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Strike Review

Selling your property isn’t usually a quick and painless process—and that’s why real estate agents exist. But by the time they’ve sold your home, you’ve shelled out thousands of extra pounds for their services. 

So what if I told you you could sell your house quickly, for a higher asking price, with absolutely no estate fees? That’s the principle behind Strike, an online full-service estate agency based in the UK. 

Since its launch, it’s sold £5B worth of property and has been featured in The Times and the Telegraph. Plus, it has a social media community of 20k. Is this service the right choice for you? This Strike review is packed with details about Strike, along with customer feedback, FAQ, and more to help you find out.

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Overview Of Strike

Strike Review

As you can probably imagine, there’s a lot of buzz going on about Strike. I mean, a free real estate agent? That’s pretty unheard of. And yet, since 2007 when Alexander and Sophie Gosling dreamed up the company, its been growing. Yet scheduling viewings and drawing up contracts isn’t the only service it provides. 

Offering add-ons like moving help and hosted viewings as well, this year alone, it’s helped 15,026 people move. In fact, this company gets 628 viewings requested each day. 

Why do people love it so much? Well, aside from the obvious fact that it’s free, Strike promises to provide an honest and open service that puts you in the drivers seat. Its agents are there when you need them, but because the entire business is digital, you see everything when it happens—like when someone requests a viewing or puts in an offer. 

I’ll get into more detail about how the service works in just a few scrolls of this Strike review. First, let’s take a look at the highlights.


Strike Review
  • Online real estate service
  • Free agent service
  • Lists on a wide range of platforms
  • Average time for offers is 10 weeks
  • Easy to control via an app
  • Offers optional add-ons
  • For UK properties only

The highlights reel is a fantastic way to get a 360-degree view of any service. For a close look at how it actually works, however, we’ll dive into the details next in this Strike review. 

Strike Estate Agent Review

Strike Estate Agent Review
Strike Estate Agent

If you’re thinking that the concept of Strike must be really complicated in order for it to be free, it’s not. The service is mostly digital, but your estate agent will step in for valuations and viewings, along with the messy stuff like creating your listing, contracts, and negotiations. 

Other than that, you’re in control, and you can view your listing, schedule viewings, and answer potential buyers directly from the Strike app. So what can you expect when you sign up? Well, I’ll walk you through the entire process in the next section of this Strike review. But for now, let’s focus on how Strike can help.

  • Valuations- Using local agents, your valuation will be based on insights about your area along with your home and what makes it special.
  • Recommendations- Your agent will recommend how to price your home for a quick sale and discuss your home’s value in depth.
  • Marketing- Strike will list your property in all the right places so that it’s easily seen across various platforms.
  • Negotiate offers- Strike’s professional agents know how and when to negotiate offers, using techniques that you or I may not be privy to.

The main difference between Strike and other real estate companies is that Strike is an online agency. That makes for a more efficient sale—and one that usually takes less time. 

And because some of the process will be handled by you—minimal things like managing your viewings and offers, or communicating with buyers—Strike ensures you feel in control of your sale. 

Keep in mind that if you want a Strike Homes agent to take over completely, they can. But the company has found that most sellers like to have control over their offers since it usually speeds up the process. 

How Does Strike Work?

Strike Review

Whether or not you’ve sold a property with Strike before, I think you’ll love how simple it makes the entire process. 

I’ll break it down to you in three steps:

  1. It provides a valuation for your property and creates your listing

The valuation can be done virtually or in person. Along with this, they’ll take photos, make floor plans, and create a property ad that gets noticed. Ensuring your listing is on the market in just 24 hours, Strike blows competitors out of the market who take days to get these materials ready. 

Remember, you’ll have the final say over what’s on your listing. So when it’s uploaded to the app, let your agent know what needs to be tweaked

  1. It gets you a great offer

It takes an average of 10 weeks for a Strike listing to sell. Because it’s seen by millions of potential buyers, you’ll have more offers than if you posted your listing to just one website. 

When your listing gets viewing requests, you can manage them and take potential buyers on in-person or virtual viewings. Rather let an agent do the work? Choose the hosted viewings package (for a fee) instead. 

If buyers are interested or need more information, they’ll contact you directly from the app. Then, your Strike agent will negotiate offers for you and make sure you get the best price possible. 

  1. It finishes the sale

A real estate agent’s job is never done—until they close the sale that is. Available to help you with the final fiddly bits of selling your house, if you decide to make a change, your Strike Estate Agent will let solicitors know and facilitate an easy and painless contract exchange. 

And if the property you’re selling is the one you currently live in, they can set you up with a recommended moving company (for a fee). You’ll find detailed info about all the fees up next in this Strike review.

How Much Does Strike Cost?

Strike Review

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Strike is completely free. Well, sort of. So the actual real estate service is free, and you’ll get a valuation (in-person or virtual), mortgage advice, and marketing boosts included with that, as well as access to Strike’s app and all the data tools that come with it.

And if you’d like to use its moving services, the cost starts at £699 or £899 in some areas in London. The only other service that requires a fee is the hosted viewings package. If you’d prefer not to show the property yourself or if you’re out of town, your agent can step in. Fees start at between £599-£799.

Wondering how many people use Strike for free? The number is about 40% of all users, so don’t ever feel pressured to use additional services if you don’t want to. Though the fact that 60% do use them means these add-ons really come in handy. 

Who Is Strike For? 

Strike Review

First and foremost, Strike is a UK-based company and is available to UK residents looking to sell their homes. Since it’s free, it may be more appealing to those who don’t want to pay agent fees (literally everyone). And if you need extra services like moving help or hosted viewings, it offers those too. 

