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About Pangaia

Pangaia Review

Pangaia aims to change the way fashion is produced, one vegan, sustainable essential at a time. Though, they’re not limited to the genderless, buttery sweatsuits that may have graced your screen amidst scrolls. 

The brand is also known for its quality outerwear made from FLWRDWN, a plant-based goose-down alternative

Pangaia Review

Born out of the need for change in a time where so many are looking for it, it’s no surprise that the brand has received attention from big publications like Refinery29, WWD, Coveteur, Forbes, Vogue, and a ton of others. 

This Pangaia review will zero in on the brand and their best-sellers, reveal what we found in our ardent search for customer reviews and promotions, answer important FAQs, and more to help you decide if the brand is the right fit for you. 

Overview of Pangaia

Pangaia Review

It’s no secret that the world needs saving. Our planet is hurting and it’s because of what humans have done to it. 

With that sobering fact in mind, Pangaia set out to create a line of clothing that didn’t cause any harm to our bleeding earth; they’re a clothing line that consumers can enjoy and feel good about wearing from every viewpoint. 

When one goes out on a mission to save the world, said mission should be inclusive of all groups. People of many races, cultures, and beliefs inhabit this planet, and in order for that mission to succeed, all groups are needed to help to save it. 

Pangaia designed their brand to be inclusive of all. That’s reflected in the models they use, the organizations they help – even in their name (pan = everyone, everything; Gaia = Mother Earth). 

Founded in 2018 by a group of designers, scientists, and technologists, Pangaia aims to shake up the way clothing is made for good by using sustainable and recyclable fabrics and features alongside a clean production process. 

Run by a team spread out across the globe, the brand has offices in London, New York, and Moscow, and produces their apparel in Portugal and Italy. 

Pangaia Review

Before we get into the brand’s environmentally-conscious collection, this Pangaia review will fill you in on their pros and cons: 


  • Offers an array of Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s basics, outerwear, tops, dresses, and more
  • The brand uses recycled and sustainable materials
  • Inclusive (of race, gender, weight)
  • Customers say the brand has great customer service, easy returns, and quality clothing
  • Pangaia plants 1 tree for every product sold
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free returns


  • There have been a few mentions of issues with fabric pilling or shedding
  • Items require extra care
  • Short return window
Pangaia Review

Pangaia is a brand with a care for the earth as big as the…earth! Their smooth, effortless styles are accentuated by brilliant pops of color, sort of the way nature’s designed as well. 

Each of their sweatshirts and sweatpants has a notice to the world written proudly across the front, one that we believe says, “we use environmentally friendly practices and you should too.” 

In the next section of this Pangaia review, we’ll take you on a journey through the brand’s sweatpants, shorts, and hoodies, highlighting their special features and what makes them unique. 

Pangaia Review

Sweatpants are meant to be lived in, so they need to perform well. Whether you use them strictly for lounging, coffee runs, or laps around the track, we’ve rounded up the brand’s customer favorites below to help you see what the options are. 

Pangaia Women’s Cuffed Track Pants Review 

If dreamy ever had a look, this is it. The Women’s Cuffed Track Pants have a smooth, buttery look and feel with seamless sides to create a 360-degree flawless experience. 

At the bottom, you’ll find the elastic ribbed cuffs: a band that grabs onto your ankle for a comfortable and secure fit. The pants themselves are made from thick yet breathable cotton with a terry loop-back on the inside, so they’re a good choice for the colder seasons. 

Available in 9 colors, this Pangaia review especially loves the utter vibrancy of the jade green shade. These $120 recycled cotton sweats are currently on sale for $84

Pangaia 365 Heavyweight Track Pants Review 

Pull these pants on and you’ll immediately feel the teddy-bear like material on the inside, perfect for those cold days running around the track (or quickly to and from the grocery store). 

With an overall thicker feel, the 365 Heavyweight Track Pants are made from a recycled and cotton mix that carries substantial weight. The drawstring elastic waist and bottom keep heat in on colder days. 

Pair with the 365 Heavyweight Sweatshirt to create one of the coveted Pangaia designer sweatsuits you’ve seen dangling around the web. Available in a staggering 25 colors, cop a pair for $120

Pangaia Northern Lights Track Pants Review 

Frankly, nature is awesome. Now and then, it shows us its true colors, giving us a glimpse of rare beauty. The Northern Lights Track Pants are inspired by such beauty, named after the spectacular display of color in the Northern hemisphere. 

Available in 7 handpicked colors, each one reflects what’s seen in the unpredictable, beautiful spectrum that only some have the opportunity to experience. Made from 100% organic cotton, these supremely soft pants have an elastic waist and bottom cuff to keep them in place. 

Take in the splendor of the Northern Lights with these Pangaia track clothes for $120

Pangaia Shorts Review

Go ahead, show some leg in a pair of airy, comfortable shorts. This Pangaia review will feature our favorite pair of shorts below that comes in a rainbow of colors – and then some! 

Pangaia Lightweight Recycled Cotton Shorts Review 

Who wears short shorts? WE wear short shorts! The Lightweight Recycled Cotton Shorts look as if they’re made to help you celebrate life. 

