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About obé Fitness

obé Fitness Review

obé Fitness lets you take control of your workouts. With access to more than 6,000 on-demand classes and up to 22 live classes every day led by NYC’s top instructors, the online fitness platform allows you to work out how and when you please.

As a complete online fitness platform, you can imagine its popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand has recently been highlighted in Wired, Bustle, Us Weekly, Shape, Variety, Refinery29, The Today Show, and other notable media outlets. Considering obé’s low prices and vast, varied workouts, its 234k followers on Instagram are quite justified.

Can this brand inspire you to get moving at home? This obé Fitness review will help you find out. Stay tuned as we check out the company, its service, customer ratings, promotions, and more, so that you can decide if its expansive on-demand fitness programs are right for you.

Overview of obé Fitness

obé Fitness Review

obé Fitness, an acronym for Our Body Electric Fitness, was founded in 2018 by Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett. Both founders were talent management executives before the brand’s creation, and they definitely took those skills with them.

The duo’s aim was to reinvent the ‘80s high-energy home workout experience, swapping out the bad hair and funky leg warmers for sleek, fitness professionals who looked the part and knew their stuff. They sought out trainers with fun, encouraging personalities with whom  users can identify and feel a sense of connection.

It was a must for the brand to establish a community amongst its subscribers, users can share class schedules with friends, create “workout parties,” and motivate one another on social media.

obé Fitness offers 15 different types of classes and minimal equipment is required. The fitness company produces every single video they release within its brightly colored studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Before we answer some important questions about the fitness platform, this obé Fitness review will give you a rundown of the brand’s pros and cons.


  • 15 different types of workouts, including yoga, pilates, dance, sculpt, HIIT, strength, and more
  • 22 live workouts per day
  • Over 6k on-demand classes
  • No (or little) equipment needed
  • Top-tier, certified obé fitness trainers
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Sense of community (meet friends, schedule workouts together, etc.)
  • Multiple promotions available
  • Available in the US and Canada


  • Only available in the US and Canada
  • Short window (7 days) for returns

How Does obé Fitness Work?

obé Fitness Review

obé Fitness gives members access to thousands of on-demand classes that branch out over 15 different workout categories. So you know exactly what you’re getting with the program, we’ll list those categories below:

  1. Pilates
  2. Sculpt
  3. Dance Cardio
  4. Dance HIIT
  5. Barre
  6. Strength
  7. Vinyasa Yoga
  8. Fire Flow
  9. Yoga Sculpt
  10. Power
  11. Cardio Boxing
  12. HIIT
  13. Bounce
  14. Meditation
  15. Stretch

The brand has also recently launched a section for Kids, as well as Prenatal and Postnatal workouts that are offered by different obé Fitness instructors. The company streams up to 22 live workouts per day on the platform to keep you motivated and bring variety and structure to your workouts.

If one of the live workouts isn’t your thing that day, or you’re not able to make it, check out the expansive collection of on-demand classes instead. Once you find something that excites you—we suggest starting with Dance HIIT with Walter K., Sculpt with Sarah G., or Cardio Boxing with Alex S.——cast it using Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV onto your big screen.

Where and how you complete one of the obé Fitness exercise classes is completely up to you, though. Basement, living room, park, driveway… you name it, you can make it work. On the iOS app, you’re able to download up to seven classes to use offline, too. So where you take your workout is limitless.

obé knows that motivation is an essential part of keeping up with any fitness routine. That’s why, on the platform, you’ll be able to connect with friends on obé, cheer each other on, and host workout parties.

These parties are sort of like a Zoom meeting, but for fitness. These features make the whole experience more fun and more enjoyable. On the app, you’ll also get to set your own obé Fitness schedule and coordinate with others.

It also offers curated fitness programs like Sculpt Burn Repeat, and The Yoga Deep Dive that you can join and follow along for their duration (30 days, 45 days, etc.). 

If you’d like a taste of the platform without the commitment, sign up for the obé Fitness free trial, or take a complimentary class on its website. The fitness platform is available on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual plan, all of which we’ll fill you in more about in the next section of this obé Fitness review.