Strike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Strike Review

It’s easy to be swept up in the concept of ‘free’ anything, so it’s crucial that we find out exactly what the service is really like to use. So, in this section of my Strike review, I’ve rounded up comments and ratings from around the web that shed light on the situation.

The first place I checked for feedback was, where the brand displays a handful of Strike reviews. Here’s one of them:

Every person from the valuation to sale are helpful, polite and efficient and at no time have I been pressured to pay for the additional extras. I will be using the service again without hesitation. What a brilliant concept… and it is FREE!! THANK YOU.”

That’s a pretty great review to start this section off with, but I think we’re going to need a little more feedback to ensure that more than just a handful of users experience that kind of service. For a larger customer pool, I turned to Trustpilot where 19,736 people awarded Strike 4.5/5 stars

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Excellent: 83%
  • Great: 9%
  • Average: 2%
  • Poor: 1%
  • Bad: 5%

One user had nothing but great things to say in their Strike review: 

These guys were super good at sorting my mortgage. Toni, Mike and Richard were all very professional and gave me a sense that they knew exactly what they were doing and worked really hard to get the deal over the line. I was very grateful for their tireless efforts and fantastic responsiveness going beyond what I expected.

Some key phrases stand out here—namely “fantastic responsiveness,” “very professional,” and “tireless efforts.” And that’s what makes this company sound like one worth choosing. But while that might be so, I think that checking out one more Strike review wouldn’t hurt.

This one comes from All Agents where the service was rated 4/5 stars by 455 users. Here it is:

I recently put two properties up for sale and the service from Adam Braithwaite and my account manager Jade have been amazing. Listed yesterday and 3 viewings already set up. Great easy to use app. Highly recommend.

Real estate is a great example of where tech can really help us. Instead of waiting for your agent to answer the phone and schedule viewings, interested buyers can book viewings online and you can manage your schedule too. 

Now, I won’t say that Strike’s feedback is completely flawless because no service is ever perfect, but it’s clear that there are more positive than negative reviews across every single review site.

Strike Vs Purplebricks

Strike Review

Agent shopping isn’t just something celebrities do, it’s a critical part of finding the right service for your property. And since no Strike review would be complete without a little comparison, I’ve pitted my featured brand against Purplebricks to see how it stacks up. 

There are a few glaring differences between the two companies. The most important one is that Strike is free while Purplebricks’ prices start at £1,199. Yet the competitor is obviously the larger company, and its services extend to buying, selling, renting, and letting. So by nature, it has a larger customer base.

Based on the feedback I found for both companies, in terms of the level of services they provide, theyre comparable. However, Purplebricks serves a larger area of the UK than Strike does, so you may have more luck with an in-person valuation if you go with that company. 

Is Strike Worth It?

Strike Review

Strike is a ground-breaking, earth-shattering service that defies the laws of everything you’ve ever known about real estate. Throwing away the frilly bits and getting down to brass tax, the no-nonsense company is an easy choice if you’re looking to quickly sell your home

While I can’t ignore some of the feedback I read about Strike, it’s obvious that more people report positive experiences with the service than negative. I also can’t ignore the fact that it’s free. However, by no means am I encouraging letting the priceless tag sway your decision, so be sure you thoroughly understand what you’ll get from Strike before signing up.

Strike Promotions & Discounts 

Strike Review

In case you missed it previously in this Strike review…Strike is free. If you need more discounts, well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you can’t discount something that doesn’t cost anything. 

The only time you’ll ever pay for something on Strike is if you choose to use one of its optional extra services. The Strike app? Free. Valuation? Free. Marketing? Free. Negotiations…need I go on?

Where To Find Strike Services

Strike Review

Signing up for Strike is completely virtual, and to get started, you’ll need to visit From there, you can book a valuation and after downloading the app, manage your viewings and offers. 


Strike Review

Who owns Strike?

Strike was founded by Alexander Gosling and Sophie Gosling, who own the company to this day.

What are the Strike fees?

First and foremost, Strike is 100% free. If you’d like, it will send an agent to your property for an in-person valuation which is also free. The only time you’ll ever pay money is if you choose one of its optional add-on services or buy from a partner. Moving services start at £699 while hosted viewings start at £899.

How do I know if Strike is for me?

Strike is a super flexible and free service with optional add-on services. The best way to find out if it’s for you is to read this Strike review. Since you’re at the bottom of it, you should have a good idea of what it’s all about, why people like it, and how it compares to other services out there. 

If you need more information, however, I suggest checking around with other estate agents and comparing services. If you feel like your needs are met with Strike, then give it a shot. Since its service is literally free, you have nothing to lose. 

How can Strike sell your property for free?

It’s kind of a crazy concept to have a real estate agent that will sell your property for free, so this question is only natural. Strike cuts down costs in several ways—like by operating virtually and not from a fancy office. 

So how does Strike actually make money? If you choose (and you totally don’t have to) to use one of its optional extras or one of its partners, it will get a fee. Thankfully, there are no hidden fees at all with this service, and you’ll always be in control of what services you want to use. 

How accurate are Strike’s valuations?

Strike offers professional in-person valuations for no cost at all, and you don’t even need to sell with them. Depending on where you live, a Strike agent may not be able to come to your house for an in-person valuation. 

If not, you can book a virtual valuation. During your appointment you’ll guide your agent through the home you wish to sell and provide them with measurements. From there, they’ll give you an approximate valuation. If you want a more accurate number, go with the in-person valuation. 

How To Contact Strike

Strike Review

If you’ve reached the end of this Strike review and still have questions, reach out to the company by emailing [email protected] or by calling 033 103 8390. Here’s a list of Strike’s available hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 am-6:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am-4:30 pm

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