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Octomoves Review

Want to take your fitness and mobility training to the next level? If so, rope flow is the newest (and perhaps most intriguing) health craze. Not only can it help condition your body but it can also calm your mind. 

Warning: it’s addictive,” one customer wrote in an Octomoves review. Exercise that I actually look forward to? Count me in. Launched in 2019, the feedback for these flow ropes is off the chart. And with the brand’s 20k social community, I think it’s safe to say they’re onto something.

What is it exactly, and how does Octomoves help? Keep reading, and I’ll explain it all. Coming up, I’ll go over the brand’s background and give you a thorough analysis of its flow ropes. Plus, after checking out the customer feedback, promotions, and more, by the end, you’ll know if it’s flow ropes are right for you. 

Overview Of Octomoves

Octomoves Review

While practicing Kung-Fu, Octomoves’ founder Rokas Bakstys was training with a Chain Whip when his coach made an interesting suggestion. He recommended that Rokas try rolling ropes as well. Needless to say, he loved it. So much so, in fact, that it led him to launch his own brand in 2019 with co-founder Tautvydas Kalvaitis in Lithuania. 

The two shared a common passion for staying active, and what really drew them to exercising with ropes was that anyone, anywhere could do it. Basically, it’s an incredibly accessible activity and it benefits both the mind and body. And after testing numerous ropes to find the right feel, Octomoves came to life. 

Now that you know a little more about the folks behind the flow rope, let’s move this Octomoves review right along. The highlights are up next.


Octomoves Review
  • Core range of flow ropes and add-ons
  • Helps you recover faster
  • Ideal for fitness, meditation, and conditioning
  • Can be used by anyone, anywhere
  • Made of thick, nautical material
  • Ships internationally
  • Free shipping 

Hop onto the Octomoves’ website and you’ll likely want to dive headfirst into the world of rope flow. Not only does it look (dare I say it?) fun, but the client reviews for the flow ropes are quite compelling. 

With a full range of ropes and add-ons, Octomoves is ideal for both adults and kids as well as beginners to experts. To give you an idea of what the brand offers, I’ll whirl through a selection of its flow ropes and add-ons. 

Octomoves Review

Octomoves Review

First things first. What in the world is a flow rope? Though it looks like a really high-quality rope, it’s so much more than that. Made from expertly woven nautical material, unlike regular old jumping ropes, these ropes help to loosen up stiff muscles and relieve pain. 

Encouraging whole-body movement, flowing with one of these ropes helps to open up tight spots and release tension. See ya later, aches and pains! The coolest part, I think, is that it doesn’t feel like exercise but it’s still a really great workout. 

In fact, many people say it’s something they actually look forward to doing each day. Instead of pounding the pavement after a long day at the office, rope flow doesn’t put stress on their joints. 

“I am an Osteopath and Rehab trainer and will be teaching my clients these great routines. One of the best new pieces of fitness equipment I’ve used,” one customer professed. I’ll get into the different types of ropes Octomoves offers next. 

Octomoves Flow Ropes Review

If you’re ready to “grab life by the ropes,” Octomoves has a great selection of flow ropes to choose from. Though you could, of course, buy them all and tap into all kinds of practice, I recommend taking the quiz online to find the rope that’s right for you. Below, I’ll walk you through your four core options.

Octomoves Black Swan Review

For a heart-pounding workout, choose the Octomoves Black Swan flow rope. With it, you’ll take your practice to new levels and develop more muscle control, and when you’re done, you can still use it to zen out. Get it for $75 (down from $90).

What customers say: “Ropes help me fight my anxiety attacks.” – Kristal Reyes, 

Octomoves Phoenix Review

Just like the name suggests, Phoenix is the rope to choose when you want to fire things up. Whether you’re breaking a sweat, building muscle, meditating, or simply moving, this Octomoves rope is here for you. It rings up at $75 (normally $90). 

What customers say: Can’t get enough of it. Every day I look forward to the time work ends so I can go and do rope flow. I love being in Zen mode about it while at the same time doing a good workout.” – Melissa Maraveles,

Octomoves Flowzilla Review

This is an awesome name for an awesome rope. For a free range of motion and untethered movement, choose Flowzilla. With its rigid braid, it’s great for quick and easy workouts and a fantastic pick for beginners. Improve your mobility, and get a light workout for $75 (normally $90).

