Feetures Socks Review

About Feetures

Feetures Socks Review

Feetures offers supportive, anatomically designed socks for men, women, and children. The brand’s high-performance socks are designed to prevent common foot problems like blisters and arch pain.

The company has been featured by impressive media sources including Oprah Magazine, New York Magazine, Men’s Health, Triathlete, Outside, Good Morning America, and The View. Its innovative socks have earned the brand a steady following of 41k on Facebook and 30k on Instagram.

Ready to up your sock game? This Feetures socks review will take a close look at the brand and its best-selling products. We’ll cover customer reviews, discounts, FAQs, and more to help you decide if its breathable yet durable socks are the right fit for you.

Overview of Feetures

Feetures Socks Review

We often spend a lot of time researching running shoes that will support and protect our feet, whether that’s so we can run an extra mile or work on our feet all day. But, we don’t put the same amount of thought into our sock choices.

Hugh Gaither spent 25 years in the manufacturing department of one of the industry’s top athletic socks brands. As a runner himself, he knew the way the socks he was making performed and dreamed up a way to make them better.

Gaither officially launched Feetures in 2002 with the mission to “engineer products that help you perform your best.” Indeed, the brand’s products offer a number of features that were designed with your feet in mind, from blister-preventing ankle cushions to comfortable seamless toes.

Feetures Socks Review 1

Assisting Gaither in running this family-run business are his two sons, John and Joe. In the past couple of years, numerous media outlets, such as Runner’s World, have named Feeture’s products as one of the best performance socks in the world. The company continues to develop new technologies to improve its socks from its headquarters in North Carolina.

In addition to its foot-forward design practices, the company donates to various organizations that help people live a healthier life. Recently, Feetures has heavily supported Let Me Run, a charity that “encourages boys to develop their psychological, emotional and social health, in addition to their physical health.

Now that you know where the brand came from and where it’s headed, this Feetures socks review will move on to its pros and cons.


  • Offers a wide range of high-quality socks for different fits and aesthetics, from vibrant ankle socks to neutral knee highs
  • 25+ years of knowledge in the athletic sock industry
  • Family-run business
  • Merino 10 line is made in the USA
  • Thousands of positive customer testimonials that attest to the quality, comfort, and support each pair provides
  • Great customer service as shown in their response to complaints
  • Multiple promotions available
  • International shipping options 


  • A few customers on Amazon pointed out that the quality of the brand’s socks has decreased over the years
  • Size groupings have proved to be troublesome for those with larger feet, i.e. the Large is for sizes 9-12
  • Pricier than other socks on the market

What are Feetures socks made of?

Feetures Socks Review

Feetures has several different collections of socks that are made from different materials. Each one is specially designed to deliver the support and comfort you need for a range of activities.

  1. High Performance: Made from iWick® fibers, a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. This material helps to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry. Perfect for any activity.
  2. Elite: Mostly made from nylon with a touch of spandex. These socks provide grip in shoes to prevent slippage during workouts. A good choice for hiking or running.
  3. Merino 10: A mixture of nylon, wool, Tencel, and spandex. These socks keep your feet warm even when they’re wet. Great for long treks.

Feetures socks are designed to fit your foot as if they were custom-made for you. With an anatomical design, these socks form to the natural shape of your foot and hug it at the right angle—something other socks fail to do.

Feetures Socks Review 1

In the next section of this Feetures socks review, we’ll give you some more details on what the brand’s socks are like. We’ll go through the options it has for men and women, from performance socks to ones specially designed for Plantar Fasciitis.

Feetures Elite Review

The company’s socks were made to make your feet happy, even in high-stress environments. This Feetures socks review will feature the brand’s best-selling Elite performance socks that provide support, compression, and comfort during activities.

Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Review

We rely heavily on our feet, but shoes aren’t always built for comfort or care, and blisters do happen. The Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab was made to fit your foot perfectly while protecting it from blisters.

