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About Renwil

Renwil Review

Renwil is a home decor brand based in Montreal, Canada. This company focuses on producing the finest furnishings for homes, hotels, and other venues. They sell everything you need to decorate your home, including rugs, tables, lighting, fine art, and more.

This brand stands out for its unique modern designs and commitment to artistry. This commitment has led the brand to be featured in a slew of magazines such as Elle Decor, Canadian House and Home, and Architectural Digest. This chic design company is also popular on social media, with 13.8k Instagram followers.

For this Renwil review, I will cover this brand’s background, their bestselling products, customer reviews, FAQs, and more to help you browse their beautiful selection and see if it’s right for your home!

Overview of Renwil

Renwil Review

Renwil was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Alan Wilner in 1967. Alan wanted to offer  customers a selection of accessories and furnishings for their homes that were artistic and also pragmatic.

On their official site, Renwil shares that Wilner believed that “art should not be limited to galleries and museums, but fill the walls of our homes, surrounding us with beauty and inspiration.”

Today, Wilner’s sons, Jonathan and Ryan, continue their father’s legacy with his company. The brothers manage Renwil, which is still based in Montreal, and continue to collaborate with professional artists and designers to create their signature product line. 

This brand not only sells to individual customers but also caters to the hospitality industry by selling items in bulk or even customizing its designs to suit the needs of hoteliers and other professionals.

Before we really get into this Renwil review, check out the brand’s highlights:


Renwil Review
  • Sells high-quality home decor such as mirrors, lighting, art, tables, and more
  • Modern and abstract designs
  • “Refined” and “Raw” Traditional pieces
  • Indoor and outdoor decor 
  • Highly praised by customers
  • Beautiful rugs, pillows, and poufs for a cozy effect
  • Products made for individual homes and the hospitality industry

Now that you have a good understanding of the brand, get ready to feast your eyes on their beautiful designs!

Renwil Mirrors Review

Renwil offers plenty of dazzling choices in their Mirrors sections. Whether you want a simple, traditional round mirror or an asymmetrical work of art, there are options! First up in this Renwil review, take a look at two of their best-selling mirrors, the Garibaldi and the Waterloo.

Renwil Garibaldi Review

This masculine mirror would fit in with a simple, industrial approach to decor. The Garibaldi features a round mirror set inside a circular frame made of veneer and woven rattan. 

Its black color makes it a simple yet bold piece to hang on the wall of your office or bedroom.

The Garibaldi mirror weighs just under 19lbs in total and measures 35” in diameter. You can order this mirror for your home or workplace.

Renwil Waterloo Review

This mirror will brighten your home and give it some early 20th-century glam! The Waterloo mirror is long and rectangular with textured black lines framing each side.

The Waterloo mirror is quite generously sized so it can help cast light around a room. This mirror measures 36” x 24’, weighs 20lbs, and is designed to be hung vertically.

This Renwil mirror would fit in perfectly in a room with other black accents. Order the Waterloo mirror now through

Renwil Art Review

If you’re looking for a new piece to complete your space, Renwil sells abstract and modern paintings in a variety of sizes and colors. My Renwil review will give you a look at their best fine art pieces, Skylab and Diya.

Renwil Skylab Review 

Skylab would make a fantastic conversation piece in your entryway or living room. This stunning modern art piece manages to be calming yet edgy at the same time.

This Renwil painting has a white background with heavy paint that has been sculpted into lined waves that fan and intersect across the canvas.

This neutral background is accented with a substantial gold leaf semi-circle that stands out against the ‘sky’ of white. This canvas painting weighs just under 10lbs and can be hung in two ways.

You can purchase the Renwil Skylab on their official website.

Renwil Diya Review

This piece features vibrant colors and punchy brushstrokes! The Diya painting has been hand-painted on a canvas and can also be hung in two ways, depending on how you prefer to view the artwork.

Diya has muted white edges surrounded by blues and pinks, with yellow, red, and green in the middle. The Diya painting will add a splash of happy color to any neutral room that needs some perking up! 

Buy the Renwil Diya painting at

Who Is Renwil For?

Renwil Review

If you’re the kind of person who loves strolling through an art gallery or spending a rainy day browsing Marimekko, Renwil will definitely appeal to you. Shopping through their catalog of high-end home decor will give you a chance to imagine accessorizing your own home with their paintings, statues, rugs, or mirrors.

Renwil especially caters to people with more modern and abstract tastes. Their Modern Glamour Sensational line will bring a glitzy 1920s aesthetic to your home, or you could opt for New Traditional Refined for a more cottagey feel.

If you are a wedding planner, interior designer, or hotelier and need to decorate indoor and outdoor venues professionally, Renwil could also be a great resource for you. This company can accommodate large orders and even customize items if needed, making it especially helpful to people in the hospitality industry.

Renwil Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Renwil Review

This brand doesn’t share Renwil reviews on their official website, so I took a look at some other sites to find out how customers feel about their purchases and buying experience with this brand.

Renwil has some great customer ratings on, which stocks some of its artwork. Buyers were really pleased with their new paintings and complimented their colors, styles, and framing.

Houzz has one 5-star rating of the brand. This reviewer wrote: “Renwil has an incredible selection of art, mirrors, lighting, and rugs, all at a great price point.  With their in-house artists, there is a variety of styles and techniques. Deliver times are good and the staff, service is very reliable. I ahve been working with Renwil for over 20 years, with no disappointment.”

Moko Home also features some customer reviews, with one person writing: “I love Renwil products! My mom was always a big fan of Renwil, and now I fully understand why! I just got a new rug from them, and not only was it so soft and pretty, but also very affordable!”

Finally, I saw that Renwil’s location in Mississauga, Ontario is rated 4/5 stars from 7 reviews on Google. One happy customer kept their review short and sweet: “I’m always pleased with my Renwil purchases, items are very unique and different.”

Out of all the Renwil reviews that I read, I found that overall customers spoke very highly of this brand and felt that their home decor products were a great investment.

Is Renwil Legit?

Renwil Review

Definitely! This brand is reliably delivering home decor products to customers.

Is Renwil Worth It?

Renwil Review

If you’re looking for well-made and characterful artwork, mirrors, or other decors for your home, Renwil is worth your consideration. In a world full of cheaply made and mass-produced home goods, this brand is doing things differently by working directly with artists to make pieces that are unique and of high quality.

Renwil credits each individual artist and gives you links to their collections so you can explore the exact aesthetics that you love the most. If you have a special order in terms of quantity or customization this brand will work with you to make sure you get what you need to elevate your space. I’d recommend this company to anyone who feels their place could use a glow up!

Renwil Promotions & Discounts 

Renwil Review

At the time of writing this Renwil review, the company is offering 60% off its clearance items!

Where to Buy Renwil

Renwil Review

Buy all Renwil products at their official site, You may also find some of their products at stockists such as Home Depot or Amazon.


Renwil Review

Who owns Renwil?

Jonathan and Ryan Wilner own Renwil

Does Renwil ship internationally?

It isn’t clear if Renwil ships outside Canada and the US, but you can reach out to them using the contact information below to ask!

What is Renwil’s Shipping Policy?

Renwil is a Canadian company and should ship to most US states. When you get in touch with this brand about your order they will let you know your shipping estimate.

What is Renwil’s Return Policy?

It isn’t clear if you can make returns to Renwil. Get in touch with them if you have any questions about refunds.

How to Contact Renwil

Renwil Review

If you have any questions after reading this Renwil review, you can reach out to the brand directly at:

  1. Phone: 1-800-667-9506
  2. Email: [email protected]

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