Is obé Fitness good for beginners?

obé Fitness Review

Within the platform, you’ll find a selection of classes for couch-enthusiasts and avid gym-goers alike. obé Fitness classes are known to be incredibly active—meaning there’s not a ton of time within them where you’re not moving. That being said, the on-demand fitness brand’s classes can be started and stopped on a dime.

If you’re pushed to your max, simply pause the video. This is a stark contrast to in-person classes that, if you don’t keep moving, you’ll miss out on the action altogether. Features like this one are great for beginners who want to take it slow.

obé Fitness Monthly Plan Review 

obé Fitness Review

With the Monthly Plan, you’ll get all of the basics, and when we say basics, we mean complete access to every single on-demand and live class. Just cue up an obé cardio boxing session and get going. This plan is a great choice for those who want to give the service a try without too much of a commitment.

One month is a long enough time to see if the obé Fitness schedule is something you like and can stick with. If you choose this option, your subscription will auto-renew at the end of the period, but you won’t be stuck in a longer commitment if you found the brand wasn’t your jam.

obé Fitness Quarterly Plan Review

obé Fitness Review

The Quarterly Plan includes the same access but sneaks in some special perks as well. Not only are you saving $16 per quarter with this option, but you’ll also get other special discounts and offers from brand partners.

When you join this plan, you’ll automatically be a part of the Level Up Club, which gives you  exclusive access to the most popular mashup classes on the platform—ones that monthly members can’t take. These classes are taught by two of obé instructors with complementary class styles, making the workout even more entertaining and fun! 

obé Fitness Annual Plan Review

obé Fitness Review

The Annual Plan is like the pumped-up version of the Quarterly Plan. You get the same perks, including 22 live stream classes per week and 6k on-demand obé Fitness videos classes taught by the best trainers in NYC.

Like the Quarterly plan, you also become part of the Level Up Club and can take the mashup classes that aren’t available for everyone who uses the app. Best of all? The Annual Plan saves you $125 per year.

How Much is obé Fitness?

obé Fitness Review

The longer you commit, the more money you save. obé Fitness’ affordable rates are as follows:

  • Monthly Plan: $27
  • Quarterly Plan: $65
  • Annual Plan: $199 

Is obé Fitness free?

obé Fitness Review

The company does not offer a free service, but it does provide a complimentary trial. Once your free trial is complete, the service is available for purchase at a monthly, quarterly, or annual rate. You can read more about the trial further down in this obé Fitness review.

How long is the obé free trial?

obé Fitness Review

obé grants newcomers seven days of access to the on-demand fitness platform for free. During this time, you have access to the 130 live classes streamed per week, as well as the existing library of over 6k workouts.

obé Fitness Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

obé Fitness Review

You might be thinking that the company sounds great, but you probably want to know what it’s really like for customers. Don’t worry, this is the part of the obé Fitness review where we compile real customer reviews to give you a better idea about the brand.

An obé Fitness testimonial on Reviewed rounded up the pros and cons after taking a few of the service’s online fitness classes.

Mentioning the personal, fun vibe that the classes offer, the writer expressed appreciation for the “many live class options” and “easy to follow obé videos. Variety is important in a workout and something we believe helps people continue a fitness regimen.

The obé Fitness app on the App Store has a 4.8/5 star rating awarded by 7,410 users. Customer reviews include comments about great instructors, the easy-to-use app, and a wide class variety. Take this example:

As a former ClassPass and SoulCycle addict, I never thought that I’d enjoy working out from home. obé totally proved me wrong. The class variety is amazing.” Services like this one have been so helpful while stay-at-home orders are in effect—we can’t imagine returning to the gym when everything is back to normal!

A detailed obé Fitness review on Fitnessista gave an account of using the brand’s free 7-day trial. The article told of the perks like the “short workout time” and “fun instructors,” not forgetting to mention how accessible the workouts are for those who don’t have a ton of gym equipment at home.