These socks are very thin, so they slip into tightly-fitted shoes nicely and won’t make your foot feel like it’s suffocating. They have compression in all of the right places, as well as what Feetures refers to as The Perfect Toe®. Basically, this feature provides seamless fabric at the toe so that you don’t experience pain from hard seams pressing into your toes.

An ankle tab helps you pull these socks on with ease but stays hidden, letting you wear them with all kinds of shoes. Pick your choice from the nine fun colors and patterns. Get moving with the Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab for $16.

Feetures Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab Review

Just like their Ultra Light predecessors, the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab is all about compression and comfort. Offering support under your arch, around your toes, and the base of your ankle, these socks are great for running or on days where you’ll be moving around a ton.

Helping to reduce blisters, these socks pull-on easily with their no-show tab which makes them a good choice for any type of shoe—even sandals if that’s your jam. You do you.

These socks are pretty cool looking, and they come in nine color combinations like Night Vision and Polychrome Pink, as well as Black and White if you’re the monochromatic type. Enjoy other features like a seamless toe and blister protection in these comfortable Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab socks for $16.

Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab 6 Pack – Prism Review

The mystery of lost socks will forever remain unsolved. Wherever they go, we hope they’re happy. But that’s why we buy multi-packs. The Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab 6 Pack – Prism bundles together six of your favorite colorful and functional pairs of socks to keep you stocked up for the months ahead.

These socks are the classic Feetures ones you’ve come to know and love, featuring snug compression, an easy pull-on no-show tab, and The Perfect Toe®. These socks are thin so your feet can breathe and stay cool and dry on sweaty days.

Feetures Socks Review 1

They protect your heel from friction so you can say goodbye to blisters. Stock up with six pairs of the Feetures ultra light socks for $87.

Feetures Women’s Texture Cushion Tee Review

Keep your feet feeling good and your conscience clear with the Women’s Texture Cushion Tee. Made from Repreve fabric (a yarn constructed of recycled plastic), you can feel good about helping the earth while you help your feet.

These Feetures compression socks support you in high-stress areas, like your arch and heel. They slide on easily and conform to your foot for a personal fit and supportive feel. Extra cushioning at the ball of your foot and under your heel ensures all-day comfort.

The Women’s Texture Cushion Tee socks hit just below the knee and come in four solid colors that won’t attract too much attention. Get the support you need with these compression socks for $18.

Feetures Everyday Women’s Cushion Knee High Crew Review

With support up to your knee, the Everyday Women’s Cushion Knee High Crew gives your foot and calf the compression it needs to get through a long day on your feet.

These socks provide the classic custom Feetures fit, with compression around the heel, toes, and arch. With added cushion in areas that take a beating (pads and heel), these socks put your comfort first. Plus, you’ll get the brand’s The Perfect Toe® support.

Made with Repreve recycled yarn, the Everyday Women’s Cushion Knee High Crew socks come in Black or Gray and are $23.

Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sock Ultra Light No Show Tab Review 

Plantar Fasciitis can be so painful that it’s hard to walk. It causes a sharp, shooting pain up through the ball of your foot whenever that area comes into contact with the ground.

The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sock Ultra Light No Show Tab gives your foot the protection it needs between it and the ground to keep you pain-free all day long. These socks have special compression that “lifts, stretches, and stabilizes the plantar fascia” so that you can do what you need to, without worrying about discomfort.

Feetures Socks Review 1

Designed to give a tight fit, these Feetures ultra-light socks are thin enough to help your feet breathe throughout the day. Without a toe seam, the Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sock is all about making your feet happy. Choose from sonic Black or White colors for $25.

Feetures 2 Pack Mask Review

Masks are going to be mandatory for the foreseeable future, so you might as well have one that feels good on your face. We like Feetures’s option because of the reinforced ear loops which look super soft and not like they would pull on your ears throughout the day.