With snappy, bright colors along with classic neutrals, these mid-thigh-grazing shorts are made from a blend of recycled and organic cotton to show a little love to your lower half. 

Offered in a total of 19 colors, this apparel is made with a terry cloth materia and includes side pockets and a stretchy waist, so they can fit you on your waist, hips, or anywhere in between. 

They look like they can handle a roll at the waistband, too, so if you feel inclined to show off some more thigh, fold these babies up! 

Add some extra joy to your life with the $70 Lightweight Recycled Cotton Shorts, on sale for $49

Pangaia Hoodies Review

Originally brought to the forefront of the fashion scene by athletes, it’s a known fact that hoodies have superpowers, regardless of who wears them now. 

These tops that keep us warm, comfortable, and looking good are really all one could ask for in a garment. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the brand’s highest-selling hoodies we’ve outlined in this Pangaia review. 

Pangaia Sakura Hoodie Review 

Cherry blossoms just have this vibe about them. Their peaceful pink color, light scent, and sweet shape make them a sight to behold every year. Take that feeling with you wherever you go with Pangaia’s Sakura Hoodie

This plush hoodie is inspired by the beauty of the cherry blossom and made with the planet in mind using 100% organic cotton. When you put this pretty thing on, you’ll notice that it has a medium weight to it – not too heavy, not too light, but just right. 

It also has a luxurious feel on the outside with the brand’s black signature text on the right breast. 

Enter nirvana with the eco-friendly Sakura Hoodie for $150. Pair it with one of the Pangaia Kopen Jackets and you’re ready to go anywhere in comfort and style. 

Pangaia 365 Heavyweight Hoodie Review 

Don’t you just love it when you feel good in your clothing? The 365 Heavyweight Hoodie takes feeling good to a whole new level with its recycled cotton fabric that saves 1.5 shirts from the landfill.

Made from a more substantial fabric than Pangaia’s other hoodies, this cutie has a cozy lining with a thick outer layer to provide warmth on the chilliest of days. 

Offered in 20 colors, take a peek at celestial blue or orchid purple for some pretty pastel hues to zen out in. On the front of your sweater, you’ll read that it’s been made from organic cotton. Plus, the dyes used to create such attractive colors are environmentally friendly too.

Do yourself and the ecosystem a favor with the 365 Heavyweight Hoodie for $150. 

Pangaia Women’s Recycled Cashmere Hoodie Review 

Hoodies have the wonderful quality of shrouding us in comfort and security. Rainy day? Pop the hood. Feeling bloated? That’s all taken care of. 

The Women’s Recycled Cashmere Hoodie takes preloved cashmere and transforms it into a loose-fitting, ultra-cozy everyday basic that bumps up the average Netflix-and-chill outfit. 

And what’s a hoodie without pockets? Stash your snacks, phone, keys, or hand in the large front pocket. Available in 16 colors, we’re digging bright shades like flamingo pink and moody tones like marbled green. 

Get this $265 fancy essential for only $186

Are Pangaia hoodies unisex? 

Pangaia Review

If you’ve scrolled through Pagaia’s ultimate basics collection on Instagram, you may have been left wondering if the brand was completely unisex. 

The brand does offer a completely unisex collection, but certain pieces are tailored individually to men’s and women’s bodies as well. The brand makes it super easy to shop by specific fits on their website. 

How do you dry Pangaia? 

Pangaia Review

Pangaia is into keeping things as eco-friendly as possible. They clearly specify that you shouldn’t tumble dry your garments, instead, they recommend that you hang them outside in the fresh air to cut down on energy use. 

If you’re short on outside space (read: live in a balcony-less condo in the middle of a city) you can hang your items up inside as well. 

Before you hang them though, the brand recommends giving them a good shake and carefully hanging it in a way that wouldn’t cause creases so you can skip the iron. Items that are made with recycled cashmere need to be laid flat to dry

Can you wash Pangaia? 

Pangaia Review

Pangaia apparel should be hand-washed only. But before you even think about getting it wet, the brand asks you to consider if it really needs to be washed at all. 

Of course, if something is dirty, then by all means please give it a good old-fashioned scrub. Their cautionary note is more to get people thinking about conserving energy and water

When it comes time to wash your Pangaia gear, wash it inside out, without other garments, in the sink, tub, or perhaps bucket, depending on where you do the majority of your hand-washing. 

Pangaia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pangaia Review

Pangaia clothing is good for the planet, good looking, and good feeling. What more could you want? That’s what we asked ourselves before diving into a thorough search to find out if those claims actually hold true with customers. 

Keep reading this Pangaia review to see what we found out. 

Glorious Days reviewed the cropped Pangaia Sweatshirt and Shorts combo. The reviewer loved how soft the fabric was and was into what the brand’s mission is all about. 

Speaking of how the garments fit, the author wrote, “I usually get S for tops and bottoms. I did get the S for both and they fit me well! I feel super comfortable in them.” If you were wondering about sizing, we hope that helped!