What customers say: “I use this to get rid of excess nervous tension and bring flow and peace to mind.” – Sophie Pattihis,

Octomoves Funky Zen Review

For conditioning and coordination, opt for the Funky Zen flow rope. Equipped with steel tips, it has a soft braid that whooshes through the air as you move. It’s easy to get lost in the flow with this one. Perfect for recovery after an injury, find your new happy place with the Funky Zen for $75 (down from $90).

What customers say: “I can’t wait to try this product more frequently but already it has taught me a lot about my coordination and range of motion. Great product!” – J,

Octomoves OctoForce + Flow Rope Review

If you’ve been practicing and have rope flow down already, you may want to take your practice up a level. The OctoForce + Flow Rope set bundles together your preferred flow rope and a 1lb weight that clips over the center of your rope. So you can build more muscle and enter a whole new world of flow with this set. It costs $100 ($150 value). 

Octomoves App Review

New to flow ropes? As with any exercise, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes, but flowing with a rope doesn’t require too much thought. That said, there is a proper way to do it to get the most out of your Octomoves training. 

To help you out, the Octomoves App is full of free  7 days premium trial courses that lead you through beginner to advanced programs and it even has some programs for rope add-ons addins has free courses respectively for their purpose. There’s a total of 10 courses currently, and while you use it, you’ll also have access to a 6k+ and growing community of fellow flow-ers. 

For even more involvement in your newfound passion, the Octomoves app hosts Q&A and live sessions. What’s the best part? It’s free. 

Who Is Octomoves For? 

Octomoves Review

Octomoves makes flow ropes for mobility, conditioning, meditation, and fitness. It has ropes for both adults and kids, as well as weighted add-ons for those that want to flow heavier. 

Octomoves Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Octomoves Review

Checking out customer feedback is an essential part of this Octomoves review—primarily because flow ropes are such a hot topic right now. Do they work? What do they do? And is this a safe company to buy from? These are questions that naturally arise. In this section, I’ll show you exactly what those who use these flow ropes think. 

The first place I checked for feedback was the brand’s website. The ratings for all of its flow ropes are grouped into one place, so the first set of scores I’ll show you is rather compact.

  • Flow Ropes: 4.89/5 stars; 1,340 reviews
  • OctoForce + Flow Rope: 4.89/5 stars; 35 reviews

See what I mean? With more than 1,300 comments to comb through for Octomoves’ flow ropes, however, there’s a ton we can learn about the ropes themselves and the brand. Here’s the first Octomoves review we’ll take a look at:

It is quite addicting! The moves aren’t very taxing individually, but if you incorporate it into your training, they can make a surprise in terms of muscle fatigue, some places where you probably wouldn’t expect it! So keep in mind don’t overstress your body at the beginning, even if it is easy and pleasing to do one extra minute again and again.

It sounds like those who use flow ropes are pleasantly surprised at how they work. In terms of the differences between the ropes, another Octomoves reviewer revealed that “they all feel slightly different.”

If you’re on the fence about which rope to buy, I highly recommend taking the quiz. For now, let’s continue looking at the customer feedback.

The next source I checked out was Trustpilot. Though there are just 17 reviews on the site, no shopper rated their experience under 3 stars. Plus, the brand’s overall score is 4.4/5 stars. Here’s the snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 82%
  • 4-stars: 12%
  • 3-stars: 6%

On Trustpilot, one customer left this positive Octomoves review: “Great product, helpful staff that come across as caring about the customer and not just about the money.” 

I always like reading comments like this because a company’s customer service really does make a difference. And if you’re interested in knowing how the flow ropes can help with recovery, this next Octomoves review is telling. Here it is:

As an in very good shape 68 year old dad of young (19, 11, 5) kids, I work hard to obtain good health, strength, through perseverance, functional fitness and mobility. The Swan fits right into that alley. I have a judo related shoulder injury, and flowing is helping me to slowly regain my mobility and strength back.