These masks have a nose bridge that can be adjusted to the shape of your nose for a better fit. They’re made from three layers of polyester that have an antimicrobial copper lining. Take care to only hand wash these masks as they are quite thin and can become damaged if washed with items that have abrasive edges, such as zippers or buttons.

Available in S/M and L/XL sizes, these reusable masks come in packs of Black, Multi-color, and Stone. The 2 Pack Mack is available for $25.

Feetures 3 Pack Mask Review 

If you’re an essential worker, one mask just isn’t going to cut it. This three-pack includes complementary colors of Pink, Grey, and Black to match whatever vibe you have going on that day.

Feetures’s masks are made from a polyester and spandex blend for a stretchy and comfortable fit, with an antimicrobial copper lining to keep germs away. They are designed to be soft, customizable, and reusable, so you’ll feel comfortable wearing them all day.

The nose bridge can be adjusted to fit your face and the masks are easily hand washed. Head to the product page for Feetures washing instructions. This non-medical grade mask comes in sizes S/M and M/L for $40.

Feetures Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Feetures Socks Review

Though the company’s socks look impressive, this Feetures socks review turned to online testimonials to see what customers really think. Below, you’ll find reviews sourced from the brand’s website, Outdoor Gear Lab, and Amazon. Let’s get into the positives first.

On the brand’s website, all of its most popular socks have a rating above 4/5 stars. Overall, comments note that each pair of socks is comfortable, fits well, and provides support. Here are some examples:

  • The Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab is rated 4.8/5 stars by 1.4k customers
  • The Elite Ultra Lite No Show Tab is rated 4.8/5 stars by 693 customers
  • The 2 Pack Mask is rated 4.4 /5 stars by 59 customers
  • The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sock Ultra Light No Show Tab is rated 4.2 /5 stars by 139 customers
  • The Women’s Cushioned Crew Sock is rated 4.7/5 stars by 66 customers

We decided to take a closer look at the company’s most popular product, the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab socks. Customers speak about the snug fit and non-slip nature these socks have, one writing about their “soft and supportive” qualities. Many customers agree that these are “the best athletic socks out there,” with a long-time runner backing up the claim.

Feetures Socks Review 1

For some, these socks just didn’t prove as effective. One customer revealed that they came “apart at the seams less than 6 hours into my first wear.” Other negative reviews are in regards to never receiving their orders. These complaints are certainly valid, but we give the brand points for responding to complaints and offering to resolve the issue.

A thorough Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab review on Outdoor Gear Lab ( tested these socks out in the field. The reviewer, Andy Wellman, found that they had some great features, such as “slip prevention” and the way they gripped his foot when he moved.

Wellman wrote, “This sock is low profile and does a great job gripping the foot, and also locking that foot into a shoe tightly without movement. These socks appear to be very comfortable and a great choice for hiking.

Although they grip the foot nicely, due to the way they are sized (for example, 9-12) he found that they were too tight on his foot, revealing “this to be one of the tightest and most constrictive socks we have worn.” In comparison to other socks Wellman tried, he found they didn’t quite match up to the advertised wicking ability:

“While nylon is known to be more durable than polyester, it also absorbs water easier and doesn’t dry out as fast.” In the end, Wellman gave the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab the following ratings:

  • Comfort 7/10
  • Fit 7/10
  • Wicking 5/10
  • Padding 6/10
  • Slip Prevention 9/10

The Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab was awarded a 4.7/5 star rating by 2.5k buyers on Amazon. In the positive reviews section, customers bubble over with excitement for these socks. Many mention how great they are for running and walking, as well as the fact that they “cushion at the ball of your foot,” and don’t slip. These Feetures running socks certainly seem like a great choice for all types of activities and for preventing blisters.

Feetures Socks Review 1

In Feetures socks Amazon testimonials, shoppers agree that these socks are great—when they fit properly. Due to sizing, those with larger feet often report the socks ripping within a few uses, or being too tight and uncomfortable on feet. Some also write that these socks don’t last long like they used to. One review revealed they lasted “only a few months.” This Feetures socks review recommends sizing up to avoid this issue.