The review on Fitnessista was written by a woman who is no stranger to fitness apps. Because of this, she called out even the slightest of details that seemed off to her: “I feel like some of the instructors/classes are lacking experience and/or concrete planning.

She also noted that the feedback from instructors, though great in theory, lacked variation. But, of course it does. They can’t see the members and are unable to make it personal. 

In pretty much every review we’ve read, obé users have enjoyed many (if not all) of the online classes they’ve taken with the service.

Is obé Fitness Worth It?

obé Fitness Review

Though obé isn’t the least expensive online fitness app out there, it is still relatively low cost & affordable. In comparison to a gym membership, the online service is about half the price—if not more, depending on which gym you belong to.

So, is obé Fitness good? According to customers, yes. It has many varied workout classes to choose from, and users like that they can schedule classes and follow along to live streams.

If you’re not sold on obé, it has a 7-Day Free Trial for unlimited access to all classes you can try out before you commit to a membership.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to get moving at home, we think the obé fitness program is worth checking out.

obé Fitness Promotions & Discounts 

obé Fitness Review

HBR readers can use the code HBR30 to get 30% off their first month! Also, while conducting this obé Fitness review I discovered the following deals/promotions:

  • Save $125 when signing up for an annual membership
  • Free 7-Day Trial

How to Sign up to Join obé Fitness

obé Fitness Review

The obé Fitness sign up process is easy. To start your fitness journey with the company, follow these steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Click on ‘Start Free Trial’ in the upper righthand corner of the webpage
  3. Enter your name, email, and password
  4. Choose which subscription you’d like after your trial expires (you can cancel before it expires!)
  5. Enter your billing information
  6. Click ‘Start Your Free Trial’

Easy as that! Now you’re ready to start your fitness journey.


obé Fitness Review

Who owns obé Fitness?

Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett own obé Fitness.

Where is obé Fitness filmed?

All of obé’s classes are filmed in a studio in Brooklyn, New York. The studio is said to be designed in pretty pastel colors to emulate an ‘80s home workout video vibe.

Is obé Fitness on Roku?

Yes! You can stream your obé Fitness classes on Roku.

Is obé Fitness on Apple TV?

You can stream your obé classes on your Apple TV the way you would any other program.

Does obé Fitness help you lose weight?

Weight loss is extremely personal. What works for one person may not work for another. With that said, obé Fitness makes it easier for users to work out because its classes can be done at any time from anywhere and require minimal (if any) equipment.

How much does an obé workout cost?

One month of access to thousands of obé workouts costs $27. If you do one workout per day, that’s less than $1 for each class. Ha! Take that, $30 SoulCycle classes!

Can you cancel obé Fitness anytime?

You can, but if you’ve signed up for a longer membership, like quarterly or yearly, you won’t be able to get your money back for the time in which you don’t wish to use it. For example, if you committed to the Annual Plan and only used 3 months of it, you can cancel at any time, but the portion of funds for the remaining 9 months will not be refunded.

You’ll have access to the app for the remaining portion of your plan, meaning you can still access obé Strength, Sculpt, Barre, Yoga, and other classes, but won’t be charged come the next billing period.

Can you cancel obé Fitness online?

Yes, you can cancel your obé membership online by following these steps:

  1. Head to the obé Fitness login page on by clicking ‘Sign In’ in the upper righthand corner of the webpage
  2. Once signed in, click on your profile photo or initials
  3. Head to ‘Manage Subscription’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Cancel Subscription’

What is obé Fitness’s Shipping Policy?

obé Fitness is a subscription-based online platform, as such there are no physical items to ship. The obé Shop does offer branded workout apparel, equipment, and more, and shipping rates vary.

What is obé Fitness’s Return Policy?

You are free to cancel your obé Fitness subscription at any time, however, cancelling your subscription will not provide you with a refund. Instead, you will still have access to your account until the end of your billing period. Find obé’s merchandise return policy here.

How to Contact obé Fitness

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this obé Fitness review, you can reach out to the company via:

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