Her only critique was about the fit of the shorts, and to be honest, it makes a ton of sense. Since the shorts are unisex, as one can imagine, they need to compensate for a variety of different configurations down there. 

She elaborated by saying, “with these shorts, I feel like I could do with just a little more fabric at the back and a little less fabric in the front.” A valid complaint, and certainly a good one to keep in mind when purchasing. 

Pangaia Review

To get a general feel for how Pangaia apparel is received, we hit up TrustPilot, a reliable customer review site that displayed a 4.8/5 star rating for the brand. The distribution of sentiments towards the brand is as follows:

  • Excellent: 94%
  • Great: 1%
  • Average: 1%
  • Poor: 1%
  • Bad: 2%

Ok, so it’s mostly good then. Digging through the 334 reviews, we came across mentions of great customer service, easy returns, and overall happy customers that love their purchases. 

One helpful buyer wrote, “Fast service, quality and truly innovative products. The return policy is well done and the site is very informative.” All things that are good to know, and ones we hoped to read about the brand. 

So what could possibly be wrong with the brand? Well, we rarely saw mentions of Pangaia’s poor customer service, but there were a few that spoke about this. The small number of complaints were mainly about the quality of their clothing. 

Pangaia Review

One Pangaia review read, “After washing them once, the fabric got much harder and the threads have loosened and are now all over the place.” We wonder how the commenter washed his pants because machine versus hand wash makes a huge difference.

Pangaia has a stellar rating of 4.2/5 stars on their Facebook page. Users are quick to note the soft materials, great fits, and responsive customer service. 

There is 1 complaint that reads, “The fabric is horrible quality that cannot be washed or dried like regular garments. The colours change significantly and the fabric shrinks over time.” 

1 complaint like this cannot be taken as an accurate depiction of the brand’s quality. The brand’s fabric may possibly be a little finicky, but that’s why it has a ton of care instructions, so be sure to follow them for best results and long-lasting wear. 

There’s definitely an abundance of positivity surrounding Pangaia. From their mission to their designs and customer service, customers love what this company is all about. 

Is Pangaia Worth It?

Pangaia Review

Pangaia’s apparel is relatively expensive, but considering their ongoing sustainability journey, the clothing is still relatively in reach for the average consumer. 

If you’re someone who cares for the earth, doesn’t mind putting a little extra care into cleaning your clothes, and can sink $100+ on a pair of sweatpants, then Pangaia is absolutely for you. 

We love the brand’s mission and the fact that they’re not just working to create profit, but they also consider themselves a textile factory of sorts, coming up with new ways to produce clothing that will hopefully change the industry forever. 

Considering the many satisfied customers, the relatively affordable price, the great quality, and the brand itself, we think they’re worth the buy

Pangaia Promotions & Discounts 

Pangaia Review

At this time, Pangaia doesn’t have any promotions available on their website besides certain items being on sale. They will plant 1 tree for every product purchased, with more trees to be planted through their refer-a-friend program. So really, they’re helping you in the long run. 

Where to Buy Pangaia

Pangaia Review

Pangaia apparel is only available for purchase directly from


Pangaia Review

Is Pangaia an American brand? 

Pangaia has offices in New York, Moscow, and London. Their warehouse is located in London and the clothes are made in Europe. In general, people regard it as a UK or New York-based brand. 

Who is the owner of Pangaia?

There are several faces behind the brand, but they like to keep things mysterious. A name that keeps popping up is Miroslava Duma, the founder of Future Tech Lab, a company that’s working with Pangaia to create a more sustainable textile production. 

What Sizes does Pangaia carry?

The brand has multiple options when it comes to sizing for their products. In general, most of their apparel is available in women’s size 0-16 and unisex size XXS-XXL.

Where is Pangaia shipped from? 

Pangaia is shipped from the UK. 

What is Pangaia’s Shipping Policy?

This Pangaia review is happy to report that the brand ships worldwide with one standard shipping option, so shipping times and prices vary:

  • UK: 3-5 business days
  • USA: 4-6 business days
  • Canada, Russia, and Mexico: 2-5 business days
  • Middle East: 3-5 business days
  • Central Europe: 3-7 business days
  • Rest of Europe: 4-9 business days
  • Asia & Rest of World: 4-7 business days

The brand offers expedited shipping for customers in the USA & UK that takes about 2-3 business days for the US or 1 business day for the UK. 

What is Pangaia’s Return Policy?

If you wish to return any Pangaia item, you can do so within 14 days of the delivery date. All items must be in their original condition with the same packaging they arrived in. 

Be sure to include everything that came with your order, dust bags and all. Returns and exchanges are free

To start, head to the Returns Hub and enter the following info:

  1. Order Number
  2. Email 

You’ll need to print out the prepaid return label and attach it to the outside of your package. Once Pangaia gets your return, they’ll check it over in 5-10 business days. If approved, they will notify you by email. 

How to Contact Pangaia

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Pangaia review, you can reach out to the brand using the little blue bubble that says ‘Chat’ in the bottom left corner of your screen when on the brand’s website.

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