After reading about what customers have to say, it sounds like the main issue is in regards to the brand’s sizing. Bundling men’s sizes 9-12 has proven to be an issue for men with larger feet, as size 9 is much smaller than a 12 is.

Apart from that, there aren’t many issues that wouldn’t be resolved by their solid customer service team or Lifetime Guarantee. Overall, there are thousands of customers who attest to the quality of Feetures’s socks and note that they are comfortable, supportive, and breathable.

Is Feetures Worth It?

Feetures Socks Review

Feetures socks are pretty expensive for socks, clocking in at about $16 per pair. That’s quite an investment. Only, Feetures socks aren’t just your run-of-the-mill socks. Many customers mention that when you try a quality sock, you’ll immediately understand why they’re worth the money.

So, are Feetures socks good? In short, yes. They are specially developed to provide support, compression, and cushion to give your feet the care they need to help you push through workouts and long days on your feet. They’re made from nylon instead of cotton, so they prevent blisters and won’t slip in your shoes.

Feetures Socks Review 1

Aside from the way its socks are made, the brand is pretty solid itself, with a good customer service presence that responds to customer complaints on their website. Its socks also come with a Lifetime Guarantee that will send you a replacement if for some reason they fall short of your expectations. All in all, this Feetures socks review believes its high-quality performance socks are worth the investment.

Feetures Promotions & Discounts 

Feetures Socks Review

This Feetures socks review discovered the following offers on the brand’s website:

  • Refer a friend to get a $10 off Feetures discount code on a $25 order
  • Feetures Rewards: earn points to get free socks
  • Free 2-Day Shipping for orders over $50
  • Semi-Annual Feetures socks sale: 15% off sitewide

Where to Buy Feetures

Feetures Socks Review

For the best selection of products, you can shop directly from You can also find them at the following online retailers: Amazon, Running Free, Sporting Life, Runner Inn, Triathletes Sports, Play, and Walking Co.


Feetures Socks Review

Where is Feetures located?

Feetures’s headquarters are located in Hickory, North Carolina. It also has a sales office in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Are Feetures socks made in USA?

Feetures Merino 10 collection is made in the USA. Its other socks lines are made elsewhere. 

What sizes does Feetures socks have? 

This Feetures socks review found that the company carries the following sizes for its men’s, women’s, and youth’s socks:

  • Small: women’s 4-6.5 and youth 1-5
  • Medium: men’s 6-8.5 and women’s 7-9.5
  • Large: men’s 9-12 and women’s 10-13
  • Extra Large: men’s 12.5-15.5

If you need help deciding which size to buy, refer to the Feetures size chart.

What is Feetures’s Shipping Policy?

Feetures socks are available in several countries around the world. Its shipping items are displayed for each country within that country’s specific page. For example, if you’re located in Canada, click the flag icon at the top right-hand corner of the page and you’ll be taken to the Canadian version of the site. From there you can scroll down to Shipping at the bottom menu.

For US shipping, Feetures offers the following options:

  • Standards: 7-10 business days for $4
  • 2-Day: 2 business days for $8 or free for orders over $50

Order processing takes 1-2 business days. Once your order ships you’ll receive an email that contains a tracking number. Use this number on the carrier’s tracking service to follow your package’s progress.

What is Feetures’s Return Policy?

Feetures socks come with a Lifetime Guarantee. You can replace your socks at any time if they do perform the way you’d like them to. To start a return, simply fill out the Return Form on the company’s website. From there, the following will happen:

  1. Feetures will send you an email with another form
  2. Print out this form and send it back with your return socks
  3. You’ll be sent the same color and style of sock that you returned

How to Contact Feetures

We hope you found all of the information you needed within this Feetures socks review. If you have any specific questions for the brand, you can contact its team Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm EST by:

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