From everything I’ve read so far, I feel confident in saying that Octomoves’ flow ropes are loved and appreciated by those who use them. What makes them so special? It’s all about what they’re made from and how. 

An Octomoves reviewer on compared the Phoenix rope to a heavier, homemade rope. Here’s a snippet of the review:

Because the Phoenix is thinner and lighter…It’s more intuitive to flow with, feeling less restrictive and clunky. I’ve also found it easier to pick up new skills and refine the ones I learned previously with the heavier rope…All in all, rolling with the Phoenix is a much more comfortable, enjoyable experience.

It appears that just like the folks at Octomoves said, using one of their ropes compared to a homemade version is going to have many benefits and allow for greater functionality

I struggled to find much negative feedback for this company. From what I’ve seen, Octomoves is great to shop with and its flow ropes are improving people’s coordination, mobility, and fitness levels around the globe.

Is Octomoves Legit?

Octomoves Review

You might have landed on this Octomoves review thinking that the brand made another form of jump ropes. I hope by now you know that flow ropes are so much more, but also that hundreds of customers rave about them. Octomoves is undoubtedly a legit brand—it’s so legit that people can’t stop talking about it. 

Is Octomoves Worth It?

Octomoves Review

If you’d like to take your physical conditioning routine up a notch or zen out, then Octomoves’ flow ropes are worth it. So much more than just a rope, they’re expertly made to help you get fit, meditate, and recover from injuries faster

Also, it’s clear that those who use these flow ropes love them. In fact, the amount of positive feedback for this brand is pretty astounding, so if you won’t take my word for it, then take theirs. 

Octomoves Promotions & Discounts 

Octomoves Review

Workout gear can get expensive. You know it, I know, and so does Octomoves. That’s why the company offers a handful of ways to help you save. Take a peek at the list of promos that are available below:

  • All flow ropes are currently on sale
  • Are you a student? Join Student Beans to get 15% off your order
  • Spend $65+ to get free shipping (EU & US)

Octomoves also has a coupon link on its website, but when you click it, you’ll be taken offsite. Keep in mind that coupons available on other sites may not always be valid, but they’re worth a shot. 

Where To Buy Octomoves’ Products

Octomoves Review

Ready to start moving? If so, head to to place an order. If you’d rather add your flow rope and accessories to your current Amazon cart, you can find Octomoves’ full product range there as well. 


Octomoves Review

Who owns Octomoves?

Rokas Bakstys and Tautvydas Kalvaitis own Octomoves. They founded the company in 2019. 

Does Octomoves ship internationally?

Yes! The company ships its products around the globe. See the next section of this Octomoves review for more details. 

What is Octomoves’ shipping policy?

Octomoves offers free standard shipping for certain EU and US orders. Shipping to all other destinations comes with a fee. I’ll list them all, along with their respective shipping times below.

  • EU
    • Standard up to $65: $5 (2-5 business days)
    • Standard over $65: free (2-5 business days)
  • US
    • Economy up to $65: $5 (5-8 business days)
    • Standard up to $135: $7 (2-5 business days)
    • Express up to $225: $20 (1-2 business days)
    • All orders over these amounts are shipped for free
  • Worldwide
    • UPS Express up to $135: $20 (2-5 business days)
    • UPS Express from $135-$25: $10 (2-5 business days)
    • UPS Express saver: $225+: free (2-5 business days)

What is Octomoves’ return policy?

Did you change your mind about an order? If so, that’s totally fine. Octomoves gives you 30 days from the day of delivery to return it. That’s the total time frame, so to get your order shipped back in time, you’ll need to get in touch with the brand within the first 14 days of delivery. 

To start the return process, send an email to [email protected]. Here’s what else you should know about the return policy.

  1. Your items must be in their original, unused condition
  2. If an item is missing parts, you may only receive a partial refund
  3. You are responsible for return shipping fees

When Octomoves receives your order at its warehouse, its team will send you an email. Keep in mind that your refund may take an additional 14 days to reach your account. 

How To Contact Octomoves

Octomoves Review

If you need any information that wasn’t included in this Octomoves review, here’s how you can get in touch with the brand’s customer service team.

  • Phone: (370) 616 54 555
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Use the contact form on Octomoves’ website 

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