bar cart, or in a kitchen with white cabinets and gold accents. 

Dirty Martini is also described as a “perfect eggshell wall paint,” which speaks of a subtle sheen that’s meant for walls and other interior surfaces. This paint is also noted on the official Clare website as having cool undertones that can create a light, breezy space. 

Wall swatches are 8×8” for this color. One gallon of Dirty Martini is $54 and 1 swatch is $2.

Clare Current Mood Wall Paint Review

This Clare paint review will now work its way into lush, darker greens. Imagine a forest at dawn, filled with mystery and excitement, but still a little unpredictable. Current Mood evokes a deep feeling, one that leaves us thinking, and one we could honestly stare at all day. 

One 5/5-star reviewer even commented that using Current Mood “in my client’s home office has given the former stark white walls and sophisticated and masculine look while elevating the space to encourage productivity.” 

Current Mood is again, a perfect eggshell wall paint” with cool undertones and a hint of sheen that’s meant for walls and other interior surfaces. 

Wall swatches are 8×8” for this color. One gallon of Current Mood is $54, and a swatch is $2.

Clare Wing It Wall Paint Review

Wing It is like the nice, super cool girl at school who’s quiet but also fun and perky. Although it’s pink, it operates as more of a neutral and pairs well with other colors. 

Pink is traditionally feminine, but it doesn’t have to be. Wing It has a warm undertone that fits perfectly into any home that wants to add a fresh, fancy vibe to a wall or room. Wing It has a light sheen that’s meant for walls and other interior surfaces and is considered a “perfect eggshell wall paint” (we’re sensing a theme here). 

Wall swatches are 8×8” for this color. One gallon of Wing It is $54, and one swatch is $2.

Clare Goodnight Moon Wall Paint Review

One of the most popular Clare paint colors, Goodnight Moon is a romantic, dark shade with cool undertones and a slight sheen that call to mind quiet nights under starlit skies sprawled out on a blanket, falling in love with the splendor of the universe. We think pairing with crystal and silver accents would keep the cooler theme, bringing a room a cosmic feel. 

Goodnight Moon is one of Clare’s perfect eggshell wall paints that has a durable finish that resists damage to keep your walls looking their best. One 5/5-star reviewer even commented, “BEST PAINT EVER! I absolutely LOVE this paint! The color is amazing and the coverage even more so! So easy to apply, dries quick, covers beautifully!”

Wall swatches are 8×8” for this color. 1 gallon of Goodnight Moon is $54, and swatch is $2.

Clare Timeless Trimmer Paint

Colors like Timeless work wonders for a room where you want the focus to be on your accents. It gives room for colorful furniture and classic art, or a neutral carpet and large, lush house plants. The decor options are endless with the creamy, warm color that makes any room welcoming. 

Timeless is a Subtle Semi-Gloss Trim Paint that has a warm undertone and a touch of shine that’s designed for trim, doors, cabinets, and other high-touch surfaces. It is also:  

  • 100% acrylic paint 
  • Applies like a dream
  • Resists general day-to-day damage 

Wall swatches are 4×4” for this color. 1 gallon of Timeless is $54, whereas one swatch is $2.

Clare Fresh Kicks Trimmer Paint

Pure, clean, bright. Fresk Kicks paint has you covered. All the things you love about new, white shoes, and also what you’ll love about this color. This Subtle Semi-Gloss Trim Paint has absolutely no undertones so it can bring life back into an old room or brighten up dark spaces where darker colors are used. This Clare paint review needs to note that because it’s untinted, it may require 2 or more coats for the best coverage.  

Fresh Kicks has a touch of shine and neutral tones that are designed for your trim, doors, cabinets, and other high-touch surfaces. It is also: 

  • 100% acrylic paint
  • Resists general day-to-day damage
  • Applies easily  

Wall swatches are 8×8” for this color. 1 gallon of Fresh Kicks is $54, and one swatch is $2.

Clare Ceiling Paint Review

There are a few things that ceiling paint needs to have. It requires minimal splatter, smooth and uniform coverage, and high-hiding power. This paint has all that and more. It’s a flat white color to hide those imperfections ceilings have and provides a light, endless effect while reducing glare from artificial light.

Clare Ceiling Paint is a water-based acrylic latex formula that resists stains and mildew. It’s ultra-low odor, GREENGUARD Gold certified, with outstanding durability.  This Ceiling Paint comes in 1-gallon cans for $42.

Clare Primer Paint Revie

Changing the color of your wall? Then Claire primer is a must. This one is fast drying, so no long wait times between priming and painting. Primer helps to seal whatever surface you use it on, so it makes painting on top much easier, takes fewer coats, and provides long-lasting color

This Clare Primer applies easily with minimal splatter and works on surfaces like drywall, wood, stonework, and hard to stick surfaces like aged alkyd, aluminum, and galvanized metal. 1 gallon of Clare Primer is $42. 

Clare Paint Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Clare paint review found no reviews on Amazon, Influenster, Trustpilot, or the Better Business Bureau. Plus, Clare paint reviews Reddit users write are very minimal. All that this Clare paint review was able to find was one customer who loved a particular color, wanted the paint faster than Clare could ship, and couldn’t seem to match it with any color from another brand. 

Reviews for the wall paint Clare makes on the brand’s official website consist of customers saying the paint that they purchased was not true to color,” and the color suggestion is poor.” Clare paints that customers have used before when ordered a second time arrive as a different color than the first, which is pretty important when it comes to wall paint. 

Ratings on their website list their experiences with Claire paint as 5/5 stars among 1,356 customers. “The entire process is fun”… “doesn’t smell bad…is a breeze to clean up” are some common positive 5-star reviews. Here is a short summary of what other customers thought: 

  • 69 rated it as 4 stars
  • 26 rated it as 3 stars 
  • 8 rated it as 2 stars
  • 12 rated it as 1 star 

That’s a lot of happy customers. Some of the common sentiments shared among customers are, “this paint took the hassle out of so many things for me – from going to the store with my kids to looking through a sea of swatches, to remembering a paint can opener and stirring stick. This company is amazing. Delivery was fast and paint exceeded my expectations!” 

Is Clare Paint Worth It? 

With the research and reviews outlined in this Clare paint review, it can now answer the question: Is Clare paint good? Well, based on customer reviews, there are only a few that don’t like the colors of the paint. Even the worst reviews still think their paint is of good quality. And there are few customers that complain about the price or the shipping process. 

The brand’s paint has passed the highest standards in toxicology testing, containing low amounts of hazardous chemicals, which means that you are limiting the amount of chemicals in your home and in the air you breathe. That’s pretty great!

Clare paint’s business model takes the pain out of paint shopping, so if you’re someone who hates this process, this brand may be for you. Since the paint is shipped, this process does require some planning and may not be best for those who want to paint on a whim. 

With their fun xb, comparable high-quality paint prices, and professionally curated colors, this Clare paint review does think the brand is worth the buy

Clare Promotions & Discounts 

There are currently no Clare paint discount codes available on the brand’s official website, but keep checking for any upcoming promotions.

Where to Buy Clare Paint

Part of the paint selection process involves curating the right colors for you, which needs to be done on their website: Clare.com. You can also buy Clare paint accessories from Amazon. 


What is Clare paint? 

Clare paint is a direct-to-consumer interior paint company that offers: 

  • High-quality designer-curated colors of paint 
  • Technology and tools to guide you throughout the painting process
  • Stick and peel paint swatches
  • Paint supplies 

Their paints are shipped right to your door, are Greenguard Gold certified, and contain zero VOCs

Who owns Clare paint? 

The CEO of Clare Paint, Nicole Gibbons, is also the owner. She is an interior designer who started Clare paint after seeing that no paint brands offer easy ways to shop for paint. 

Where is Clare paint located?

Clare paint is a direct-to-consumer online service. Even most of their positions can be done remotely, or from their office in New York City, NY. This Clare paint review has not been able to source exactly where their warehouse is located. 

Who manufactures Clare paint?

Clare paint has teamed up with industry-leading factories to make their paint and supplies. Their factory has almost 100 years of experience, and all their formulas are reviewed by industry experts. 

What is Clare’s Shipping Policy?

Clare ships everywhere in the US except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Swatch orders ship through USPS and take between 3-5 business days. Paint orders ship through UPS Ground. 

Transit times do not count the day the order is placed. Clare tries to ship out the day the order is placed, however, during busier times it may take up to 2 business days. When your order ships, they will send you a tracking number that you can use online via the carrier’s tracking service. 

Shipping costs for Clare paint are as follows:

  • Perfect Color Swatch orders – Free
  • Standard orders over $100Free
  • Standard orders under $100 $9

If you want to upgrade to faster shipping you can do so in checkout but it’s important to note that rates vary depending on your address. Clare does not offer international shipping, so unfortunately for our friends in the North, you cannot place a Clare paint Canada order. 

What is Clare’s Return Policy?

You can return your paint within 60 days of delivery if it is unopened and in the original packaging (boxes, inserts, clips, etc.) This Clare paint review must note that all returns have a $7 restocking fee that is deducted from your refund amount. 

To start a return of a single package head to their Return Page. To return more than one package you’ll need to contact [email protected] with your order number. 

With that said, Clare paint comes with a Happiness Guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with your paint experience, let them know and they can do their best to rectify the problem. 

How to Contact Clare

If you have any questions or need any more information that this Clare paint review didn’t provide, you can reach out to them in the following ways:

  1. General email inquiries: [email protected]
  2. For Press & Publicity: [email protected]
  3. For Design Trade: [email protected]
  4. For Influencers: Submit your request at Clare.com.  

Their customer service hours are Monday- Friday 9 am-9 pm EST and Saturday-Sunday 9 am – 5 pm EST.

This article was originally published on Jan 7, 2021 and some of the stats may not be updated

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